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Heather had long black hair that hung past her shoulders to the small of back. She liked to feel it move when she walked, it symbolized freedom to her. Lately, since graduating from college with an Art Degree, she had been looking for work, not sure what she really wanted to do, she had skills with the computer and graphics programs as well as internet web site work. She had decided to move to Florida where the weather was warm, and was researching job opportunities in the South Beach area. She had forgotten how humid it was in the South of Florida. Her hair was really weighing her down, despite her attachment to it, she was thinking more and more of “just get rid of it”.

She spent some time on the internet, looking at different hairstyles. She was drawn to the ones where there is little or no hair left on the head. She wondered where you go to get one of those. She did a quick search and found out – a barber shop! Well, of course she thought, a salon would never shave your head and a barber does it all the time! Now, would she ever had the guts to go to one?

She check out the online phone book and found there were lots of barbers in her area. She decided to do a “drive by” and check them out. She toured around and found an old fashioned one, with a real leather chair. OOOOOO she thought that looks good, perhaps comfortable as well. It was a Saturday and the place was packed. I don’t want to go when there’s a lot of people there, she thought. So I will try on Monday.

Monday came around, she got in her car and toured back to the shop, it was open, with no one in line and the barber was reading his newspaper. She pulled into a space, got out and went to the door. Do I really want this? Her head was saying – don’t chicken out – just do it. So she took a deep breath, opened the door and went inside.

Can I help you? The barber asked. Yes, she said, I want it all off.

He said, “wow. you have beautiful hair, but I understand, with the heat and all. He acted like it was common place to see a woman in his shop. She liked that. “Hop into the chair, little lady and I will take care of that for you. Any ideas of whatyou want?” She answered – “yes – a cut that is a little longer on the top, maybe a half inch and shaved on the sides.”

“Ahhhh, you want a crewcut! That is what I do best!” replied the barber.

She climb into the chair, started to relax, her breathing returned. He placed the neck wrap around her neck, she held the hair up while he did so. He shook out the cape, and wrapped it around her. He turned her from the mirror, she tensed a little. Do you want me to tell you what I’m doing or just do it?

Just do it she said, and held her breath.

Ok, just remember to breath.

He took a brush and brushed out her hair, then gathered it up in an elastic, it was close to her head, and high on her scalp. He took a large pair of sharp scissors and slowly opened them, then closed them on her hair. It worked slowly through the hair, it made a noise, then, she felt nothing, her hair was free from her head. She shock her head and smiled. He pressed her head down, picked up his clippers, there was no guard on it. He placed it on the back of her neck and pushed it slowly up her neck to the crown of head. The vibration from the clippers sent chills up and down her. She was experiencing something stimulating and she loved it.

He moved around the back of head, clipping again and again, catching the strays as he went. He came around to her side and asked how she was doing. Just great she replied. Good. He gently pushed the clippers from her temples up, then moved to her ears and the clippers continued their ravagement of her hair. He next moved to the right and did the same.

He placed a #4 on his clippers. On he moved to the top of her head. Hold still, he told her. With that he aimed the clippers for the middle of her head and pushed them forward to her crown. Hair cascaded down into her lap. She supposed she should feel shocked by the amount that flew down, but she actually smiled. She loved this! She loved the touch of the metal on her scalp, loved the feeling as the hair rained down. Soon he was done with the top.

He walked over to his lather machine, she heard a swoosh noise, then felt the warm lather hit the nape of neck, and the sides near her ears. He got out his straight razor, stropped it a few times and placed it near her ear. He shaved her once and then again. He swung the chair aound, gave her a mirror. He told her she could look now.

OH, WOW, is that me?

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