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I have written stories before under three different names (I will not tell or disclose under what names I have used. But know this: I have over one hundred stories or close to that on this board. You don?t need to know who I am or where I am from unless you are really interested in talking to me.) But of the number of stories I have written, the majority of them are fiction; ideas of my imagination. Or ideas that others have presented to me and asked me to develop for them. A couple of them have been truthful, to the fullest detail. But know this! I have never been in a salon and actually had the opportunity to witness a complete head shave; until today. What I am going to write is the honest truth; no lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fantasy I have been waiting to see and actually writing about fulfilled before my eyes today; this evening. Here goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy the scene as much as I did.

For the past three years I have been going to a unisex salon in the alternative section of the city, where I live. I only have to walk 10 minutes to get to the barbershop that I USED to go to. I went to a shop that had old-fashioned chairs but no Caucasian barbers. Totally Korean. No, I am not prejudice and I had a very sexy barberette who used to cut my hair. And she was good. God, she was good. Her name was Annie.

But the last time I went in to see Annie, which was 6 months ago, she got mad at me for some reason and I did not return for an other cut after three months, which is my usual cycle. Instead I went to a second salon which was more unisex and found Mattie. The manageress of the Ho Team Salon had hired a Caucasian barberette who held a second job at another salon but who was looking for a second job, with evening hours. The night I went in, actually closer to middle afternoon, Mattie was free. And I am telling you; when I saw a Caucasian barberette (totally blonde and sexy, at that) in a Korean salon, I needed to get Mattie to cut my hair. She gave me the most amazing haircut I have ever had: including a wonderful massage at my shoulders, as I was very tense. The money I paid her was very much deserved.

Mattie is a beautiful blonde barberette who has a skill I have never witnessed. She is DAMN good when it comes to scissors and clippers. She actually listens when some one tells her what he/she wants done. And when Mattie gave me my haircut, she did more then what I expected. She deserved the generous tip I gave her. She was so good and talking to her, even small talk was natural. It was actually fun; talking to her.

My hair does not grow very fast so maybe every three months I go looking for a barberette to give me a short haircut. And I tell you the honest truth when I tell you that I really do not have a regular barberette who takes good care of me. Maybe because of the issues of trust. I don?t know and I do not profess to try to explain it. Besides it is none of your business.

Today, around 3:00pm, I saw Mattie at the Ho Team Salon. I should have gone in then and waited for her to cut my hair. I needed a cut; seriously. My hair was so greasy and unmanageable. The sides were curling up around the ears; maybe because of the fact that I was wearing a baseball cap in humid weather. But either way, I did not have the money in my pocket to go into the salon and wait for Mattie. So I knew I would have to go back and find out if she was going to be working on Friday or Saturday. But stupid me!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not return to the salon until after 8:00pm, when I decided I needed to go for an evening walk. And when I returned, well, Mattie was gone for the day. SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I was mad and disappointed. But this is where and when I actually got to experience what my little fantasy world has been telling me and forcing me to write about.

When I got to Ho Team?s salon, I saw the manageress caping a female who was seated in her chair. I walked in and she looked at me and smiled. ?You just missed Mattie. You were looking for her??

I nodded my head as she pushed the head down on the female who was seated in her chair. I looked on with excitement as I heard the clippers pop. The manageress had the client?s neck and nape before her and she plunged the clippers into the female?s nape. I watched as the barberette/manageress made the first pass up the nape of the customer. I watched as the first clump of hair fell to the floor, with a serious flick of the wrist. Oh, my god!!!!!!!!!! This customer was going to be sheared. Maybe to the bone??????????? I don?t know. All I can tell you is that I needed to get out of the shop and at that time I was wishing that there was a bench close to the window, because I would have headed to that bench at that moment.

I stuttered as I spoke: ?Will Mattie be in on Friday or Saturday??

?She is closing on Saturday evening. Leave your name and I will give it to her,? the manageress said as she continued shearing the female client she had in her chair. I really had to run because I had this serious condition, (which I do not think I need to explain to anyone who reads the stories on this board. I don?t think that I am stupid when I say that what they read sexually arouses the majority of people who read these stories. Seeing what I was seeing placed me in that position. Sexually aroused. In the need of relief.) But where?

The coffee shop was across the street and if I ran, I would just make it. But if I would have sat down and maybe said: ?Would you take care of me tonight?? maybe she would have allowed me to use the facility. But I knew I would not trust her to do what I needed one. I needed to get out and run across the street, which I did. And, I got there just in time, because my fluid was so built up and I needed to explode. I did what I needed to do and then returned to the salon, hoping to leave my business card for Mattie; asking her to call me on Saturday so that I could set up an appointment.

I did not give the manageress my phone number when I ran out of the salon, so as soon as I finished my business, I returned to the salon and as I walked back in, the manageress looked at me. ?I am sorry,? I said. I actually blamed my situation on supper, but I had NOT eaten. ?I threw up my dinner.? When I looked at the female customer, who was still in her chair, I noticed that her head was covered with white cream. All over her head. ?Oh my god! She asked you to shave her head,? I blurted out. ?She came in to get her head shaved. Right to the bone: Oh, my god! She looks stunning. It suits her.? I actually found myself looking at the pile of hair, long hair at that, which was in her lap and on the floor.

Oh my god! What did I just say? I honestly think I frightened the manageress and I think she was ready to phone the police because she turned to me and demanded that I leave the shop and go home. She actually stepped away from her customer and she came toward me, holding a straight razor in her hand. ?I know you are a regular here, but you need to leave now. You are making me nervous as well as my customer. Please leave. I will tell Mattie you were looking for her,? she said.

My mind kicked into play. ?No!!!!!!!! You need to ask if you can stay. You need to witness this.? Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! But how???????????? How could I beg the manageress to allow me to stay? Even if she forced me to leave, where could I stand that would allow me to witness the head shave? I needed to witness the completion of the cut. I needed to watch the client get dusted off with powder and then watch her get oiled after the shave. I needed an idea.

Something sprang to my mind: ?Offer to pay for the haircut. The total cost. Maybe you will be allowed to stay.? Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can do that!!!!!!!!!!!! The manageress was standing in front of the receptionist?s desk and she had the telephone in her hand. I stood up and walked toward her. ?Wait please?? I begged. ?I don?t expect you to understand. But if I agree to pay the price of the client?s head shave, will you let me stay and let me watch? I promise! I will not cause any trouble. Just let me watch.? I opened my wallet and showed the manageress my MasterCard. ?Tell??? I am sorry?????. Ask your client if she will allow me to pay for her hair cut. She is Korean, like you? You could ask her, for me.?

?Yes, she is Korean. But she is family. I am doing this as a favor to her. Her husband has asked for it to be done. I do not charge, or I cannot charge, family,? the manageress told me. ?Why is it so important for you to witness this??

?I wish I could tell you,? I answered. ?I really wish I could explain it to you. I wish I could tell you why I came into your shop when I found Mattie working here.?

?Maybe one of these days you will tell me? I will listen, if you ask me to,? she replied.

?Maybe one of these days, I will tell you my story. Please? Don?t ask me to leave. I promise I will behave myself if you just let me watch you shave her head,? I asked.

I don?t know what she said to her sister but I saw her sister nod her head. She looked at me and she said: ?You do not get out of your seat and you do not talk while I finish her cut. You remain silent. You will pay full price of $50.00 after the cut is done and if you remain seated, my sister will allow you to grab one clump of hair from the floor. One clump only!!!!!! Do you understand??

I nodded my head as I returned to the waiting area. I sat down and swallowed hard as the barberette spoke quickly to her client. The client nodded and she smiled at me. The barberette pushed her head down and she started shaving the nape of her client?s head. She pulled her straight razor down the center of her sister?s neck, scraping away whatever stubble had been left behind. The pile of white cream that the razor had collected was quickly wiped off on a wet towel that was draped on the client?s shoulder.

The manageress was very quick with the razor and her hand was very steady. It took her maybe five minutes to shave her family member. Announcing her client as being finished, she undid the cape and flicked it to the floor. Her sister got off the chair and stood before a mirror. She ran her fingers over her head. She smiled, obviously pleased with the end result. I stood up and walked to the counter. I took out my MasterCard and gave it to the manageress. The cut was paid for and the female customer pointed to the pile of hair on the floor. The manageress opened a small drawer under the counter and took out a plastic bag. She opened it and held it as I walked over and bent down to grab a large swatch of black hair. I held it up and placed it in the plastic bag. The manageress closed the bag and handed it to me. ?Thank you so much,? I said as I turned and headed to the door. ?Wait a minute,? the female customer said. ?Don?t you want to feel my bald head?? I turned and looked back at her. ?You paid for the cut. You might as well.? I walked back and ran my fingers over her smooth dome. It felt so erotic.

?Thank you so much,? I said. I knew I had better get on my way home. ?Thanks. So you will tell Mattie that I will be in on Saturday for a haircut?? I said as I gave the manageress my business card.

?I will tell her,? the manageress answered. ?l will give her your card,? the manageress said. With that I walked out of the salon and headed down the street to get a coffee before heading back to my apartment where I would eventually find some place to store my treasure.

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