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Joey and Stephanie had gone home, and only Rebecca, her 9-year-old brother Billy and her mother, Janet, were in the house. Rebecca and Janet had finished preparing supper and everyone sat down to eat.

“Mom” spoke up Rebecca. “I was just wondering, since I’m bald and everything?” She rubbed her baldhead as she said this. “I was wondering if I still need to go to the barbershop tomorrow? I mean even Billy and Joey are bald, and we’ll get shaved again when we go to Connie’s house day after tomorrow?”

“I’m proud that you had the courage to go for the bald look, but there’s still a principle here. I need to know that you can take responsibility, that you can do it consistently.”

“No problem, I was just asking.” They finished supper, cleaned the dishes and went to bed.

Rebecca was up bright and early as usual preparing breakfast. Her mom had left for work, Billy was still in bed and Joey had not arrived when Stephanie came in. Stephanie entered the kitchen as usual and started to offer to help Rebecca, but was not able to speak. Rebecca was completely naked.

“What’s the matter?” inquired Rebecca as she noticed Stephanie staring at her.

“You’re..your’re…you’re” stuttered Stephanie unable to get the words out. Rebecca finished her thought for her, “I’m naked. Is that what you’re trying to say?” Stephanie shook her head yes.

Then Joey came bounding in and when he saw Rebecca, quickly ran to Billy’s room shouting excitedly “Billy, Billy you’ve got to see this.” But Joey was completely surprised when he arrived at Billy’s door and saw him standing there naked. “This must be a family thing,” commented Joey as he took off his cloths and tossed them in Billy’s room.

When Stephanie saw the two naked 9-year olds enter the kitchen, she was totally perplexed. “Looks like you’re the odd one Steph” remarked Rebecca..

After breakfast Rebecca put on some shorts and a t-shirt and the boys just put on some shorts. Then the gang went to the barbershop. To say the barber was surprised is an understatement. But it was a pleasant surprise. He asked if they were going to keep the bald look after school started. Rebecca said she was seriously thinking about it. The boys said they would if Rebecca would. He also asked Stephanie if she were going to join the bald group. She said she didn’t think so.

The next day Connie was scheduled to pick up the group to go swimming in Jen’s pool. Everybody was looking forward to it except Stephanie. “Do we have to go swimming?” pleaded Stephanie to Rebecca.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to Steph,” answered Rebecca. “But the boys and I are looking forward to it.” Stephanie decided to tag along.

Connie arrived fairly early that morning. Billy and Joey came bounding out completely naked and jumped into Connie’s car. Rebecca started to tell to put on some clothes, but remembered that they would all be skinny dipping anyway. Before long they arrived at Jen’s. The boys were running for the pool when Jen stopped them. “You remember the rules, don’t you boys?” The boys looked confused. “But we’re naked and bald” answered a perplexed Joey. Jen replied “Remember you need to get a fresh shave and to shower off before getting into the pool.” Jen then invited them into the barber chair on her porch. Joey excitedly hopped in and since he had been shaved the previous day at the barbershop, she finished his haircut very quickly. Then she smoothed Billy up. Both boys then showered and rushed to jump into the pool.

“What about you Rebecca?” asked Connie.

“Oh I’m ready” Rebecca replied as she removed her boxers and t-shirt and hopped into the barber chair. “Do I need to get my crotch re-shaved?” Jen replied that she didn’t since hair on the crotch grows more slowly than on the head and the crotch area is very sensitive and shaving too often might irritate it. Rebecca seemed disappointed.

This totally surprised Stephanie. “She wants her crotch shaved again?” thought Stephanie as Jen was preparing to shave Rebecca’s already baldhead.

Jen had reclined the barber chair to shampoo Rebecca’s head. Connie was massaging Rebecca’s tits and was working down to her crotch. Soon Rebecca was really turned-on. Before long she had had a climate. A few minutes later she had another one and then another. She had three organisms while getting her head shaved.

When Connie and Jen had finished with Rebecca, Connie turned to Stephanie asking “Don’t you want to go swimming? “

Stephanie shook her head no. Rebecca, who was showering before going to the pool, overheard Connie’s inquiry to Stephanie. “Come on Stephanie. It’s no big deal. I’ve seen you naked before and as for shaving your crotch, you really need to get that done if you plan to wear a bikini bathing suit.”

“It’s not that I object to skinny dipping or getting my crotch shaved, but getting it shaved in the open like this.” Stephanie hesitated for a few seconds and then continued “Oh, what in the hell. But I’m not shaving my head.” Turning to Jen, Stephanie continued “You said you had extra swimming caps, right?”

“Sure” replied Jen. “Now take those clothes off and get in the chair.” Stephanie obeyed. Jen leaned the chair back to get at Stephanie’s crotch. When Jen started running the clippers over her crotch, she understood why Rebecca had had 3 organisms. But she was determined to keep control. And she managed not to have one. After the tonsuring Stephanie’s crotch with clippers, Jen rubbed the crotch with a warm cloth and then she massaged the area with her hand. Stephanie had never been so turned-on. She never wanted Jen to stop. Jen then applied warm lather. This sent bolts of lightning through Stephanie’s entire body. Finally she pulled out the razor and gently stroked away all the pubic hair. Then she massaged the area again.

“Ok, all finished” quipped Jen. “I don’t think she wants you to stop, Jen”, commented Connie.

Stephanie was lying on the barber seat in a trance of ecstasy. “Please don’t stop” she begged.”

“No more pubic hair left” answered Connie. “In fact the only hair left is on your head. Do you want us to continue cutting there?”

“Yes, please” begged Stephanie. Jen went back to massaging Stephanie’s crotch and chest and Connie pulled Stephanie’s hair into a ponytail. Before whacking the ponytail off close to the scalp Connie asked “Are you sure you want to do this?” Stephanie replied yes and Connie severed the ponytail as close to the scalp as possible. “Do you want to continue with the haircut? It’s going to get very short very quickly if we continue.”

“Yes, definitely” affirmed Stephanie. As Jen continued massaging Stephanie’s breast and crotch, Connie placed the clippers without an attachment at the middle of her forehead. Then she turned on the clippers and instinctively Stephanie, at the approaching sound of the vibrating clippers, recoiled away from them. But in a fraction of a second she was bringing her head to meet the mowing machine. One pass down the middle left a strip of almost bare skin from the forehead to the crown of the head. Then another plowed its way through Stephanie’s hair to the left of the first row, and then another and another. Connie then attacked the sides removing the left side burn and then around the ear and to the back of the head. Before long, half of Stephanie’s was bald except for blond stubble. Connie then went back to the middle of the forehead to denude the right side as she had the left side. Finally all that was left of Stephanie’s beautiful hairstyle was almost invisible blond stubble.

“Are you ready to be shaved with lather and razor?” queried Connie.

“Yes, definitely yes” pleaded an almost desperate Stephanie. Connie reclined the chair and lowered Stephanie head in the sink to shampoo it. Jen continue massaging Stephanie’s breast and crotch. In her determination not to have an organism, she let the haircut get out of control. When Connie had finished shampooing Stephanie’s head, she raised the chair to its upright position and rubbed lather all over Stephanie’s stubbly head. As she waited for the lather to soak in, Jen had located Stephanie’s clitoris. Connie took her the Mach III razor and ran it down the center of Stephanie’s head leaving nothing but bare skin in its wake. Part of Stephanie wanted to say stop, but Jen’s massaging her clitoris was making her lose control. It was everything Stephanie could do not to have an organism. She was getting balder and balder and the pressure of pleasure building to a point where she no longer had control. Then it hit, the first organism. As Jen rubbed her clitoris, Stephanie arched in a spasm of pleasure. The girl was totally out of control as she implored Connie “Shave me, please shave me.” Connie continued making passes with the razor even during the organism. After the organism, Connie asked, “Do you want me to shave the rest?” Jen continued massaging Stephanie clitoris, as Stephanie answered, “Please don’t stop.” Connie continued but had to stop 3 times for Stephanie’s organisms. Finally, Connie was finished.

“All finished kiddo” Connie informed Stephanie. “You’re as bald as a cue.”

To everyone’s surprise Stephanie intoned, “Please don’t stop. You can’t stop now.”

“But there’s nothing left to shave” responded a puzzled Connie. She had seen girls enjoy getting their heads shaved, but Stephanie set a record. She had had four organisms during the shearing and still wanted to continue.

“We could shave her eyebrows” offered Jen as she continued to lightly massage Stephanie.

Looking Stephanie straight in the eye Connie inquired in a very serious tone, “Is that what you want? Do you really want us to shave off your eyebrows? If you do that, you’ll definitely be the baldest of the crew.”

But Stephanie was not deterred. “Shave’em. Shave them completely off.”

So Connie lathered Stephanie eyebrows and carefully ran the Mach III over them. Jen continued massaging her clitoris. Stephanie had another organism. This one seem to last longer the other four combined. When she finished this one, she was too exhausted to swim..

The next day Rebecca was preparing breakfast. Joey and Billy were running wild through the house. But Stephanie had not arrived. Rebecca wondered if she would show up. Then she got the surprise of her life. A bare-chested Stephanie plops into the kitchen. “I would offer to help, but it looks like everything is done” offered Stephanie.

At breakfast Joey and Billy begged Rebecca to take off her t-shirt when they saw a topless Stephanie. “If I do what will you boys give up?” shot back Rebecca. Almost immediately the boys pulled off their boxers. Rebecca responded by removing her t-shirt.

After breakfast as Rebecca and Stephanie were cleaning dishes, Stephanie said “I guess it wouldn’t make sense to comb my hair today.” Both girls laughed and Rebecca replied, “About as much sense as combing my hair.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe she had done this; she had gotten her head shaved. On the one hand she hated it. Because her hair was a light blond and because she now had no eyebrows, she looked balder than anyone else in the bald club. She was the baldest and to tell the truth, she loved it. In fact she not only looked forward to visiting Connie and Jen, but even to visiting the barbershop.

This finishes the story of Rebecca. But I plan to contribute more stories in the future.

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