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Lisa was celebrating her 21st birthday, and was out on a pub crawl with her mates from work. To say she had had a few drinks would be a wild underestimate she was slaughtered. Luckily it was Friday night and there was no work in the morning.

Lisa had the most wonderful blonde hair it hung down to her waist in thick waves. Her friends Ann and Jenny had grown to hate her hair, it was soo gorgeous infact, that whenever they were out with Lisa they knew that they stood no chance at all of pulling blokes. They just hated her hair. It wasn’t as if their hair was undesirable but it was just that Lisa’s was so much better. Anne had poker straight thick hair that hung just past her waist, a pretty mid brown colour, and Jenny’s was the same but slightly shorter above her waist. How they would love to see Lisa lose all of her beautiful locks, they both wanted her to be shorn of all that lovely hair.

The night was still young and the three of them partied away enjoying the music.

Sue and Debbie were out also they had only just popped in to their local club to have a few drinks and then go home for an early night, by their standards anyway. As they chatted to each other in the privacy of one of the darkened corner, they discreetly fondled each others hair and acted out their love for each other, which had only just recently been trimmed to its usual eighth of an inch, they noticed three girls all with beautiful long hair, dancing on the small floor area. They smiled a knowing look to each other and got up to dance on the crowded floor. They moved in on the three girls like bees to a honey pot. Within a minute or two the they were near to their quarry.

"Hi, here god this place is packed isn’t it, so hot!" Sue made her move.

Anne took a look at the girl who had just spoken and looked away then immediately done an action replay and then clapped her eyes on Debbie. Twins!!!

"Hi, yes it is, your hair its so well, short!" Anne shot the obvious to Sue.

"Yes, just the way I like it nice and neat, mind you in this place it is really a blessing," they laughed.

The music changed to a slower pace and the five of them picked their way through the bodies to get to the bar.

"My names Sue by the way and this is my friend Debbie."

The three girls introduced themselves and they all went to a nearby table to chat and sip on their drinks. Anne sat between Debbie and Sue and started struck up a conversation with Sue, while the other three chatted together. Debbie was commenting on Lisa’s hair and running her hands through the ringlets, it felt good to the touch.

"Your hair is so short where did you get it cut like that?"

"In my salon of coarse."

Sue stroked Anne’s long thick hair with her fingers, she would love to get this cut off nice and short. Sue smiled at Anne as her hand ran down through the length.

"Really you have a hair salon wow that’s just what I been looking for, someone who doesn’t mind cutting hair short, where is it?"

"Just round the corner actually!" this conversation was turning out good, Sue smiled at Anne continuing to stroke her hair.

"Well, not for me or Jenny, but Lisa really wants to have her hair cut, trouble is every time she gets in the chair she chickens out of it. when she saw you and Debbie she said to us that’s how I want it cut, just like that."

"Why don’t you bring her round in the morning you don’t need to make an appointment?"

"No that wont be any good we’ve got to work tomorrow" she lied

"Its a pity you couldn’t cut it now for her she would be really grateful."

"Well, I can do that, you and Jenny can have a trim as well if you like free of charge."

"Brilliant Lisa really will be frilled, but I warn you she really does get scared once she’s in the chair."

Both girls giggled about Lisa’s surprise, she would indeed be pleased.

"Best not say anything to her about it were just take her there and get it over with, she will really be pleased."

Anne quickly whispered the plan to Jenny and the girls got up and headed for the door.

Back in the open air the girls followed casually as Sue led them to the salon. Lisa wondered what was going on but faithfully followed her two friends towards the shop. Once in front of the shop Sue fiddled with the keys and opened the shop door, Once inside Sue flicked a light switch on. The shop looked good to the two girls but Lisa wasn’t so sure, as it looked rather like a barber shop. Sue pulled down the blinds so the street outside was not visible, it looked cosy inside.

"Why are we in a barbershop?" asked Lisa.

"Well, that’s because were going to have our hair trimmed silly," replied Anne.

Debbie went out back and made some coffee for them all as Sue prepared her station in front of the big red leather barbers chair. She unfolded a nice new clean cape and stood next to the chair.

"Right who’s going first?"

Jenny looked at Anne who looked back directly at Lisa.

"What’s all this about Anne, were not having our hair cut!! Jenny whispered to Anne.

"Its ok were just getting trims and little miss Lisa it having it all off."

"Go on Jenny, go and take a seat and then we can get her shorn nice and neat like Sue and Debbie, go on."

Jenny got up and slowly made her way over to the chair she didn’t like the idea of this one little bit. Jenny always had her hair trimmed by her sister who wasn’t a stylist but had always trimmed her hair for her for as long as she could remember. Jenny had always been a little scared of entrusting such long thick locks as hers to one of these modern type stylists who loved to cut hair so short.

"That’s it up you get, now make yourself comfy." Jenny smiled weakly as she climbed into the big chair.

Now as she eased herself back into the plush leather seat she began to feel, nice, well easier, than she had done just a few minutes before.

The three girls sat and drank the freshly made coffee and watched as Sue combed, then brushed Jenny’s wonderful hair. Sue chatted to Jenny and told her what lovely thick hair she had as Jenny sat with her eyes closed as if in a trance, and just smiled to herself as she rubbed her hand back and forth slowly between her thighs.

Perhaps it was the alcohol but Jenny began to wonder why she had been so stupid to be scared of coming to get her hair cut off. It was only hair after all and it would do her good to be pampered. Sue continued to brush her long thick hair. If it felt this good to sit in a proper salon chair she would have to do it more often, she thought to herself. She let out a sigh as Sue stopped brushing her hair. Sue billowed the cape out in front of her and it settled over her. Debbie came over and held up her hair while Sue snapped the cape tightly around her slender neck. The rubber barbers mat was fitted around her shoulders to stop any stray hairs slipping down her pretty top. Sue also tucked in some soft tissue around her nape area another precaution.

"Right then just a trim wasn’t it?" Sue picked up her scissors from her shelf.

"No, I,II leave it up to you Sue, you just do what you think best for me, something nice and neat, like yours perhaps?"

"Oh I see so you want it nice and neat, all off nice and short?"

"Yes, Sue just take it all off for me please!"

Debbie and the others watched as Sue replaced her scissors with the Oster clippers the plastic attachment was taken off, and Sue turned to her audience and smiled at them as she flicked the switch on for effect.

"No! stop, don’t do it."

Sue looked over to Anne as she brought the humming clippers up to Jenny’s forehead, and without further ado she firmly yet gently pulled them back through into Jenny’s lovely hair, only stopping to smile again at Anne who had now stood up from the settee with her mouth wide open. Hair spewed down into Jenny’s lap and onto the floor as a neat path was made, huge lengths were gathering all around the chair. Anne just stood and watched with her mouth agape as her friends hair was cropped off to virtually no length at all. By now Sue had sheared the top and was working away on the sides and around her ears. Jenny smiled impatiently, wanting to be rid of all her hair as quickly as possible. The hair from the crown to the nape was still intact but not for long. It was soon lovingly removed until, as the rest of the hair, it was no more.

"There you go Jenny nice and neat just what you needed." Sue dusted off all the tiny hairs from around Jenny’s neck and face and then picked up the edging shears.

"I,ll just clean it up a bit for you, and then your all done."

Sue turned them on and proceeded to run them not just around the nape but all over Jenny’s head leaving hardly any hair at all on her head. Jenny’s hand was working overtime by now and she was in a high state of arousal by the time the cut was finished. Sue once again dusted her off and removed the tissue and mat and unclipped the cape. Jenny ran her hands over the finished cut.

She smiled and thanked Sue for the best haircut she had ever had. Jenny got down out of the chair and walked over to the settee.


Sue stood by the chair, her feet now draped in Jenny’s hair, with her cape folded neatly across her arm.

"Next," she repeated.

"Go on Anne its your turn trust me you’ll love it."

"No way."

"Come on Anne you don’t have to have it cut just trimmed, you do trust me don’t you" Sue beckoned her again.

Jenny who was fairly muscular for a girl grabbed Anne by the arm and jokingly told her that she would hold her hand for her and to stop being a scared little girl. Lisa still bemused, partly due to the alcohol, watched with amusement as Jenny and Debbie dragged her over to the chair. There was nothing she could do but comply. They helped her up into the chair and Sue put her hands on her shoulders and pulled her back into it.

"There you go nothing to it is there."

Anne sat quietly now as the chair worked it magic on her. Sue began to brush her beautiful hair. She brushed it until it gleamed. Anne knew what must be done but thought that perhaps something longer may suit her better as Jenny’s cut was soo short.

After being caped Sue asked how she would like her hair. The answer was simple, not to short perhaps a crew-cut half an inch on top and blended at the back and sides.

"No, you don’t Anne I think a shorter style would suit you, say half an inch shorter."

"Ok." Anne was easily persuaded and sat back awaiting the clippers with a broad smile on her face.

Anne beamed at Sue as the clippers were placed at her forehead she couldn’t wait. Sue flicked the switch once more and started to slowly run the Osters back through the thick hair towards the crown, they peeled off her hair to a mere stubble. Pass after pass was made through the top section until Sue was happy with the result. Hair now covered the whole floor area around the chair like a thick brown carpet. Sue took her time clipping the hair nice and short, she was enjoying this evening more than she could ever of hoped. Under the cape Anne played quietly with herself, how could having your hair cut off, shaved off, bring so much pleasure? More and more hair fell to the floor to gather with the rest. Later Sue would scoop it up into a bag and take it home for Debbie and her to play games with. The edging shears were used next and they were run over Anne’s head completely taking off what remained of her hair to a mere stubble, shorter even than Jenny’s and then finally Sue foamed Anne’s head ready to use the bic razor on her. Sue worked the foam up into a good lather and then started to shave her clean. Bald. Anne smiled, she looked and felt good. Anne asked Sue to re-shave her as she didn’t want any traces of hair left. Sue obliged and re-foamed her already bald head. A few minutes later Anne climbed down from the chair and looked over to Lisa.

"Well, Lisa looks like your the only one left darling why don’t you come on over and take a seat." Anne patted the red chair in a sexual way with her fingers.

Lisa, who was still very much drunk, but not drunk enough to know that she didn’t want a haircut, just sat there and laughed out.

"In your dreams Anne."

Lisa struggled, but knew it was hopeless, she was now within just a few feet of the chair and she was crying and struggling. Lisa loved her long hair she spent hours and many pounds on it to make sure it always looked good, she would not have it cut. Anne and Jenny taunted her as she neared the chair.

"Come on Lisa a nice haircut will do you good you’ll really love being sheared."

"Yea come on don’t worry, your going to lose it so you may as well enjoy it." Anne quipped

"That’s it nearly there up you get."

Lisa seemed to quiet down a bit as she was pushed back into the chair, it was magical. There she sat, her golden blonde hair covered her face and hung into her lap. The previously neatly coiffured look now looking unkempt and wild, she looked ravishing.

"That’s it you calm down everything’s going to be ok now, I’ll just brush you beautiful hair and make it look nice again shall I."

Sue picked up her brush from the shelf and begun to gently brush through her long hair. Sue started at the bottom ends and gradually worked her way up higher and higher until all the hair was completely brushed through.

"There that’s better now isn’t it," she ran both hands down through the gorgeous hair that would soon be cut off and join the rest of the hair on the floor.

Lisa just sat calmly as Sue pampered her hair one last time it felt good. Lisa could not control her hands as they moved rhythmically inside her panties. God it did feel good, it was so comfy just sat here in the chair this wonderful chair, there was nothing she could do but enjoy, so that’s what she did many times.

Sue could see that Lisa was really enjoying being there so she didn’t bother to ask how she wanted her hair cut. A long piece of hair was held out and just snipped off to within 10 inches of her head, followed by another then another. Anne and Jenny came over to join in the fun and picked up a pair of scissors each. They worked on the left hand side Sue on the right. Within twenty minutes of very slow snipping and cutting Lisa’s once long blonde hair was reduced to a few inches all over. Lisa was by now, sky high and couldn’t care less, her hair was doomed. On the floor laid yards of severed hair of different colours, all of it long, very long.

"Shave me now shave me" Lisa cried as if pain.

"Yes, my love, but first I,ll clip all this mess off for you." Sue slowly ran both hands over her shorn head then bent forward and kissed Lisa on the lips.

Debbie walked over to stand beside Sue and insisted that she clip the remaining hair off for poor Lisa. Sue moved aside as Debbie switched on the Osters then forcefully pushed Lisa’s head forward and quickly ran them up the back of her head, accidentally clipping Lisa’s ear in the process. Debbie apologised and smiled cruelly as she continued to shear the girl. Next she attacked the sides and finally the top. Thick blonde hair lay everywhere. Anne and Jenny smiled as they went over to rub poor Lisa head.

"There, now you look just like us Lisa, all gone nice and neat."

Sue foamed Lisa’s head and within a few minutes her head was smooth, all gone at last.

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