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Mrs. Sear was a weird teacher. she always wanted to touch your hair; to play with it. she freaked me and Leah out completely. you might remember Leah from the story "Me And Leah." (it is currently posted on http://www.haircutstory.net) this is now 3 years later. we have a serious relationship right now, but Mrs. Sear is who were talking about.

One day during class, Mrs. Sear announces that were not going to have class tomorrow. we are to have a treat for good behavior.

The next day all 15 of us enter the class- room. we notice that the desks have been moved. we are confused already, and seeing a barber chair in the middle of the ring of desks didn’t help.

Mrs. sear walked into the room in her usual cheerful mood. we all took our seats. she walked in front of the classroom, only to grab her keys. she locks the door and says that we don’t want anyone disturbing us.

Mrs. sear asked the class if we are ready for our treat. everyone had different opinions as to what was about to happen.

Mrs. sear called out Callie’s name. she instructed her to walk to the front and sit in the chair. she did as she was told and climbed in the big chair. Mrs. sear moved in front of her and looked at her hair, as if to be examining it.

Mrs. sear walked back to her desk. she opened one of the drawers, and took out a pair of scissors. Callie, not noticing what was happening, just sat there in a daze. right at that moment, I noticed the the cord sticking out of the chair. I knew Mrs. sear had thought this out.

she grabbed a lock of Callie’s hair and snipped it off about an inch from her head. Callie moaned from the vibration of the chair. we all watched in horror as the clippers came out. Mrs. sear ran them straight down the center of Callie’s head.

Mrs. sear then announced that there is a pair of clippers under everyone’s desk. she said that we knew what to do. Mrs. sear turned back to Callie and continued to shorn of all of her curly black hair. I took my clippers out from under my desk, and began to cut a line of hair off the back of Ashley’s head. no one cared that there hair was getting sheared, because of the fun they were having cutting the persons hair in front of them.

Callie was so deep in emotion that she went into a screaming sensation and began to have an orgasm. probably the best orgasm of her life. I looked over at Leah who was hiding under the teachers desk, her hair untouched. my hair was also intact being that I sat in the very back seat.

to be honest, my dick was getting hard, really hard. my fetish had come true, I had finally lived my dream.

i grabbed my clippers and ran toward the center of the room. Callie was still sitting there, so I stood her up, then I sat down. I sat her between my legs, and I finished her haircut. suddenly I felt the clippers run over the top of my head.

everyone stood up and ran over to the chair. I felt my pants being tugged off of me. next I felt my underwear being pulled down. I sat in front of everyone with my 6 and a half inch cock exposed. I didn’t care though, I was living my dream.

Every single girl in the classroom sucked my cock, and then I fucked them all with grace and delight.

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