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I always looked forward to College. I guess it was the excitement of being away from home, meeting new people, experience new things. Finally that time came and I was more than ready for it. I’m a very conventional, Puerto Rican girl, very conservative. I’m 5’2″ and I weight 125lbs. so you can say I’m petite. I have a tiny face, olive complexion, green eyes and thick, shiny, straight chestnut hair that reaches past my buttocks. It has always been the pride and joy of my parents and me. I spend a great deal of time taking care of it and I’ve never done anything to it but the usual trim every six weeks or so. My aunt is a hairdresser and she keeps it in tip top shape. It has always been my trademark. In school; girls would get green with envy and guys would gush all over it. And what made it more appealing was the fact that I was never allowed to date or hang out so I was the perfect mix of innocence and beauty.

When I told my parents that I planned to go study in NY they were very nervous, but they finally agreed. Almost everybody was certain that I would not make it in the city. But I was ready. So finally the day came and I was out to College. The first day, they assigned the rooms at the dorms and we were off to orientation. When orientation finished we were ushered back to dorms. And that’s when I finally met her! My roommate was a vision she looked exactly like Katie Holmes but a Punk version. She had skater clothes on a tattoo on each of her ankles a pierced brow and tongue and her hair was cut into a very choppy short bob (as a later learned) it was dyed black with bold red and purple stripes. Despite she was gorgeous. My head started spinning; how in the world was I going to get along with this girl she is nothing like me? Mel then introduced herself “Hi my name is Melissa, you can call me Mel. Everybody else does”. “So who are you?” My name is Ivelisse. “Well from now on you will be Ivy” “Cool, so Ivy, where are you from?” Puerto Rico I muttered. “Hmmmm, island girl, exotic” “What are you majoring in?” I was kind of blown away by her so I answered: I’m not sure. “Well this week I’m majoring in Art, next week who knows”. Well she was a definite free spirit. But time pass and I found myself more and more drawn to her charms. She had a lot of talents among them was hairstyling which she learned while in High School.

One night I was going out with a friend to catch a movie and I wanted to do something with my hair, so I asked Mel if she had time. She said of course dude come over here so she shampooed my hair, brush it and then she dried it and dressed it with curls it looked so nice. While curling my hair she said “Have you ever thought about highlighting you hair”. I was surprised by the question but I told her I’ve never try anything on it so I don’t know. “Well next week, we will give you a couple of highlights”. So nex week came and Mel got to work with my hair, I was submissive it was like I couldn’t say No to this girl. So she started applying a stinky paste to strands of hair around my face and crown and wrapping them in foil. I was confused she then set a timer and I sat there lookind like satellite. When the timer buzzed she guided me to the shower and shampooed my hair. Then she blow dry it as straight as possible I was blown away with the results my hair looked so shiny and like I had a halo. My skinglowed it was beautiful. So I thanked her and went to my class. Everybody loved the change. A couple of days went by and I was studying when Mel rushed in the room. “Hey dude, like my new look”. I turned around to find my roommate with a very short pixie cut and I mean short and not only had she cut her hair but she dyed it pink. “Common Ivy, how does it look”? I have to admit it looked stunning on her. “Come here touch it” I came close to her and took a closer look then I noticed how lovely her neck looked. I reached and touched that area I felt shivers down my spine and she shuddered a little bit. I again stroked her neck a couple of more times then she turned to me looked me in the eye “It feels nice right”, she got closer to me grabbed my hands put the m on her neck and ran them up and up I was stupidified she then left my hands there drew my waist closer to her an started to kiss me. I’ve never a kissed a girl before and I got so hot. We made out for a while and then I stormed out of the room. What was I feeling? I must be crazy and then it hit me: what about my family my parents? It’s been a lot of changes since I’ve been here. When I got back to the room Mel was in the shower; she came out in her bathrobe and as if nothing had happened she looked at me and asked “how long it’s been since you don’t get your hair trimmed? Five months. “It’s starting to look a little frizzed and damaged come sit I’ll trim it for you” As if I was in the military I complied and sat on the chair. She got her tools and started to brush my hair. She then wet it and starting working. Mel started cutting very carefully and precisely then she approach my ear and said “I’m sorry about what happened it will never happen again if you don’t want to” “You are so pretty that I couldn’t help myself” She kept cutting and when she finished she dried it and then brushed it. I stood in front of our full length mirror and gasped in horror. A good six inches were gone my hair now was at my waist. But it looked so much healthier I thank Mel and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. The following week Mel invited me to the movies so we went, coming back I kept looking at her profile, her gorgeous nape long and asking to be touched I wondered how it feels to be so exposed. She noticed and smile at me. “It looks cute but this is no cut for you kiddo”. When we got to the apartment she went in and I closed the door when I felt Mel grab me by my pony and push me to the door. She started touching my breasts and kissing my ears she then hold me close to her and started to undo my pants. I turned around and did the same to her and we jumped in the bed and had passionate sex. We kept having these encounters for the next months. Mel loved my hair and she will brush it for hours and trim it. One day we were lying in bed looking at a cosmopolitan magazine when Mel said “X’mas is coming are you going home for the holidays” Home? Oh my God home my head was spinning! Then I blurted Yes! Home of course. Then we went back to the magazine there was a picture of Julia Stiles and her new Hair do. I commented how much better she looked with her hair short and Mel just nodded. Next morning Mel woke me up. “Common lazy butt wake up, so next week you’ll be home for the holidays”. Well it’s a beautiful Saturday morning so wake up a let’s do something”. I finally got up and dressed we went for a coffee and then to the hair salon because Mel wanted to touch up her pixie. We had an awesome day. Back at the house she told me hey hottie why don’t you put on something more comfortable and come here so I can brush that sexy hair of yours. I gave her a kiss and went to the room. Then I came back and sat in the stool Mel stood behind me and I grabbed her by her shorn head I pulled her towards me. I’m going to miss you Mel. With that she kissed me again and started to brush my hair. Then she stopped. I thought maybe she is looking for something; so I didn’t turn around. When suddenly she got near my ear and said I just want you to know “I love you and I want to have back soon” with that I suddenly felt something very cold a little high on my neck and then “Scrunnchhh” Suddenly more than 20″ inches of my precious hair fell on the floor. I started crying desperately: Mel why are you doing this? I thought you loved my hair. “I do that’s why I’m keeping it so I’ll have the best of you while you are gone” “Relax who will look great with short hair” She then kept on cutting and cutting closer to my skin I was getting aroused at the feeling of her hand at my newly exposed nape. I then had a rough bob. She then pinned my hair up and left a couple of inches hanging. I felt a warm vibration at my neck Oh NO her clip.BZZZZZ She started shaving my neck higher a
nd higher and with each pass I was getting hotter and wetter. “hmmmm I can see you’re enjoying my love” She lick my shorn neck and I thought I was going to explode. When I calmed down she undid the rest of my hair and starting shaping with a razor the rest of the cut she then did some bold chunky highlights, while shampooing my hair my mind was racing in a semester I had turned from an innocent little lad to a gay gal that just got scalped. Mel guided me to the chair and she then blow dried my hair. She cut a little more so the shave part would peek out and my hair looked real choppy. When she finished she handed me a mirror. “You look stunning, oh my you are so hot and sexy” I wasn’t able to recognize the reflection looking back at me. Mel came from behind and slid one hand under my hair or what was left and another in my right breast. “You see the other day, you were so fascinated with Julia’s cut; that I knew you wanted this, you’ve been longing for me to free you of all that mop and weight and bring out the real you”. While she caressed my nipple and my nape; she continued: “I’ve discovered the real woman in you and it looks so sexy” She then pushed my head down and kissed me a couple of times on my nape I couldn’t take it no more I pulled her an we had savage sex.

Today I’m in San Juan standing at the airport waiting for my father. What will they say? Yesterday I was a simple conservative girl. Today, an all American gay girl. You can take the girl away from the NY city but you can’t take the NY city away from the girl.

The end!!!

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