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"You are LATE," I say as you enter the room. "You have taken 10 minutes of MY time. What do you have to say for yourself??" You had practiced the story on the way over

"I ran into a lot of traffic on the way over." You smile to yourself remembering the stop for ice cream that really made you late.

"I called your apartment over an hour ago and you were not there!! YOU ARE TELLING ME A LIE!!! Now WHY are you late??"

You realize now you have messed up!!!!!!!!

"What did I say would happen if you were late again?" I ask, " the time you wasted MY time at the beauty salon?"

"You would cut my hair," you whisper softly.

"Get over on that table and assume the position," I command.

YOU walk over and kick off your shoes and lean over the table. I slowly walk over and snap the handcuffs on your wrist and walk around the table and secure your ankles to the other legs with 1" wide nylon webbing.

"So I guess you are ready for that hair cut, RIGHT?" I demand.

I walk out of your vision and a moment later you feel your T shirt being cut up the back and down the back of both arms. Then it is pulled from beneath you and your nipples feel the cold surface of the table. Then a sudden fear hits your stomach as you hear a pair of clippers snap to life. Your hair is flipped to the top of your head and you feel the nape of your neck attacked by the cold teeth of the clippers. Again and again they sound of angry bees fills your ears as I skin your nape. Finally the clippers are silent and you feel your hair being sectioned off and quickly trimmed off.

The pile of hair on the floor grows larger as the horrifying crunch of the shears fill your ears. Suddenly the silence is complete and you see my feet move out of your line of vision. A wet mist brings you back to the moment. You realise your hair is being soaked with hose from the kitchen sink. The water runs down the sides of your face and drips off your nose. The shampoo is applied next, and in five minutes you are lost the sensation of my hands massaging your neck and your scalp, working the shampoo through you hair. YOUR HAIR??? How long is it now???? How much did I cut off????? The rinse is with cooler water and then your worries
start again…..WHAT IS NEXT?????? You look at the puddle of water and hair on the floor and see a cart with rubber tire roll into place by your head.

"Now my dear,I am going to put you up in 1 1/2" rollers" I say. In spite of having to work with you in an awkward position it only takes 15 minutes to get you in rollers. The hair net is snuggled into place and the cart rolls out of your field of view. Next you see a hair dryer rolled into place and it is lowered over your curls, and the warming heat envelops you head. You suddenly feel an hand massage your bottom. "Are you comfy dear???? Did you shave your legs today??" You feel a
hand move up your leg from your ankle to your knee. Not a very good job." You suddenly realize why you were told to wear a wrap-around skirt, as I untie it and drop it to the floor.

"Since you are "tied-up" right now I guess I will have to shave them for you, of course when I do the job I start at the navel and work my way down, ALL THE WAY AROUND, do you have a problem with that my dear???"

The hair dryer is so soothing but still you wonder what is going to happen next. The skirt is removed and you feel your panties being pulled away from your bottom and hear the shears cut them away.

"MY my my, I think we may need the beard trimmer to remove the longer hair before the shaving cream is applied". YOU hear the buzzer snap to life and feel it slide up and down each cheek of your butt. The tingling sensation is almost pleasant. Suddenly the silence is deafening and you realize the trimmer is gone. A warm cloth is placed on your bottom and you feel a hand slide between your legs and brush your pubes lightly. Your breath catches in your throat and you pull against your restraints.

"Hummmm how are you going to like a bald mound my dear????" The hand is withdrawn and the cloth is removed…you can feel the dampness left on your butt. A hand spreads WARM shaving cream across each cheek and is removed. Now hold VERY STILL my dear!!! The cheeks are shaved clean, and then you feel the cheeks spread and the razor removes the last of the hair in between the cheeks. A washcloth removes the last of the lather. You realize you have been holding your breath again and the razor was between the cheeks. You exhale slowly. WAIT!! What is that????? You feel the cheeks spread again and a strange sensation of something being inserted then….the wave of vibration from the intrusion starts to tense your body again…WHAT IS THAT???

"Relax my dear ….just something to take your mind off the hot dryer!! You don’t mind do you? I had to shave your bottom because I am going to tape your cheeks together so you won’t drop your new TOY!!!!!"

You feel the tape applied to the left cheek and drawn to the right cheek and secured. Then a second strip from the right cheek is secured to the left. "There my dear……. that should keep you happy for a while". Now I slowly shave your legs with the warm lather.

Time has ceased to exist…..you don’t want to enjoy this but you are tingling all over…what next you wonder as you lick your lips. The dryer finally clicks off and in spite of yourself you wonder what is next. The dryer hood is raised and the dryer is moved out of the way. You feel the cords around your ankles being removed. Then the handcuffs are removed. You twist your wrist and stretch your ankles but remain across the table." Now my dear would you like to behave now????" You nod but still remain in position…would you like me to remove the toy and let you sit down before we take your hair down? You nod quickly but are not sure you want the toy out quite yet….the tape is peeled off your slick bottom and the toy is removed. "Have a seat…we have some more shaving to do… might as well let the curls cool while we take care of that chore." The chair is reclined and your legs spread…the hungry clippers soon leave your mound with a slight stubble. My fingers massage your buzzed mound. Soon you up and I reach under the chair and and insert a vibrating egg. I take your hand and place your fingers on your clit and move them up and down to get you started .You lick your lips in spite of yourself as you enjoy the sensations coursing through your body. Your eyes are closed as you feel a touch on your nipples.

I am rolling you left nipple between the thumb and forefinger. I tug on it gently and suddenly you feel an odd pressure on the sides of the nipple. You look down to find a weight taunting your left nipple as I move my attention to the right one. Again the teasing arouses the nipple before the weight is attached. You close your eyes again only to have the snap open when the weight start to vibrate. You sink back into the chair as I place a hot towel on your denuded pussy. The warmth and sensations from all four toys are driving you to the edge. I remove the towel and apply the hot shaving cream to your tingling pussy, and you feel the razor slid slowly down the outer lips of your pussy. I stop and move the wire to the vibrating egg out of the way and another swath of lather is removed. The cool air of the room suddenly touches skin that has not been hairless in years and a small chill runs up your spin. My fingers move between yours and brush your clit for a few strokes before letting your fingers back in to play. You are lost in your sensations when you feel me move your fingers and wipe you down with a warm wash cloth. I move your ankles to the outside of the chair and tie them in place with more webbing. Then handcuffs are secured to the arms of the chair and I gently move your wrist into place and secure them with the handcuffs. The tingling in your box is mounting as the your nipples are being stimulated as never before.

"And now my dear you have had your haircut, now for the punishment for telling me the lie. You see all the toys are on low speed right now, but in a moment I am going to turn them on to HIGH" I walk over and attach a razor strop to the arm of the chair. I walk away and return in a moment holding a straight razor and a timer that I place on a nearby table facing away from you." Now if you have an orgasm before that timer goes off, I am going to remove those curlers with this straight razor." with a wicked grin I reach over and start the timer. Then I turn up the egg in your pussy and adjust the vibrations on the nipple clamps. I smile down at you as I take the strop and begin to hone the straight razor.

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