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Genni and Ben had been together for almost 3 years. They lived together in a flat in heart of London. Genni worked for a large financial company in the City and Ben was a Senior Stylist at a local salon.

The couple were very happy together and everyone commented on how they were the perfect couple. They looked great together. Ben was 6’2”, slim and always took a pride in his appearance. Genni was 5’8”, had stunning green eyes and a perfect figure. But her obvious asset was her hair. She had not had it cut apart from the occasional trim since High School 12 years ago. It hang in a slight wave to 3 inches past her butt in a shiny chestnut brown.

Ben loved her hair and never tried to get her to cut it short. He knew he’d be on to a none starter with that one. Of course she would let him trim it every couple of months but no more than ½ an inch. Ben loved to play with Genni’s hair, he would spend hours brushing it and playing with it. She especially liked it when he raked her hair with his fingers from top to bottom. That always got her in the mood for lovemaking.

One evening Genni returned home from work to find a message from Ben to say that he was having to work late. The salon had a late night opening every Thursday and one of the stylists had gone home sick so Ben had to stay on to cover her appointments. Genni didn’t mind, “Gives me an opportunity to have a long soak in the bath” she thought. She had had a tough day at work and she hated traveling on the Tube. She needed to relax.

She ran upstairs and started to run herself a hot bath, she light some candles and went into the bedroom to change. It was getting on for 7pm and she knew that the salon would be closing in an hour, it took Ben 20 minutes to get home. She went into the bathroom and took off her robe and undid her hair from the thick braid it had been in all day. She twisted it around and fastened it on to the top of her head with a clip. As she stepped into the bath she let out a sigh of relief that her day was over. She slid down into the bath and rested her head on her bath pillow and closed her eyes.

“Wake up sleepy head” came the soft tones of Ben’s voice. Genni had fallen asleep and had not heard him come in. Ben kissed her softly on her forehead.

“What time is it?” she asked, sitting up in the bath and kissing Ben gently on the lips.

“A little after 8, I was let out early. My last client was only in for a trim.”

“Go downstairs and fix us a drink. I shall be down when I’ve got dressed”

When Genni got downstairs, Ben had opened a bottle of wine, put fresh logs on the fire and was sat on the sofa reading the newspaper. Genni went and sat in front of him on the floor and handed him her hairbrush.

“You know how much I like it when you brush my hair out for me. Its so relaxing” she commented.

Ben unfastened the big clip that was holding the mass of hair and it fell neatly down Genni’s back like a soft velvety curtain.

“Hmm your ends are getting a little split hun, time for a trim I think” Ben said softly.

“OK, you’re not working tomorrow why not do it then?”

“Why wait until tomorrow Gen, if you let me do it now then we can do something else tomorrow”

Genni didn’t argue she just stood up and refastened her hair into the clip. “OK you’re the boss, so where do you want me?”

“I need to go get my stuff out the car but I’ll meet you in the kitchen. Go get your shampoo and condition and I’ll wash it for you whilst I’m there”.

It was now getting on for 10pm and Genni was feeling tired and really just wanted to go to bed but she knew once Ben got an idea into his head there was no point arguing. When she returned downstairs, Ben was already in the kitchen testing the water to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Genni walked over to where he was standing and waited for her instructions.

Whilst he was waiting for the water to heat up, Ben ran the brush through her long locks a few more times. “Wow you’ve so much hair babe, do you fancy something a little shorter this time?”

“No way! I love my hair. You know that Ben” Genni yelled.

“OK OK don’t yell at me. Just think that you’ve had your hair like this for so long now, maybe its time for a change and it does take a lot of care keeping it this long sweetie”.

“No Ben! Just trim the ends. That’s my final word on the issue. Its my hair and I’ll decide if its time for change”.

“OK you’re the boss. You’d better take off your top, don’t want to get it all wet and covered in hair” sighed Ben as he signalled for Genni to come over to the sink.

Genni loved the feel of Ben’s hands on her scalp. He was gentle and yet a little rough at the same time. Her favourite part was the head massage. It was heaven.

All too soon for Genni, Ben said “OK all done, dry off the excess water while I set up”

Once Genni had dried off her hair she took a seat on the stool that Ben had placed in front of him next to the table that stood in the kitchen.

“Remember just a trim Ben. I am trusting you remember.”

“Don’t worry honey, you can trust me you know that. I’ve never let you down before”

Genni started to relax as Ben started to brush out her hair again to release any tangles that had appeared whilst he was washing her hair.

“Genni I have to tell you that you seem to have a lot of split ends this time for some reason. To get rid of them all I am gonna have to cut about 3 inches off your hair which means it’ll come to rest on the top of your butt when its done” Ben quietly smiled to himself. He wasn’t lying to Genni but he secretly wanted to cut her hair shorter this time. So the opportunity to cut it a little shorter this time was great.

“Oh Ben do you have to?” Genni asked.

“Well no I don’t have to babe but if I don’t it’ll only mean there’s more damaged hair to cut off next time”

“Ok” sighed Genni, “you know best I guess”

“I need you to stand up for me so I can make sure I cut it even.”

Genni stood up slowly, she felt butterflies in her stomach as she waited for Ben to start cutting. This was going to be the shortest her hair had been in years. She knew it wasn’t going to be THAT much shorter but it was still a change.

Ben could see she was feeling anxious about what was about to happen. He placed his hand on her shoulder and said “Don’t worry sweetheart it’ll be fine and your gonna look even more gorgeous when I’ve finished with you I promise”.

He sectioned her hair so that he could do a bit at a time. Then he was ready to start.

Genni could hear him pick up his scissors and held her breath. Ben gave a little smile to himself.

He took down the first small section of hair and placed the scissors at the place that he was going to cut just level with Genni’s butt. Schnick, schnick. 3 inches of Genni’s hair fell silently to the floor in front of Ben.

“See that wasn’t too bad was it?” asked Ben.

Genni didn’t say anything she just wanted it to be over.

Ben continued to take small sections of her hair and cut them all to the same length as the first. He had to admit it looked good. But he still wasn’t satisfied.

“Are you done?” asked Genni hopefully.

“Well, I’ve cut the 3 inches off that I said I would” replied Ben

“That’s great. Thanks hun, I shall go and dry it now.” Genni started to turn to kiss Ben but he stopped her.

“I really think you should go shorter Gen. It would suit your face shape better”.

“Ben we’ve been through this. It’s my hair and I don’t want it cut short.” Genni stated angrily

“Listen Genni, just give it a try. Its only hair and it’ll grow back in no time at all. You’ll look so good with short hair I promise. It’s really in fashion right now. All my clients have gone short recently.”

“Ben I love my hair and I thought you did too. Why are you trying to get me to cut it off?”

“Gen I LOVE you! Your hair is just a part of you.”

“I really don’t want you to do this to me Ben. You said I could trust you”

“And you can baby. You can trust me to make you look sensational”

“Your mind is made up isn’t it? I don’t have a choice in this”

“Just think it would be better for you hun”.

With that he placed his hand firmly on Genni’s shoulder and pressed her down onto the stool. Her knees buckled with fear and she found herself sitting back down on the stool. She then realised that he was in control of what happened next. She was powerless. Tears started to well up in her eyes, “Please don’t do this to me Ben” she sobbed.

Ben said nothing and started to section her hair off again. He knew that what he was about to do was going to upset her greatly but he wanted it so much. The chance of cutting her mane short after all this time was here. He wasn’t going to give that up.

Her hair had started to dry off a little since he had washed it. He took down the first section and started to spray it wet again. He could hear Genni sniffing and her breathing had become heavy with fear.

“It’ll be over in a bit sweetie and you’ll look great” he said consolingly.

He picked up his scissors again and made the first cut. 4 inches of her hair fell to the floor. The first cut took Genni’s hair to the small of her back. “Still a long way to go” Ben thought to himself.

“Ben just how short do you plan on cutting my hair?” sniffed Genni.

“Trust me” was he answer.

With that Genni knew the conversation was over. She knew that she had lost the fight. She didn’t understand why he was doing this to her. He had always loved her long hair. Why did he want to cut it all off. She just didn’t understand.

Ben took another section of her hair down and started spraying it wet. Schnick, schnick and another 4 inches of hair fell to the floor. He continued to work his way round her head methodically cutting off 4 inches of hair. Soon her hair was lying at the small of her back. Although it was still really long, it looked so different to what it did a couple of hours ago.

He had a picture in his head as to what he wanted to do to her hair but he knew that if he told her, she would freak out and the game would be up. He could see that her breathing was still rapid with fear but he’d come so far to give in to her now.

He repeated the process of resectioning her hair whilst he decided on his next cut. It was getting late so he decided that the next cut would be bigger and would take her hair to mid back. This would mean that the next lengths of hair to come off would be at least 6 inches long. The excitement was getting too much for him. He could feel his cock getting harder against his trousers.

Without saying a word he placed the scissors level with Genni’s mid back and started to cut. He gave a little smile to himself and said “Oh babe you look so good already.”

Genni couldn’t speak through her tears. She couldn’t tell how short her hair was but she could tell it was a lot shorter to what it was a few hours ago. She was so angry with him for doing this to her.

Once he had cut her hair to mid back length he proceeded to spray the remaining length ready for the next step of his planned cut. This next step was sure to raise a reaction in Genni but he was ready. Once all her hair was soaked with water, he gathered it all up into a ponytail and placed a band around it to hold it in place.

“Are you done?” asked Genni with a hint of relief in her voice.

“Oh not yet baby.” And with that Ben cut off the ponytail at the base of her neck. Genni screamed.

“Fucking Hell Ben its so short.” She yelled.

“It’s not over yet baby. Just sit still and trust me”

Ben continued to cut until all her hair was a uniform 4 inches all over. He then placed the scissors on the table and picked up his clippers.

“Now for the last phase of the new you Genni. Hold still I don’t want to cut you.”

Genni froze as she heard the clippers spring into action. She looked down at the floor and saw the mountain of hair that Ben had systematically cut off. “Oh my god! My hair!” was all she could manage.

Ben pushed her head down and started run the clippers up the back of her neck, taking anything that stood in the way with them. He watched pleasingly as the mound of hair on the floor grew and grew with each pass.

Although Genni hated him for what he’d made her do, she couldn’t resist giving into the feeling of ecstasy that the clippers gave her. She could feel that she was getting wet between her thighs, and her nipples were getting hard.

“Feel good baby?” Ben asked sensing Genni’s mounting pleasure.

“Mmmm” she sighed in reply.

Knowing her pleasure just made him feel even hornier. He wanted to finish cutting her hair so bad so that he could fuck her. It had been a while since they had made love.

Genni could feel herself getting more and more turned on and she started to moan with pleasure. Hearing this Ben started to whisper sexily into her ear. This just made her moan more. Soon she had her fingers firmly inside her pussy.

Ben was done and she did look awesome, she was too busy playing to notice that he was done. He didn’t want to stop her so he just put the clippers down on the table and took off his trousers and boxers. “What a relief” he thought to himself.

Genni’s moans were becoming more frequent, he knew she was about to orgasm. Still sitting behind her he reached a hand around her body until he could feel her erect nipples. Taking one in his hand he started to squeeze. Genni moaned louder at this.

“Stand up” he whispered into her ear.

She did as he asked. He led her to the big kitchen table and lifted her onto it. She laid back and waited for what was about to happen. He pulled her by her legs so that her ass was near the edge. Then without warning he thrust his erect cock into her drenched pussy. He began to slowly fuck her. She moaned in time with each thrust. As her breathing became more rapid Ben knew she was on the verge of an orgasm so he began to increase the pace. It felt so good to be inside her and not have to fight with her hair. She looked so good. Genni let out a huge scream and came like she’d never came before.

“Now its my turn, turn over baby.” He whispered.

“Ben I’m not so sure about anal. We’ve not done it before” She queried.

“Trust me” was his reply.

She slowly turned over. She felt Ben part her legs slightly. The next thing she knew he was stroking the outside of her bum hole, then he slowly started to push a finger inside. It didn’t feel so bad so Genni started to relax a little.

“That’s it baby just relax and trust me” Ben whispered.

The more she relaxed the more he fingered her hole. He could feel that it was getting wet so he started to stroke his cock over her hole. He couldn’t wait to be inside her. He slowly pulled his finger out of her and bent over and kissed her back.

“Ok baby here we go. Just relax and trust me.” He whispered.

With that he slowly but surely started to push is cock into her bum hole. “Ben that’s sore” Genni said quietly.

“Only because its new and it’ll soon stop honey once you get used to it” came his reply.

He could see that she was uncomfortable but he wanted this so much. He started to increase the pace. It felt so good to him. The more he fucked her the more he wanted to come inside her. The pace now was real fast and he was moaning with every stroke. Then with one almighty yell Ben let go of his load inside her.

He slowly pulled out of her and said, “You can turn over now honey. That was great. Want to see your new hair cut? It looks so good.”

Genni couldn’t speak so she just nodded. Ben handed her a mirror and she slowly started to look into it. Looking back at her she saw herself with a very short pixie cut. She had to admit he had done a great job and she did look cute.

“Thanks. It looks really nice” She hugged him.

“See Ben always knows best” he replied.

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