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Miriam Shocks Her Mother

As Miriam walked into her house, she could hardly believe the mesmerizing effect that the kiss from Becky had on her. Her mother was on the couch, watching some TV. She got up as Miriam came in. Miriam shook herself out of her daze and said hello to her mother and gave her a kiss.

“Miriam, honey,” her mother said, hesitating. “I got a call from a Mister Baker at your school earlier this afternoon.”

Miriam swallowed hard. Why on earth had Mr. Baker called her mother? “He told me that you nearly had an incident with another student in your class, but you handled it like a young lady should. I’m sorry I made you get such a brutally short haircut.”

Miriam sat down and looked hard at her mother. “You were right to be very angry with me. I deserved the punishment. I was rude to you and I should get my just punishment for that as well.”

Her mother nodded slowly, letting the change in her daughter wash over her. “Miriam, I hope this has taught you an important lesson. I won’t make you go back to that barber to keep the flattop. You can let it grow out. But understand, you start giving me backtalk and swearing at me again, you go right back and get it again.”

“I’ve gotten to liking it this short,” Miriam said, thinking about how it had made a good friend out of Becky. “Sure, it hurt me for a while, all that taunting at school. But once I confessed that I was bad and needed to be punished, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

“It’s not for losers anymore?” Her mom grinned. Miriam laughed. “No, I guess not. I just had to learn my lesson and you taught me one. A tough one.”

Her mother smiled weakly, but didn’t say anything for a moment. “I thought he was going to read me the riot act for punishing you the way I did. But, he admitted he liked your hair that short. He must be a pretty good teacher.”

“He’s one of the best,” Miriam cried. “Now, excuse me mom, but I have to go do my homework.”

“Go ahead sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.” Miriam gave her mom a hug, it was the first time she’d ever really felt this close to her mother. Something about the whole day at school and the aftermath had changed Miriam’s perspective. She felt glad to have made a friend in Becky.

Miriam went and changed out of her pink dress, hanging it carefully in her closet. That morning she had been ready to burn the thing into a million cinders, but now she realized, despite the jeers and pain it had brought her, it brought her a friend too. A good friend. One that, despite her revulsion to the idea less than a week ago, had kissed her and made a passionate advance. She wanted to get to know Becky better now. Her former revulsion was melting away.

She went into the bathroom and she drew herself a warm bath. She soaked in it and tried to read her school book, To Kill A Mockingbird but she couldn’t get into the book. Every word seemed to echo a single thought in her head. Becky! She could hardly believe it. As she thought about it, she sensed her own vagina becoming warm and excited and she put her fingers in to satisfy herself. It was remarkably easy once she drifted back to remind herself of the kiss. That amount of passion was not easy to control. Her fingers worked up a frenzy inside her vagina. She felt the warm rush of orgasm.

Without realizing it, her other hand was rubbing the incredibly short hair on top of her head. It was like coarse sandpaper. But the rough brush feeling, matched with the smooth sides, with their barely perceptible growth was also making her ecstatic. What a treat her mother had given her, without knowing it! She felt like she was brave enough to shave it to the skin all over. After all, why not? She knew Becky would probably shave her head as well. But, what would her mother say?

She had given Miriam the reprieve she had wanted days before, but now Miriam didn’t want it! She wanted to give in to the feelings evoked in that dream! She wanted to feel the warm wrap of the towel on her head again. The rich, cool lather of shaving cream, the rough, cold steel scraping her hair off. When her mom had `touched up’ her flattop she felt the thrill. Now she had a word to associate with it: fetish. What was wrong with having short hair and enjoying having it cut?

Meanwhile, Miriam’s mother noticed her daughter seemed much more upbeat now. She must have had a tough time at school, but she was recovering well. She felt some remorse over how brutal she had been. Perhaps a chin-length bob would have been more appropriate, she considered. A mushroom cut? But a flattop? How could you do that to your only daughter? She couldn’t answer. Something told her she ought to do something drastic with her own hair, so Miriam wouldn’t feel so bad. But, what was done was done. They’d move on and already they seemed to be stronger because of it.

Later on, at dinner, Miriam’s mom noticed she seemed to be eating again and more talkative. “I bet it was very hard on you at school, wasn’t it?” Miriam’s mother seemed more emotional than Miriam could recall having seen her since her dad had passed away all those years ago.

Miriam gulped hard and remembered the taunting, the laughter and the eraser hitting her in the head. “I can’t lie, Mom. It was almost like having a knife stab you in the chest.”

Her mother hugged her and asked her why she seemed so much more upbeat than she would have thought, given what had happened to her.

“I met someone,” Miriam said. “A girl in my class that I used to make fun of. We started talking and she turned out to be a pretty nice person underneath.” She refrained from telling her mother that Becky had made a pass at her and the kiss. She also kept the talk about the head shaving to herself. Let her mom find out when she did it!

Her mother smiled. “Good,” she said. “Looks like a lot has changed for you in the last few days. I’m sorry I had to have your hair shorn so short, but I think it’s done you a world of good in some ways.”

Miriam nodded. A few days earlier she would have probably slapped her mother and called her a bitch for saying that, giving full vent to her anger. Now she could channel it a different way. Through her growing friendship and relationship with Becky. The last thing she’d want to do is hurt Becky. Again, an inner voice reminded her. You did it before. Watch it or you could do her an injury again!

She acknowledged the inner thought with a sniff, and then kissed her mother goodnight. “I have to get a little more reading in before I go to sleep.”

“Good night, sweetheart.”

Miriam went to her room and pulled out a medium-sized notebook. She thought about reading more, but she had to write out something. She had to put her thoughts down on paper. They wouldn’t be worth as much as what she truly felt. Feelings don’t translate well onto paper, but she wanted to do something to get it out of her and down somewhere. Somewhere she could share. Share with Becky, and maybe someday, her own mom. This is what she decided to write:

Two days ago I was given a flattop as punishment. I thought it was the most humiliating, degrading, rotten thing that’s ever been done to me. Just because the week before I went to a party, got drunk and had to be picked up by my Mom during the dead of the night. I was appalled that it happened, but what was more appalling was the fact that my mom decided to give me an incredibly short haircut to punish me.

When it happened, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The barber used electric clippers. I had never had my hair cut with electric clippers before. Actually, just once, when I was eight, my grandmother gave me a “bob” haircut with some old electric clippers that belonged to my grandpa. I seem to remember my mom being furious, but I quite liked it!

Now, when I look back at both those events, I sense now that I had a growing realization about my inner self. I tend to let everything anger me and I let it out very badly. I react when I should th
ink. I’m sometimes nothing more than a mouth on legs! But now, I am a flattop on legs instead. And I owe my change of heart to two people. My mom, who despite her cruelty and anger, showed me that I needed to be taught an important lesson. Not just about drinking and partying and being fresh with her. I needed to be stripped of my identity and thrown to the lions. Today at school, I was in the lion’s den. The pain and the humiliation really made me sad. If I had some terminal disease and I lost all my hair, they’d get the same cruel, insensitive treatment! Some people are indeed mean. They revel in being spiteful.

Then there’s Becky. She was a freak yesterday, today she’s my best friend. She understands what it’s like to be on the outside looking in. It’s the heart’s firm lesson. I have no doubt that it will sink in! I think it already has. Never mind the kiss on my lips, or that I’m eager to spend more time with her. Never mind the cruelty that the other kids heaped on me and her. Never mind that she likes painting her fingernails black and has three piercings in one ear! The kiss and the pass she made at me are secondary to the friendship we have developed. True, only will tell how close we become. I sat in the tub tonight. I fantasized about her and about shaving my head completely bald. I had no trouble achieving orgasm with the thought of Becky and of a head shave!

It is tough to put the words down, but I had to try and make a start. Thank you Mom! Thank you Becky. I love you both! Thanks for bringing out and helping me see the real me!

The next morning, despite she knew the cruelty would continue, she went to school with a lighter heart. She picked out a long denim skirt and put on one of her favorite sweaters. Even her mom was a bit surprised.

“Your denim skirt? Usually you save that for nights out.”

Miriam smiled. “I feel that, despite my flattop, I am still a woman.”

“Good for you, honey,” her mother replied. Then she dropped Miriam off at school.

The heckling wasn’t as bad that day. When lunchtime came around, Becky sat with her again. Becky looked ravishing, in Miriam’s opinion, and she told Becky so. Becky blushed. “Thanks,” was all Becky could think of to say. She was wearing a sweater and a fairly short corduroy miniskirt, black fishnet stockings and Mary Jane’s. She told Miriam it was her most `respectable’ outfit. She wanted to make Miriam feel more at ease with her decision to become friends with Becky. That the kiss was not just a mistake, but a prelude to more serious passionate discoveries.

The school day couldn’t seem to end fast enough for Miriam. She walked to Becky’s house. This time, there were no sundaes. No detours. Becky seemed as eager to get Miriam to her house as Miriam was to get there!

Once they arrived, Becky poured some iced tea for them. “My parents won’t be home until 5 or so,” Becky said. “Pretty much they trust me to behave right in the house. Despite that they let me look like a `freak’, they respect that trying to cage me in is going to be bad for both of us. They can’t figure me out,” she said with a sudden smile. “Well.I like to keep them guessing.”

They went to Becky’s room, which was bedecked in posters of Guns n’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, (“I’ve got this thing for Slash,” she commented) Misfits and a few other bands Miriam had never heard of before. There was the usual pile of clothes in one corner, papers scattered about the place, most of which appeared to be pencil drawings. In a prominent location was a picture of a girl sporting a flattop. Miriam realized it was her! She smiled as she admired it.

Becky noticed what Miriam was look at and blushed. “It’s not done yet. I was going to get it framed and give it to you. There goes that surprise!”

Miriam turned and looked Becky straight in the eye. They moved close together. “That’s about the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Thank you.” Then, almost the same as the previous day, the two girls began to kiss. Only this time, in the privacy of Becky’s bedroom, they didn’t break it off after a few breathless moments. Before she knew it, Miriam was pulling off Becky’s clothes, and likewise her own clothes were being removed. She longed to get naked with her new girlfriend. And that moment wasn’t far off. She admired Becky’s rounded breasts, her shaven smooth pussy and the small tattoo of a cat on Becky’s left shoulder blade. So much to see and do!

Becky meanwhile reveled in the pure smoothness of Miriam’s skin, the wholesome goodness of her creamy curves, the dark, inviting cloud surrounding her lover’s pussy. Unlike her own, which was laid out for all to see, it was a dark mystery to Becky and she wanted to solve it.

The two girls ignited into full passion and explored each other’s bodies with firm fingers and wet tongues. Less than 48 hours ago, they were strangers and now they were having the most incredible sex!

Miriam didn’t want her passion to end, but with Becky’s parents due home, she had to be getting home herself.

“Did you give any thought to the head shave?” Becky asked as she walked to the door with Miriam. “Saturday,” Miriam responded. “I am going to go for it. Thanks to your passionate support.”

“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” With a final kiss, the two girls parted and Miriam made her way home. Her mother didn’t seem to notice the glow Miriam felt inside. Almost 90 minutes of unrelenting sex! She was nearly exhausted! But this was the kind of exhaustion she could deal with!

The rest of the week went by, at almost a snail’s pace. Though she saw Becky for lunch and after school for passion wherever they could, the day she would bare her head couldn’t come soon enough for Miriam. She longed to get that razor treatment and see what her mother thought of it!

On Friday night, Miriam opted to stay home and get herself ready for the shaving experience the next day. Her mother gave her her allowance and told her she should go out with friends on Saturday. Miriam nodded and went in and drew another warm bath. She pulled out a brand new razor out that she used for her legs. She soaked down her crotch and prepared to shave her pussy. She liked how Becky’s looked all smooth and how it felt under her hands. It was a little odd to get used to, but now she wanted to get that feeling herself. Plus, the shave would get her in the mood to have her head done. She turned on the radio and listened to some music as she shaved her pussy. She watched the white clumps of hair falling away and felt the thrill of the smooth skin beneath. Out of the dark mass of pubic hair, emerged her own pussy. It was beautiful. She couldn’t wait to show it to Becky!

As she scraped the last of the hairs away, she heard a U2 song came on. “Are you gonna wait forever,” Bono sang. No, she thought. Tomorrow is not forever. I’m not gonna wait forever! She smiled. She lowered herself into the bathtub and before long she was rubbing her brutally short flattop and probing herself with her fingers. Only this time, there was smooth skin all around her pussy. Smooth, slick and oh, so sexy!

She went to bed after she counted up her money. She had been saving for a Gucci purse, but she thought better of it. She had more than enough for her trip to the barber’s tomorrow. She rubbed the extremely short hair all over her head and thought to herself. Short hair, tomorrow you’ll be gone! Tomorrow you will be just a memory, I hope! Hello shaved head! And Becky would get one with her, she hoped. That made it all worthwhile. She decided to write a little more in her notebook, which had become almost a short haired diary.

Well, tomorrow is the big day! This flattop goes away! A week ago I would never have given thought to doing this! Now I can’t wait to see how it feels to have a shaved head! Oh, it’s going to be a big surprise to Mom! She’s going to get a shock when she sees it! Still, I need this lesson. I called her a bitch and I deserve the ultimate punishment!

She thought about how her anger and stupidity has precipitate
d this. She recalled her mother hissing in her ear `Be glad I don’t tell him to shave you bald!’ It was fitting that a little less than a week before, her mother was angry with her and threatening to have her head totally shaved smooth! But then there was now, when she was rubbing her own very short, bristly hair and daydreaming it was getting shaved off. This was a very odd turn of events! She wrote a little more.

I don’t know how mom, my whole family for that matter, will take the new me. How will they take my growing relationship with Becky? Becky’s not like other girls. She’s unconventional. But, that’s what I like best about her. She’s different. She stood in the inner circle of what we think of as `normal’ and now she’s decided outside is better. Let them laugh at us, but we two are stronger because of the bond we have forged. Friendship and a deeper respect of each other. I’m not just getting my head shaved so I can spite and shock my mother. I am not just doing it to cajole Becky into liking me better (that’s so not needed!) and I am not doing it because I lost a bet. I am doing it because I gained valuable insight into myself and I gained a valuable friend. A valuable lover. I want both Becky and Mom to know how much I love and respect them. I will show it to them- tomorrow!

With these last words, Miriam put out the light and snuggled down under the covers. She was out in moments, and dreamed about getting the warm towel, the rich lather and the scraping razor all over hr head. She awoke nearly breathless, with her pussy sopping wet. She grinned and got up to dry herself down and change her panties. That was the kind of dream she liked!

The next day she kissed her mother and told her she was going `shopping’ with Becky. She’d see her later. “Be careful,” her mother warned. “And please let me know where you’re going.”

Miriam told her that she was going to the strip mall right across from the barber shop where she’d gotten the flattop! She headed out and met Becky along the way.

“So,” Becky said after they said hello and shared a brief kiss, “you ready to take the plunge?”

Miriam nodded. “Oh, I am so ready for this!”

Becky smiled and took Miriam’s hand. “Then I guess we have to go and get it done! Come on, sweet stuff!” And off they walked to the barber’s shop, and Miriam’s next date with destiny.

There was a short line at the barbershop, but it wasn’t too long before one of the barber’s called “Who’s next?” It was Miriam’s turn to climb into that brown leather chair. She felt the warmth of the previous body that had sat in the chair. Oh, she’d love to watch hair getting cut every day!

“That sure some short flattop you have, miss,” the barber said. Miriam realized it was the same man who’d given it to her the week before! “Here to have it neatened up?”

Miriam immediately shook her head. “I know my mom told you to keep it looking neat, but she gave me the OK to just have it all shaved off.” She glanced over at Becky and gave her a slight smile. Becky gave her a thumbs up.

“Your whole head? You want it all shaved?”

“Please,” Miriam nodded. “All over. Shave it down to the skin.”

“Well,” the barber hesitated. “I guess it’s OK. All right. A shave it is.” He went back and got a hot, moist towel and proceeded to wrap her head in it. Unlike before where it was around the sides, now her whole head was enveloped.

“It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first,” the barber said as her reached for a pair of clippers. He snapped on a metal blade with dangerously little metal on it. Miriam just laughed. “Oh, you don’t know how good it feels, sir!”

He looked at her quixotically for a moment, then he shrugged. “You got a thing for razor shaves now?”

Miriam nodded slightly, not wanting to throw off the towel. “Plus I was bad afterwards. I called my mother the B word. I have it coming. Although I must confess, she doesn’t.” she trailed off, not wanting to reveal that her mother didn’t know she was here, let alone about to get her whole head shaved smooth!

Luckily the barber was getting ready so he didn’t catch all of what she said. “Well, your mom sure does punish you hard, young woman. I guess I should get started.” He pulled off the towel. Miriam felt the cool air rush onto her nearly bald scalp. She gasped slightly, but the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned and her smooth pussy was getting wet again. The barber switched on the electric clippers and without even asking if she was sure (there was no way Miriam would back down now!) he started to push the clippers back from her forehead. What little hair was left over from the flattop was gone now. The clippers made pass after pass over her head. The short hairs fluttered down onto the cape. Miriam’s smile grew wider.

Since there wasn’t much hair left after last weekend’s flattop, the barber cut through the hair on the top and sides pretty quickly. He made a quick inspection of his work, rubbed her head down with the still warm towel and reached for the shaving cream. He took a shaving brush and applied the creamy white foam onto the brush and began to work it into Miriam’s head. Pretty quickly he had covered her head from forehead to the nape of the neck in caressing white foam. It felt really weird to Miriam, but she couldn’t help feeling how wonderful it was at the same time. This was WAY better than her dreams!

The barber took a Mach III razor and put a new blade on it. He began to slowly pull the razor up from the base of her neck, up the sides. He made slow, methodical passes. It didn’t feel as awkward this time, maybe since she’d had the razor treatment from the barber before. Or was it because her secret desire to shave it all off was a secret no more?

The razor made pass after pass. The barber worked slowly at her head. Soon he started pulling it back from her forehead. He pressed the razor lightly, but with a firm pressure, to make sure the blade to skin contact was good. Each pass left just bare skin. Miriam’s crotch was sopping wet now. She’d be lucky if she didn’t orgasm right then and there!

He was all too soon done and made a couple of short swipes with the razor. “There,” he said. “One shaved young lady, as requested.”

Miriam started to rise and then paused. “Do you have something to keep it like this a little longer?”

“I’ve got some shaving wax we use. Some guys get it applied when they shave it, it stops the growth for about two weeks. Unless you reapply it, of course.”

“Wax me up,” Miriam said, settling back into the chair. He pulled the jar down and worked some of the gel into his hands. “You’re sure you want to wax it?” he asked.

“Yup,” Miriam said, grinning. “The longer it feels smooth, the better!”

“OK,” he said, and began to rub in the wax. It started to sting some, but it wasn’t too bad. “It’ll probably hurt a little,” he said and she gave a vocal acknowledgement. “It has a depilatory in it to keep the hair from growing out. If you decide to re-wax it, you should wait about a week to ten days. Otherwise you might burn your scalp.”

Miriam waited until all the cool, stinging wax was applied. He rubbed at it very lightly with a towel. “One shave and a wax up,” he said. She asked him for a jar of the wax and a little instruction on its use. She even let him take a few more snaps with his camera, despite that he had said it wasn’t the first girl he’d ever shaved.

Becky was next and she sat in the chair. “I remember you,” the barber said to her. “A trim? You were thinking about a mohawk once, weren’t you?” Becky smiled. “You’ve got a good memory, sir,” she said. “But no, I want a shave and a wax, like Miriam’s.”

“You sure? That wax makes the hair not grow back for two or three weeks.” Becky nodded. He shrugged. “OK, you’re the customer.” He switched on the clippers and with the same brutally short attachment on it, began to shear Becky’s dark hair off her head. The thick clumps of hair fell away, leaving pale skin underneath with each pass. Though Miriam’s scalp still stu
ng a little, she rubbed the pure smooth skin on her head repeatedly. Another man came in as she sat there and looked at her. “My first head shave,” Miriam said conspiratorially. The man gave her an odd look, then shrugged. “Looks good on you, ma’am.”

At least there was one person who didn’t laugh at her! She looked over at her lover and new best friend, who was now just a pale head and was about to have the shaving cream applied. Miriam watched and reminisced how she had felt when she went through the same process. She felt a twinge of guilt about what she’d done as well. What was she thinking? Her mother had given her a reprieve and what did she do? She got her head shaved totally bald and had some wax put on it to make it extra shiny and take extra long to grow back! Was she insane? But it was worth it to feel this way and she saw Becky being radiantly transformed as well.

It seemed to take almost no time for Becky’s shave to finish and she twitched slightly as the wax was put on. “It does hurt,” Becky said. “Miriam must be stronger than I thought. Aah!”

The barber smiled gently. “Sure, but it only hurts for a few minutes and then it will feel very cool and fresh.” Miriam overheard this and nodded. “Mine feels awesome now, Becky!”

Becky opted to get a jar of the wax too. “I’m not sure I’ll keep it shaved,” she told them, “because I’d like to give that mohawk a try. But, just in case.”

Becky paid up and they both left into the streaming sunshine. It was a warm day, perfect for them to show off their chrome domes for all the world to see!

They stayed out, shopping. Becky bought a pair of very sexy leather pants on sale. Miriam used a little of her money to get some different clothes. She even went so far as to buy a Misfits T-shirt. “You like them?” asked Becky. “I know you do,” Miriam breathed and kissed her. “It will be something you’ll like to take off of me.”

After lunch they decided to go home. Besides, Miriam had a science project due and she needed to work on it. They kissed and went their separate ways. They planned to meet on Sunday at the park, just to hang out and hopefully make out a little.

When she got home, Miriam steeled herself for the worse. What would her mother say?

Her mother was bustling about, getting ready to go shopping. Then she saw Miriam’s head and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh my God, what did you do?” her mother cried out. “Honey! What did you do?”

Miriam started to smile, slightly. “I punished myself for calling you the B word. I’m sorry I spoke that way to you. I got my head shaved in punishment.”

“Sweetheart! You didn’t need to do that! Oh, I feel rotten! You look so.well, so.” she trailed off. She couldn’t think of anything to say. “Didn’t your friend try to stop you from doing this?”

“Becky? No, she got hers shaved too.”

Miriam’s mother sat down on a chair and sighed. She looked as if she was going to cry. “I am so..oh I don’t know what I am so like. I feel ashamed. I was a terrible mother making you get that flattop. Now it’s gone and I just wish I could give you your hair back!” Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Mom,” comforted Miriam, “you taught me a lesson, one I needed. I took it one step further. I needed to find out the inner me. Don’t blame yourself, you are an awesome Mom. Sure, it made me mad when you made me get the flattop, but I behaved awful to you and went and got drunk at that party. I knew enough of what I was doing. I deserved the punishment you meted out. Mom, I think I am developing a real liking to have my hair cut, like really short and bald and such. I even decided to wax it to keep it shaved longer. Don’t be angry with me, please?”

Her mother sobbed a little, but she tried to smile. “I love you no matter what you look like.” She sniffed and Miriam hugged her. Her mother got the courage up to feel her daughter’s completely smooth, shaved head. “It feels so strange. How do you like it?”

“I can’t deny it mom. I love it.”

Her mother stood up and brushed away the last of her tears. “Well, I’ve got to go shopping now. I hope you’ll be home when I get back?” Miriam nodded. “OK, well, I’ll take us out to eat tonight. I guess you’d like to show off your new bald head to everyone, right?”

Miriam smiled and nodded. “I’d like that, mom.”

“OK,” her mother said, opening the door to go out. “I’ll see you soon.”

Be sure to watch for Chapter 4: Becky’s Short Hair and How it Came to Be That Way.

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