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The next six days seemed to be centuries and all these days i kept on waiting for Saturday.At last the day came and i was once again at the door of my aunt. As she opened the door i just grabbed her and took a great french kiss. I told her to hurriedly take off her clothes as i cannot wait anymore to fuck her.She said that today she has planned something different.She told me that
she will pretend to fight me and i have to forcibly fuck her.I could feel the hotness so i agreed.
I grabbed her from the waist and picked her up she started throwing her legs in air and i took her to the bedroom.She continued to struggle and i was enjoying every second.Finally I managed to remove her clothes and then fucked her cute pussy.Her moaning and screaming was charging me like hell.

After this i was too tired so i laid beside her moving my hand on her head.The feeling of the newly grown hair was so cute.She got up and went out of the room. She returned with a chair and placed it in front of dressing table.I was surprised that why she was bringing the chair herself when she don’t want to get shaved. She then ordered me to sit in the chair.I was surprised and asked why.She said that she wanted to shave my head.I bullshitted her and refused to get shaved or Even get a haircut as i loved my thick brown hair very much.She then told me that she has made a video record of what i have done few minutes ago and that if i don’t do what she has said she will send this video to my mom or even she can file a rape case against me.
Now i was trapped.I had to do as i was ordered and so i got up and sat on the chair.

I begged her not to shave my head and just give me a haircut.But she grabbed my hair tightly and said I’m not shaving your head for fun but i want to take revenge from you.She then pulled my head so badly that tears started coming out of my eyes.

I started crying and begging but she slapped me and told me to sit straight.She then picked up the scissors and grabbed a bunch right from my forehead and pulled it,i nearly shouted and tears ran faster through my eyes and then their was “snitch snitch snitch” and my head was released but i could see a huge puff of hair on my laps.Then she started to do the same all over my head and soon there was heap of brown hair on the chair and floor.
Then she made me kneel on the floor and ordered to suck her pussy.I obeyed and in the mean while she spread shaving foam all over my head.Then she placed her finger tips on my crown and pressed hard and with the other hand she made the first stroke of the razor making a clean path through my head.After few more strokes i was totally bald and she was kissing my newly shaved head.Then she got up and opened the cupboard to take a cream out of it.I asked her what was that cream for.She said that “You have shaved my head and i have shaved yours but that’s only tit for tat and since I’m your aunt so i must give you a little more so here’s the cream to keep you permanently bald for months to come .” And before i could react she spread a spoon full of that cream on my newly shaved head.It felt as if someone has burnt my scalp and started to cry even louder.
She then wiped out the remaining cream and told me to lie on the bed with my butts up.I obeyed she bought a slipper and started to bang my ass with it.When it got enough red she told me to wear my clothes and get lost.That was the last time i met my aunt and she really taught me a great lesson.

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