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Juanita was working at her job in a stationary store where she had been working for the last few years on a Thursday afternoon when in walked one of the store best customers Joan. Joan was an older lady in her late fifties and spent a lot of money in the store. Now Juanita was a young girl near 25 years old and light brown hair that was close to bra length. She was a slender girl with green eyes. Juanita would wear her thick hair down or up with bangs. When she wore it up it was pulled tight against the sides of her head and then twisted up tightly in the back. Today she was wearing it up with a red shirt.
Joan came in and Juanita rushed up to help her find what she needed. They were done when Joan started really looking at her and then spoke ” You know Juanita you really look pretty with your hair up like it is today. I think you look better with it up than down.”

“Why thank you. I do get more compliments when I wear it up it seems.” replied Juanita.

” Have you ever thought about having it always look that way?  You know having it cut?” said Joan.

” Oh, I thought about it but money is tight and I don’t know who I’d trust to cut it.”  Said Juanita as she reached up to touch her nape. Joan looked at Juanita’s lovely neckline that was exposed with her hair up.

She looked at Juanita and said ” Listen,  my shop with my stylist Francis is two blocks away. I bet he could do you this afternoon and I’ll pay as a way of thanking you for all the help you have given me over the years. I’ll call him right now on my cell phone.”

” Oh, that’s Ok Joan. I hate to turn you down but there is no way Mr. Brown my boss will let me take off to get my hair done for an hour or so.” replied Juanita. ” Let me make a phone call and go talk to your boss.” said Joan as she took out her cell phone and headed towards Mr. Browns office. Juanita went back to stocking shelves.
A few moments later Juanita saw a smiling Joan rushing her way. ” It’s all set Juanita. Your boss says I can take you away and Francis says he can fit you in if we get there in the next 15 minutes. Now stop what you’re doing and let’s go! You can come back for your stuff later.” Joan grabbed Juanita by the arm and pushed pulled her out the door. They rushed up the street and now and then Joan would let Juanita get ahead and look at the thick light brown hair twisted up the back of her head. Joan knew that Francis would make short work of that long hair.

They made it to the salon in time. Francis welcomed them and took Juanita right over to a styling chair where he put a cape tightly around her slender neck. Juanita was in such a confused state she just followed along. Joan wouldn’t let Francis let Juanita’s hair down till she pointed out how great she looked with her hair pulled back and up tight. Francis agreed that he would cut it short to retain the same style and then told Francis something that made her smile. Francis asked Juanita if it was ok for him to style her hair and she said yes. Francis then let down Juanita’s thick soft light brown hair. Then he pulled the hair into a 12 inch thick ponytail at the base of Juanita’s neck and taking a sharp pair of scissors began to remove the thick ponytail. Snip, snip, snip, was the sound Juanita heard in her ear as Francis whacked off the ponytail. He set it aside on the counter. Then he went to the counter to start mixing up something. 

Joan smiling came over and spoke to Juanita. ” We have a surprise for you. Now, that the bulk of your hair is gone Francis is going to make you a golden blonde  to make you stand out and not so mousy. Then he will finish your haircut. Is that ok with you? ” Juanita looked at her severed ponytail on the counter and was by now feeling really helpless so she just nodded her head in approval. Francis started applying the golden blonde hair color to Juanita’s light brown hair. He finished up and then leaned her back to shampoo and condition her hair. While she looked up she saw Joan and Francis smiling but she had left work this morning with her long brown hair and now most of it was gone and now they were making her a blonde. How ugly was she going to look when this was through. Least she wasn’t paying for it. Francis sat her up and towel dried her head. Then he sectioned off her hair and began to cut the thick crown and top hair down to about a 3 and half inch length. Juanita sat there and saw locks of now blonde hair tumble from the cape to the floor. Some were longer than others and she knew she wasn’t getting your average trim. Juanita sat quietly stunned as he felt her hair being pulled up and chopped off as Francis worked quickly around her head. The sides and upper back were cut an inch shorter to about a 2 and a half inch length and then blended into the top. Her nape hair was cut down to about a half inch length and her neck area was shaved smooth by a straight razor. Joan just stood around smiling as she saw her favorite sales girl transformed into a young women with short blonde hair. She knew secretly that she had wanted Juanita’s hair cut for a long, long, time. Today was her lucky day. Blonde locks tumbled to the cape and to the floor forming a ring of hair around the chair. Finally the cutting stopped and Francis took a blow dryer and brush and started styling the short hair style. Francis loosened the cape around Juanita’s neck and pushed her hair forward as he took a razor and removed any fuzz that was in the area.
Then he finally turned Juanita to the mirror and handed her a mirror. ” Ok, Juanita this is a big change for you but after a few days you’ll love it.” Juanita looked at herself in the mirror and let out a gasp! Her eyes looked at the floor covered with brown and blonde locks that were once hers. Her hands reached up and felt her short hair and shaved neck. She looked in the hand mirror and could see her ears and neck completely exposed for the first time in her life. She felt naked without her long hair. Joan came rushing up to her. ” I love it Francis! She looks so much better with that long mousy brown hair removed. It really shows her lovely facial features and making her a blonde oh what a master idea that was. You’ve turned my simple sales girl into a Diva!  What you think Juanita?”  Juanita thought for a moment and then spoke. ” I think my boyfriend and parents are going to drop in shock when they see me at dinner tonight. I think Mr. Brown won’t recognize me when I come back to work. I had heard you were good Francis and now I know. I mean me as a short blonde ” WOW” I do look hot. I’d have never in my lifetime had the guts to make the change on my own. Now, I need to go out and by some accessories. It even has a little bounce to it when I shake my head. Oh, Joan and Francis I  can Thank You enough for this makeover. Oh, my I must get back to work!”

Juanita rushed out the door and Joan went over to pay Francis.  Francis ” I’m glad you were able to give her the new look she so desperately needed. She is such a sweet girl.” Francis put the money in the cash drawer. “I’m glad she is happy with her new look but I think I just turned your sweet young girl into a hot looking Diva. I don’t know how much longer she will be working at the little stationary store. Here is her ponytail in this bag. She rushed out without it. She might want it as proof of this memorable experience. Have a nice day Joan.”

The End
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