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I met Daisy in 11th grade, she was a ninth grader and after a month or so, we became friends. We were best friends. I had always had a hair fetish, and it excited me when Daisy cut her her from right below her shoulder to her ear because of a perm. Well, months went on and me, her another friend Sonya hung out all the time. Then Daisy decided to spread rumors about me and tell everyone including her boyfriend, that I liked him. LIKE NOT. So our friendship divided and I made new friends. I still had hatred over her and new that I would place revenge on her from turning Sonya against me. Right before school ended. We talked and decided to forgive each other.

Like what did I do to her? So I knew I had my chance for revenge, and in my head I planned it. See she always took long bathroom breaks cause of a medical problem so while she was in there, I set up a abandoned room at school, for her revenge. I had bondages, scissors, clippers, shaving cr?me, a few of those disposable razors, a few secret things and a mirror.

I left the room and and waited for her come out and hit her over the head. I drug her body into the room and bondaged her up. You see we were the only people in the school so I was real lucky, I had convinced her that we needed to pick something up here, and delayed out departure from the school so they would lock us. I put a sock in her mouth and waited till she awoke. I told her what was going on and removed the sock, telling her that she could not be heard if she screamed and if she did, I would shave her head, as right now I am only going to give her something kind of still having hair. She sat silent. Her hair had grown back past her shoulders, so I knew that I COULD HAVE FUN WITH her and torture her some. II started by divided her hair into sections. really lousy sections, like these bangs that started at the middle part and continued back to the ear. I reach for my scissors and cut right at the eyebrow, starting in the front, and angling the scissors down ward as it headed towards the ear, snip, snip snip as long locks tumbled off her shoulders and she was weeping. I knew right then that It would have be shorter but I was going to have some fun first. I did that to the other side. Now I left just the back. So I took the top layer of hair and closed my scissors in right at two inches to the scalp. Then the next layer, just a little longer. I wanted her to scream so I could whack it really short. Then I realized what I could do to maker scream.

I grabbed a disposable razor and saved off one eyebrow, this is when she started screaming. I laughed and finished the other. She just kept screaming. I the hacked off her front bangs until you could almost see skink. I took the clippers and waved them in her face to scare her and told her that the only way I was letting her free was if she hacked the rest of her hair off with the scissors and I handed her some really weak kindergarten scissor and she whimpered. She threatened that she would wait till morning and then I would be caught. This is when i proved her wrong, I flicked out a lighter and said that if she didn’t cut off every last stand that I would burn down the building. She placed the scissors to her right ear and began hacking everything to a pulp. Two hours later, her hair looked ruined. I shaved her head clean until she looked like a cue ball and then got out one item from a bag of secret things. It was green goo. I poured tons of it over her scalp and it burned her head, and then I ran it over eyebrows. It burned out her hair follicles so she would be a permanent cue ball.

Now I took out another item, and it was a bottle of clean liquid and a thing to inject fluids in one. I injected a memory erasing thing in her that made her forget what happened in the last year. After this she went out cold, I tidied everything up and took her with me out a window in school. I let her sleep in the backseat. We took a long road trip to California, For your info., I live on the tip of Maine and she had awoke about a day after we started the trip. I told her that her name was Ray Micheal Smith and that I was her friend Pistie Vandome (which ofcourse isn’t my name.)I had been wearing for the entire trip, my identity concealed, long shirts, oversized shoes, big pants, a pillow strapped in my stomach to make me look big, a short golden wig, tons of make up, I took out my several piercings from ear and put make-up over that. I wore yellow lip stick and acted interesting. I dropped her off in California with a ticket to Kidi Potaipal, which is a very small island. I told her that her parents lived there.

THE END (maybe?)

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