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Brian met Stacy, out at a club and they started dating, she was the most awesome person he had ever met. They spent all the time they could together. Stacy was a beautician at a local styling studio, and that gave Brian an idea, one night when they were making love, Brian brought up the subject of sexual turn ons. Stacy told Brian that she got turned on by thinking about getting her head shaved bald. She said she had dreamed of shaving her head for a long time. Brian told Stacy that got turned on by women with shaved heads. Brian old Stacy that he had a hair fetish also, he like getting his hair set on perm rods. Little did he know that Stack loved curly haired men and loved to wrap perms. That set the ball in motion, later that week, they went to sally beauty supply and bought the necessary supplies. They bought a large Oster electric clipper, shaving cream, and Mach 3 razors for Stacy. For Brian they bought thirteen dozen mini red perm rods, end papers and a Quantum Ultra Firm perm kit.

That night after dinner they went over to Stacy’s place and she sat Brian down and started wrapping all off his hair in the mini red rods, first she wrapped a row down the back, then a row up the center on top, then the right side, and then finally the left. When she was all done wrapping, she counted 152 mini red perm rods in his hair. Stacy applied the perm solution to all the rods and told Brian it was his turn. Brian stood up and Stacy pulled off his clothes, Brian then pulled off her clothes. Stacy sat down on the chair, as Brian was plugging in the clippers. She told him that his perm would be ready for neutralizing as soon as he finished shaving her head. Brian placed the clippers at her forehead and asked if she was ready and Stacy said, “Yes, shave me now, and shave my pussy too.” Brian ran the clippers right down the center of her head, and made pass after pass until there was only a trace of hair left on Stacy’s head. Brian grabbed the shaving cream and razor and lathered up Stacy’s head and proceeded to shave her, from front to back, and then he lathered her head and shaved her again, but from back to front. He toweled the remaining shaving cream off her head and ran his hands over it to see if he missed any hair. He found a little stubble on the sides and then lathered and re-shaved the sides until he was sure they were smooth. He stood in front of her toweled off her head again and then got some baby oil out of her cabinet and massaged some into her bald head and buffed it with the towel a little to make it shine. While Brian was polishing her head, she took his cock into her mouth and gave him the best blowjob he had ever received. Brian then grabbed the clippers again and started to clip the hair around her now wet pussy, and when he felt it was short enough, he lathered up her pussy and shaved it clean.

Stacy still hadn’t seen her baldhead yet so she ran into the bathroom to admire her freshly shaven head. Brian followed her and Stacy checked his perm to see if it was ready yet, it was so she had him lean over the tub and she rinsed the perm solution out for him. Then she sat him down again and grabbed the neutralizer, and slid down onto his rock hard cock and started to apply the neutralizer to all of the perm rods. When she finished applying the neutralizer she started to slide up and down slowly on his cock, while running her hands over the perm rods on his head. He couldn’t help but feel her smooth baldhead. Stacy continued until it was time to rinse out the neutralizer. She rinsed his hair again and then pulled him into her bedroom, and on top of her, they both had the best sex ever and climaxed together. When they were done Stacy sat Brian on the chair again and removed all the perm rods from his hair, while Brian ate her freshly shaved pussy. Stacy picked out his new perm and said she was ready for a night on the town. Stacy got many compliments on her shaved head, and Brian got nice comments on his tight curly perm. They made each other very happy. They eventually got married and spent every night satisfying each other, She would wrap his hair on perm rods and he would shave her head nice and smooth, they would make love until they were exhausted and fell asleep, she took the perm rods out in the morning, and he would re-shave her head before she went to work. They lived happily ever after.


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