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Hi I am Chris from Chennai, I need to tell you my story. This happened when I am 20 years old. I was staying in my aunt’s house where both my aunt and my uncle were office bugs. They leave home and I stay back for my evening college. I wouldn’t mess up around because I felt that would make bad situation for my uncle’s, but it ended one time when I went for a pilgrimage tour. I was pushed in a situation to see my elder sister to get her head shave as an offering at a temple. She got 1st mark in state level exam for which she prayed a lot and promised to offer her hair to God. I saw her head been shaven bald. From that scene I was not able to sleep normally and I got aroused often. So I decided to make something which would satisfy my feel.

I returned to my aunt’s house and told everything to my friend. He too got interested and we both planned to get some girl to makeover it. And we got really good.

One day my aunt had appointed a house maid (a lady!) to look after the house work.  Her name was Shanti. She is of 25, unmarried, with good bust, dull complexion, and a very lengthy hair, with brownish shade. I was moved by it and nodded my head as with some intention.  I told my friend that we could make her use for our plan. Days passed, one after noon I asked her about her where about. It was not so interesting but she told that there are no one to look after her and she works on her own. It sounded safe to me.

I asked her interest about her hair style. She said that she doesn’t have interest about it. I asked her why she could have a shave. She suddenly didn’t expect that and said she will tell later.  Before she left she told that she has idea about it. I told everything to my friend and he told she will accept if we pay her for it.
We started planning for that one day my aunt& uncle went for official tour to Hyderabad and me and my friend grabbed some tools for our work. First I told her that we could make it on that day. She said if we pay she would accept to get herself shaved. So we paid her and I told her to come late after my aunt & uncle leave. Meanwhile my friend collected scissors, a straight-edged razor, etc. She came as I told her she dressed nicely.  My friend had arranged a web cam so that we could shoot it. I took her to the room where it was fixed. I asked her to sit on the chair and we both were bit nervous. I told to undo her hair and she did it. I took a comb and started to comb her hair.   My friend took a mug full of water and told me so spread it on her head. I took some and gently spread it so that it soaked full to the root and it wet all the hair. Again I started to comb it. I plaited it and took a heavy lock of the hair and hold it just above the root. My friend took a pair of scissors and started to cut it. We both took some and started to cut as we like. She looked both of us with some mood but we ignored it. I then took some water and shaving cream applied a thick lather, started to shave with a straight -edged razor. I first shaved her front and went to the right portion. The sound came like “tshck-tshck”.  Inch by inch it severed the hair and heavy locks sprinkled down and almost her scalp was viewable. Even her scalp was dark and she told us to make it fast.  I then started to make the left portion so that the front side of her head looked completely bald. We friends both stared it and laughed for some time. Then my friend took his turn and made the back side so she looked completely bald and told that it was itching. So I took some after shave and massaged at her head. I asked her what will she tell if my aunt asks about it. She told that She informed earlier that some day she will go to a temple and was about to make hair offering. I know, after all she made offer to money.

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