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Finally, the waiting was over. Gillian was forcibly seated and the cape was thrown around her, and then fastened tightly around her slender neck. Her long and luxurious black hair was pulled free and allowed to hang freely down the back of the chair. She was helpless, as her glorious twenty-four inch long mane was combed through for the last time. Her face was full of fear, and her eyes welled with tears. She looked up with a pleading expression, as she saw the blades of the scissors approach her crowning glory. The room fell silent as the blades slid into her thick tresses. Schnikk! The first cut was made. A twenty-inch length fell to the floor amidst roars of laughter. Gillian could restrain herself no longer, and burst into uncontrollable tears. Schnikk, schnikk-schnikk, her hair was ruthlessly hacked away at. The roar of laughter filled Gillian’s ears, as she watched her beloved hair fall in large clumps onto her caped lap.

Yes, that’s how Mandy had imagined it! Time and time again she’d dreamed of Gillian having her precious hair forcibly cut off. Obviously, she’d played out various scenarios in her dreams, but this `forced haircut’ was her favourite. Just the thought of that long hair falling to the fall was enough to get Mandy excited. Unfortunately, this was unlikely to happen in reality. For a start, Gillian absolutely loved her long hair and was never going to have it cut willingly. Secondly, Mandy was not a close enough friend to Gillian and, therefore, unlikely to be able to talk her into a situation in which her desire would be realised. Thirdly, Mandy didn’t know anyone who would cut Gillian’s hair forcibly. Well, not without a bloody good reason and, since Gillian was well liked and respected, that seemed unlikely!

So why Mandy’s intense loathing of Gillian’s long hair? There were a number of reasons but, if Mandy had to list them, she would pick two in particular. First of all, her own hair had been even longer than Gillian’s. That was until the `perming accident’ of 2004. Having all started their new jobs since leaving University, the group of five friends had all been struggling to make ends meet money wise. Despite this, being `fashionable young women’ they all wanted to have the latest clothes and wear their hair in the latest styles. To cut a long story short, her friend Kayleigh made out that she could do wonders with a home perming kit. True to her word, Sarah’s shoulder-length brown hair was transformed into a mass of loose and sexy curls. But, when Mandy’s excessively highlighted hair was given the same treatment, the results were not as sensational. Her hair was ruined, and it needed to be cut short to save her any dignity. So, she was extremely jealous of anyone with very long hair from that day onward.

Secondly, working in the same office as Gillian, Mandy was all too aware of how blokes flirted and lusted after her. For her part, Gillian would joke with and tease them, flicking her long hair around at every opportunity. It made Mandy mad to see her play up to them so much, and yet these same men didn’t pay Mandy any attention at all. If anything, they regarded her as `one of the boys’! This was great if you wanted to play football with them at the weekends, but if you were hoping for a serious relationship, then forget it – the longhaired birds would always beat you!

It didn’t help that Gillian was successful at work, wore clothes that Mandy wouldn’t even have got into, liked music which Mandy couldn’t stand, and was generally considered to be positively charming. No, no, no, as far as Mandy was concerned, Gillian was a cocktail of all the things see despised.

That’s why that hair had to go!!!

One day, Mandy was having lunch with her friend Kayleigh. The two of them had made their peace since the perming accident of 2004 but, even so, Kayleigh made a point never to talk about hair in front of Mandy for fear of offending her? So, she was surprised when Mandy remarked about Gillian and her long hair, and how she would love to see it cut really short?

“But if she likes it long, then I can’t see her getting it cut Mandy.” She argued.

“So how could I make her get it cut?”

“Make her?”

“Yes, you know, against her will?”

“I can’t see how you can, or even why you would? What on earth has this girl done to you?”

“Everything!” Mandy declared. “She deserves it!”

“Well, short of going up to her and attacking her with a pair of scissors, I can’t see what you can do?” Kayleigh was obviously bemused by her friend’s obsession, but was keen not to encourage her further.

“But then I’d lose my job?” Mandy retorted.

“Mandy, I didn’t mean it seriously. Jesus, I was only joking!” Kayleigh replied. “Look, why don’t you talk to her about her hair. You could suggest that a shorter style might suit her better? She might go for it?”

“No, that wouldn’t work! She wouldn’t cut it short enough!”

“In that case, I don’t know what to say then?” Kayleigh sighed. Mandy didn’t reply. Her mind was racing, trying to think of a fail-safe plan. “Listen, I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll see you soon, yes?” Again, Mandy did not reply. Kayleigh just left her to it, slightly concerned at her friend’s state of mind.

Mandy didn’t even notice her leave. She was too busy imagining Gillian being forced into a barbershop chair, caped, and given that brutal haircut she so longed for her to receive. She smiled to herself as she pictured long lengths of hair tumbling to the floor and the barber moving around the chair, and his shoes stepping all over a mass of black hair. Yes, the deed had to be done in a barbershop. A real old-fashioned, traditional barbershop, where she would be shown no mercy! Who would help her realise her dream?

Back in the office, her dilemma continued to play on her mind. Nobody around her disliked Gillian at all, not even remotely. Therefore, it stood to reason that none of them would be part of Mandy’s plan. They would probably tell Gillian about it, even if Mandy did confide in any of them, and then the element of surprise would have gone.

It was later that afternoon, when Mandy had to take some paperwork over to the despatch warehouse, that she learnt an interesting fact. She was making idle talk with Bruce Baxter, the warehouse supervisor, when he asked her about some of the office girls. In particular, he was interested to know more about Gillian’s role.

“Yes, that bitch dropped me right in it again last week!” He fumed. “Why is it that she always has to report any late despatch to management eh? None of the others do it, just her!”

“I know,” Mandy sympathised, “I have the same problem with her.”

“Doesn’t it piss you off? You do your best, but that bloody Miss goody-goody is there waiting to drop you in the shit at the slightest chance! She needs sorting out, I can tell you!” Mandy saw, in Bruce, real hatred for Gillian. This was the first person that shared her dislike of her. She decided to fan the flames.

“I don’t know why, but she only seems to report your mistakes. She lets others get away with murder, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Oh yeah, as long as you’re always complimenting her on her long hair she’ll cover for you. But, obviously you haven’t been making a fuss about it, so she picks you out!”

“Is that right? Well, if she isn’t carefully, Miss Gillian might find herself with no bloody hair! Then we’ll see who compliments her eh?” Mandy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was music to her ears. Now, she just had to steer Bruce to her way of thinking.

“Imagine how I feel? She bullies me in the office, and everyone else turns a blind eye to it because it’s her! Just for once, I would love to see her on the receiving end, but what can I do?”

“Bullies you? Oh, that isn’t right love!” Bruce ranted. “That bitch really does need sorting out, doesn’t she?”

“I guess so.” Mandy added in her most pathetic voice. “It would be great if something bad was to happen to her, like all of her hair falling
out overnight? That would teach her!” She waited for Bruce’s response. Would he react positively?

“It would be more satisfying if it was cut off!” He declared. “That would really teach her a lesson!” Was he taking the bait?

“Wouldn’t it just! But how would you do that?” Mandy asked, before adding a suggestion. “I suppose you could take her down to a barbershop?”

“I was thinking of catching her off-guard down in `goods inward’ myself. They have scissors and that down there. But, you might be right. A proper barber would make a more decent job of it eh?” Oh, this was better than Mandy could have wished for but there was more to come.

“How will you get her there?” She asked, not giving him the time to really consider what he was proposing. He thought for a few seconds.

“That’s easy, she has a soft spot for Paul, but he can’t stand her. I’m sure that we can come up with something between us!”

“Really? You’ll get her hair cut down a barbershop?”

“Well, we’ll give it a go hey? A nice, short haircut should definitely bring her down to earth eh?” Bruce chuckled. “Watch this space!”

Mandy had every intention of doing just that. She left Bruce to talk to Paul, offering her services to assist him in his plan. Witnessing the event was as important to Mandy as getting Gillian’s hair cut, and so she had to be there when it happened!

Once back at her station, she couldn’t help but look over at Gillian thinking how long she would have to wait to see her shorn?

To her delight, the answer came within the hour. Bruce phoned her to say that Paul was up for it, and had already phoned Gillian to suggest going for a drink tomorrow lunchtime. She had provisionally agreed.

Mandy listened intently as Bruce sounded out his plan. He proposed that Paul meet Gillian at the works entrance as arranged. Then, if they walked down Bishop Street and left into Cross Street, they would pass `Arthurs’. This, according to Bruce, was the most traditional of old barbershops in town. He added that if they could get Gillian inside, there was no way she would be leaving the shop with her long hair intact. He was so confident because Arthur’s wife, Irene, worked there as well. She was renown for her disliking of anything other than super short hair, and she was as `ruthless’ with any woman, who happened to venture into her shop, as she was with the men! Mandy was so excited as she listened to Bruce’s plan, but questioned how she would witness the event? He concluded that she would have to submit to a haircut herself, if she wanted a front row seat?

“Isn’t is worth having a short haircut just to see that bitch get what’s coming?” He asked. To which she agreed, Gillian was going to be losing a great deal more before she left the shop! Mandy would follow Paul and Gillian inside, accompanied by Bruce. The plan was set!

The following lunchtime arrived, after what had felt like an eternity to Mandy. She had enjoyed watching Gillian all morning, especially noticing that she had chosen to wear her hair down today, teased to perfection. If only she knew what was coming, Mandy thought.

Mandy watched her pick up her handbag and head for her meeting with Paul. She followed at a discreet distance, her heart beating intensely. Sure enough, the couple greeted each other at the entrance as planned, and Paul directed them down Bishop Street.

Bruce and Mandy couldn’t contain their joy as the plan was played out before them. They made sure they held back just in case Gillian did look round, but she didn’t.

“He’s going to tell her that he needs to get his hair cut, and would she mind waiting whilst he has it done?” Bruce advised Mandy as they walked along.

“Will she go for that?” She questioned.

“We’ll see. Look, there’s the shop now.”

Sure enough, Gillian and Paul were approaching Arthurs. If there was any disagreement between them, it didn’t show. As they drew level with the shop, Paul walked towards the shop door as if to enter, but Gillian seemed to hold back. She looked like she wasn’t going in. Mandy held her breath as she watched Paul, his hand on the door handle, say something to Gillian. The couple spoke for a few seconds. Suddenly, he pushed the door open to enter the shop and, after some hesitation, Gillian followed him inside! As the door closed behind them, Bruce and Mandy began to quicken up their pace, eager to get inside.

“Remember, she’s not going to want to get into that chair.” Bruce reminded Mandy as they hurried towards the shop door.

“I’ll see what I can do.” She replied. Her heart was pounding as she reached the door, on the far left of the shop. Mandy pushed the door open, trying to contain her excitement. The interior did not disappoint her, for it was the classical old-world barbershop. Just inside the doorway, and part obstructing the entrance/exit, stood a small counter with the cash register. Along the left-hand wall ran the workstations, complete with washbasins and large mirrors. In front of that stood two well-worn, red leather barber chairs. Customers draped in long red capes occupied both chairs. Running along the right-hand wall was a vinyl-covered bench seat, which looked like it could accommodate at least eight people. Mandy looked along the bench seat, and there she spotted Gillian. She was sat with Paul, and an elderly gentleman, at the far end.

As she walked over, Gillian looked up surprised to see Mandy in the shop.

“Hello?” She said. “What are you doing here?” There was some awkwardness in her voice, which suggested that she wasn’t comfortable with a work colleague seeing her together with Paul.

 ”Oh, I come here to have my hair trimmed regularly.” Lied Mandy. “I know it’s a barbershop, but they do a really good job.” Gillian looked at Mandy’s hair and nodded agreement, before returning to read the magazine she’d picked up. Paul discreetly winked at Mandy.

For the first time, Mandy was able to get a good look at the barbers themselves. Again, they did not disappoint. Arthur was a stocky, broad man aged in his fifties. His hair was grey and cut extremely short. His infamous wife, Irene, was a similar build and age. Her hair was jet black, and obviously dyed, and cut into a crisp and dramatic flattop style. She was a formidable-looking woman, and didn’t look like she’d suffer fools gladly. Both Arthur and Irene wore the typical red, nylon barber-style jackets and, judging by the haircuts they were giving their respective customers, both believed in cutting hair very short.

Mandy sat there, pondering on who would get to cut Gillian’s hair. Irene was just finishing with her customer, removing the cape and ushering him towards the front counter. The elderly gentleman, on the bench seat, got up and took his place in Irene’s chair. As Paul shuffled along to the end of the bench seat, followed instinctively by Gillian, Mandy was overjoyed. This meant that Arthur would do Paul, and Gillian would be Irene’s next customer. If Bruce was right, and Irene lived up to her reputation, then Gillian’s hair was indeed destined for the floor!

However, as Irene caped her new customer, Arthur removed the cape from his. This was a bit too soon as far as Mandy was concerned. If Arthur cut Paul’s hair too quickly, there was a risk of him finishing before Irene. As Paul rose to his feet, and Gillian slid to the end of the bench seat, she needn’t have worried. Paul was well aware of this scenario and, once seated in Arthur’s chair, asked for a scissor cut. He knew this would take longer and guarantee that Irene finished first. Mandy’s concerns were eased further when the elderly gentleman asked Irene for a simple clipper cut.

Sitting next to Gillian, on the bench seat, Mandy could see that she was the picture of serenity. Quietly reading the magazine, and occasionally looking up to check Paul’s progress, Gillian was completely at ease. By contrast, Mandy was almost trembling with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Wishing the elderly gentleman’s haircut away, it felt lik
e an eternity before Irene replaced the clippers on their hook. She picked up the mirror, and held it for her customer to view the back of his head.

“That’s fine Irene.” He said satisfied. With that, she returned the mirror to the countertop and removed the cape from the gentleman, sweeping away any hair clippings with her neck brush as she did so. He rose from the chair, and Irene led him over to the cash register. Mandy looked over at Arthur. He was still busy cutting away at Paul’s hair. She looked at Bruce, who smiled and gave her a wink of his eye. This was it!

As the elderly gentleman opened the door to leave, Irene closed the cash register and began walking back to her workstation.

“Next.” She called. Gillian looked up from her magazine, turned to Mandy, and nodded her head as if to indicate that it was her turn.

“No, you’re next. You were here before me.” Mandy smiled. Gillian looked at her puzzled, and turned to Irene.

“I’m just waiting here for him,” pointing towards Paul, “I’m not here for a haircut.” Irene, now stood by her chair holding her red cape, was unimpressed.

“Young lady, you’re next. Now come and take a seat!” She said sternly.

“No, as I said, I’m not here for a haircut.” Gillian replied indignantly. Irene glared at her.

“Now listen, that bench is for customers. If you’re sat on it, it’s because you are waiting for a haircut.” She snorted, equally indignant. “Now come and take a seat. People are waiting!”

“I do not want my hair cut, can’t you understand?” Gillian persisted, angering Irene even further.

“Why don’t you let her just trim it for you Gillian?” Mandy interrupted, seemingly trying to help ease the tension by suggesting a compromise.. “That wouldn’t hurt would it?” Gillian looked at Mandy, who smiled back and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well?” Irene barked, determined that Gillian was going to have her hair cut one way or another. Gillian could sense everybody looking at her, and she was getting quite embarrassed with the unwanted attention. She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of letting this woman loose with the scissors but, then again, Mandy’s hair always looked nice. If she came here regularly, then they can’t be too scissor happy, she thought?

“Oh, okay then,” she answered submissively. “I’ll agree to a trim.” She placed her magazine down by her side, and rose to her feet. As she got up, she nervously smiled at Mandy who beamed back at her.

Irene turned her chair round to face her, eager to have this reluctant customer seated before she changed her mind. Mandy, Bruce and Paul held their breath once more as they all watched Gillian take the three steps over to Irene’s waiting chair. With some hesitation she placed one foot onto the footplate of the chair, and then turned and lowered her body into its leather upholstery. As she settled herself in the chair, Mandy saw Irene give her long, black tresses a look of disgust. It was the look that told Mandy all she needed to know.

The chair was turned back around, and Gillian found herself facing the huge wall mirror. Irene gave her cape a good shake, and then flung it up and around Gillian’s chest. No sooner than it had settled, Irene was gathering it in around her neck and fastening it tightly in place. Once secure, Irene lifted Gillian’s mass of hair clear and allowed it to fan out over her shoulders. Mandy couldn’t believe that events were working out so well, and that her dream was about to come true. As Irene stepped up to her counter, Mandy looked at Gillian’s thick, long hair cascading down the back of the barbers chair. It’s colour contrasting sharply against the red cape.

Irene turned to face Gillian, comb and scissors in her hands. Gillian looked up at her, still a little nervous with her predicament.

“If you just trim up the ends, that’ll be fine. Say, a quarter of an inch maximum?” She advised Irene. She didn’t receive an answer. Irene just began quickly combing through her thick hair, pulling quite sharply at times. Her facial expressions and general body language confirmed that she was not a lover of long hair.

She stepped behind Gillian, and pushed her head forward. Her chin dropped to touch her chest, and her hair fell either side of her face. Mandy shuffled along the bench to see Irene comb through Gillian’s hair once more, before lifting the scissors up to her head. With her comb, she deviously lifted Gillian’s hair up away from her head and slid the scissor blades into the thick, black mass. Schnick, schnick-schnick! Mandy’s mouth dropped in awe as she watched twenty inches of hair descend to the barbershop floor.

Gillian sensed something wasn’t quite right. It didn’t sound like her ends being trimmed? Schnick, schnick, schnick. Irene’s cutting action was swift and rapid. Alternately, her comb lifted sections of hair, and the scissor blades severed them off. Long lengths rained down from the back of Gillian’s head, much to the delight of Mandy and Bruce. Schnick, schnick-schnick, schnick. The frenzied cutting made Gillian lift her head, trying to look at what was happening via the wall mirror, but Irene just firmly pushed her head back.

“Keep still will you?” She said curtly. But Gillian was beginning to feel very nervous about the sounds she was hearing. Schnick, schnick.

“How much are you cutting off?” She asked. Irene did not pause. Schnick, schnick.

“You’ll see!” She finally answered. This was not the reassurance that Gillian had hoped to hear. Lifting her head up again, and carefully studying her own reflection, she turned her head left and right sharply. She was used to seeing her long locks whip around her neck as she did this. But they didn’t!

“What have you done?!” She protested, as she lifted her hand from under the cape to feel the back of her head. Mandy could hardly contain her delight as she watched Gillian’s face fill with horror as her hand felt her cut tresses. “Oh my God!” She cried. “What have you done to me?”

“Look young lady, this is a barbershop and not one of your posh salons. If you come through that door, it’s because you want a proper haircut! Not a pathetic trim, just a nice, no nonsense, short haircut. That is what you’re getting right? Is that clear?!” Irene forcibly pushed Gillian’s head over onto its left-hand side. “Now hold still sweetie and let me finish this off for you!” Gillian shrieked as Irene resumed cutting. Schnick-schnick.

“Paul, Paul, do something!” She cried. But Paul ignored her pleas. Arthur was just finishing with him, and was removing his cape. “Paul, this woman is cutting all of my hair off!” Gillian yelled, as she watched her hair cut away from her head, fully exposing her eyes. “For God’s sake, stop her!” Tears began to run down her cheeks as she watched more of her beloved long hair fall. Schnick-schnick, schnick. Still, Paul did nothing. Paying Arthur for his haircut, he looked over at Gillian, and then turned and left the shop.

Mandy was watching Gillian’s plight so intently that she didn’t notice Arthur approach her.

“Your next miss.” He said. She looked up at Arthur, suddenly realising that it was her turn to succumb to the scissors. “Take a seat please.” He instructed. Mandy turned to Bruce, thinking he might take her turn and allow her to continue watching Gillian’s haircut. But he wasn’t there? Instead, a strangers face smiled back at her, obviously intrigued to see another young woman awaiting a haircut in this shop. At some point, Bruce must have left, and two other elderly gentlemen had come in and were now sat beside her on the bench seat. She had been so engrossed with Gillian, that she hadn’t noticed a thing! “Miss?” Arthur continued.

Worse still, Mandy had not really given much thought to having her haircut here. She had readily agreed to go in the shop, when Bruce had suggested it, but now she wasn’t so sure. In front of her, Gillian’s precious locks were being mercilessly cut short despite her protests and tears. She instinctively put a hand up to her own hair. Since Kimberley had had to
cut it short, which Mandy had positively hated, she had managed to grow it into a reasonable bob. Now, was she about to have it cut even shorter than Kimberley had done? A hand suddenly grasped her shoulder.

“Young lady, I’m not in the mood for another one of you!” It was Irene. She forced Mandy to her feet and marched her towards Arthur’s waiting chair. Mandy could see Gillian still tearful; her glorious hair reduced to a severe, scissor-cut short back and sides. She had no fight left in her, and just sat motionless in Irene’s chair. Her cape, and the surrounding floor, was covered with her thick, black hair. “Really!” Irene exclaimed exasperated, as she pushed Mandy down into the chair. “There, she’s all yours Arthur.”

For a brief moment, with Arthur’s chair turned towards Gillian, Mandy made eye contact with her. Gillian looked at her through her tear-filled eyes, seemingly aware of her betrayal, allowing herself a faint smile at the sight of Mandy’s own dilemma. For Gillian was not stupid. After all this time, why was Paul suddenly interested in her, only to use their first lunch date for a visit to the barbershop? If he was so interested in her, why had he deserted her as she had been bullied into losing her prized hair? Was it really a coincidence that Mandy and Bruce had followed them into the shop? If Mandy had her hair trimmed here regularly, then why her reluctance to step up to Arthur’s chair? Why didn’t Irene and Arthur behave more friendly to their regular female customer?

No, Gillian had figured out that this had been one elaborate set up, with the three of them conspiring against her. Unfortunately for Mandy, she had been left high and dry by the other two! Whether or not the two men had intended this, Gillian took comfort in the fact that events had backfired on Mandy and that she was about to suffer the same fate as herself.  Arthur turned his chair around to face the wall mirror and flung the red cape around Mandy. Now it was her turn to fear for her hair!

“Quite some hair you have here miss?” He said. “I’ll soon sort it out for you, don’t worry.” He began combing through Mandy’s hair, as she heard Irene switch on the clippers next to her. She heard Gillian make one last protest before Irene began shearing away the remaining hair on the back and sides of her head.

The combing stopped, and Arthur went to his countertop and immediately picked up his own pair of hair clippers. He snapped on a guard, switched them on, and turned back to face Mandy.

“I’ll get the worst off, and then tidy it up for you miss.” As if frozen with fright, Mandy couldn’t summon the inner strength to answer, Arthur plunged the clippers into her hair and ran them up her right-hand temple. Buzzzzzzzzz. With a flick of his wrist, a large mass of her hair fell onto her caped lap. Again, he pressed the clipper head against her scalp. Buzzzzzzzz. Another clump of hair tumbled down.

Mandy sat there mortified, as both Arthur and Irene sheared their respective customers with their clippers. Her own hair was being shorn to within an inch all over, whilst she could see that Irene was being far more savage. Gillian’s flowing hairstyle had been replaced with an extremely severe short back and sides. Irene had sheared the sides and back to within a quarter of an inch, and the top layers were only slightly longer. Gillian’s scalp looked so very pale against the tanned colour of her face. Her appearance was made even worse by her reddened eyes and cheeks from her continuous sobbing, to which Irene had remained totally indifferent.

As Arthur switched off the clippers, replaced them on their hook, and picked up his scissors, Irene removed the cape from Gillian.

“There you go, that’s better now it’s all over isn’t it?” She mocked. “Would you like a tissue?” She added, holding out a box full. Gillian took one and wiped her eyes. “This way please dear.” Irene directed her towards the cash register. Gillian began to follow, but then paused as she passed behind Mandy. She glared at Mandy through the wall mirror, and then spoke to Arthur in a defiant and determined tone

“I want you to cut her hair like mine. I’ll be paying, it’s my treat!”

“Okay miss, if that’s what you want?” Arthur replied. He reached down for the clippers again. “Right then, shorter it is.” The clippers popped as he switched them on. Gillian gave Mandy a smile of satisfaction.

“No, I don’t want it any shorter! I’m paying myself!” Mandy cried.

“Hush now Mandy. Let him cut your hair, there’s a good girl.” Gillian scolded her, turning to Irene. “How much for the two haircuts?” Arthur approached Mandy with his clippers poised. He was not about to argue the fact with Mandy. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

“Ten pounds dear.” Irene replied. Gillian was surprised at how cheap that sounded, and then considered how amateurish these back-street barbers actually were. She paid Irene and then sat back down on the bench seat, choosing to stay and watch Mandy receive her surprise haircut. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mandy’s hair was being shorn away just as her own had been, but Gillian was not content to let Mandy off the hook so lightly.

“How much more to shave her head entirely?” She asked Arthur. “She needs to be taught a lesson, you see?” Mandy turned her head to look at Gillian, horrified at her suggestion.

“Another pound.” Arthur answered. With Mandy still staring at her in disbelief, Gillian smiled and nodded her head.

“Very well, shave her head completely then!” Gillian instructed gratifyingly. In an instant, and before Mandy could react in any way, Arthur had removed the guard off his clippers and ran them right over her head. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. All of her remaining hair was sheared off within seconds. He picked up a can of shaving foam and sprayed its contents onto his palms, which he then rubbed over Mandy’s head. Gillian got up and walked over to Arthur. Looking at Mandy’s foam-covered head, she beamed at her through the mirror, satisfied to see that it was she who was now sobbing uncontrollably. She leaned forward and placed a pound on Arthur’s countertop, before turning to leave.

“Nice and smooth?” She whispered as she walked away, back towards the shop door, leaving Mandy to her fate. As she closed the door, she looked over to see Arthur draw his razor across the top of Mandy’s head. She pulled the door closed and made her way back to the office.

Her work colleagues couldn’t believe Gillian’s lunchtime transformation. She had always had long hair, and now it was super short! Ironically, with her confident character and super figure, she was able to carry her new look off extremely well. Virtually everyone agreed that she looked even more wonderful, and the men found her incredibly sexier. Her new hairstyle was so well received, that she kept it short, questioning herself as to why she’d kept it long so all these years? She even accompanied two of her work friends round to Arthurs, so that they may have similar cuts.

However, the same was not said for the plump, bald-headed girl. Renown for having an attitude problem and not being `one of the girls’, her own transformation was ridiculed mercilessly. Gillian took great delight in how Mandy’s working life had become so miserable; having vowed that she would make her pay, for what she had done, every day from that day forward.

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