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She sat down in the chair that I had set up in the middle of room.  A tall floor length mirror was right in front of her, and a small table was placed to the right of the mirror.  She was as naked as the day she was born, and I could tell she was turned on because her nipples were hard as rocks.  First I tied her right hand to the right arm of the chair, and I tied her left hand to the left arm of the chair.  I did the same for her right and left ankle to the respective legs of the chair.  She was not going anywhere.  I draped the cape around her and asked her to touch her chin to her chest.  She did so and I fastened the cape in the back.  I pulled the chopstick out of her hair to release the bun that was located at the top of her crown, and her hair spilled all the way down passed her very beautiful ass.  I brushed it out, and I began to tell her what I was going to do.  I said “Okay first I am going to give a nice short and sassy bob with a shaved nape that tapers down to your chin.  Then I am going to shave that pussy of yours squeaky clean.  If you are good and you do not cause any trouble maybe I will pleasure you while I am down there.  Do you understand”?

“Yes master” she replied.

I sectioned the right side and the left side away from the back, and I sectioned the back in half just about even with the middle of her ears.  “I am now going to shave your nape, and I am not going to lie, there will be a lot of hair hitting the floor”.

“Yes master” she said.

I grabbed the clippers from the nightstand and placed the #2 attachment on it.  I switched it on and the clippers came to life.  I drew them to the back of her head, and forced her head down so her chin touched her chest.  I lifted her hair and put the clippers just below her hairline and dropped the hair back down.  With a swift motion upwards I shaved a path about 2 inches wide all the way up to the part line.  30 inches of hair slid down the back of the chair and onto the floor. I put the clippers at the bottom of her hairline again and slid them up again.  This left another path clipped to ΒΌ” and more hair littered the floor.  Two more swipes on the right got the right side completely shaved.  The only hair that was left was a small section  on the left side of the nape.  3 swipes of the clippers got rid of it all, and now there was a pile of 30″ lengths of hair on the floor.  I switched the clippers off, and ran my hand up the shaved section of her  nape, and she shuddered.  “You like that” I asked?

 ”Yes master” she said.

I dropped the next section of hair down and combed it out.  I sectioned it off dampened it with some water I sprayed on with a spray bottle.  I combed  it out one last time and picked up the 4″ barber shears from the nightstand.  I opened the scissors and raised them up even with the middle of her right ear.  I leveled them and closed the scissors.  30″ strands of wet hair fell to the floor and joined the pile that was accumulating.  I opened and closed the scissors several times making a straight line from her right to her left ear.  I checked each side for length and trimmed it even.  I then let the last section down, wet it down with a spray bottle, and combed it straight again.  Using the first section as a guideline I cut the hair a little bit longer than the first section in order to create a turned under affect.

There was now quite a pile of hair on the floor, and I was getting quite turned on.  I moved to her right side, and placed the 4″ scissors back onto the nightstand, and picked up the 7″ scissors.  I let down the right side and combed it straight.  I was going to remove the bulk of the hair with the large scissors and then  trim it with the smaller scissors.  I straightened her head and placed the scissors a little below her chin.  I angled the scissors up so I could graduate the angle up to the back layer.  I quickly closed the scissors and continued opening and closing the scissors until I had the hair roughly cut at the angle I needed so that I could more easily to the precision cutting.  There now was a pile almost equal in size to the one in the back on the floor.  April turned her head to look down and saw the pile of hair on the floor and a sly smile appeared on her face.
“Hey, I did not give you permission to look yet, now straighten up so I don’t make a mistake”.

“Yes master” she said compliantly.

I wet down the right side with the spray bottle and put the large scissors back and once a again picked up the smaller scissors.  I combed it out and using my fingers I trimmed the hair even so that there was now a sharp angle from the bottom of her chin up to the back of her head.  “Phase one is almost complete, and I can tell you are looking forward to Phase two”.  I moved over to her left side and using the large scissors again I quickly snipped off the bulk of the hair on the left, wetted it down, and using the same technique as the right side I trimmed a sharp angle from the bottom of her chin to the back.

There was now hair surrounding her on three sides, and her new cut looked great.  It accentuated her features, and she looked even more beautiful.  “Phase two is about to begin.  I am first going to shave off as much as I can with the clippers, and shave the rest off with my Mach 3 Turbo”.

“Yes master” she said.

I snapped the cape off of her and brushed any loose hairs off of her shoulder’s.  I picked up the clippers again and removed the attachment I used for the nape of her neck, and I moved in front of her.  I opened her legs and tied her right knee to the arm support on the right, and her left knee to the arm support on the left.  I could tell she was turned on because she looked a little moist.  I flicked the clippers on and she fidgeted.  I started at the top below her belly button and slowly pushed the clippers down.  The closer I got to her honey pot the more prevalent her moaning became.  I stuck my finger inside her pussy and massaged her clit a little bit.  I then very carefully shaved around her lips and she was now almost completely bald down there.  I then put the clippers back on the table, and I kneeled back down again, but this time I had the Mach 3 Turbo in my hand.  “Where is the shaving cream” she asked.

“Oh I am not going to need it.  I am going to lather you up but not with shaving cream”.  Before she had a chance to respond I inserted my tongue into her pussy, and closed by mouth around.  I started sucking and licking until she came like Old Faithful.  I took my hand and spread her juices all over her and slowly and carefully began shaving off the stubble.  The slight vibration of the Mach 3 Turbo on her already tense pussy was really making her engine rev.  Finally she was shaved clean between her legs.  I placed the razor back on the table, and started to untie her.  I removed the last piece of rope I used to tie her up and she immediately jumped up and tackled me to the ground.  She began sticking her tongue down my throat and she grabbed my crotch.  She had a good strong grip on my throbbing penis and stuck it inside her.  She began to move up and down  on my cock.  I could tell I was just about to cum, and I reached over with my right hand and grabbed a handful of hair from the floor and felt the soft hair that she had let me chop off, and I took the other hand and ran it up the back of her head.&
nbsp; I exploded inside of her like I never have before, and we collapsed in a heap on top of each other.  We were both glistening with sweat, and we fell asleep right on the floor in each others arms.

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