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I should make a note here and tell you that this is the same girl from Debbie’s Foreplay story. This is based on my hairplay with her over the course of our relationship. She has had longhair since she was young and her hair is very important to her. I’ve been trimming her bangs on occasion (for my fun , with her nervous permission) and I’ve finally got her to say yes to a complete go around with the scissors.

She’s been short on cash lately and was wondering aloud what she could do for my upcoming birthday. I knew this would be my best chance of realising my dreams.

I started by asking for the usual things that I knew she’d be reluctant to do , like extra sex . She said no , as she doesn’t want to be my whore. Then I asked her to do something with her hair for me. I suggested several ideas. I asked her to wear her hair up when we go out for dinner, preferably a "slicked/greased" updo hairstyle , again she was reluctant. I asked to take some "mild " hair pull/rough hair play pictures for my private personal collection (Secretly shared at:Yahoo/Hairfun). I mentioned going to barbershop with me and asking for a trim. I’m brushing her hair and showing her the worn ends and ask when is next salon visit?

"In three weeks," Deb responded.

"Ok , how about I trim you just before you go to the salon ? You could make the appointment to leave enough time for me to have my fun and that can be my birthday gift!"

She thought about it for a few days and decided it was the best way to get me off her back and save some money on a gift.

The appointment is tonight . I’ll do it at Deb’s place after work.

On the way over I stop at the beauty supply store and buy a barber cape. I get to Deb’s and start setting up. I know that having her watch me cut her hair will be a great part of my fun , as she loves her hair long and hates haircuts and is unsure of my scissoring skills. I decide to do the cut in the small bedroom in front of the dresser which has a large mirror on top. There she will be able to watch every snip. Behind her, there’s another large mirror on the closet door that I make sure she can see the back of her head , so she has a complete view of the proceedings.

I setup my digital camcorder to record this for all my future needs. I’m using a tall barstool that I’m careful to place exactly between the mirrors.

I hear her car pull into driveway. I rush to greet her at the front door. I can tell by her eyes that she is anxious , but also in a hurry to get it over with.

"I don’t have much time until I must be at the salon , so lets not screw around just trim it so I can get on my way!" says Deb.

I respond by taking her by the hand and leading her to my makeshift salon. I open the door and go in first pulling her behind me. She sees the elaborate setup and hesitates. I make her sit down and start the video. The cape is quickly in place and I’m moving as efficiently as I can so she has little time to reconsider. I give her a deliberate brushing and then get the squirt bottle to spriz her hair to get it damp , combing as I walk around her. No escape now, I’m thinking.

Next I stand behind her and gather all her hair into my hand and lift it above her head. I take the comb and reach behind her ear and make a section across the back of her head to other ear and comb her lovely tresses down her back over the cape. The rest of her hair gets a quick twist and I pin the ponytail to the top of her head with a banana clip.

"Here we go!" I say. Picking up scissors from table in front of her. "Hold your head up straight"

"You’re just trimming the split ends, right?" , says a very nervous Debbie.

"Yes, I love you , thanks for this gift"

I walk behind her and comb her damp hair straight down her back. It almost reaches her waist. I’ve practiced handling the comb and scissors a few times so I can be smooth and fast.

How brave do I feel? How much is too much?

I decide to cut about an inch and a half , and if no complaints, I’ll go across again taking another inch.

The scissors are brand new and cut through her hair much easier than I expect. My first snip is fairly crooked as a result. Looks like two inches minimum. Sorry Debbie……heh-heh. I finish the first section in five or six snips , comb to check evenness ( wasn’t good) and go across again to get it close to straight. She looks at hair on floor and only sees small pieces, so she doesn’t realise I’ve taken almost three inches off.

I reach up and release the clip and section out top behind ears and clip the rest of hair back out of way.

Now as I comb down the new section of uncut hair I see how much I’ve cut so far, and so does Deb! She makes a low gasping noise , but doesn’t say anything. I’m going to finish what I’ve started. It becomes obvious from the way Deb is acting , that this will be my one time ever to cut her hair. So I decide to bring it up to her shoulders. I block her view in the mirrors as long as I can, Her hair is like a curtain falling to the floor. I manage to get almost the entire back section chopped off before she notices. She jumps up and protests for a couple of minutes . Then I remind her that we have to finish this so she can get to salon. She debates going out the door as she is , but finally relents and sits back down. I pull the clip out and comb her out on left side. This is my favorite part , as I watch her face as I comb her remaining long locks down over her chest and slide my fingers halfway up her length and bring the scissors in to chomp! Three snips later and her lap is full of hair, and now the other side to go. Then I decide I might as well get those pesky bangs under control. She is sniffling some tears and doesn’t react as I grab her brow skimming bangs and take them halfway up her forehead. I put down the scissors and pick up the blow dryer and brush her out. "You look great with a bob cut." I remove the cape and take her to bed , as I tell her that I’ve canceled the salon appointment.

"Can I cut it shorter for Christmas?", I ask.

My best birthday gift, ever!!!

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