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My dad had asked me to help him put together some furniture in the house. He needed an extra hand with some of the larger pieces. His friend Joe couldn’t make it over that day so I said sure. It was very hot that day I was sweating badly. I asked my dad to turn on the air conditioner and he said no. It feels fine in here for me..its probably because you have all that hair hanging down on you. I told him he was probably right. And I tried to tie my hair back but it just kept on falling in my face. I seen that he was getting frustrated with me because every time he had the piece in place I had to put it down on my end to push my hair back out of my face. He finally after the 3rd time said to me you really need a haircut. When are you going? I told him I didn’t know…my beautician at my local salon was on vacation. He started to laugh and shook his head…beautician…no young lady you are going to be visiting a barber. I looked at him shocked what do you mean? You are coming with me right now and we are going to both get haircuts. I need one too…my buzz is growing out. Come with me right now he ordered. I replied yes sir. We walked down to the car and got in…I was still pushing my hair out of my face so I could see and wiping the sweat off of my brow. We drove around the block to the little hole in the wall barbershop. Here we are …he said…you might want to run your hands through that mess for the last time. When you leave here your are going to have no hair on that head of yours. I started to cry a little and he walked over and grabbed me by the back of sweaty mop and walked me into the shop. The place was quiet shockingly for such a hot summer day. The old man came out of the back room and asked what he could you for us. My dad replied we both need a couple of haircuts…especially this one. He shoved me towards the chair. The barber started to laugh at me and he said oh boy someone has rats nest on their head. Don’t you worry as the barber pushed me back into the chair. I will take care of this in a jiffy. Him and my dad started to laugh as the barber caped me. He asked what will it be son? I looked at him and said I am a girl…he replied not for long. I just sat there looking at my sweaty mop in the mirror. My dad walked over and said I think shaved back and sides and buzz on top will do her just fine. The barber agreed and walked over to the clippers sitting on the counter. My dad stood next to me and ran his hand over my hair…yup in a few minutes your going to look like a marine recruit. Aren’t you excited butch.I said yes sir I am with a tear in my eye…I figured I would go along with him and maybe last minute he would spare me the buzz cut. It didn’t work though that barber turned on the clippers and asked my dad if he would like the honors. My dad said yes sir I would. He ran the clippers right up the back of my head. A clump of hair fell on the floor. He handed the clippers back to the barber…and said make my son look like a respectable man. The barber smiled and said I intend to. So with that the barber took his time and sheared off my hair stroke after stroke of the clippers. I sat there with only half a head of hair and I started to cry. The barber screamed at me like I was in the army to shut up and take it like a man. So I did and he finished giving me an all over buzz. Than he picked up another clipper and shaved me right to the skin on the sides and back. Than took out some lather and rubbed it all over the sides and back of my head. With his straight razor he shaved every bit of hair off my head. I was bald on the sides and back. The top only had a light color peach fuzz only. Than he asked my father if he should give me a shave too. My dad said sure she better get use to it she will be required to shave her head and face everyday. So as the barber is giving me a close shave my dad leans over me and says to me I am going to get you into shape you fat disgusting butch. No son of mine is going to be a slob do you understand me? Yes sir! I answered…When the barber was done he explained to my father what to do with the clippers and what is the best cream do use to shave my head. When he was done I was excused from the chair. I looked down at all my hair lying on the floor. I stood there rubbing my bald head and my dad walked over and rubbed the fuzz on top. He said you better get use to that look because all summer you will keep this haircut. I stood at attention and answered yes sir. So we left the shop and got into the car. He says to me we better go and buy you some mens clothing. So we went to the the local shop and he bought me boys underwear , shirts, shorts, and work boots. When we got back home he explained to me that I was not to shave my underpits he wanted them to be hairy. Men don’t shave there …He also made some sort of tube for me when I was to urinate I was required to stand up . He put me to work right away …and made me exercise for hours. The next morning he stood there with the can of shaving cream and razor and ordered me to shave . So I did…and he made me stand there while he ran the razor over the sides and back of my head to make sure no hair grew in. He rubbed some lotion on my bald back and sides and ran the clippers over my head. Alright butch by the way that is your new name…because you are a butch now…I said yes sir …are you ready to put some furniture together. I was helping him bending down picking stuff up and I never once had to stop to fuss with my hair. My dad just laughed as he would say oh don’t forget to push your hair back…oh that’s right baldie you don’t have any…hahaha do you want hair again…I stood there at attention and answered no sir I like my recruit haircut…please sir may I stay a recruit ? Yes butch you can…thank you sir. My father was so involved with my haircut at the barbershop that he decided not to get one there. He did take out his clippers and run it over his head. Than he asked me if I would finish up the back and sides for him. I said yes sir…and I gave my father a buzz…and enjoyed every minute of it. A few weeks passed and I woke up early one morning and my dad was doing his pushups and I went into the bathroom to shave my face and head. I stared at myself in the mirror and said you would look better bald butch. So I took the guard off the clippers and ran it over the top of my head. I was practically bald. Than I took some shaving cream and rubbed it over my entire head. Just than my dad walked in and he said to me don’t stop. Shave that head bald. So I did. With every stroke I felt more and more like a man. When I was done my dad lotioned up my now completely bald head and said to me alright baldie time to exercise. Yes sir as I saluted him …I dropped to the floor and exercised. As the sweat rolled down my bald head I smiled and though how great is this. I am now the boy he always wanted. Than my dad screamed over to me while we were doing pushups by the way butch I order you a strap on…I hope you like girls because your are going to be the man ….I am sure they will love that shiny bald head of yours…We both laughed and continued to exercise until dawn.

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