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My husband opened the door for me and I walked in. This was not my first time in the barbershop. I had brought my son here many times before, but this time there was no kids, just my husband, with a video camera, and me. Thankfully it was the middle of a weekday and there was only one customer in the place besides me and my husband. My son?s regular barber, Robert was smiling as we walked in and questioned what the video camera was for. ?For the big cut!? my husband replied pointing to me as I walked straight to the big barber chair nervous about what was going to take place. In a few moments I was going to ask my son?s barber to shave me completely bald and then watch in the mirror as my husband videotaped it.

It had all started about three months ago when I had asked my husband to trim down there. He agreed and I got a little carried away with the clippers. After a few more nights I talked him into letting me shave him completely down there. He enjoyed it so much that I let him shave me down there and after getting over the itching stage, it had brought a new dimension of sensations I had never felt before! After a month of shaving, I decided to make an appointment for the laser treatment. I loved being bald down there and going permanent was a big time saver.

Our sex life had gone to new levels and I found myself obsessing over shaving like never before. I even started shaving my arms and from the neck down had a zero tolerance for hair! My husband liked the new hairless me and commented on how smooth and soft my skin was one night while caressing me. We joked about the quick transformation and I told him that once I had experienced hairlessness down there it was hard to stop. ?The only thing left is this,? my husband said jokingly as he stroked my shoulder length blonde hair. The thought had been put out there and I could not get it out of my mind.

After shaving my entire body the next morning and staring at myself in the mirror, I could not help but wonder how I would look with a shaved head. How it would feel. If it felt like the rest of my body, it was definitely worth a try. A few nights later I asked my husband about his comment and at first he thought I was joking. When he realized I was serious, he thought about it and made the comment that I would look good bald.

Now I find myself sitting in a barber?s chair with a big black cape around my neck. Robert pumped up the chair high and I could see my husband with video camera on taping this moment. ?You want a short haircut Cathy?? Robert asked as my husband smiled. This was the defining moment and surprisingly I had the courage to ask Robert to shave my head. He looked stunned at first and then asked me if I was sure. I nodded and then told him I wanted to watch and my husband wanted to tape it. Robert pulled out a big set of clippers and took the guard off. He took a brush and brushed all of my hair away from my face and turned the clippers on. With his left hand he held my hair back away from my face and with his right hand ran the clippers from my forehead to about halfway up my head. The steady buzzing interrupted when the clippers hit my hair line, replaced by a loud chewing noise as my hair was separated from my head. The first mound of hair fell down in front of my face and on to the cape, separating and slowly sliding down the cape and into my lap where it stopped. Robert lifted the clippers up and brought them back to my forehead again to make the second pass. ?This is a first for me Cathy, I?ve never shaved a woman?s head before!? he said. I smiled and said ?this is a first for me too, Robert!? He laughed and continued moving the clippers back towards the crown. I watched as mounds of hair were piling up in my lap and my forehead grew longer, all the while my husband grinning and filming the event.

With most of the hair on top now gone Robert started shaving the sides. The first pass up the side tickled and I giggled as the mound of hair fell off of the clippers and onto the floor below me. This might have been a little more traumatic had I not experienced the wonderful world of hairlessness everywhere else on my body. I closed my eyes enjoying the vibrations of the clippers around my ears. With each pass I felt the hair being separated from my head. The air from the air conditioner hitting my newly denuded scalp felt good. I did not open my eyes again until he had completely shaved my sides and back, and the first look felt odd. The first thing I noticed was how large my eyes were with no hair to detract from them. My head had a good shape to it and there were no unsightly bumps or moles. After turning from side to side to look at the new me, I looked at my husband whose mouth was wide open and I asked him what he thought. ?You look gorgeous!? he said as I smiled and asked him to come closer. He leaned over and I kissed him. He rubbed his hands over my head and I did too. Robert came back with a warm towel and within minutes was shaving the rest of my hair with a straight razor.

After wiping the shaving cream off he dusted me with talcum powder and placed some oil on my head to make it shiny. The ride home was fun as we stopped at red lights and people in the cars next to us did double takes. Once home my husband and I ran to the bedroom where I could bare it all!

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