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Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be bald. I had seen pictures of bald and nearly bald women and one occasion I had actually seen a woman with a totally shaved head. With only a few exceptions (some women just can’t pull the look off) I thought that they looked incredibly beautiful and sexy. I wanted this for myself, and I had shared my dream with close friends, both female and male. Friday night should have been no surprise so anyone who really new me, but I have to tell you that you’d think based on their reaction you would have thought that I had gone bonkers or was temporarily lost my mind.

What happened is really simple. Hot weather, a half a bottle of scotch and nothing to do except sweat all came together at the same time. I was sitting at home in our apartment feeling sorry for myself. My lover and best friend Sara was away on a business trip. There was squat on the tube. It was roasting in the apartment, and I was getting mighty bored and just a little horny

I went to the bathroom for the usual reasons, but when I stood at the sink washing my hands the woman that I saw reflected back in the mirror was not the woman I wanted to be. My blond hair which was cut in a chin-length bob looked frazzled and limp. My face was wet from perspiration. And suddenly I realized that what I wanted to do more than anything else in the world was shave all that hair off once and for all.

There was a moment of rationality right then in which I realized that this was not a really smart thing to do, and that there would be hell to pay at work, if I even had a job after this, but clear reason only lasted a minute or two, before the wet spot in my panties took control. A bald scalp was what I wanted to see in the mirror and that was what I was going to get.

I knew I was going to have to steel myself for the task, and so I downed a couple of shots of scotch as I gathered the equipment that I would need. Scissors were easy, and Sara had clippers that a boyfriend from her pre-lezzie days had left. Razors would be a problem (there were none) as would shaving cream, so I went down the street to the Shoppers Drug Mart and purchased the necessities – a new Gillette Fusion razor and a 4-pack of blades, and two cans of shaving gel. I was sure that this was overkill, but the last thing that I wanted was to find myself half-way through the job and run out of supplies! Besides, if I like being bald even half as much as I did in my fantasies, the extra blades and shaving cream wouldn’t go to waste!

I got back from the drug store and had another drink. Can’t fly on one wing, and I didn’t think I could cut, clip and shave unless I was just a little tipsier.

I set my equipment up in the bathroom and got started. First the scissors. I grabbed a handful of hair near the front of my head, eased the scissors into position as close to my scalp, and shutting my eyes, closed the blades of the scissors. Crunch. A six-inch long lock of hair separated from my head as easily as you could imagine. I deposited it in the waste can next to the sink and then selected the next bunch of hair. Seconds later it joined the first. A third hunk followed, then a fourth and a fifth.  I paused for a moment to survey the initial results! The front of my head was totally savaged. Just a ragged stubble remained!

Of course at this point there was no turning back. No matter how I combed or brushed the remaining hair, there was no way to disguise or cover up what I had done so I continued. Lock after lock was hacked away and within a few minutes all of my mousy hair was sitting at the bottom of the waste can. The woman that stared back at me was almost totally hairless. Now it was clipper time!

The clipper set had a variety of guards with it but I decided that there was no point in messing around with guards. I might as well just use the bare clippers and get the job done. I flicked the clippers on and starting at the centre of my forehead, ran them straight down the middle. The little stubble that had been left by the scissors melted away, to be replaced by very white skin, Cool!

I continued to run the clippers across the top of my head, then up both sides and the back. A bit of manual dexterity was required to do the back, but I was both determined and a little drunk, and managed the task. After I was finished I checked the back of my head in a hand mirror, re-did a couple of spots that the clippers had missed and pronounced myself satisfied with the results. “Not at all bad for a beginner”, I muttered to myself.

I put the clippers back in their box and set it aside. The next step would be the tricky part – using the razor!

I ran some hot water in the sink and used a wash cloth to wet my head. The shaving gel was a bluish colour and a I worked it into a bit of a lather in my hands before I applied it to my scalp. Surprisingly, as I smoothed it onto my head, it turned into a pretty decent lather and there was more than enough in the little amount I had dispensed to cover my scalp completely.

Based on what I had read about shaving, I thought it would be a good idea to let the lather stand for a few minutes in order to soften up the fine stubble left by the clippers. Besides I needed a break, not to mention some more liquid courage. I headed for the bottle of scotch and sat down for maybe ten minutes until I was sure that the lather had done its work. Then it was back to the bathroom

Shaving your head involves a lot of work – more than I thought. I decided to start at the right side and shave the sides before moving to the top. I used short deliberate strokes not wanting to miss any spots and re-shaving areas that I thought might have not been done closely enough the first time.

After the sides were done I directed my attention to the top of my head and glided the razor across it, starting at the crown and pulling the razor to the front, again using short deliberate strokes and revisiting any suspicious areas before moving the razor around to the back of my head.

As anyone who has ever shaved their head will attest, doing the back is a matter of touch more than sight. Not wanting to leave anything, I overlapped my strokes the same way you overlap strokes when you shovel snow. When I was certain that I had gone all the way around the back, I changed the direction of the razor and moved it horizontally across the area I had just shaved.

The truly difficult place to shave turned out to be the crown of my head. First there was the area between where the razor had gone over the top of my head, and the place where it had stopped at the back. And second, hair at the crown grows in different directions, and it isn’t as easy to remove. I had to shave the area four or five times, in different directions, to make sure I got everything.

Anyhow, ten minutes after I started with the razor I was done, as in hairless, or as in bald!

I washed off the excess lather and ran my hand over the top of my head. It was hairless but not as smooth as I had anticipated. My scalp still felt like very fine sandpaper.

Everything I had read about shaving suggested that it wasn’t a good idea to shave against the grain because of the dangers of ingrown hairs. But, dammit, I wanted it smooth, not just hairless, so I decided to ignore the experts and shave my head again, this time the other way.

The second time was a lot quicker than the first and I was finished in a couple of minutes. The results were astounding. I glided my hands over my head and it was as smooth as glass. I was done or almost. Sorting through the medicine cabinet I found a half-empty bottle of baby oil and poured a tiny bit onto my hands and then onto my head. The feeling was fantastic!

The whole operation from beginning to end had taken just a little over an hour and four shots of booze. I was getting a little sleepy and a lot horny and decided to head off to the bedroom for some rest and for some autoerotic pleasure. The rest was delayed as I fingered my way to successive or
gasms til I was exhausted!


When I woke up the next morning, I was more than a little fuzzy about things.
I got up after a couple of snooze-delays and trotted into the bathroom. What I saw in the mirror blew me away and scared the shit out of me til I remembered what I done. The bald look was going to take a little getting used to and a little extra work.

The first problem was that the skin on the top of my head was pure white and contrasted not a little with my regular complexion. The second problem was that everything seemed washed out and without any character. I tried to solve the first problem with some foundation cream and it seemed to work well enough for now. If I was going to remain bald I would have to wait til the sun tanned my scalp to match my face. The second problem was easier to fix. Some big hoop earrings, a bright coral choker and things improved a lot. Or at least to my satisfaction. I liked the look and I loved the feel of a bald head, but God knew what everyone else would think – especially Sara!

I didn’t have long to wait to find out. I had just finished fixing things up when the front door opened I heard Sara’s voice. She was back – a whole day earlier than I expected! I thought about locking the bathroom door, but dismissed this as foolishness – I would eventually have to face Sara and it might as well be then.

Gingerly and at this point totally sober, I walked out to the front room. Sara looked at me and her jaw dropped! “What in hell have you done Lucy? Have you lost your ever loving little mind?” Not the reaction I had hoped for, but still not unexpected!

“What’s it look like, Sara? I shaved my head!”

“That’s pretty obvious,” she replied, “but why?”

I tried to hug Sara as I explained what I had done and how it all happened, but she pushed me away! “Sara, lover, it’s still me! I may be bald but I’m still Lucy! Say you still love me, too!”

“Luce, of course of I love you but you have to admit that this is a bit of a shock! I leave here and you are a beautiful women with a full head of hair, and I come back, and you’re as bald as a billiard ball, and what I’m I supposed to say! And what is everyone at work going to say? Did you even think about that?”

“Of course I did, but I have to admit that I only thought about it for a minute. You know I’ve always wanted to do this, and I finally got up enough nerve to do it! I’ll deal with work tomorrow!”

Sara eventually calmed down and gave me the hug I needed, not to mention a few kisses. As she kissed me she ran her hands over my head, at first tentatively, and then wildly. “I do have to say that it feels sexy as hell, you silly bitch! Now I’ve been away for a few days and all I want to do is fuck you crazy. Now get your ass into the bedroom!”

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