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She is drinking. Like always, too much and too fast. Stupid girl. Don’t you know that you have enemies here? Then again, we all have enemies but this skinny red head doesn’t know or doesn’t care that they are sharpening their weapons to get her. There is that cute smile and the flip of her curly hair. I’ll give her points for being a tease and a flirt. If she weren’t such a bitch, she wouldn’t realize the set up happening. She keeps drinking as I see the conspiratorial winks between the Goth guy and the beauty queen. They both have reason to not like this girl.
The beauty queen is as spoiled as this red head minx, but no one here cares. They are waiting to see the girl get taken down a notch. Most the people here are from the loser crowd in college. They see college as a means to further their education in excess rather than grades or activities. Intellectually vapid and personally vane, they live for the weekend party where they can find themselves. The girl is no different, but the difference is that she is the entertainment. The girl is slurring her words and wobbly. Everyone keeps encouraging her for more drink.

Who are you, she asks stumbling into me. I am your worst nightmare I reply. She doesn’t get it but laughs anyway. The Goth guy pulls her away from me. An hour later, the room is mostly empty except for the friends of the Goth guy and the beauty punk queen. The girl is mostly out of it when they start to dare her to do things. First comes the dare her to strip down to her underwear, which she does. Her reward is more drinks. The girl drinks while the others in the room take on lesser dares. Two guys kiss each other. A girl flashes everyone. The girl laughs hard at both. It is her turn again. The second is for her to remove her underwear. In a moment of sobriety, she hesitates. The group all eggs her on and she complies with the dare. The girl is pretty. Not much of an ass, but nice breasts and a thick red bush.

Everyone is staring at her as she drinks heavily. No one else is playing the game anymore. The beauty queen decides to forgo the pretenses. She stands up and dares the girl to be shaved. The girl declines half-hearted. The beauty queen says she will do it and that there is money involved. Everyone holds up a twenty to pay her to do it. The girl being drunk, but not that drunk, refuses. The Goth guy takes the girl in his arms and kisses her. He is her lover and is the reason for what is to occur. He wants her humiliated and humble for the beauty queen. She demands satisfaction and to punish the girl. No one takes what is hers. The girl, totally in love with the Goth guy, agrees to be shaved. How weak the girl is for this guy.

All smile as a padded bench is produced. The girl lies on the bench and I hand the clippers over to the Goth guy. He is to shave her. The beauty queen is sneering as he prepares her lovely red bush. Everyone is staring, as the shaving begins. It doesn’t take long as the girl giggles and spreads her legs so that the Goth guy can get as much as possible. Her sex is getting heavy and thick. The clippers do a good job. A razor in hand, the Goth guy lathers her sex and begins shaving with a three-headed razor blade. The girl is breathing heavy as are we all. A few minutes later there are only a few pubic hairs left. The beauty queen orders the girl to be held down for the next step. Everyone is wearing masks to conceal their identities. With a pair of tweezers in her hands, the masked beauty queen begins plucking the stray hairs. The girl screams and groans. Her limbs twist against the masked people holding her down.

Finished, the beauty queen orders the girl be strapped to a chair. Everyone is staring at the girl’s bare pussy. The girl’s mound is beautifully vulnerable and thick with her arousal. A few minutes pass as everyone takes a good look at the girl before putting her in the chair. Her hands and feet are bound to the arms and legs of the chair with duct tape: a hundred and one uses. The beauty queen pulls the girls red hair, as she remands the girl for fucking her beautiful Goth boy. You deserve this bitch, she declares as the clippers come to life.

The clippers sheave through the girl’s hair effortlessly. Clumps of red hair are falling to the floor. The girl begins to sob that she is sorry. Too late little girl, too late, I think to myself. Everyone is watching as the hair disappears. A shadow of her hair is all that remains. She looks like she has joined the army. It isn’t enough for the beauty queen. She wants it all gone. The girl’s head is lathered up with shaving cream. I see her struggling against the duct tape. The beauty queen sees this and pinches the girl’s right nipple and then twists it causing a yell. We can do more to you if you don’t stop, she threatens. The girl stops struggling and the three-headed razor are used to finish up the job. It is surprising how fast it goes.

The beauty queen stares down at the girl. Her tears of humiliation cause a ripple of excitement in the room. The beauty queen and Goth start making out. Their clothes are pulled off and they are having passionate sex in front of her. She is crying as they fuck in front of her: the Goth guy fucking the beauty queen right in front of her. The girl cries harder they get louder and louder. Finally, they climax in an intense dramatic manner. Never a more malicious look satiated that I have ever seen or will ever see again is on the beauty queen’s face.

The girl is freed from the chair. She gathers her clothes and runs away. I take the clippers and leave. It is a night that no one will forget.

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