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I am a 40 year old natural red head who is very athletic and works out daily. I work as an ICU nurse who does open hearts. I have very long red hair that reaches my butt. I have been told its sexy and awsome. I have been married for 15 years now. and just recently finished going through a divorce. Several of my co workers have recently had new hair styles and lengths, 1 Kim went from butt
to above collar for the heck of it. Kim has tried to get me to cut my hair since she had hers all cut off. I keep saying I like my hair.

Kim knew that I have been wanting to cut my hair for a couple years now. My now exhusband Steve, would not allow me to cut it short like I was wanting. I asked Steve to let me cut it short so I could spend less time every morning getting ready for work. Steve would just say no. And dont go getting it cut without my permission or you will have to pay for it. Steve was very controlling at times. That is why I am no longer with him I guess. At work the girls would say, its about time for a change isn’t it  Laurie?? They all keep asking since I am a single woman now.

After work Friday night the girls and me all went out to eat and then to dance. Kim was with us and she seen this lady dancing with a short inverted bob with no hair on her neck or back of her head either. Kim asked me how about that style Laurie? I looked and said ya right. on you?  Kim smiled and said, no for you! I just looked at her. My other friends said that it would look cute on me. We danced and drank the night away. I kept thinking about that other ladies hair and it was very sexy indeed. And I have been wanting a shorter cut for along time now.

When I got home from the club, I went into the bathroom, looked into the mirror for awhile and then took a hot shower. after getting out of the shower, I looked into the mirror with my hair wet and pulled back away from my face. I decided I would get up in the morning and go to the salon down the street from my house and see what kind of pictures they have of short hair styles.I awaken with the urge to get my long hair cut short today. I get dressed in a pair of shorts and tangtop. and some flipflops. I live just acouple blocks from the beauty shop.

As I walk down the street I had forgotten there is a barber shop 2 blocks closer than the beauty shop. I stopped and looked into the shop. There were to barbers in the shop and both sitting in their chairs chatting, a male and female barber. I walked into the shop. the lady barber said Hi how can we help you today?? I said to the lady barber that I was looking for a short new hairstyle. She said my name is Tiffany and I can help you with that if you wish. I said My name is Laurie and yes that would be awsome.Tiffany asked how short I wanted to go. I told Tiffany I wasn’t real sure how short or what style. She asked if I had any ideas or limitations for the new style. I looked at her and then the mirror hanging in front of the chair. I said no, I have wanted short hair for along time now. just divorced and free to have it as short as I want.Just not sure how short yet. I ask Tiffany If I may go ahead and sit in her chair. Tiffany smiles at me and says yes Laurie you may sit as I get my cape for you. Tiffany returns with the cape and places the cape around my neck and pulls out my long red hair and lets it drop down on the back of the chair.

I look up at Tiffany in the mirror and tell her about the haircut I sen last night andhow everyone thought it might look good on me. She asked if that was I wanted. I told her NO! Actualy I wanted her to cut my hair all really short. Tiffany smiled and asked me to repeat myself.  I said to Tiffany, I am sure, I have been wanting it all off for so long that now that I am here in her chair with this sexy blue pin stripe cape on to catch the cut hair fall. So please Tiffany cut all my hair really short. Please use the clippers on at least some of my hair.

Tiffany says ok with a big smile. She asks if I want the tail to take home. I say no, After it is cut off I dont want to see it again. She grabs a comb and gathers up my long red hair and takes her scissors and cuts my ponytail off at the base of my skull. she tosses the tail into my lap and says to hold this for her. I look at it with my eyes open wide and smile. Tiffany turns away from me a places her scissors down and picks up her clippers. she changes out the guide combs.and turns back to face me.

Laurie are you ready? I asked how short she was planning? Tiffany said a short to medium length crewcut with bangs. Will that be ok with you Laurie?

I smiled and said yes it is. Will be perfect indeed Tiffany. Tiffany clicks the clippers on as they hummmmm. I settle in as she runs the clippers up the middle of my scalp and long red hair slides down onto my lap and onto the floor. She continues to move quickly around my head leaving my hair 1/2 inch long all over with bangs about an inch. I look in the mirror with amazement of my new look as she cleans up my hairline. Tiffany askes if she can taper the sides and back from the skin to the 1/2 inch length? I say yes. go ahead. When tiffany finshed, she removed that cape and red hair was everywhere except my head of course. Tiffany asked me what I thought?

I told her that I loved it and would be back for trims every couple of weeks to keep the style. I paid herand went shopping. I was given compliments everywhere I went. The next morning being Sunday I had to work. When I arrived to work with my new hair style, all my co workers could not believe their eyes! They all took turns telling me how good it looked and how proud of me for getting rid of my married hair style since I was a single woman on the prawl for a new man!

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