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There’s a good looking girl that lives in the house next to me, when she was moving in I noticed her struggling with some furniture. So I went over introudeced myself saying I lived next door and she told me her name was Amy. Looks like you could use a little help Amy. She said some of her friends were supposed to help her but hadn’t shown up. I’d be happy to help you carry the heavy stuff in if you’d like I said. Amy smiled and said that would be great!
That was how I met my new neighbor Amy, she’s better than average looking, close to six feet tall with a tanned athletic body, and shaggy sun lightened brown hair a few inches below her shoulders. We finished moving her stuff in and were hot and sweaty so I asked Amy if she wanted to go for a swim in my pool to cool off. Amy smiled and said that sounds fantastic! Let me find my suit and I’ll be over in a second.

A few minutes later she was at the door towel in hand. I let her in and asked if she wanted a cold beer, Amy grinned and said I’d love one! You must have read my mind! I grabbed a couple beers from the refrigerator and we headed out back to the pool.

When you walk out of the house into the backyard you don’t see a regular pool, but a lush green jungle with a waterfall pouring down into a large pond made with natural looking rock. There’s a cave behind the waterfall with a heated jacuzzi in it. The first time anyone see’s it they can’t believe what thier seeing. Amy stood staring a while taking it all in and said it was absolutly incredable, it must have cost a fortune! I smiled and told her actually I built it myself with the help of some friends. I used to build pools for a living and when I decided to sell the company the last one I built was this one. Come on lets sit down and relax a bit.

We got to know each other better over the beer and then went swimming for a bit. Amy ducked under the waterfall to check out the jacuzzi which was heated by solar collectors on the roof of the house. I showed her the controls and she slipped into the steaming bubbling water letting a long sigh and said I think I’m in heaven! We talked some more and too soon it was dark. Amy said thank you for helping her get moved in and for the beer and especially having her over for a swim. I told her she was welcome to use the pool anytime she wanted. Amy said she wanted to make me dinner for helping her so I said why don’t we have a cookout here in the backyard go swimming again and get to know each other better. She said that sounds great, thanking me again for everything as I walked her out.

We got to be good friends and nearly every weekend we had a cookout and sat around drinking beer or wine. This weekend was no different except we both had a lot to drink.

Laughing having fun sitting in the jacuzzi talking and Amy made a comment about her hair, saying it was driving her nuts and wants to cut it. She hesitated a moment before saying she was thinking about cutting her hair short and wanted to know what I thought…My usual shyness of talking with girls about there hair had left me a few beers ago so I smiled at Amy and said a women with short hair will get my attention over a woman with long hair everytime.

Amy looked suprised and said, Really, you like short hair? The people I work with think I’m crazy for wanting to cut my hair short! I smiled at Amy and told her she would look amazing with short hair.

Amy blushed a bit and smiled at me and said that settles it, I’m going to cut it short! I need to find a good salon now, any ideas where to go? Instantly I began thinking of how I could let Amy know I knew how to cut hair and wanted to cut her hair so bad I couldn’t think straight!

Finally I decided to mention that I cut my own hair and used to cut my old girlfriends hair too and if she was feeling adventourous I’d be happy to cut her hair. Amy giggled and said ya right. You know how to cut hair? I said sure it’s easy and I’m pretty good at it too! I have pictures of my girlfriend when I cut her long hair short, I’ll get them for you to look at and see how it came out.

I came back with more drinks for us and the photo album. I opened it to the pictures of my old girlfriend sitting nude back to the camera in the bathroom with her long hair wet and combed out hanging to the middle of her back. I told Amy I had been cutting her hair for a few years before she decided to cut it short. Amy asked why she was nude and I told her my girlfriend liked having her hair cut naked, the feeling of the hair falling on her skin excited her.

Amy flipped the page and looked at the next couple picture of my girlfriend still sitting in the bathroom, long locks of hair all around her on the floor with a short lip length Bob. Amy said that looked really cute on her and flipped to the next page, There was even more hair laying all around and now her hair was all cut short in 2-3 inch layers covering her ears.

Amy turned to the next page and she squealed Oh My God! Thats almost the exact same way I want to get my hair cut!Amy was looking at one of my favorites, lots of short layers 2 inches or so long on top, the sides tapered short up and over the ears and tapered with clippers up the back a bit. Amy flipped to the next page and looked at different views of my girlfriends new haircut and Amy looked at me grinning asking if she needed to make an appointment to have her hair cut! I smiled and said I have a opening now if you’d like… Amy squealed excitedly grinning as she said Lets do it!

I told Amy to hop in the shower and give her hair a quick wash and use a little of the conditioner I gave her but not to rinse it out while I got things ready. She climbed out of the shower with her hair wrapped in a towel and nothing else covering he, Oops! she said as she turned her back to me giggling showing me her incredable backside she pulled the towel from her hair to dry it a little before she used it to dry her body. When she was finished she hung the towel on the bar and said she wanted some more wine and asked if I wanted another beer as she skipped out of the room.

Amy got what she wanted from the kitchen and came into the bathroom carrying a new bottle of wine and a beer for me still naked. I couldn’t help but stare at her georgeous body as she unashamedly handed me the beer. She giggled and asked me if I saw something I liked! I was speechless gawking at her completely tanned sexy body. She asked if she could be nude when I cut her hair! I shook my head yes, and she grinned at me taking a long drink from the bottle of wine before she hopped up on the stool.

I couldn’t believe my luck, sitting in my bathroom completely naked was this stunning beautiful girl that wanted me to cut her hair short! I asked Amy to tell me how she wanted her hair cut since she said “almost” like my favorite picture and she thought for a moment and said just like your favorite picture! I raised my eyebrows and asked Amy if she was sure she wanted it cut like that. Thats really going to be a drastic change for you… I said questioningly. Amy smiled and said you did say I’d look amazing with my hair short so I should look great with your “favorite” short haircut right? She had me there, I could onlyI agree that she would look great but I wanted to make sure it was what she wanted too. Amy smiled and said thats definatly how she wanted her hair cut.

I start running the comb through Amy’s long wet hair getting it untangled. I pull her hair back into a ponytail securing it with a scrunchy. Alright Amy are you ready? She grabs her bottle of wine and takes a big drink from it looks in the mirror at me and says lets cut it! OK Amy here we go! I hold her ponytail up and open the sissors slipping them just above the scrunchy and tell Amy it’s her last chance to back out… She quietly whispers cut it to me and I start squeezing the blades of the sissors together crunching as they work there way through the thick mass of hair. Several crunching snips later Amy’s ponytail hangs limp from my hand, I lay it in her lap and com
b through the ragged chin length hair and using the comb to lift a large section of her hair and cut it about 2 inches from her head.

I work around Amy’s head lifting and cutting her hair 2 inches from her head. Amy hasn’t said a word since I started cutting her hair and I hope she isn’t regretting what we’ve done… Soon all her hair is cut to 2 inches and I comb it down over her ear and snip up behind up and around her ear making her sideburn into a cute point.

Amy reaches for her bottle of wine and takes a couple of long drinks from it before putting it down. I ask Amy how she’s doing and she says she’s a little worried about how short her hair is. I tell her not to worry she’s going to look awesome when were finished. Amy smiles and says I hope your right… I know I like it already Amy! She smiles again and looks at the strange person in the mirror looking back at her.

I go to the other side and comb her hair down over her ear and snip up and around her ear making another cute point on the sideburn. In front I comb her hair down her forehead and make a small snip at the bridge of her nose for a guide and lift the hair away from her and using the small snipped section as a guide I snip straight across making a nice fringe of bangs. OK Amy I’m ready to start tapering the sides and back shorter, we don’t have to do it if you want it a little longer but I like the way it looks when its brought a little closer on the sides and especially in the back. What do you think, want to leave it longer or go shorter? Amy doesn’t hesitate and says shorter.

I tilt her head over slightly and lift the hair in front of her ear with the comb and snip off nearly one and a half inches of hair. Moving upwards cutting a little less hair off each time to gradually taper the hair up to the top sections length. I move to above her ear and lift and snip slowly working my way around to the back. The tapering is taking a lot of hair off and it is starting to look much shorter on the side. I’m ready to taper the back and tell Amy I’m going to use the clippers to do the lower part. She nods OK and I turn the clippers on and tell Amy not to panic.

I tip her head forward and run the comb through the hair a few times before I place the purring clippers against her skin and slowly push them up her neck and slowly pull them away from her skin. 3 more times I do this taking the lower edge of her hair on her neck off nearly flush with the skin. Then I lift the hair and slide the clippers across the comb pass after pass the clippers send clumps of hair sliding down Amys back making her shudder slightly each time. I keep lifting and cutting with the clippers cutting less and less as it gets higher up the back until about the tops of her ears where I’m only taking a small amount off to make a smooth blend into the longer sides and the top. I invert the clippers and clean up the lower part of her nape and behind her ears before turning the purring machine off.

Amy’s grinning now, she says the clippers felt incredable and the pieces of hair falling down her back really felt wild! Getting my haircut naked was indescribable, almost erotic! I got turned on a little from it she says with a giggle. I tell her wait until you feel the lower part of your neck, your going to have trouble keeping your hands off your neck! Were almost done I just want to check to make sure everything is even, a few minutes later andd I tell Amy her haircut is finished.

She jumps up off the stool and examines herself in the mirror a moment before a big grin spreads across her beautiful face and her hands wildly ruffle her hair. Amy is absolutly beaming as she looks at herself and explores her new haircut with her fingers. She grabs at her hair and says God its so short I can barely even grab it! I tell Amy to feel her neck and she touches the bristly hairs and squeals delightedly as she rubs her fingers over the short pokie hairs. Amy moans and says you were right, I won’t be able to keep my hands off my neck! It feels amazing!

So Amy, what do you think? She smiles at me and leans over to me giving me a nice long kiss and says I LOVE IT! I should have done this a long time ago! I tell her I’m glad she didn’t because I never would have been able to cut her hair! Amy grins and says and I would never know how much fun getting a haircut in the nude was!

I tell Amy to stand in front of me so I can get a good look at her and playfully run my fingers through her incredably sexy short hair. Then I run my fingers over her buzzed nape and giggle as Amy moans softly and trembles at my touch. She purrs like a kitten saying that feels so good.. keep it up and I may start screaming all sorts of naughty words out! You are such a devil!

Amy looks at me and asks if I like her short hair, I tell her she is the sexiest woman I have ever seen and ask her if I can take her out for dinner sometime and Amy grins at me and says I thought you’d never ask. That night was the start of a wonderful relationship that I hope will never end.

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