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Louise was a beautiful 18 year old living in a town in England. She stood around 5’ 2”, and was gloriously proportioned, with the most stunning arse you could ever imagine, drop dead blue eyes, the most beautiful blond hair, which fell in waves just below her shoulders, and a killer smile. She was everyones wet dream.

Her long term boyfriend was Steve, who was 5’11”, dark, and was most girls’ ideal guy, although he held a long term secret……., his love of hair, and his desire to see it cut, preferably short!

It was a warm Friday at the beginning of June, Louise was due to go on a family holiday without Steve the next day, and they were spending their final day together. Louise was looking particularly stunning, wearing an oversized Rugby top belonging to Steve, with the collar turned up, although mostly hidden by the mane of blond waves that fell over it. Louise’s hair had the most fantastic gentle curl to it, occasionally helped with a slight perm, (this was the 80’s though!) it framed her gorgeous face, and tumbled in heavy layers onto, and beyond her shoulders.

Steve was besotted with Louise, he’d adored her from the first time he had set eyes on her, and her hair, Oh God her hair, how he loved to run his fingers through it all the time, caressing it, teasing it, this truly was her crowning glory.

Now Steve was, as we now know, a hair fetishist, although at the time, he just couldn’t explain his strange feelings, he just resigned himself to being odd, and tried to keep his feelings under control. Steve’s problem with Louise though, was that his overwhelming desire to see her hair cut was at odds with the love he had for her hair, even to the point that when she had expressed a wish to cut it he had talked her out of it!

Anyway, Louise was spending her last day with Steve, and they decided to do some last minute shopping for her holiday.

On arrival in the town centre, they decided to have a leisurely walk around, as the weather was so beautifully warm. Not long after they arrived, they were walking along one of the main streets, and one or two shops down Steve noticed they were walking towards “Snips” one of the better hair salons in town, and as they passed, he jokingly said, “you oughta nip in there and get your hair cut for your holidays, it’s gonna be much hotter than it is here, and just think how uncomfortable it will be with your long hair!” “You’re not serious are you, Steve?” retorted Louise “I thought you loved my hair long!”

Steve just laughed it off, and they continued along their way, although the stirring in his pants, really was becoming uncomfortable.

A couple of hours later Louise again brought up the subject of Steve’s comments, and he tried to make light of it to cover up his obvious urgent need for Louise to succumb to the scissors, although he did tentatively confirm that he thought she should cut her hair, disguising his desires, with the need for her to remain cool in the upcoming Spanish sunshine of her holiday.

Louise remained shocked, and said actually she had toyed with the idea, and might do it some time in the summer on her return.

This was the green light for Steve!

He knew that if he persisted, today could be the day.

The hours went by, they shopped, had lunch, shopped some more, until it became time to go back to the car. As they made there way back to the car park, they had to go past “Snips.”

As they passed, Steve once again motioned for Louise to enter, and get her hair cut, but she just said, “maybe when I come home!”

Steve couldn’t give in now, and he really began to work on it, as they walked past.

“ Do you really know how sexy you’d look with short hair? It would be so much cooler. You’re always talking about it. I’ll stay and hold your hand. I’ll even pay for the haircut!”

“Ok!Ok!” replied Louise, “maybe it’s not such a bad idea, let’s go and see if they can fit me in. You’d better still love me with short hair!”

If only she knew what Steve was truly thinking!

As they entered the salon, the smell that lingered, was overwhelming for Steve, it was ecstacy. They approached the reception, to be greeted, “ Hi can I help?”

“I don’t suppose you can fit me in now, for a cut, could you?” asked Louise.

“ Let me see……….., I think I can just squeeze you in with Lisa if you’re ok right now!”

“Er, yes that’s fine” hesitated Louise.

“Is it ok for me to sit alongside?” said Steve excitedly.

“Sure” said the stylist Lisa who had just come across.

Lisa sent Louise off to be shampooed, and Steve sat excitedly on the edge of his seat, using all the energy he had just to keep his hard cock in his pants, due to the expectation running through his mind.

After around 5 or 6 minutes Louise was ushered to the waiting chair, where Lisa began combing through Louise’s beautiful blond hair.

“So, what are we doing today?” questioned Lisa.

“ I’d like to go short, maybe with a style that is cut into my neck, but maybe leaving some wispy tendrils around the neck line” responded Louise.

“I think you’d better with a cleaner line at the neck” offered Lisa.

“What do you think, Steve?” asked Louise.

“Oh, I think you shouldn’t bother with any wispy bits, they’ll only annoy you” said Steve.

“You’re right…..as always!”

With these final words, Lisa picked up her scissors, and after combing the hair down, she began to cut straight along the neck line just below the nape!

With an orgasmically sounding Schnick! The hair, around 7 or 8 inches of it, began to slide down the cape. God, Steve was in ecstacy, as he fidgeted around to try and cover the mammoth hard on, that was threatening to burst his jeans open.

The scissors worked tirelessly, cropping Louise to a length that she had never experienced before. Once the overall length had been determined, Lisa began to reduce the overall weight of Louise’s hair, with satisfying ruthlessness, scissoring it close into her neck, and reducing the bulk over Louise’s ears, exposing her fantastic features as never seen before.

Steve was mesmerised, as the cropping continued. He could not take his eyes off the mound of hair that was growing around the chair, or how beautiful Louise looked, or in fact how intoxicated he was by the whole thing. Steve was at another level, it was ecstacy!

Around an hour later, the hair cut was finished, and Lisa was giving Louise the final finishing touches. She really did look breathtaking, as the cape was thrown off, and the final remnants of her shorn hair slid down to the floor. She walked over to Steve who immediately flung his arms around her, and caressed the back of her head, which felt so spectacular, now it was newly cropped.

“Well, what do you think? Happy now?” asked Louise.

“You look fantastic, it really does suit you! Just wait until we leave here, I’ll show you just what I think of it!” with that comment, he discreetly placed Louise’s hand on his still bulging trousers.

With that, Steve paid, and tipped Lisa, and they left the shop.

All the way back to the car, Steve couldn’t keep his hands off Louise’s new haircut, he was mesmerised. Louise was delighted that she had made Steve so happy.

They got back to the car, and began to drive home, but on the way, they decided to stop at one of their regular little stopping places, a little out of the way, if you know what I mean.

Once the car had stopped, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Steve was telling Louise just how much the haircut had turned him on, and to his surprise, Louise had been equally turned on by the experience, and even more so, now that she knew how turned on Steve had been.

Louise put her hands down the front of Steve’s trousers, and God, his heart nearly jumped out of his chest. She unzipped his trousers, and took him in her mouth with such passion, Steve thought he would cum, there and then.

Steve worked his way into Louise’s trousers, and found his way down to her neatly clipped bush, and god how wet was she.

They talked about the haircut, and what their deepest fantasies were, and both experienced the best sex imaginable.

Steve and Louise had many more fantastic experiences, and Steve went on to have many more wonderful experiences with many other women!


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