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We were all in the shop, Ellen, Claudia, Janet, Krissy, Heather and myself on a busy August afternoon.  A very pregnant woman walked in with a woman looking to be her mother.  They took a seat in the waiting area next to a few other women.  When it was the pregnant woman’s turn, I was free, so I took her.  I walked over and introduced myself.  “Looks like you’re up next.  I’m Bonnie.  What can I do for you?”  I said.  The older woman stood up and said, “I’m Ingrid and this is my daughter Sherry.  She’s going to have a baby to take care of any day now, so I told her that it was time to get rid of all this.”  Ingrid ruffled her daughter’s thick curly red hair.  Sherry stood up with the help of her mother and we walked back to my station.  We helped her up into the big red leather barber’s chair and I asked Sherry, “So what exactly am I doing here?”  Being quite controlling, Ingrid said, I’m not sure yet, but why don’t you start by taking off the bulk of it and we can go from there.”  Then she took a seat back in the waiting area.  I looked at Sherry and said, are you really going to let your mother tell you how to cut your hair?  Aren’t you old enough to decided for yourself?”  “Well she does a lot for me.  And she usually knows whats best.”  Sheryl said.  I shrugged and picked up my scissors.  I started to cut Sherrys hair.  Two foot long chunks of her red curls tumbled to the floor as I reduced all of her hair to about an inch long.  Then I caped her and Ingrid walked back over.  “Have you decided?”  I asked her.  She nodded and said, “All off.”  I had to confirm that one.  “All off as in a buzz cut or all off as in shaved smooth?”  I asked.  “Smooth.”  Ingrid replied.  Sherry turned to her mother and said, “you can’t be serious! I am not getting my head shaved.”  “Well then you can forget about our little agreement.  If you are wise, you’ll do as I say or you’ll have a very hard time getting along when the baby arrives.  Besides, a shaved head will be good.  You won’t have any hair for the baby to tug on and it will be easy to maintain yourself.”  Ingrid said.  Sherry sank back into the chair and sighed.  She ran her fingers through her now short curls one last time and said, “just do it.”  I took the guard off the clippers and turned them on.  I quickly made the first pass over the top of her head.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaa.  I saw a few tears escape Sherry’s eyes as I continued to shave her hair to stubble.  Soon I was shaving the right side of her head.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Then the left.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzaa.  Finally, I pushed her head into her chest and shaved the hair on the back of Sherry’s head.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzaa.  When there were no more thick red curls on Sherry’s head, I turned the clippers off and uncaped her.  “I bet your head feels alot lighter doesn’t it?”  I asked.  She nodded as she tried to recognize the stranger in the mirror.  I took a big towel and put it over her shoulders, tucking it into her collar.  Then I soaked another large towel in hot water and wrapped it around her head.  I let the hot water soften the stubble left on Sherry’s head while I pumped a large amount of hot shaving cream from the dispenser.  I removed the towel from her head and proceeded to cover her entire head with thick white lather.  I wiped my hands then took a straight razor and stropped it on the leather strap attached to the barbers chair.  “I’m almost done dear.  I’m just going to shave you nice and clean to get rid of this stubble and you’ll be all set.  Sit very still for me.”  I told her.  Sherry didn’t move as I shaved the first path on top of her head.  I wiped the blade and shaved another path.  I tried to shave her as close as I could.  I finished the top and began to shave the left side of her head.  I started at her sideburn and shave it clear off, all the way up to her crown where I had already shaved.  I folded her ear over so that I could carefully shave another path.  I finished the left side and did the same to the right, shaving everything nice and clean.  Then I pushed Sherry’s head down and shaved a path up the middle from her nape.  I took long slow strokes the whole time to make sure I got very close.  I shaved another path getting rid of more stubble.  Finally, there was only 1 path of stubble left and I slowly shaved it off like the rest.  I got a fresh hot towel and wiped Sherry’s head with it, then dried her head with a clean dry towel.  I massaged some oil into her newly shaven scalp as her mother walked over.  I untucked the towel and dusted her off.  “There you go Sherry, nice and smooth.”  Ingrid agreed.  “You wear it well honey.”  Sherry reached up and touched her head.  “It sure does feel soft.  It makes my features stand out as well.  It will sure be easier to take care of than that thick mop I had.  Maybe this won’t be too bad.”  She said smiling.  “I’m so glad you like it.  Mother always knows best.  Now we have some errands to finish, so lets get going.  Thanks Bonnie, you did a terriffic job.”  Ingrid said as she paid me and the two left.

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