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What are the odds? I asked myself this question surviving the aftermath of cataclysmic divorce. Rachel, my ex-wife, never could accept my love affair with hair cutting. Would I ever be able to live the life I yearned for. More determined than ever, I believed with all my heart that my fantasies could and would be my reality. My hearts desire is to never again live the life of normalcy that bound me, strangled me with guilt and persecution.

Then there was Eve. Oh god how she has captured my heart. Inflamed me through and through as our love affair blossoms and grows. Eve rescued my dying heart and fulfills my every fantasy with absolute effortlessness. Eve?s family is from Chinese and Filipino descent. And yes she embodies the beautiful essence of Asian characteristics. Her skin tone of creamy cap chino, soft brown eyes, and that hair. That marvelous hair! From the first day, she intoxicated me. Drawn to her I am as the bee is to the flower. I am hooked. But wait, I can?t fall in love again and risk that devastation of my first marriage. I have to be honest with her. She must know who I am. What if she rejects me? I have to know that she will love me unconditionally, and for who I am and what I love. Will she? Months pass as our love for each other grows. As in any relationship, she cannot help but ask the million dollar questions. Why did Rachel really leave you? What was it that she finally could not stand that brought your marriage with her to ruin? Piece by piece, I began explaining 20 years of disappointment and heartbreak. How my search for satisfaction and truthfulness with my ex-wife resulted in alienation in our marriage and resentment toward each other beyond reconciliation. Rachel?s religious convictions would not allow for me to experience the one thing in life I desired with an unquenchable fervor. After 13 years of marriage, I finally found the courage to tell Rachel the one thing I wanted from her more than anything in the world.

Rachel, you know how much, I love your beautiful long red hair. I have so much enjoyed watching it grow out these past 4 years. Now has come the time that I must be truly honest with you. In as much as I love those beautiful cascading copper locks, I have not been truthful with you.

Rachel?s insecurity with her appearance manifested into an over compensation of hiding behind her hair. She has always clung to and hidden behind the security of the one thing she knew covered a multitude of fear, her hair. Her hair was incredible. Probably the one thing that drew me to her more than anything else. It was thick and silky and shined like the noonday sun. I loved that woman more than anyone in the whole world. I am also in love with my fetish. Unbeknownst to her, she satisfied my addiction for hair cutting for years. She grew her hair out long 3 different times, and dozens of different styles. She knew about my fetish, but did not understand it. Nor did she want to understand. Each time she cut her hair, my satisfaction and zeal produced in her a deeper contempt for me that would never be forgiven.

Rachel, all these years you?ve known of my love and infatuation for your hair being cut short. What I have never told you before is that my deepest and most passionate desire is the one I am compelled to ask of you now. Not only do I want your nearly waist length tresses cut short, but I want to be the one to cut them.

The details I will leave for another story. I was allowed only one time to cut her hair. At that point in my life nothing could ever compare to the adrenalin rush that came as I was allowed to cut off all of those magnificent locks of hair. She went from nearly 3 feet of hair down 1 inch on the sides and back with about 2 inches on top. Unfortunately it did not come without a cost. The next 5 years was pretty much a nightmare from hell. Truly Rachel was absolutely beautiful with her shorn short tomboy cut.

Eve listening in almost disbelief said: ?She divorced you because of your fetish and because you cut her hair??. It?s only hair, it grows back.

I know, but in her eyes she took it very personal as if it were an attack intended to cause her harm.

Eve had given me several clues of incite to her past that both intrigued and inflamed me. Her hair was down past her shoulders blunt trimmed and all one length. We?d talk about her hair in the shower as I washed it for her every day. On 3 different occasions I asked about when she had worn her hair short. Each time she would perform a charade of how short she?d worn it by pretending as though her fingers were scissors and snipping her hair above her ears. She is very cavalier about her hair being worn short so many times in her life. I had seen no pictures, but could easily imagine how marvelous her hair would be to see it all shorn closely to her head. Would she really give up all that beautiful hair so easily? One day I was at her house and noticed an Army Basic Training picture of her in her battle dress uniform. Though it was not a Gijane, it was an awesome right up my alley short haircut that drove me wild. I asked please could I have the picture to hang on my bedroom wall. Her reply was: ?Of course!?. Several weeks passed, as I would wake up every morning looking at her picture in wonderment. Finally one night last March I gathered up my courage. I had to know now before we found ourselves bound in marriage if she was truly the woman I hoped she was. We were having sex and I whispered in her ear the words I was dying to tell her since the day she had given me her Army picture. I told her how much I loved that picture? Then, I said: ?You know what I love best about your picture?? It?s your short hair?At first she paused and then replied: ?Thank you!?. Almost without hesitation, I asked the next question. Eve, if I asked you to, would you consider wearing your hair short again for me? And equally without hesitation, she replied: ?Of course!? My heart nearly stopped! You would? Really? Of course silly, it?s only hair. If you would prefer mine short why not! My heart was racing so fast! Eve, would you allow me to be the one to cut it short?? I must be dreaming, this can?t be real cause she replied again without hesitation. Of course I?ll let you cut it for me, but you have to do a good job. I want to look beautiful for you. We continued to make love and as she was on top began kissing me. As she did her marvelous hair fell onto my face. As if she knew what I wanted her to say, she?d responded and said: ?My hair! It?s too long?. I need a haircut.

I could hardly wait till the next morning! We had our coffee, and Eve said to me, what shall we do now; a shower maybe? I said we?ll get there, but first lets cut your hair! Without hesitating, she stood and asked me where you want to do it? This has got to be a dream; I can?t believe she?s really going to let me do this. I had bought an Oster clipper set the year prior dreaming that this would some day happen. I caped her, and began combing out those deliciously thick black locks of hair. My hands began to tremble as I gathered the first tresses. I held them out from her head, and schnick, schnick, schnick. All the beautiful hair that covered her left ear and side of her face fell to the floor. Oh my god!! Within 30 minutes all of her long hair was on the floor. After the shower, I could hardly wait to have sex with her. She made me the happiest man in the whole world. We continued to have sex and I confessed that I did not cut her hair in the back as short as I really wanted to. She asked why not? Well, I didn?t want for you to panic the first time out. We went back to the kitchen and resumed the haircut which produced the most beautiful clippered spike half way up the back of her head.

There has never been a more memorable time in my life as that morning and every 4 weeks since then. She loves her hair short, and will not let anyone but me to cut her hair. Eve is actually in the Army Reserve, and has been deployed to Kuwait for just over a week. It has been 3 weeks since I cut her hair last. I will see her again in 10 months when she comes home for R&R. I can hardly wait for next October. She loves the clipper cut?. (To be continued)

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