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Mark alarm starting beeping at 6:30 and he walked to the bathroom to wake up a bit and brush his teeth and then hung up his pajamas and stepped in to the shower. he was finished in 5 minutes and went to his closet to pick his clothes for school. he decided to wear a shirt and tie and dress pants for the start of school. he chose his tennis shoes which were very close to a dress shoe.

he went to the kitchen to pour a bowl of cereal and also a cup of Juice. His Mom enters the kitchen in her pajamas and turns on the coffee machine. his mom was kind of a grouch if she didn’t have at least a half cup of coffee. her coffee was finished in a few minutes and the smell of her coffee was good. his Mom Tracy went to the living room and sat down and turned on the TV. Mark finished his cereal and washed the bowl and placed it back in the strainer. he went to and sat in the living room and his Mom smiled at him. "you ready to start your sophomore part of high school?" Tracy asked him. "Yes, I am" Mark replied then smiled.

Mark’s Father Brent enters the living room and sat down with his clothes already on and ready for work.

it was now 7:05 and Mark say’s.. "I need to leave for school, see you this afternoon"

"Okay… be careful" Tracy said. "don’t run anybody down, ha" His father said. "Ha" Mark said.

Mark went to the Garage and activated the garage door and went to his small 2 door car and turned the key to the engine. It started and Mark slowly backed in to the street and drove the 2 miles to the high school.

Mark arrived at school and entered the school and found his locker and one of his friends who had longer hair during the spring had cut it very short and Mark was floored by it.

it was a very close high and tight haircut and it was a nice cut! Mark viewed his schedule and his first class as a sophomore was Math. he walked to the class room and the teacher was there greeting the students. Mark introduced himself and firmly did a handshake with the teacher and went and found his desk.

Mark sat there observing the classroom and observed the computer at the teachers desk and the posters in the room. a girl enters the room and she is wearing a nice dress with heels and she is sporting a short haircut. buzzed up above the ears. she smiles at Mark and sat down 2 desks up.

the teacher enters the room after most of the students walk in and closes the door. the teacher introduces himself and views his attendance sheet. each person he calls is there and he tells a little bit about himself. he then goes to the bookshelf and brings a stack of books and hands them to each student. he then hands a math test to see which part of math each person has knowledge of and gives the class 5 minutes to complete it.

the test is simple… Mark was able to answer each question.

the bell rang and Mark didn’t have any projects to do and he was glad.

Mark went to his 2nd period class which was English and met the teacher.. she was friendly.

Mark sat at one of the desks and another girl walks in and sat down. she had shoulder length hair. a few others walk in and find a seat.

the teacher then goes through attendance and each person is there. the woman asked each person to stand up and introduce themselves. "oh boy, this is the part i don’t like" Mark thought.

Mark introduced himself and sat back down. the teacher then passes out English books and asks each person to view the first couple of pages.

she explains them to the class and asks them to complete the first test. Mark had a English class his freshman year and didn’t have any difficulties with the test.

the class bell rang and went toward his 3rd period class. Mark arrived and he entered the class room and the girl from the 1st period was there. "Hi" the lady said. "Hi" Mark said. "My Name is Sherry, what’s yours?" Sherry inquired. "Marcus, I insist you call me Mark though" Mark said. "Nice to meet you" Sherry said. "you too" Mark said.

Mark sat down and waited for class to start.

he teacher was a man and he was a short guy and very friendly too. the class was about history and Mark enjoyed history.

the teacher handed out text books and asked each person to complete a test. Mark passed the test.

after class Mark went to one of the classes he asked for before school was finished for the warmer months. it was a keyboarding class.

Mark then went to lunch after the 4th period class. he walked from the cafeteria after buying a sandwich and walked to his favorite part which was in the investibule that had a carpeted area and he bought himself a drink and sat down. a girl enters the room and say’s "May I join you?" it was the girl who was named sherry.

she sat down at the other part of the investibule and stepped out of her heels and sat down.

"excuse me… were you in my biology class my freshman year?" Sherry asked. " I think I recognize you" Mark said. "yeah, I do too.." Sherry said.

Sherry finished her lunch and walked back to the cafeteria.

The remainder of periods 5,6,7 went good.

Mark drove back to his house and his father was there. he was napping on the couch.

Mark continued to eat in the investibule and sherry started joining him. Mark decided to consider asking the girl on a "date" and 3 months in to the school year Mark asked her on a "date" on Wednesday during lunch and she accepted it.

Mark was set to go to her house at 6:30 and he arrived a little early. he knocked on the door and a man opens the door a short guy Mark say’s "Hi" and the guy slams the door in Marks Face. "do i have the incorrect house?’ Mark asked himself.

Mark heard someone in the house say "Travis that was her date, you let him in" a women’s voice said.

Travis opens the door and apologizes for doing it.

Sherry meets Mark at the door and she is wearing a jean skirt and tennis shoes.

they go to a nice restaurant and have dinner and then go to a movie. Mark and sherry find they enjoy one another’s company and start going out on Saturdays. they did this for much of Marks sophomore year and then during Marks Junior year they went on a dinner date 1 evening per week on Wednesday evening. Mark decides in the spring of his junior year to ask Sherry to marry him. after school was finished in Late May, Mark went to a jewelry store and bought a nice ring. on their Friday night date, Mark proposes marriage and Sherry accepts. during their senior year, Sherry decides to set Late May as a wedding date.

after they were married, they went to their hotel room and relaxed for awhile. and then sherry shaved Marks hair.

"didn’t know you could cut hair?, ha*

"yep, plenty of experience" Sherry said.

"you can be my barber then" Mark said.

"yep" Sherry said.

The End.

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