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It stated innocently enough. A little bit of money from the petty cash fund to pay for lunch or to cover a trip to the hairdresser soon her dipping became bigger and bigger for clothes, bar tabs, and shoes. God they are too expensive. Especially the kind she likes. Soon, she is able to rationalize her borrowing the money. It is her job to meet potential clients and to look nice for them, which is why she must look pretty. Therefore, spending money on her appearance is necessary to help her employer’s business grow.

Her employer was a semi-successful photographer. In a few years, he might be famous and very successful, but for now, he was doing just a little bit better than average. He shot mostly weddings and advertisements but on occasion, he shot something else. Women would show up at the studio were not the professional models that showed up for the advertisement shoots. These women were younger more edgy and alternative. When they stared at her, they seem to want to hurt her or ask her out. She found it amusing that they were attracted to her as the male clients. Too bad, she preferred men to women but if she did, it would be the more model types. Maybe a threesome, she thought, but not with these gothic types.

“Please come to the office,” his voice demanded breaking her train of thought.

“Yes, sir?” she asked after entering the room. He was nice looking and fit, but needed some sun every now and then. She appraised him carefully and thought, “There is an artistic intensity about him that belied his friendly manner. He has a hint of danger that made him appealing to both the clients and models. For some reason, he kept things professional between them.

“The accountant has discovered that you have been stealing money from the petty cash fund.”

“I don’t.” she stammered trying to deny it. Too bad, she was a terrible liar.

“Before you lie to me, let me tell you we have you on surveillance taking the money. I also have pictures of you spending the money. You know you aren’t too bright to steal money from someone who takes pictures for a living. Now the question is what to do with you.”

“I’ll pay you back all that I’ve taken,” she said with fear in her voice.

“How are you going to do that?” he demanded. “You have no money and are about to lose your job, probably your car, and maybe your apartment. I doubt you can return all the items you bought with the money.”

“I don’t know,” she admitted meekly. Her situation was that bad. She was a spendthrift, which is what got her in this situation.

“I could send you to jail and let the courts issue a settlement or we can work this out between us.”

This surprised her. He was giving her a way out of a criminal record, which would make her unemployable. She didn’t know why and began to wonder what he had in mind. If he wanted a blow job or sex, she would do it and started to prepare herself for his proposition. She would act shocked and protest, but then give in and do it. She didn’t like being blackmailed, but it beat going to jail. It would give her time to save up the money to pay him back and find another job. However, he had something else in mind.

“I want you to model for me,” he says. “The pictures are for a fetish magazine and there will be nudity involved. The money from the shoot will cover what you stolen with interest.”

She quickly thought it over and the possible implications of modeling for him. Doing a porn shoot and not knowing where the pictures would end up could make for some problems down the road, but if it kept her out of jail and without a record, it was the better of the two choices.

“You agree?” he asks as he pushed a consent form across the desk. “Then sign it.”

She signs and hopes for the best. He stares at her signature and speaks with his professional tone of voice, “You need to be groomed between your legs. I prefer it to be all the hair to be gone, but I imagine your pussy needs some definition. A landing strip above your sex is acceptable. Have it done before tomorrow night.”

Lying on her beautician’s bench while she had her pubic area waxed, she feels the pain a bit more than usual. She didn’t like the Brazilian look and is glad that he didn’t insist. Bald is ugly and makes you like a child than the woman she is. Looking down at it, she saw the vulnerability of her sex, which made her feel uncomfortable. She already misses the protection that her hair gave her. Lovers had begged her to remove it all, but she never would. Now, he had her bare and soon everyone would see pictures of her nude pussy. It made her feel humble and that night she cried herself to sleep.

The studio is empty. No assistants or make up girls. She begins to wonder if he will have sex with her and begins to worry until she hears a noise. A woman walks out of the dressing room wearing a leather corset, thigh high boots, fishnet stockings, and a black latex g-string. Her long straight black hair is in a ponytail and she is wearing a biker’s cap. It is Christina, one of their clients. The girl feels shock as she realizes what Christina’s job must be. All the evidence adds up and she realizes that Christina must be a professional dominatrix. Feeling stupid and na├»ve, she meekly announces herself.

Christina nods approvingly at her and tells her boss that she will do nicely. This makes her blush and self-conscious because she never gets compliments from women. Christina hand strokes her hair while staring directly into her eyes. It makes her uneasy and uncertain. The photographer tells her to go undress and put on more mascara. The girl can’t stop her hands from shaking as she fails to do such a simple task. Christina comes in to help. She is very close and whispers reassure her. Soon, she is calm and thanks the woman for her help. “Just get out there now. You are now my slave until this shoot is done. You will only speak when spoken to and call me Mistress whenever you do. I’m paying good money for this shoot. Now go.”

The girl can barely wrap her mind around it when she finds herself naked in front of the photographer. He begins giving her directions. Hands in hair.behind head.turn around.caress breasts.pinch nipples.spread legs.kneel.all fours.on your back.hand on belly.lower.just above.wider legs. Somewhere Christina appears and the girl finds herself simulating submission. From holding her tongue on Christina’s boot to having her face in between Mistress’s legs, it is all just play. Modeling isn’t that hard after all.

The photographer puts down his camera and picks up a digital video camera. The girl starts to protest. Mistress Cristina tells her to shut up in a voice that cuts through her. Now silent, the photographer begins to shooting the video. Christina orders her this time, but it is unlike the photo shoot. Mistress explains to her and those who will watch what a bad girl she has here. “You don’t want to be bad and you do want to make up for breaking the rules?” she teases.

So she knows, the girl thinks while nodding in agreement.

“Yes, Mistress,” Christina says like a grade school teacher.

“Yes Mistress. I want to be good,” she responds.

Christina smiles and speaks to the camera while stroking the girl’s hair. “She needs punishment and believe me her bad behavior is very real. All of my fans know how I punish very bad girls.”

Now the girl grows concerned. The photographer cuts off the camera and brings a chair. “Sit down,” he tells her. Once seated, the photographer and Mistress Christina begin binding her to the chair. Thick leather cuffs fasten to her wrists and ankles then to the chair. All of this happens so fast, that the girl feels light headed. The final touch is a thick leather collar that keeps her head straight and limits her ability to turn. The collar reminds her of a scene from a movie that she didn’t like.

“Ready,” asks to them. Ready for what, she wonders as he counts down and they begin shooting.

“This bad girl is going to get what she deserves,” declares Mistress C
hristina. The sheering razor is held up for the girl to see.

“No. God No!!!” she screams. The collar doesn’t allow her lower jaw to move so the scream sounds even worse.

“Here we go,” as the sound of the razor makes the girl struggle against her bonds. It is surreal as she tries to escape before she feels the first bit of hair fall on her naked body. The sweat makes it stick to her breasts and stomach. The hair puddles in her lap and on the floor, all while the girl struggles to escape. It is over and done. Mistress Christina switches off the razor and speaks to the camera telling them that another bad girl has received punishment. Turning to the girl, she says, “You have some stubble left that you might want to shave off. No final words, she asks the girl?”

The girl says nothing as the Photographer tells them cut. They release the girl and tell her to dress. Mistress Christina is pleased and they talk about editing while the girl heads to the dressing room. Her mascara has left long black streaks down her face and she is a mess. Her spirit broken, she dresses and returns to the studio.

“You can go now. We are done. Do you need a cab? You can call it yourself. I think there is enough money in the petty cash buy I want a receipt when you return to work.” The photographer begins speaking with Christina and ignoring the girl as she stumbles out of the studio like a drunk.

The girl returns to work the next day with her head bare. The stares from everyone are nothing to her. The models, clients, even the deliverymen all are shocked by her baldness. She did as Mistress Christina had suggested and removed the stubble. When closing time came, she went to the photographer with the receipt for the cab ride. He looks at her and she immediately kneels. The Photographer gets up from his desk and walks in front of her. Standing over her kneeling body, he takes the receipt from her outstretched hand. The girl looks up at him and then reaches for his zipper. As she sucks him into her mouth, she realizes that she will be apologizing to him for a very long time.

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