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General Hammond, memo in hand, looked slyly at Jack O’Neill." Now we both know that Major Carter and Doctor Frasier aren’t going to like this very much. When they return from off-world have them report to me after they have had a chance to rest up for a few hours and change into their nice white Air Force uniforms." said Hammond. O’Neill then left the Generals office on his way to meet the newly returning Carter and Frasier.

The ladies had been off-world for about six months on a planet that resembled paradise. Both looked well tanned and rested. Something about exposure to the planets atmosphere helped make them especially gorgeous. O’Neill noticed immediately." Good to have you back!" The General wants to see you after you have gotten some rest. 0900 hours should be just fine."

Carter and Frasier walked back to their quarters , slept for a few hours, showered, dressed, and met up in the corridor while heading towards General Hammond’s office. Samantha Carter’s hair which she had usually wore in a shaggy cropped style had now grown to nearly shoulder length. Doctor Frasiers brown tresses now were several inches below her shoulders and looked wild and luxurious. They giggled like schoolgirls, saying hi to people along the way as they walked towards Hammond’s office.

"Good to see you have returned safely, ladies. Your service and commitment to the SGC program as usual has been exceptional. And I for one am honored to have such fine officers serving under me." stated Hammond. "Now for the bad news. New regulations from SGC command about the appearance of female officers." Hammond then handed both Carter and Frasier a copy of the memo he had been sent earlier. Now just between the three of us I think that this another one of these cases where the President is going out of his way to jerk the SGC around, but it is important that you comply within the next 24 hours to the directive outlined in the memo." Carter and Frasier read the memos, and then looked in disbelief at each other and then at the General. " You are dismissed ladies. And the next time I see you I expect that you will both be a little more lightheaded.

Still in shock the two officers decided that they would take care of this matter promptly. As they walked towards SGC Barber Shop, they met up with Daniel and O’Neill. "Sir, did you see this memo? What in the world are they thinking? What about my beautiful hair! "exclaimed Carter. "Now don’t worry. Daniel, Tealc , and I will be there for moral support …and Doctor, you seem awfully quiet about this which tells me you’re pissed about it." said O’Neill with a goofy smirk on his face. Doctor Frasier responded by glaring at him with her piercing gorgeous eyes. A few minutes later the whole group arrived at the SGC Barber Shop and went in. There was only one customer in the shop and it just happened to be Tealc who was just finishing up being being shaved.

"Hi Mandy, got some new customers here for you." said O’Neill to the red headed lady barber who operated the shop. Mandy is quite striking red hair bobbed to mid ear level, tapered close in back with heavy bangs cut just above her eyebrows. Petite and dressed in a short pink mini skirt, tee, white barbers smock and horn rimmed glasses She looked totally hot, but it was easy to see that she was all business as well.

"Hi, I’m Mandy. You must be Samantha and Janice. I have heard so much about you from the others. It’s kind of hard to keep the guys from raving about you ladies once I get them in my chair. I am sorry to hear about the memo, but don’t worry I will be gentle and will look great when I am done with you. So Ok, who’s gonna be first?"

Carter and the Doctor just looked at each other and Samantha Carter being the trooper she is walked quietly over to the barbers chair and had a seat. She looked nervous and tried to smile a little bit as Mandy first wrapped a tissue strip around her neck and then secured the long white barbers cape around her. Carter’s recently grown out long blond hair just barely skimmed the cape at her shoulders.

"So if I read the memo correctly, it said that the women officers hair must be worthy for an Asgard ship to land on. Which to me only means thing. One very short flattop with a landing strip coming up!" pronounced the barber. Without hesitation she then picked up her big comb and large noisy black clippers, combing through Carters hair a few times. She then placed the clippers at her neck and began to shave all he way back up to top of Carters head. After a few more passes on the back she the proceeded to the left side buzzing of those golden tresses until her ear was completely exposed except for a few bits of cut hair that clung to the top of her ear. Mandy then proceeded to the other side and repeated the process. Carter now looked somewhat naked with the long pieces of cut hair piled up in her lap and on her caped shoulders as opposed to on her head. Mandy then took out a small brush and wiped some of the stray Hairs from Sam’s head, neck, and face. " We’re halfway there now." she exclaimed.

Mandy then reached in the drawer behind her a took out the old butch wax. She rubbed it into the hair remaining on the top of Sam’s head and the proceeded to blow dry the hair until it all stood straight up." All we have to do now is take this down a few notches and you will be just about set." said Mandy. She then reached for her big comb an laid it straight across the top of Carter’s head and through the front of the her hair. With several passes of the noisy clippers , Carters hair has been reduced to a uniform length, flat all the way across from the front to the back. A white strip appearing in the middle of her scalp resembling a landing strip. Mandy the did a little fine tuning on the cut and a quick foam shave of the neck and around the ears and Major Carter was done. Piles of long blond hair now adorned the floor.

Looking carefully in the mirror Sam immediately knew she loved her new look, and she wasn’t the only one. Frasier who had been so unusually quiet since learning about the mandatory haircut, now seemed enthusiastic and excited, telling Sam how great she looked. Without even being prompted Doctor Janice Frasier hopped into the chair. It was now her time to meet the barber.

Mandy immediately prepped Frasier for her new cut. The neck strip and cape were now in place. She picked up her big comb and began cutting of the Doctor’s long brown hair. Instead of first running the clippers straight up the back and sides as she had done with Carter, Mandy instead lifted large sections of the sides and back of the hair with the clippers and proceeded to remove much of the bulk leaving the Doctor with an almost long punkish looking style. Long brown hair piled up on her shoulders and slid down onto the Doctor’s lap.

"Now tilt your head forward" said Mandy. She then began to remove the bulk of Frasiers hair from the back and side of her head as if she were mowing the front lawn. With a number one attachment not much was left for the doctor to hide behind. She was starting to resemble a raw recruit. After the butch wax and blow-dry treatment, the top was now doomed as well. With great precision and speed Mandy transformed the Doctors hair into an immaculate flattop. It was one of those flattops that would have made the Blockheads in the old Gumby TV show jealous. Haircut and subsequent neck shave completed, Mandy and Frasier smiled at each other. Mandy was very pleased with her work. All of her hard work and training had finally paid off. Two perfect flattops and two satisfied customers. Who could ask for more. She could hardly wait for all the other SGC ladies to report for their new cuts. There are still more than a few beautiful women’s mops to be clipped off.

"See you in two weeks, ladies. And please don’t be late." said Mandy to Carter and Frasier as they left the shop along with the others.

Over the intercom came a message from General Hammond requesting that both Frasier and Carter report to his office immediately. Along the way they giggled, talked amongst themselves, and rubbed their own and each others heads a bit.

They looked great and were in great spirits when the arrived with the others at Hammond’s office." Now those are some regulation cuts. I am pleased indeed." said the General as he first caught view of his lady officers and their sexy new stubble. " I know it was hard for you both to make such sacrifices, but believe me it had to be done for the good of the Stargate program." said Hammond. " I also have something for both of you as well. Earrings compliments of SGC and shaped like the Stargate itself. Treat them like the hard earned medals that they are." Hammond then placed the earrings on the ears of both of the newly shorn officers. He then saluted Carter and Frasier as did the other members of SG1. Not only did they salute with their military salutes but all the male SG1 members also had their little officers standing at attention as well.

Sounds like things might get a little more interesting than ususal here at Stargate Command from now on.

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