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The Master: "Most of you know this well but repetition is important in training. The harvest area is a VERY special area. Our strength in the market is due to our absolute attention to perfection and cleanliness. Wear surgical gloves at all times. No blossoms are sold from here without meeting my personal approval. No one is allowed in here without me being here or giving direct permission. You are all to protect this area with your life as well. The penalty for violating the harvesting procedures is severe as you all should be keenly aware of.

The Master: puts on a pair of disposable latex gloves.

The Master: "These flowers are chosen to be harvested today. Some are new flowers and some are perennials being re-harvested. As you can see each one has a serial branded serial number. Even the weeds get numbers. The numbers are the way we track our progress and information in the various areas of the gardens that the flowers go through. Each area has a log book that is updated when the flower enters area and a minimum of once a day. It is very important to keep the log books up to date. I use the data to determine our efficiency and marketing strategies."

The Master looks in the log book for a minute.

The master: "Today we harvest 5 fabulous flowers. 3 brown, one gold , and one new addition to the crop, a dark red. For the sake of time we will do them all simultaneously. Gardener 1, 2 and 3.. prepare them"

Each Gardener takes a flower and makes her to kneel facing the wall. A strap is run across the legs behind the knees, and another across the ankles, and tightened in place. The limbs are forced over their heads and taped together. Rope is then tied tightly around the taped wrists a looped through a steel ring above them. The Gardener pulls the rope such that the limbs and torso are stretched tightly against the straps. The Gardener ties the rope off on another hook."

The Master: "This method has been perfected over the years. See how their blossoms all fall back when the rope is tightened. They are in perfect position for harvest… excellent work Gardeners. Now let me inspect them"

The Master: The Master gently fluffs each blossom of long hair and watches as it falls and dangles towards the ground. He then takes a metal brush and brushes each one several times until the brush flows through the hair, tangle free, from the scalp through the ends.

The Master: "The blossom must be removed of any imperfections. The first step is to find the natural lay of the hair by lifting it and letting if fall. The hair will show you this if you do it right. The brushing is to bring all the stray hairs into sequence with the rest and to remove any dust. Carefully inspect the ends of the hair for any damage or irregularities. This is the real artistic part. Gardener-1, make sure this one’s head is very straight for a moment. Some hair such as this red one reveals a nice symmetrical curve across the lower back. Notice how the apex of the curve seems to just touch the ass, centered perfectly with the crack? This doesn’t just happen accidentally. The crop caretakers and I work hard to trim the different species of flowers for certain characteristics such as this. This one needs no last minute cleanup. Now watch me carefully inspect the rest and try to understand what I am looking for"

The Master repeats the steps each girl, one at a time. Lifting the thick long dark brown and blonde masses of hair and slowly letting it fall back down. Then brushing them gently and inspecting them. Occasionally snipping the tips with surgical scissors until all 6 of the perfect heads of hair are smooth and shining in the bright lights. The shaking bodies of the plants cause the hair to almost sparkle with the waves of vibrations.

The Master: "Ok perfect! Time to prune the blossoms from the flowers and get them to market. Gardener1 and 2 prepare the blossoms into shippable pony tails. ?

The two Gardeners carefully tie soft cloth strips around each thick blossom of hair, slowly tightening the strips until the hair is uniformly tight. Then they bend a wide metal band around the cloth to secure it place.

The Master: ?The tension between the band and the head is important. These Gardeners have learned the craft well. Now watch as I remove this beautiful red blossom. ?

The Master begins snipping around the periphery of the dark red hair while gently grasping the tail with the other Hand. Then with a larger set of scissors he begins removing larger areas, gradually working around the pony tail until with a final snip, it falls free. He holds it up and smiles for the crowd of Gardeners to view.

The Master: ?This will bring us a good wages for sure! Look how exquisite. Take this flower back for replanting in the Rainbow section. Grow this one well, Gardeners!?

The Master then takes cellophane and wraps the tail and places in plastic bag and writes the same serial number of flowers ass onto the bag label. He writes the information in the log book and then writes mark on the side of the ass indicating this is her first harvest.

The Master: ?Now finish the rest Gardener1, 2, and 3 while we watch your craft.?

The three chosen Gardeners put on the gloves and repeat the procedures shown. The other Gardeners watch as the one blonde and three dark brown blossoms of beautiful hair are inspected, prepared, pruned, bagged and placed next to the red one on the table. The blossomless flowers are released from the bonds and led back to their crop areas. The red one has passed out and has to be carried by the gardeners.

Stay tuned for chapter 3? let me know your opinions!

Note from the author: There are many more chapters to this story! I?d like to hear from anyone about what they liked and didn?t like about the story and maybe I can accommodate your ideas into the follow on chapters.

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