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Dedicated to my sexy new friend Aura Maria Gabriella Rodriguez.

Mark and Aura had been married and living happily together for several years. They had a nice home but had no children yet. Mark was eager for a family, but Aura wasn’t ready. She said she was having too much fun at the moment and that could come later, which was okay with Mark. He could wait. He loved Aura. She was beautiful and witty and full of life. She wasn’t perfect of course. She had faults like everyone else. For instance she dressed far too provocatively, didn’t seem capable of taking care of the house and had a hard time remaining monogamous, but Mark could forgive her anything it seemed as long as he knew she loved him.

That is until one day she went too far. She had gone in to church early one Sunday without Mark to deliver some donations for the poor. Mark arrived a bit later. He however found her not in the chapel as planned however. Rather when he went to hang up his coat he found her in the closet snogging and groping with one of the Vicars. Aura’s had her top pulled down exposing nearly all her womanly charms and the Vicar’s hands were everywhere they shouldn’t be. Mark was blown away. His wife was making out with a man of the cloth in a church on Sunday no less.

Mark didn’t know what to say or do at first. He thought seriously about decking the Vicar, but knew no matter how much he deserved it that wouldn’t solve his problem. So he just went about separating them. He pulled his oblivious wife out of the closet first startling her something awful and then grabbed the Vicar by his arm and pulled him to his feet. Realizing who Mark was the Vicar apologized profusely and begged Mark not to hurt him or tell anyone else what had happened, especially not anyone in the church. Mark agreed as he didn’t see how that would help anyone but told the Vicar to never even think about coming near his wife again. The Vicar promised and said that had she not been teasing him with her short skirts and suggestive looks and comments it would have never gotten this far. Mark pretended he didn’t hear that and told the Vicar to get out of his sight. He didn’t want to hear anymore of his reasons or excuses for his foul behavior. The Vicar nodded and hurried away before Mark changed his mind.

What the Vicar said once again confirmed what Mark had been thinking for quite some time though. Aura just couldn’t control herself. If she could she would have never gone into the closet with the Vicar. She just didn’t know how to behave, how to be a proper wife, how to not get him in trouble. She needed help. She had practically goaded the Vicar into fooling around with her after all. She thought it was a thrill. He could see it in her eyes.

Mark still asked her why she had done it though and she responded simply that she had never meant it to go that far. She was just being nice to the Vicar. She knew he was new in town and all. She was just being friendly and he apparently liked what he saw and couldn’t keep his hands off the goodies. Before she knew it they were in the closet. She said she was sorry and for the hundredth time said it wouldn’t happen again. She then went about fixing her makeup and straightening her waist length hair and clothes in a gilded mirror nearby.

Aura claimed it wouldn’t happen again, but he knew it would. It always happened again and it just seemed to be getting worse. This time it was at their church with a man of the cloth and she didn’t even really sound sorry or even concerned. That hurt and considering what she was wearing Mark had a hard time believing it wasn’t premeditated. She looked like she was trolling nightclubs for a cheap fuck in what she wore to church that day; A tight leather bustier that barely contained her luscious breasts and did more to display them for all to see then cover them, formfitting hipster leather pants that left very little of her long shapely legs a mystery and a pair of very expensive matching black Italian stiletto heeled boots. With her slender and graceful yet curvaceous figure and flawless skin, enchanting bedroom eyes, pouty lips covered in wet looking lip gloss and long dark flowing glossy hair down to her waist Mark had a hard time blaming the Vicar. He had a hard time blaming any of them. Aura however knew what she was doing and was totally unrepentant he realized. Who would it be next time he wondered? Someone from his work? That good looking young doctor she went to who always devoured her with his eyes? His young office girl who seemed to share a special moment with her every time she visited his office?

That’s when Mark snapped. At that moment he realized what had to be done. He grabbed Aura by her long silky hair eliciting a little yelp of surprise and pain and led her out of the church and to their car. She struggled the whole way and called him many unflattering names. Asshole. Fuckhead. Jackass. Motherfucker. When she wanted to she could swear just like a sailor. She knew all the foul words and put them to good use.

Outside in the parking lot she then broke away from him and demanded to know what he was doing. Mark told her simply that they were going home. He didn’t want to make any more of a scene here then he already had. She could leave her Porsche in the church parking lot for now and ride with him. Never particularly liking church Aura was fine with that. She slipped her designer sunglasses on and strutted over to Mark’s car like nothing was wrong.

Something was wrong however and Mark drove them home in silence. They arrived to find Mark’s sisters, Clara and Rose; they attended the same church but had gone to an earlier service. Now they were hanging the laundry and cleaning the house. They actually lived down the street but stopped by whenever Aura needed a hand with things. They wouldn’t allow their beloved brother to live in a dirty or disorganized house. Both were housewives for the most part and generally looked it wearing simple housedresses and jumpers. Like Mark they were both tall and athletic.

They were very industrious as well. In addition to helping Aura and running their own households Clara was also a part time health teacher and Rose worked at a local motel. They knew keeping house was not Aura’s strong suit and as their kids were pretty old at this point and didn’t need their mothers around all the time they didn’t mind helping Aura and their brother out sometimes. Or most of the time as it had become in the last few months. Between her salon visits, time spent at the gym, shopping and spa trips Aura rarely had time to do anything around the house.

They were only somewhat surprised to see Mark and Aura home early from church. He seemed very angry and Aura looked more haughty then ever. She stormed away from her husband and entered the bathroom as soon as they came in the door. Privately Clara and Rose asked Mark if something was wrong and he told them in very plain terms what Aura had done. They feigned shock, but they weren’t really surprised. Clearly the honeymoon was over. Mark told them he had reached the end of his rope with her and asked them if they would help him straighten Aura out. They readily agreed. It was high time Aura was brought down to earth and they had some good ideas how.

So when Aura finally came out of the bathroom they led her into the living room where Mark had her sit on the sofa between his sisters while he stood before her and explained what was going on. He had been pushed beyond his breaking point he told her. He could no longer tolerate her flirting and infidelity. If she wished to remain his wife and live in the house he had provided for her then things were going to have to change. They were going to have to change a lot and she was the main thing that needed to change. Mark’s sisters voiced their wholehearted agreement.

Aura felt very alone and outnumbered. Worse still was that with Mark’s sisters around it was very awkward for Aura to try and seduce Mark out of his intentions as she would have liked to do. Had they not been there she
would have cozied up to him purring seductively and coxed his snake out of his pants. In her experience at that point it would be two minutes before he took a very contented nap and forgot what he had been mad about. His sisters were there though so Aura unfortunately didn’t have that option this day.

She didn’t want to leave Mark either. She loved him even if she wasn’t the most loyal of wives and she didn’t have anywhere to go. Any money either. She had blown all the money her husband gave her on shopping as she always did. Reluctantly she agreed to do whatever Mark asked. Aura was about to say something else when Mark angrily silenced her. He said he had heard enough of her excuses and evasions and lies. If she opened her mouth again he would cut out her tongue. In truth Mark would probably never do so a thing, but after what Aura knew deep down she had put him through recently she was afraid he might.

That settled Mark had Clara lock the door and Rose close the blinds. He told Aura she wasn’t probably going to like what was going to happen, but it was necessary. He wanted her to know that he still loved her and if she wanted to stay with him it had to be done. Since all his attempts to engender some decorum and fidelity with words had failed he had come to the conclusion that he had to make her a decent woman from the outside in. She was just too damn desirable he explained and that had to change.

That said his sisters each took her by an arm. Then very methodically they stripped her of all her fine designer clothes. Dior boots, leather Jitrois pants, and Minkvox bustier were all removed despite Aura’s struggles. Then to her horror her clothes they were thrown carelessly into the fire Mark had made in the fireplace just for this. Then before she had a chance to see them burn her expensive Victoria’s Secret panty and bra set was stripped off as well. Watching hundreds of dollars of expensive clothing go up in smoke made Aura defiant though and she cursed them all. She squirmed so much as they stripped her that her underwear was ruined before it had even reached the fire. Torn to pieces as the sisters tried to get if off her.

The sisters then began spanking and slapping her exposed bottom and pinching her delicate nipples. They had treated Aura like a sister, covered for her and stuck up for her and now they felt betrayed by her continually shameful and lewd behavior. They delighted in disciplining her like the naughty lazy little bitch she was. Each having had several children they were well experienced in this area and Aura could find no way to stop their stinging hands from connecting with her delicate posterior. If she tried to move away from Rose she ran into Clara. They called her a whore, a slut, a jezebel, and worse. Aura disagreed but was in no position to argue with them.

And while his sisters warmed Aura’s naughty little backside Mark told her how she was never going to wear such provocative clothes again. No more skin tight pants, cleavage baring tops and sky high heels. No more silky stockings, sexy mini skirts and daring halters. No more Juicy, Chanel, and Calvin Klein. Nope. What hadn’t already been destroyed and his sisters didn’t want was going to be donated to the Salvation Army. This naturally sparked a great cry of anguish from Aura. She begged for mark to reconsider. She loved all her fine sexy designer clothes. Mark was resolute though and for her outburst Rose took Aura over her knee so she could really lay into her defenseless rear. As her hand didn’t seem to be doing the job Rose used a large wooden hairbrush Clara found for her. Aura had never been really been so thoroughly spanked before and reacted with a great amount of kicking, bawling and tears. That didn’t stop the sisters from spanking her though. Her cries and tears were music to their ears and they alternated holding her and spanking her so they both got a chance to punish the little tease.

Only when mark saw that Aura’s bouncing bottom was suitably red and blistered did he tell his sisters to stop. Feeling she deserved more the sisters reluctantly let Aura up. She stood before her angry husband in visible pain and quite unsteadily. She was naked and shamed and without her heels he towered over her. Mark then announced that Aura was ready for them to really begin. He told her that the way she was behaving was shameful. It certainly wasn’t the way a proper wife should behave. He saw now that simply taking away her sexy clothes wasn’t going to be enough though. They needed to radically alter her lifestyle to teach her some modesty and humility.

To begin with from now on she wasn’t to leave the house without his express permission. If he wasn’t available she was to ask Clara or Rose for permission to go out. If it was an emergency and she couldn’t contact any of them it was fine for her to go out, but it had better be a real emergency or her poor behind would pay for it. As he spoke he removed her Cartier bracelet, diamond necklace and all her rings except her wedding band. Her flashy little red sports car was also off limits from now on. She didn’t deserve it and he was tired of making the payments on it. If she needed to be somewhere she could walk or take the bus.

Despite previously submitting to their will Aura loved her Porsche too much and couldn’t help but respond indignantly. She thought this whole matter was unfair she said and refused to give up her beloved sports car. She wouldn’t walk. She wouldn’t take the bus. Only losers took the bus. And come to think of it she refused to be treated like this. She was an attractive grown woman. She didn’t need Mark’s permission or his sisters to do anything!

For this she was again spanked. This time draped over the end of the sofa with her already red and blotched derriere high in the air for all to observe. The sisters used both their hands and the hairbrush and soon her righteous anger began to give way to total contrition. She howled in pain and regret and apologized profusely for her behavior and her outburst. Remorse poured forth from her like a torrent as her cheeks were covered in her hot salty tears. Finally when the sister’s arms began to tire she was again let up. She could barely stand and was not allowed to rub her sore bottom. She promised contritely that she would behave from this point on and go along with whatever they had planned. In reply Mark shrugged and said simply that she had better or else she would just receive another dose and she certainly didn’t want that.

Mark then told her he didn’t think all her various piercings were appropriate. He looked to his sisters and they agreed Aura’s belly ring and triple ear piercings looked cheap and tarty. That settled Mark removed the offending adornments. First her belly button ring, which went in the trash, and then the three in each of her lovely ears. She wasn’t sure but she felt he twisted her ears more then was necessary and she cried out in pain as each was removed. These, including a very expensive pair of white gold diamond earrings, went into Mark’s pocket.

She also wouldn’t go around made up like a streetwalker mark told her. All her eye-shadow, liner, lipstick, blush and mascara had to go so they dragged her into the kitchen to clean her up. Clara was the stronger of the two and armed with a wash rag and cold cream took this upon herself. Rose meanwhile gathered up all of Aura’s makeup from the bathrooms, bedroom and all the other places her sister in law had stock piled it. She had quite a hefty bag when she finished gathering it all up. Mark told her she and her sister could have what they want and they would throw out the rest. By then Clara had finished divesting Aura of the last remnants of her carefully applied cosmetics. She looked much different with all the makeup to bring out her features. She looked washed out, tired and defeated.

It was then time for her to put some decent clothes on. She had run around naked enough for one day. So out came a selection of clothes Mark had gathered while they had been cleaning Aura up. They looked l
ike his Aunt Myrtle’s old things which was weird to Aura as she knew there was no way Myrtles things would fit her. Mark’s aunt had been more then a bit overweight when she finally had to go into managed care. Before she was allowed to slip them on though Mark and his sisters had some special undergarments they wanted her to wear. First in place of the thong panties she usually wore she was given a very large awkward Lycra undergarment. Turning it around she realized it was a full coverage brief, what made it special though was that it was padded. It had four pouches that contained foam pads. It was made to give a woman or perhaps a transvestite a more womanly shapely figure. It was very tight and difficult to get on she found. Once Aura had it on she found it did something else for her though. As she was already quite shapely and curvy the added pads made her thighs and rump look huge. It was like she had suddenly gained 25 pounds!

Then came the piece de resistance. Aura didn’t know where Mark had found it but he produced an odd garment Aura couldn’t identify. It was shaped like some sort of large sleeveless smock and made of a heavy taupe colored material. Just to torment her Clara held her hand over Aura’s eyes while Mark and Rose wrestled the odd garment on her. As they snapped it in place and cinched it here and there Aura became increasingly uncomfortable. Whatever they were putting on her had weight to it and she had to shift her stance and posture to remain standing. She felt it increasingly in her lower back and when they finished it also constricted her awkwardly across the chest. She begged for them to let her see what they were doing and finally they did.

She looked huge. Like she was pregnant almost! Which she finally realized was what the garment was for. It was an empathy belly pregnancy simulator. She had heard about them on the news. Some schools and groups used them to teach teens about pregnancy and deglamorize it. They figured that if they knew what being pregnant was really like they would be more careful in avoiding it. Aura didn’t need such a lesson though. She had already been avoiding pregnancy because she didn’t want to put up with all that came with it. Now here she was with a big round belly and enlarged sagging breasts pulling on her and restricting her breathing.

She didn’t quite really look pregnant though which puzzled her until Mark explained. He told her that as she wasn’t pregnant he didn’t see why she should enjoy the attention an expectant mother would receive. So he had modified the empathy belly somewhat. He had removed the weights and balls within the belly that simulated the movement of an unborn child and filled the interior instead with a large silicone filled bladder. Then he modified the belly so the bulk was more evenly distributed around her midsection and protruded less. The end result was that she looked much heavier, but not with child. The silicone weighed a bit more as well, but with a smile he added that Aura needed to be slowed down anyway.

Aura begged for them to let her take it off. It was already becoming hot and uncomfortable, but Mark said that wouldn’t be happening. She would get used to the added weight and dimensions he promised and then told Clara and Rose to go ahead and finish helping Aura dress. Amused greatly by the whole ordeal the sisters happily obliged and continued dressing Aura in the clothes mark had provided. For Aura though it was just humiliation after humiliation. She particularly didn’t like the restrictive minimzer bra they pulled over her breasts or in actuality the false breasts of the pregnancy simulator. The plain utilitarian garment was huge and white and had no less then five hooks in the back. It made it hard to breathe and made her wonderful breasts look positively tiny. Between the tight padded panty brief, the awkward and heavy empathy belly and the torturous bra Aura didn’t think she could be less comfortable. They weren’t even finished yet though.

Over the padded brief she was then given a pair of very heavy duty taupe colored support hose. They were like nothing she had ever worn before. Only old women and cleaning ladies wore hose like this she thought. They were awful and came up over her fake belly button to her new waist care of the expandable tummy panel. They were very sturdy with ugly reinforced toes and heels. Aura very much doubted she could put a run in them if she tried.

On top of everything else she was then dressed in a plain white nylon slip that came down to her knees. Further then any of her skirts ever went. With it and the maternity hose on Aura realized the padded panties and pregnancy simulator were well concealed. Anyone seeing her now would actually believe she was as heavy as she looked. A real heifer of a homebody they would call her she imagined. This was a horrible blow to Aura who exercised fanatically and stressed out about maintaining the perfect weight. She had always freaked when she gained a pound or two during the holidays and now she looked at least half again her own weight.

Clara had struggled with her weight for years and Aura never let her forget she wasn’t a size six anymore. Clara delighted in finally being able to return the many rude comments Aura had heaped on her as Aura now appeared to be the heavier of the two. Aura couldn’t take this and cried for Mark to punish her some other way, but to Clara’s pleasure he refused. He then even added that Aura would wear this whole contraption until she had gained enough weight that it wasn’t needed anymore. The worst news by far for Aura and she again broke down sobbing, mourning her lost figure.

Her ordeal still wasn’t even over yet though. She was next sat in straight backed wooden chair atop several phone books. She listened nervously as the matter of what to do with her hair came up. It was next on the agenda and she was horrified. The sisters loudly discussed what to do with it and at one point someone mentioned just shaving off all her hair. She wouldn’t be able to toss it around seductively anymore and wouldn’t have to spend all that time and money at the salon either. Hearing this made Aura really nervous. She got down on her knees and begged them not to cut her beautiful hair off. She had had it forever. She had never cut it much and she loved it. It was her pride and joy and she didn’t think she could go on without it.
The Sisters seemed thoughtful for a moment. They certainly didn’t want Aura to be that bad off. So Clara offered her an alternative. They wouldn’t cut of all her hair as long as she agreed to maintain whatever hairstyle they finally choose. Eager to save her crowing glory Aura quickly agreed. She would have agreed to anything at that point to save her hair and was relieved when they said they wouldn’t shave her bald.

So after some more discussion the sisters finally they decided to give Aura a perm. A nice tight respectable looking perm it would be too. They said permed hair would look more respectable and be more in keeping with her new lifestyle. Mark agreed it was the best option and excused himself to work on something else. He didn’t care for the smell of the perm solution. Everyone chuckled except Aura who wished they would just get on with it. They sensed her impatience and Rose whispered in her ear that she might not want to be in such a hurry. She might want to savor these last moments with her stunning locks. That sent chills down Aura’s spine and she nearly bolted from the chair before she missed her chance and they laid a sheet around her to catch the hair.

First they had to trim her long gloriously glossy hair a bit they decided. So they wetted down her hair and combed it out straight so they could pare it down. Rose seemed very adept with the scissors Aura noted and then she recalled Mark saying that she had worked in a hair salon during high school. Aura was glad at least that Rose knew what she was doing, but hated her for daring to cut her gorgeous hair. She didn’t just trim her hair either. Rose very deftly cut nearly all of her
hair off. Only 3 or 4 inches remained when she was finished cutting. Aura could see her dainty little ears fully exposed for the first time in forever it seemed. She had always had such long hair after all.

The cut hair was all over the place by now. It was on the floor, on the chair and on Aura. They picked up most of it and bagged it. They figured they could have it made into a wig. Just because Aura didn’t deserve didn’t mean someone else couldn’t appreciate it. Still there was hair about though as there always is when someone gets their hair cut. Clara solved this problem using a feather duster to clean Aura off.  This made Aura sneeze repeatedly, which they both thought was very funny. So Clara brushed her face off again making her sneeze even more. Then before she had truly recovered from her sneezing fit the sisters began rolling her remaining hair up in a multitude of pink and blue rods and then applied some foul smelling chemicals to it.

While the perm solution did its thing the sisters turned their attention to another area. To her dismay they found fault with her nails. They said a proper housewife would never be caught dead with colored talons like hers. So despite her fervent objections they clipped off her very expensively manicured inch long nails and cleansed them of all the carefully applied sultry red nail polish.

They then went back to her hair and removed all the rods. What remained of Aura’s gorgeous hair was then revealed. She couldn’t see it but grew very fearful of what she might find from the excited noises and mocking laughter she heard behind her. She asked for a mirror, but the sisters told her to wait. The sisters still had to shape it a bit. When they were finished clipping, fluffing and trimming it though, they still denied her a mirror. Instead they called Mark in to see what they had accomplished. Aura could tell Mark didn’t like what he saw, but he acted delighted just to torment her and complimented Rose and Clara on their skills. He said it was a Herculean task making a disgraceful slut like Aura look halfway respectable.

Mark then finally gave into Aura’s pleas for a mirror. He brought in the big mirror from the bedroom and set it in front of Aura so she could see how she looked. A moment later she wished he hadn’t bothered. Her hair looked horrible. She looked like she was wearing a bad wig of short very tightly curled hair made from the beautiful hair she had sported that morning. Aura had previously thought she could live with a perm, anything to allow her to keep her hair she had reasoned, but now she wondered if she wouldn’t have looked better with no hair at all. Her new head of hair had no style. It didn’t suit her at all. It wasn’t her she saw in the mirror. It was a stranger. A sad looking stranger with a horrible hairdo.

Nearly in tears and stunned by what had happened to her hair Aura was like a zombie for the rest of her ordeal. She said and did nothing when they pulled her up off the chair, whisked off the sheet covered in hair and dusted her off. She just stood there in shock as they finally dressed her in a dreadful looking gown of blue on white floral homespun fabric with long sleeves and a modest round collar. It came down well past her knees and looked like something she had seen on the women of religious sects that practiced plain dressing. Clunky wheat colored orthopedic shoes and an old brown cardigan completed her ensemble.

Led in front of the mirror again she could see she certainly wouldn’t be turning men’s heads anymore. With her awful short brillo pad-esque permed hair and seemingly overweight padded out body with huge hips, belly and ass she looked like the frumpiest little hausfrau imaginable. She wouldn’t be tempting and teasing men into closets like this and knowing Mark this was going to last as long as necessary. To fill the days she had been previously spent shopping and pampering herself Mark said she was now going to throw herself into housekeeping and maintaining a respectable household. Resigned now to her fate Aura simply nodded. Continuing Mark told her that her days of lounging about and depending on his sisters and himself were over. She had wrecked that gravy train with her scandalous behavior which had made them all look bad. To make up for it she would make herself available to Clara and Rose whenever they needed her. If they needed a babysitter she was it. If Clara needed help at school she was her assistant. If Rose needed someone to fill in at the hotel she was their designated chambermaid without complaint.

She was to a helpful, modest, unassuming housewife from now on. If she was ever found to be something other then that or found flirting again or dressing in her old provocative style she would be punished. Mark didn’t say how but it was clear she wouldn’t like it. Further Clara and Rose would also be watching her and had his full support in disciplining her as they saw fit should she be found wanting. She would maintain her current appearance until told otherwise and do as she was told or she could leave. Mark didn’t know if he would ever change his mind about this, but he did know that if she disobeyed him on this he certainly wouldn’t.

Aura reluctantly agreed. She would be the plump dowdy looking hausfrau from now on. She would follow orders and be respectable. She would dress like a fashion challenged babushka and wear hair shawls and get terrible perms. She had gone too far. She realized now she had gone and ruined everything. She had lived a perfect charmed life up until now, but because of her arrogance and thoughtlessness it was over. She would have to accept no longer being a sexy pampered tease who wore sexy designer clothes and was drooled over by men and be Mark’s simple little housewife.

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