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Author’s note: There was no planned sequel to the original submission but at the request of a fan, I sat down and brought Frau Ressler’s client back for a second trip, one week before his scheduled professional haircut. I hope you enjoy the sequel.

After Frau Ressler gave him a hot oil treatment and a serious conditioning shampoo, she gave him a colored business card which bore her name and which she explained would allow him to get into the salon and an appointment even in front of people who were not regular customers. She then gave him a bottle of treatment and orders to use it every day for a two week period. “In two weeks you will call the salon, give the lady at the desk the number on your card, and she will book an appointment for you to come in. Then I will give you a professional haircut,” she told him as she uncaped him and allowed him to fluff up his hair.

He paid her and gave her a generous tip and as he walked out of the salon, he turned and headed in the direction of home. He totally felt like a new man. She had really amazed him with how well she worked her fingers into his scalp, rubbing and massaging his scalp. It really was an amazing feeling. He was very pleased with what he had received.

He got home and sat down on the couch, reflecting seriously on what had happened during the past hour and a half. How she had cornered him hanging around infront of her window, how she ordered him to enter the salon, how she ordered him to assume the position in her chair. How sweet her perfume smelled, how sexy she looked in her short cropped haircut. “Wow!!!! I am sold. I wish I could go back right now,” he said to himself but he knew he would have to wait two weeks before she would see him again. But then a second thought came to his mind. “Maybe she will let me come back in a week for a hot lather shave,” he said to himself. She did mention that. Yes, that he wanted. The feel of a razor stroking his face as she worked her magic. “Okay, I will wait a week and see what happens,” he said.

The week started slow and he was getting frustrated, not being able to concentrate. He wanted to break his word. He wanted to go to her. By Wednesday, he was craving the feel of her fingers on his head. Thursday, he was ready to make the call, even as early as 8:30am, when he walked into his office. “This is so unfair!!!” he said to himself.

His boss was noticing that his mind was not on his job. He came to his desk at noon and asked him what was going on. He could not tell his boss that he had a thing for a female barber and he was thinking about her. “Sorry, sir! Just stressed out over one of the projects and some things going on in my life,” he said.

“I want you…….No I am ordering you to take tomorrow off and get out of here for the weekend. Better yet, give your project to Jones. I have a presentation I want you to do in Chicago, next week. I will e-mail all the particulars to you. All the material will be at the airport, waiting for you. Now, get out of my sight. Go get a shave and clean yourself up. You look like you just came back from the dead,” his boss ordered.

“Yes, sir,” he answered. But as he sat back in his chair, he wondered if he dared to call her. Would she let him come in, even though she had specifically told him two weeks? Or would she make him wait the other week? Maybe the idea of the presentation in Chicago would sway her. He prayed that it would.

He decided he would place the call. He reached into his pocket and took out his wallet. He phoned the salon and after giving the receptionist the number on his card, he was transferred to her station. She answered the phone.

“This is Frau Ressler. How may I help you?” she asked.

“Hello, Frau Ressler. This is Charles, card number ********. I know my two weeks are not up yet but I am going to Chicago to do a company presentation and I was wondering…………. Well actually, my boss ordered me to take a couple of days off, go and get a shave and clean myself up. He said I looked like I had just come back from the dead. I was wondering…………..” he said but suddenly he stopped. He did not know what else to say.

“Yes, you were wondering????” she answered.

“I was wondering…………..” he said a second time but he was tongue-tied. He could not finish his sentence.

“You have something you wish to say to me, Charles? Say it,” she demanded.

He finally built up his courage and he spoke: “I am sorry, Madame. This may sound totally off the wall but I have been thinking about you all week. I have not been able to concentrate on my work. My boss said I have been making a lot of stupid errors. I cannot get your magic fingers out of my mind. I know you told me that I am supposed to come back next week for a professional treatment and haircut but I NEED to feel your fingers on my scalp now. I can’t wait, Frau Ressler. Please, may I come in today?” he asked.

“What was it about your treatment that made you unable to concentrate on your job, Charles?” she demanded.

“I have always had a male barber. I never felt I would trust a female with my hair. But you were amazing. You put me under your spell. I am sold……………….” He said.

“Go on, Charles. Tell me the rest,” she said.

“I just wanted to come back to you the very next day to see you again. I needed to, to have you stand over me, to tell me what to do and how to do it, to have you demand that I assume the position in your chair,” he said.

“Interesting,” she said. There was a silence for two minutes. Then she spoke again: “I have never heard anyone tell me that they felt they were under my spell. Okay, Charles. You can come in. I will give you a nice conditioning shampoo and then a hot lather shave. You have 15 minutes to assume the position again in my chair,” she said.

“Yes, Frau. Thank you, Frau Ressler,” he said. He put the phone down, grabbed his briefcase, handed his project to Jones, and headed to his car. He did not drive home but headed straight to the salon. He parked the car, walked to the salon, pushed the door open, and showed the business card to the receptionist. She pointed to the back wall and he nodded. He walked down the hall to her station. She was sitting in her chair as he rounded the corner.

She was turned away from him. He wanted to hear her say the three words that made him dizzy bus she did not say them right away. His heart was pounding. Instead, she said: “Tell me again why you needed to come to me so soon. And no, I know it has nothing to do with you going to Chicago.”

He cleared his throat. “I just could not get the idea of your magic fingers rubbing my scalp out of my head. Plus some other things were in my head.”

“What other things?” she said, as she spun her chair around to face him.

He swallowed hard as he looked at her. Again she was dressed in heels, black nylons, a peach-colored dress and this time a pale blue smock. Her hair cropped as usual. “Your entire appearance struck me. And your perfume was so exciting. You have to be the most beautiful sophisticated female I have ever seen and you just made me feel like putty in your fingers,” he said. “When you were working your fingers through my hair, it felt so erotic. It almost put me to sleep but I just could not take my eyes off of you and your beautiful eyes.”

“But if I remember, you told me you have never allowed a woman to cut your hair. Why am I so different?” she said as she stood up. She walked toward him and she reached forward and ran her fingers through his sandy brown hair. “Have you been using the crème I told you to use?”

“Yes, Madame, I have been using it every morning when I get out of bed. And no, Madame. I have never had a female cut my hair. But you are different. I feel I can trust you and I know you will not disappoint me,” he said. She continued running her fingers through his hair. His mind was racing as was his heart. In his mind, he was begging her to allow him to assume the position.

“Yes I can tell you are using the crème. Your hair is a lot thicker in texture and it is a lot shinier. But I am still not ready to give you a complete treatment. No, you will still use the product for another week and then I will cut your hair. But if you so need to be under my spell again, so be it,” she said. “The position, Charles!”

He walked to her chair and he sat down. She opened the cupboard of her counter. She took out a neck support and she pushed it into the back slot on the chair. She spun the chair around and she took a large white vinyl cape and she threw it over his shoulders. It fell and covered his entire body as well as the chair. She took a sheet of tissue and placed it around his neck before clipping the cape closed. She then grabbed a second vinyl cape, a baby blue cape and she threw that one over the first cape. “Yes, this will do,” she said. “I think a nice shampoo and aloe conditioning is in order and then a nice hot lather shave.” She grabbed the lever on the side of the chair and the back went down. She stood infront of him and she pushed him down into the chair. His head landed in the basin, with his neck resting on the support.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked. He did not say anything as he looked up into her dark, mysterious eyes. She stepped back and stood at the side of the chair. She put her arms across her waist. “Have you nothing to say to your Frau?” she demanded.

“I am sorry. Yes, Frau, Madame. I am fine,” he said. “That pleases me very much.” Again, she was in control and he liked how it felt.

“That is good. And don’t you ever do anything like that again,” she said.

“No Frau. I will not forget,” he said. Heaven, his mind told him. Yes, this is what he was craving the entire week. Her control. Her dominance.

She turned on the hot water and mixed it with cold water. She sprayed his head, soaking it totally. She placed her hand under a shampoo soap dispenser and she let a glob of thick compound to fall into the palm of her hand. With her free hand, she lifted his head and then she started rubbing the compound into his scalp. Running her fingers and massaging his scalp. She left his head encapsulated in a blob of lather before she adjusted the spray and rinsed his head. She did a second shampoo, rubbing her fingers in harder and really getting down to the scalp. A second rinse and then a conditioning with aloe vera juice. She then grabbed a white towel and wrapped his head in it as she told him to sit up. She raised the back of the chair and he got comfortable. She turned the chair around and she took the towel off his head. She tossed the towel to thew corner and she brushed out his sandy brown locks. Picking up her blow-dryer, she started running her fingers through his hair, making sure that what locks she picked up, she dried. “Very nice,” she said. “Nice and soft.” She turned the chair around so that he saw his reflection in the mirror. She stood behind him as she ran her fingers through the sides. “Tell me what you are thinking,” she said.

“I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. I have a beautiful woman running her fingers through my hair. I could not ask for anything better right now,” he said.

“And you are right. Your next trip next week will determine where you will stand in my books. Full treatment, full co-operation on your part,” she said. “I demand that of all my customers. You will put your complete trust in me. I even ask that of my staff. I do the hair of all the staff, all my girls.”

She then grabbed the lever on the side. She pulled it down and the back slipped down. He was sitting straight as she walked to the side. She placed her hand on his chest and he laid back. His head rested on the neck support and he looked up at the ceiling. She turned to the counter and grabbed a pair of tongs. She opened a steamer and took out a white towel. She placed it under the cold water tap and cooled it down. She left the towel sitting in the sink for a couple of minutes. She then walked to the side of the chair. In her hand was a small pair of clippers and she ran them over his face, shaving his face with an electric razor. She grabbed a comb and even trimmed his eyebrows. She also trimmed his sideburns. She then grabbed the towel from the sink. She placed the towel on his face and completely covered his face, including his vision. She reached over his face and gently started rubbing the towel into his face. The warmth of the towel loosen his skin and opened his pores. He moaned a bit as he closed his eyes. “You are enjoying this, aren’t you?’ she asked. He mumbled under the towel. She finally took the towel off this face and spread it out over his shoulder. She reached over to the counter and grabbed a white tube. She opened it and rubbed the contents oh is face. As she did so, white crème appeared on his cheeks. She also rubbed the crème into his sideburns. Taking her fingers, she applied more of the crème to the areas under his chin. All the time, he was looking at her from the sides of his eyes. He was in heaven as he saw her smile and her mysterious eyes beaming at him. “There. I think I am ready,” she said.

She turned to the counter once more and grabbed a straight razor. She stepped to the side of the chair and she grabbed a straight, thick leather belt. She stroked the razor across the belt at least fifteen times, making sure the blade was sharp. Then pushing his head to the side, she made the first stroke into the thick white crème. She pulled the blade down and wiped it on the white towel. She made a second stroke, coming closer to his cheek. At the cheek, she pinched and pulled the skin back to make sure the shave was clean and smooth.

As she stroked his cheek, he could smell the scent of her animalistic perfume, as he did the first time she pulled the chair down. As with the first time, it excited him and he breathed in deep to take it all in. She moved like a cat around the chair and she was Soon at the opposite side, stroking away the thick white crème off his cheek.

Finally getting to his chin and under the chin, she stood at the back of the chair and with her free hand, she reached over his face and lifted his chin upwards. He was looking right up into her eyes and he finally saw how beautiful they were. He smiled. He continued to concentrate and let her move his head in any direction she needed to.

She had him shaved and clean in ten minutes. She told him to sit up and she raised the lever, bringing the back up the chair up. She took a second towel, wet it under the hot water tap and she rubbed his face, getting rid of excess crème. She grabbed a bottle of moisturizer and applied some of the lotion to her palms. She rubbed her palms together and then she rubbed the moisturizer into his face. She then undid the baby blue cape. She folded it up and placed it over the arm of the chair. The white cape she also undid and folded it up and placed it, hanging over the edge on her counter. She grabbed a brush and stroked it through his hair before pronouncing him done. She stepped back from the chair and he got up. He looked into the mirror and ran his fingers over his face and then through his hair. “Wow! That was amazing. Thank you so much,” he said.

“I do not disappoint any of my clients,” she said as he followed her to the front desk. She wrote out the bill and then entered the sale into the cash register. He took out his wallet and gladly paid the bill, plus as with the first visit, he gave Frau Ressler a generous tip. “I will see you again next week for your full treatment and keep using the crème,” she said.

“Yes, Madame. Thank you,” he said as he took her hand and kissed it. “Next week. I am looking forward to it.”

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