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Hi all of you here is Pradeep from India, this story is started when I was in 19 years old. I was living in Hyderabad (India) with my dad and Mom. My dad was a business magnet and we were somewhat richest family. From my childhood I was more hair enthusiastic person. My dad was 3 Months in Australia and 4 months in USA remaining 5 months in India Regarding his business works when I was in 15 he started his business Own from that time only his foreign trips were increased. First of all I Was very interested about my mom?s hair. She is very beautiful 39 year Old. She have long black silky hair, always she plait her hair, I saw from my childhood she fold her hair in nights like big bun. Always I want to touch my moms hair and enjoy when I was 8 and 9 years but when I entered 12 dad can arranged me for a good another A/C room. from that time I strongly desired for cut my moms hair. But Indian ladies are never cut there hair even they don?t put scissors at ends also. but the time will came to me.

One fine day dad called me up and said ,Pradeep I am leaving To Australia in 2 days, I return home after 7months mean time you are the guardian to your mom. What she can say do that don?t be rigid ok. I said ok dad. we both went to drop my dad in airport and came back at Midnight. My mom told that go and sleep Pradeep its already 2am. I Replied ok mom good night. But that night I never go slept, entire Night I thinking about moms beautiful hair. Next day morning I came from my room and say good morning to mom, take a quick bath and breakfast, and said mom I am going to friends house.

I said about my enthusiasm to my best friend raja. He said what ever You are thinking you just put that in front of your mom then you may Get a solution, other wise you are unable to concentrate on other works especially studies. I was not timid person so straightly I went to my mom and tell her mom really I am not concentrating on studies and any other. Mom asked me why Pradeep what happened. Mom don?t take it serious But I am telling you that my main enthusiasm is your haircut, she was Shocked from her childhood she never cut her hair even an inch. She Shout me and don?t think like that. I begged her mom please its just for change mom please agree with my opinion. first you take meal and go for Sleep we will make a decision later.

That day evening again I asked her about her haircut. Then she said Me Pradeep I feel fearing about haircut, I put her hand and told her Mom it is nothing mom what ever we got every month you try for at least One time please. She said ok but I never entered in to barber shop before And now also, you took a barber to our house. I feel very happy inside Say thank you mom thank you. When you will go for haircut mom tell me. Mom said tomorrow.

That night I was dreaming about seeing mommy?s haircut. Early Morning 7 o clock I called to a royal barber shop and take an Appointment for 8am, I promised to barber I can come and pick you from Your shop. I finished my morning works and I said mom get ready I just Took the barber to home at 8 o clock and quickly opened my car door and Gone from house. At shop barber was waiting for me all necessary shorn Tools. I welcome him into my car and quickly returned to our home.

In my bed room I arranged a wooden chair for mom and called my mom To my room. She is in her room with feared face. She ware red sorry with Cream colored blows. I went into her room and found shivering from Her face. I convinced her like mom nothing will happen mom please come, I put her hand gently and pulled her from bed. She came with me to my Room and I make sit her in the chair. I called barber who waiting in Hall. He came inside my room. My moms face now with mixed feelings like Shy and fear. I put hand on her shoulder and don?t fear mom, I was here Don?t worry. Barber asked me Pradeep sir, what style you have preferred to Her. Short bob like chinning length. I told to barber that please take care She feels very nervous. Barber said knavish gaur don?t worry it is very Small work. He put moms both shoulders with his both hands and gently Push her back. I took one big towel from corridor and gave it to barber. He took that towel and placed around my mom?s neck and put a clip. He Gently opened mom?s big bun wows wonderful it is below her waist length. Then barber combed her hair first and he asked some water from kitchen. I took a bowl of water from kitchen and gave him. He took some water From bowl and placed on moms head. Again and again he took water from Bowl and sufficient time he can message her hair with roots. Small Drops of water can dropped from her tresses. Now he opened his box and Took out scissors and a comb. He combed moms hair from top to bottom and Ask her caveat gaur I am going to my work please co-operate me. Mom Nodded. He pushes her head slight down moms chin touched to her Brest. I Eagerly watching the entire process. Barber place scissors and cut a mass Of hair of left portion. Tears came from mom?s eyes. And again a big mass of hair will release from moms hair snick,snick,snick,snick, smoothley barber was doing his work. After some time he asked mom please remove your earrings. She removed. Barber slowly cut the Hairline on nape to left ear and same as right ear to nape. I never saw Before her neck exposed with out large hair. He took a Part of hair From front and cut it mass of hair will fall in to moms lap. She tries to Touch the hair but barber said don?t move mam please. She quite sit again. After some time he took a smooth brush and clean the fallen hair from moms neck and nape, then he remove the towel and shook it behind her. When barber remove the cape mom thought its over and come out from the chair, but barber stopped her and said madam please wait for more 10 min it is not at over. Mom saw my face with fear and innocence. I told her mom please sit in the chair for 10min more. It is important part now I took her both arms and placed her in the chair again. Barber again placed the towel like cape. now he take the bowl and dip two fingers in the water and massage my moms name and neck area with those two fingers. my mom feel shivered and ask me please this is enough. I told to mom, you can enjoy the scrap mom it is unable to describe, it knows only when we got that feeling. barber can took a straight razor from his box and clean with dettol. tip.. tip.. sound came mom and me saw a new half blade barber put inside the razor and locked. he came near mom and said madum please cooperate with me don?t move this time this is very dangerous, he took moms both hands and placed her relaxed position. Barber saw me and can I procede. I gently said ok. Barber wraped stright razor on his palm 2,3 times ,Now mom was shivering with new experience. Barber gently pushed her head down and placed stright razor on her nape. She feel tickled so she moved toward down side. Then barber called me and ask me to make her unable to move. I placed one hand on her head and another on her chin. I put her some strong and bend her head easy to shave for barber. He screap the mane on her nape first. Neck mane was cleaned at that area. she will try to escape but we make her unable to move. again barber slowly shaved her right corner and he put her ear end and lift that for making easy to shave under ear. scrrrrrp scrrrrrp scrrrrrp he moves the razor quickly and shaved her under ear. now my I changed my position and barber had done at left side also same process. now he placed razor on side burns and scrap thrice. barber saw again entire round any stubbles remaining. now he told me release her. I released her head and saw her in to her eyes. her eyes are filled with undefinable happiness? asked her mom how is it. she told me really I enjoyed alot first time today with this experience. then I asked mom can you pleae agree one more. mom said ask Pradeep this time I will do what you want. I ask her mom can you please allow to shave your under arms hair. I found that barber eyes were widen when mom agree for my praposal. then I ordered barber to shave her armpits. he again came near to mom and please un button your jacket.she undid the hooks of jacket and remove it. I was mad about to see that. she have plenty of hair in her armpits. and now she sat on the chair with only upper ware rose colored bra. barber again took some water and massage her armpits for some time (i think he may be enjoying that). my moms head was down with shy. Barber then took the straight razor and came in front of mom. barber told me that please put your moms hand up. really mom doesn?t have the experience of armpit shave before. with out struggling I put her hand up and barber shave her armpit hair little by little up to her under brest level. the same thing he got with the another hand also. some amount of hair will fall both thighs from armpits. then mom again wares her jacket. and barber can take all hairs in to a cover and gone from house. when barber went from our house,mom Called give and me me a big kiss and said Pradeep you are my guardian Really you. I also kissed her newly shaved nape and said go mom take a Bath then we will discuss about this. She went in to bathroom. From that day what ever I want she is ready to gave me that. Our Relation will strong than before.

Hope you are enjoying my story. Thank you

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