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Sabrina looked at herself, hard, in the mirror as she applied her lipstick. The dark, burgundy makeup on her moist lips almost seemed to darken her eyes. She then looked at the nearly clean-shaven scalp, with just some blond bangs hanging down to her forehead. How did it ever come to this?

Sabrina knew when she had met Betty that things would be different. Sabrina could not remember having specific feelings about other girls before, but with Betty it came naturally. Betty was into Goth stuff and she wore her hair long, straight and black. Sabrina was attracted to Betty’s dresses, dark and velvety, the low-cut skintight tops and the Doc Martin boots. She had never cared before, but now it seemed so much more important.

Betty became friends with Sabrina fairly quickly, but it became apparent there was more there than just friendship. The two spent nearly every waking hour together, talking about this or that. Sabrina’s hair was pretty short, she usually wore it in the style of a bob, short and honey brown. Sabrina had always liked herself with short hair. Once, when she was little, her brothers had taken her to the barbers for a crew cut. Though her mom was furious, Sabrina actually found herself liking it. She desired the short, bristly hair again. She couldn’t remember why her brothers had done it to her, but it was the feeling she felt drawn too. Entering a relationship with Betty would bring those feelings back.

Sabrina could remember the first time she had laid down with Betty. The orgasm was so powerful that she thought she would literally explode. It was heavenly. Betty had expertly manipulated the dildo; Sabrina’s warm, wet pussy was practically throbbing. Sabrina never wanted the feelings to end. Betty kissed, caressed and suckled Sab’s tits. Getting naked and lying together on Betty’s black satin sheets, surrounded by flickering candles was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to her. Betty’s long, luxuriously soft hair fell in sweeps over Sabrina’s naked body. It added an allure to an already alluring woman. That added mystery that made the darkness in Betty’s eyes seem like a well into the endless deep.

The first time that Betty had mentioned haircuts was after they had been going together for a few months. Betty seemed to like Sabrina’s hair short, but she wanted her to go shorter.

“You’d look so much better with just a little more taken off,” Betty said. Sabrina smiled. “You just want me to shave it off, like I do my pussy, don’t you,” Sabrina asked.

Betty shrugged, seemingly at a loss for words. “No, sweet stuff. Just shorter.”

“Like a crew cut?”

Betty nodded. “If you want.”

Sabrina smiled and began to tell her about the haircut that her brothers took her to get when she was little. “So,” she said, “there I was, sitting in that warm leather chair and those electric trimmers snapped on. Scariest thing I’d ever heard. Then they are cold and pressed to the back of my neck. There was this sharp crunching sound and I felt my hair falling away. In the cool of the shop, there I was feeling it get cooler by the second.

“The guy who was cutting it didn’t seem to waste much time. He also didn’t seem to mind that I was a young girl. I remember I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so maybe he thought I was a boy who deserved to loose their long, gangly locks. He just kept pushing those clippers up through my hair, mowing it down. I saw it fall away in the mirror, but I couldn’t properly see what it looked like. I only noticed the temperature change.

“At first I didn’t want him to go so fast, but by the time he had chopped all my hair off, I didn’t want him to stop. First time I felt wetness in my panties too. I guess it was the start of something more special.”

Betty nodded. “How short was it cut?”

Sabrina shrugged. “I don’t know that. It was just brutally short. Probably something like a quarter of an inch long or so.”

Betty gasped. “Ooh, that sounds so sexy!”

“Is that the way you want me to get it cut?”

“However, sweetheart. You cut it like you want it. I will still love you and fuck you just the same.”

Sabrina giggled. “Even if I got it shaved?” For now she was giving some serious thought to taking a razor to it and leaving her scalp as bare as the skin surrounding her skull. She wanted to go all the way!

Betty laughed. “Do you think I am going to give up the love of my life for that? You’re crazy! I think you should leave it grown out a bit. Don’t razor it off the first time.”

Sabrina kissed her. “Please? If you don’t like it, I’ll let it grow out, I promise.”

“Oh, all right,” Betty grinned. “You seem like a kid in a candy store. You can’t get enough.” Sabrina nodded. “This is what I’ve wanted to do for a while,” she confided. Betty started running her hands through Sabrina’s short bob. “Better do this while I still have the chance,” the long-haired Betty. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get mine trimmed too.”

Sabrina couldn’t help but grin at that. Their sex that night was the best they had ever had. Sabrina felt the excitement building inside her, and only a shaved head would satisfy it!


A few days later was the weekend and the weather was turning warm. Sabrina felt the allure and desire for her bald head building throughout the week. She would fidget on the train, looking at various people who were sporting short hairdos. Most of them were men, but she did see a girl with a crew cut, looking very Goth with fishnet stockings, a leather skirt and a sweater that had seen better days. Sabrina mustered the courage to ask her where she’d had her haircut done.

“Oh,” the girl replied, “I got it done downtown. Place called Sherrey’s. Corner of Sixth and Corinth.” She looked at Sabrina’s short bob. “Thinking about going short?”

Sabrina nodded. “Bald, actually.”

The girl looked surprised for a moment. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that myself.”

“My girl and I are looking for a place for me to get it taken down. You think your place. Sherrey’s is it? Yeah.will they take me down to bald?”

The girl nodded. “Yeah, Sherrey is really progressive. She loves doing the cut with the buzz clippers. She almost got the gig to give Sigourney Weaver her buzzer when she did that `Alien’ movie. She’s a fan.”

Sabrina nodded. Her excitement was intense. “I’m looking for a trim myself,” the girl continued. “Maybe I’ll see you and your girl down there come Saturday?”

Sabrina rubbed her hands together gleefully. “Sure! I’m going to go home and make an appointment!” The girl nodded then got up. She said it was her stop and she got off the train with a wave and a `See you Saturday!’

Saturday could not and would not come fast enough. She had told Betty about the subway girl and made an appointment as soon as she got to the apartment she and Betty shared. Betty was enthusiastic. She knew how much she was looking forward to it.

On Saturday morning, Sabrina rose early and hopped into the shower, realizing that for the last time she was going to lather her hair up and wash it. Within the next 6 hours, she would be sporting a chrome dome. And loving it! Betty joined her, they often showered together, and Sabrina lathered her lover’s hair up and lovingly helped her rinse it. She whispered how she’d love for Betty to get a short cut too. Betty smiled. The smiles turned to kisses and then they were all over each other. The warm water sprayed them while they were all wet and wild on the inside. Sabrina’s hand went into Betty’s pussy, while Betty caressed Sabrina’s short hair for the last time. Whenever sex and hair were mingled, the sex was never short of fantastic.

Sherrey’s was a sort of art deco place, with funky new age artwork adorning the walls. Soft music played over the PA, but it was more progressive style, 80’s and 90’s rock mostly. Apparently Sherrey, the proprietor, was fond of that era. As Betty and Sabrina entered the store, right where the girl on the train had said it would be. Sherrey was giving
a sort of short pixie cut to a red-headed girl. Another girl, sporting a nose hoop, a purple Mohawk and several tattoos came over.

Sabrina told her she was there for a head shave. The girl with the Mohawk nodded. “I’m Ronnie. I’ll be cutting it for you.” Sabrina followed her to a chair. Betty followed, holding the digital camera she would use to take pictures of the event. Ronnie sat her down in the chair. She threw a piece of tissue paper around her neck, and then snapped a funky-looking cape around Sabrina’s neck. “Is your friend getting the same,” Ronnie asked Sabrina nodding toward Betty.

“She hasn’t decided yet,” Sabrina said as Betty took a couple of snaps to show what Sabrina looked like. “And we’re going all the way? Down to the bare scalp?” asked Ronnie.

“Yes, that’s right.” Sabrina nodded and set her chin, prepared for the clipping to begin. Ronnie grabbed a pair of electric clippers. “Are you two a couple?” Ronnie asked as she moved around to the back of the chair and raised it with a couple of pumps of her foot.

“Yup,” Sabrina said, smiling. “Almost a year together.”

“Cool,” Ronnie said as she switched the clippers on. “Not too late to back out and go with something a bit longer.”

Sabrina smiled. “Thanks, but I’ve thought about it for a long time. I want to go for it, even if I am too chicken to ever do it again.”

Ronnie nodded. “I doubt you will chicken out. My lover, she gets hers shaved every summer. She can’t wait to go back to it. I cut it down for her. That’s kinda how I got into this place.”

“Good for you!” Sabrina was excited now; her hair stylist was used to shaving a girl and would know exactly how to do it. What incredible luck this was!

The clippers snapped on and Betty positioned herself to take advantage of the inroads Ronnie would make on Sabrina’s hair. “What blade are you using?” Betty asked.

Ronnie replied she was using a `five-zero’ blade. “That leaves it at something like 1/125th of an inch. I think.” Ronnie elaborated.

“Wow,” Betty responded. “That’s pretty fucking short!”

Ronnie shrugged. “It’s gonna get shorter than that, honey!”

“I just meant,” Betty said, sounding contrite, “that you might scissor it shorter and then shave it with the blade.”

“Look,” Ronnie said, pausing from the job of mowing great reams of Sabrina’s hair off. “She don’t want to sit in my chair for an hour. She wants to get out and start enjoying her new style. I don’t want to mess around. She’s hot for bald head, so a bald head is what she’s going to get!”

Betty nodded and apologized for bothering Ronnie. Ronnie smiled. “No bother,” she responded. “I know you two are lovers. But before you two have sex again, she’s,” here she nodded at Sabrina’s cloaked form on the chair, “going to be shaved smooth!”

Betty grinned. “I bet it’ll be great sex too!” Both Ronnie and Sabrina grinned. “Yeah, after a shave it always is,” Ronnie said slyly. “So,” Ronnie said with another pause. “Are you gonna do something with yours?”

Betty laughed. “Perhaps a trim.”

Ronnie straightened up. “You really ought to go with a short cut. Like that pixie cut Sherrey was giving. I think that would look good on you!”

“Not a head shave?” asked Sabrina, with a wicked grin.

Ronnie shook her head. “Well, I’d recommend a pixie. Or a crew cut, maybe. Leave a little on her. She’s used to long hair. She’ll want to keep some on.”

Betty looked thoughtful for a moment. “You think about it,” Ronnie said and turned her attention to Sabrina. “Meanwhile, I have a beautiful head to shave.”

Sabrina smiled as the clippers resumed their work on her head. She muttered thanks to Ronnie. “I’ve been trying to get her to go shorter. She looks awesome with long locks, but she wants to go shorter. I can feel it,” she whispered to Ronnie, who merely nodded. Betty continued to snap pictures.

Ronnie continued on in silence. She moved the clippers over the back of Sabrina’s head, leaving ultra-short bristly hair in its wake. The metal on the clipper blades seemed incredibly short, and what was left of Sabrina’s hair seemed to silently agree. Betty got a close-up as Ronnie moved to the sides. Sabrina noticed the air on the back of her head, but resisted the incredibly strong urge to reach up and rub it. Ronnie was wielding her craft as expertly as Sabrina could have hoped. There was no turning back now, as more and more of Sabrina’s locks pushed away from her head and began their short, silent fall to the tiled floor below. As more and more tumbled off her head, she thought it was almost like a circle of brown around her chair. She felt wet and her nipples were rock solid now. Just the clippers made her incredibly horny. She wanted to sit and bury her face in her lover’s pussy. And to fuck Ronnie as well, the Mohawk seemed to stand up straighter. Sabrina tried to breathe long and slow. She needed to control herself. Just a little longer.

As she worked her way around the sides of her head, Sabrina noted that she could see Ronnie’s nipples through the t-shirt she was wearing. “You like to cut hair, don’t you,” Sabrina muttered.

Ronnie nodded, her purpled dyed Mohawk bobbing behind her. Ronnie certainly looked distinctive. “Too bad you have a lover,” Sabrina continued. “We could have made a threesome.”

Ronnie shrugged. “Why not couple off? We trade partners for a night. that way we all get the change to fuck each other. You interested?”

“Hell yes,” Sabrina said. “I want you first!” Ronnie grinned and said, “Good, I want you too!”

Betty was licking her lips. “What’s your girl like,” she asked Ronnie. Ronnie pointed to a picture of a girl with a bald head in a frame on her bench. “That’s her. She’s awesome. She loves getting haircuts. She has a bit of a fetish about it.”

Sabrina smiled, seeing Betty seemed to be into the partner swap. “Would your lover be willing to swap with us?”

Ronnie shrugged. “I guess so. I’d have to ask her. She’s hinted that she’d like to meet more people, perhaps have a threesome. I don’t know what that means for us, but she’s an incredibly good partner.”

“Funny,” Sabrina said silkily. “You look like you’d not be a bad partner yourself.”

“Careful,” Betty scowled. “You should just relax, Sab!”

Sabrina grinned. “I just meant she would make a nice third for us, sweetie!”

Ronnie laughed. “Yeah, let me see. You two are obviously into it. We will swap with each other so we can experiment. Don’t let the Mohawk and the tattoos scare you. I am quite gentle in bed. Sex and love are moments for passion, not pain.”

She began to clip the hair off Sabrina’s crown, and for the first time, she could see how brutally and extremely short her hair was. She felt her pussy throbbing with excitement. The way she felt, she knew orgasm wasn’t far off! She had to take a deep breath and control her hormones. She needed to slow down for a second!

Ronnie finished cutting Sabrina’s hair to its incredible shortness. As she finished and clicked off the clippers, Sabrina could no longer resist. She reached up and felt the incredible short, stiff hairs on her head. Ronnie dispensed some lather into her hand and moved around to the back of her head. “Like it,” Ronnie asked.

“Yeah,” Sabrina said. “Feels like it’s sandpaper!”

“It’s about a days growth right now.”

Betty paused to rub her girlfriend’s head once and then stepped back to let Ronnie continue the ritual of the head shave.

Ronnie began to rub the warm foam onto Sabrina’s head. Now, it was impossible for Sabrina not to notice the air, the warmth of the shaving cream and the hand that applied it, it was incredibly different! She wondered why she had waited so long to have her head shaved!

As she rubbed the foam, Sabrina felt almost as if she was being wrapped in a warm, cozy cocoon that would keep her safe. Suddenly she understood why many men shaved their heads. Why didn’t more girls, she wondered?

Ronnie went to her styling bench and picked up a regular razor.
“What sort of razor should I get to do it myself?” Sabrina asked.

“I’d recommend the Mach3, but any razor will do. There’s even one out that is designed to shave the scalp.”

“Any other recommendations?”

“Yes,” Ronnie said. “Get some baby oil. Preferably one with vitamin E and aloe to help your skin get used to shaving. Shaving can sting when you are not used to it.”

“OK, thanks,” Sabrina replied. “I’ll let you get on with it, like the artiste you obviously are!” Ronnie laughed and thanked her.

“It’s not every day you meet someone you might have sex with,” Ronnie muttered in Sabrina’s ear. Betty didn’t seem to catch it. Sabrina smiled and nodded and Ronnie reached to the her forehead and placed the razor on her skin. Slowly, she began to pull it back and Sabrina saw her own bare scalp emerge. Ronnie took the extra foam onto her other hand. She explained that she would re-lather Sabrina’s head and then shave it again, to make sure her scalp was bare.

“Such a perfectionist,” giggled Betty. “I love it!”

Ronnie nodded, but kept on reaching and pulling the razor over Sabrina’s head. “My lover says the same thing,” Ronnie admitted. “Have you always wanted short hair,” she asked Sabrina, continuing to pull the razor over her head.

Sabrina told her how her brothers had taken her for a “summer cut” when she was young and how furious her mother had been. Ronnie nodded. “First time, I got my hair butchered,” she said, “my mum threw me out for a while. She was appalled. She wondered how a girl could do that. When I came home with a girl arm in arm with me, which was the final straw as far as she was concerned. She kicked me out for good. Luckily I had gotten a place to stay, so I was OK. Thank goodness for that!”

“I never got tossed, but I likely will now,” Sabrina said with a wolfish grin. “Does your mum know you are living with another girl.in that way?”

Sabrina said no, she had not `come out’ and she was fearful of it. “Look,” Ronnie confided. “Do it sooner rather than later. The `she’s my roommate’ thing can only go on so long. Tell her right out. If she loves you, she’ll try to understand. My mum tries to understand why I am a lesbian and proud of it. She loves me and I her, but she can’t get a grip on it. Tell her out. And tell her in person, not over the phone or in an email. Big mistake.”

Sabrina smiled. “Thanks, Ronnie. Wow, you sure know a lot about this stuff! I mean, haircutting and personal advice.”

“It’s all in the experience,” Ronnie advised. “My last girlfriend did that, I mean emailed her mom to say she had something important to tell her, then called her and broke the news she was gay. Her mother was distraught. At least if you do it in person, you can let them see the truth and the love you have for Betty in your eyes. Don’t be afraid.”

Sabrina looked thoughtful. “Yeah, I guess that makes the most sense. I do love Betty. A lot.”

“As well you should. It’s hard to find someone in this crazy world, least of all find someone who’d let you shave your head and give you complete, passionate sex afterwards. Hold onto that with all your heart,” Ronnie advised her.

Sabrina nodded in between razor strokes. “Thanks, Ronnie. Sorry if I came on strong to you. I guess I didn’t totally appreciate what I have in Betty there,” she whispered. “It’s terrific to have a lover like Betty.”

“More terrific if she’d do something with her hair,” replied Ronnie with a mischievous grin. She winked at Betty, who grinned and snapped a picture of Ronnie, razor in hand. “I’m still thinking about it,” Betty replied.

“Don’t think about it, do it,” Ronnie sharply retorted. “Like your lover here. She was bold enough to go all the way.”

Betty smiled. “Yes, and I love her for doing it.”

Ronnie nodded. “Then all is right with our little corner of the world. She loves you,” here she nodded at Sabrina, “and Sabrina loves you tremendously as well. I love both of you for sharing this deeply promising moment. Even if my girl won’t agree, I will go along and fuck both of you. It’s too important not to.”

Sabrina felt the most relaxed. She would be able to make love to both Betty and Ronnie! What could be better?

Ronnie pulled the razor over the last few areas of Sabrina’s scalp and Sabrina thanked the powers-that-be for the opportunity to know two such amazing people at once, and become intimate with both of them! She knew intimacy was as close to godliness as she was ever likely to get, outside of her bare scalp. Ronnie rubbed her fingers over the bare, pale scalp Sabrina now displayed for the entire world to see. Ronnie rubbed a little of the extra foam over some areas that she wasn’t satisfied with and shaved them down until they were smooth. Ronnie took almost ten minutes to finally decide Sabrina’s head was bare and took a warm, wet towel to it. She lovingly rubbed it over Sabrina’s shiny head. Then Ronnie took a little mineral oil and rubbed it in, as if it were good luck, or perhaps a quick grow hair spirit, like Bugs Bunny used on Elmer Fudd.

As she pulled the cape and tissue off, Sabrina got up and gave Ronnie a kiss full on the lips, which Betty caught a picture of. Ronnie hugged her and promised both of them that she would sleep with them.

“Now,” Ronnie said., turning towards Betty. “It’s your turn to decide. I’ve got a little free time. How do you want to cut your hair?”

As Sabrina stood, feeling how incredible her shaved scalp felt and how the air seemed to move unhindered over her freshly shaved skin, she wondered what Betty’s response. As she pondered Betty’s hair’s future, and her own shaven scalp, an Alarm song was playing on the PA.

So throw back your head these dreams are coming true.

With her own shaven scalp as proof, she felt her dreams were coming true like the song suggested, and she threw back her head and laughed.


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