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I frequently travel to Atlanta on business.  I have several clients there.  One of my favorite clients is Vicky.  She runs a small but very successful floral shop.  When I first met her I immediately found her attractive.  She is 40 and about 5′ 5″ with small breasts and nice legs.  She had red hair that was cut in a loose bob style that fell gently around her shoulders.  We would flirt with each other every time I made a visit.

Last September when I showed up at her shop I was surprised to see that she had cut her hair short.  The back and sides were about 2 inches long and the top was 3 to 4 inches long.  After my initial surprise I complimented her on her haircut and how great it looked on her.  She told me she had been ready for a change and had decided to get it cut short.  That was the end of our discussion about her hair.  For the rest of the trip I just kept looking at her and her haircut.  I would get aroused every time I thought about her sitting in a salon getting all of those red locks cut off.  I couldn’t wait for my next trip to see her.

My next trip was in November and I wasn’t disappointed.  Vicky’s hair was now even shorter.  The sides were about an inch long and the back was tapered even more, down to about a half inch at the hairline.  The top was still 3 to 4 inches long and she looked fantastic.  I complimented her again on her haircut.  With a big grin she reached up and rubbed the back of her head and thanked me for noticing.  Wow, she really enjoyed rubbing that haircut.  She told me she really enjoyed having short hair and was glad I liked it.

The next day before I left I got brave and brought up the subject of hair again.  I told her I had been thinking of getting my hair cut shorter.  She immediately became interested and said “I think you would look good with short hair.  How short are you thinking of getting it cut?”  

“I don’t know I have just started entertaining the idea.  I have been noticing more and more men my age are getting short haircuts and I’ve been thinking of trying it.”

“I know I have seen more men around town with short haircuts as well.  I think the look is very sexy.”

My hair was in a long gentleman’s style, you know, over my ears and long on top.  I was encouraged by Vicky’s reaction and would have to give the haircut idea some real thought.

Well, on the trip home all I could think about was pleasing Vicky and getting a haircut.  The thought of going to a barber shop excited me.  I have always gone to a unisex salon at the local mall.  I have fantasized about seeing a woman get her haircut in a barbershop before but never considered it for myself.  I must admit the idea excited me.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went to the barbershop around the corner from my office.  No one else was in the shop so I walked right up and sat in the chair.  The barber caped me and asked how I wanted it cut.  I told him I wanted something shorter.  We discussed various lengths and I decided upon a number 3 on the back and sides and the top would be cut down to about an inch in length.  “You got it.” Was all the barber said and without any hesitation he put the number 3 attachment on his clippers and started cutting behind my right ear.  The first pass deposited most of the cut hair in my lap.  He wasn’t wasting any time.  Every pass up the side of my head sent 2 to 3 inch pieces of hair into my lap.  The thought of being sheared like this was very exciting.  Knowing that the clippers were removing most of my hair was thrilling.  I just hoped I would look good when he was done.

The clippers were going almost up to the crown of my head.  I could only imagine what this was going to look like and even better what it was going to feel like.  I began to contemplate how the back would feel the first time I ran my hand over it.  Would it be soft or bristly?  How much of my scalp would everyone be able to see?  I couldn’t wait to find out.  Before I knew it the clipper work was over and the barber began cutting the top off with scissors.  From reading all of the online stories I knew he would shave my neck when he was through and I wasn’t disappointed.  It felt great as he lathered and then razored my neck smooth.  

As soon as he had finished I reached back and rubbed the back of my head.  Wow!!!  It felt fantastic.  It was a little bristly but also had a soft texture to it.  When he turned me around to look in the mirror for the first time I wasn’t disappointed.  I really looked good with a clipper cut.  I didn’t have a lot of hair left but what I did have looked very good.  He grabbed the hand mirror and showed me the back.  You could definitely see my scalp now.  He asked if this was what I wanted and I told him he did a great job.  I paid and left.

On the way back to my office I couldn’t stop rubbing the back of my head.  It really felt good.  When I got back to the office my secretary was shocked.  The look on her face was priceless.  I quickly modeled my new look for her and she told me she thought I looked very professional with my haircut.

On my next trip to Atlanta in December, it was Vicky’s turn to be surprised.  As soon as I walked in the door she looked up and came from behind the counter and walked right up to me.  She said “I like it!” and ran her hand quickly over my head one time.  I almost exploded right there.

“Thank you.  I was hoping you would like it.  It took some getting used to but I am glad I did it”  

“I know, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to my new look.  Now, I don’t think I will ever grow it long again.”  

She couldn’t get over how different I looked.  “You look more confident and I think you could actually cut is shorter and still look very handsome.”  

“Well, thanks. It’s already been a month since I got it cut and I need to get it cut again.  If I have time this trip I was thinking of finding a barbershop here.  I see your hair is shorter this time.”  Her hair just covered the tops of her ears.  The back was still about the same length as last time, tapered down to a half inch at her hairline.

“Yea.  Every time I go to the salon I have Sherry, my stylist, cut more off.  This last time she teased me that before long I would need to go to a barbershop to get it cut.  I can’t help it, I love having short hair.”

After working the rest of the morning we decided to go get some lunch at a great burger joint she knew about.  At lunch I decided to get brave and bring up the hair subject again.  “I’ve noticed that each time I come to see you recently your hair has gotten shorter and shorter.  Are you going to keep cutting it shorter?  

“I don’t know.  I really like the feel of short hair and how easy it is to take care of.”  She began to blush now.  “I don’t know what it is.  When I sit down in front of Sherry I just want her to cut it shorter.  She tells me I have the perfect hair for very short hair, something about how it grows downward making it hug my head.  I may still go shorter, I haven’t decided yet.  Let me ask you something and I want the truth?  Do I really look good with my hair cut this short?”

I could hardly contain myself.  Was this a loaded que
stion or what?  I gathered myself and said “YES!!!  You look fantastic with very short hair.  Not all women can pull your haircut off but you sure do.  I must admit I am a little biased because I really like women with short hair, especially redheads.”

“Well thank you for your honesty and the kind words.” She said.  “Now I’ll admit something to you.  I find very short haircuts on men quite sexy and I am being sincere when I tell you that you look very handsome with your hair cut short.”

“Thank you, Vicky.  I need to get it cut again before the holidays.  As I said before if I have time this trip I’ll find a barbershop and get it cut tonight.”

“May I make a suggestion?


“I think there is a barbershop in the strip center next door.  If you don’t mind we could go over there now and get your haircut.  I don’t want to be pushy, but my shop is covered by my assistant and frankly I would love to watch if you don’t mind.”

Okay, this was now almost going into the surreal.  A very attractive woman wants to watch me get sheared in a barbershop.  I tried to remain calm and said “I think I have time now if you do?  Are you sure you can leave the shop for a while?”

“I’m sure.  Pam will have everything under control until we get back.”

“Okay, let’s go.”  I was nervous as we went out to the car and drove over to the barbershop.  It was in the middle of the next strip center and when I looked in I could see 4 chairs.  One was occupied and a barber is his mid fifties was finishing up a haircut on an elderly gentleman.  The next chair was also occupied but it appeared as if the person sitting in the chair was reading a magazine.  There was no other barber in sight.

Vicky and I walked in and the barber finishing up said hello and the other barber lowered the magazine to see who had walked in.  Now I’m in trouble, the other barber is an attractive lady with a short black pixie haircut.  My heart begins to race at the thought of having her give me my haircut.  She climbs out of the chair and motions for me to get in.  Vicky takes a seat directly in front of my chair and smiles at me.  My heart is pounding and I am getting very aroused.  The thought of what is about to happen is almost uncontrollable.  Everyone there must be able to see that I am nervous.  The barbette introduces herself as Helen as she puts the cape around my neck.  Before she fastens it she returns to the counter and grabs a white tissue and pins it around my neck.

This entire time Vicky is just sitting there smiling at me.  Helen asks me how I want it cut and I explain that last time I had the sides and back cut with a number 3 and the top was cut down to about an inch long.  I looked over at Vicky and said.  “Since we are here together and you like short haircuts what do you think?”

She got up and walked up to the chair.  She reached out and ran her hand up the back of my head and then kept her hand there.  My hair was probably a little over half an inch long in back and my hair protruded through her fingers.  She asked the barber “What options do we have?”

“Well, a number 3 will take it down to 3/8″, that’s what he had last time he said.  A number 1 will take it down to 1/8″ in length.  You will be able to see his scalp clearly at that length.”

Vicky looked at me.  “How brave are you?”

I was so excited right now it didn’t matter.  “I’ll tell you what.  I’ll leave it up to you.  I’m in your hands.”

Vicky pondered this for a moment and then said “Let’s try a number 1 and please taper the bottom and around the ears.”

“I can do that, no problem.” Helen said.  With that Vicky returned to her chair and Helen went to the counter behind me.  

I heard the click of the new blade being snapped onto the clippers and the sound as they were turned on.  Helen gently pushed my head forward and placed the clippers at the base of my hairline.  In one quick pass she ran the clippers all the way up to my crown.  I could already feel the difference, no kidding; it felt cooler on the back of my head.  With four more passes Helen had removed all but 1/8″ of hair from the back of my head.

She made quick work of the sides.  They soon looked just like the back.  I could tell I was going to look like I had been scalped when this was over.  Vicky was watching every stroke of the clippers with great intensity.  The smile on her face told me she liked what she was seeing.  

For the top, Helen just picked up a comb and used it to hold up the hair before she ran the clippers across the comb.  I was loosing a lot of length up there.  When she was finished she returned to the counter and picked up a different clipper.  This one had a different sound; it had a deeper tone to it.

She again pushed my head forward and began to taper what felt like the first couple of inches of my nape.  There couldn’t be much hair left after she was done because I felt the clippers on my head the whole time as she moved them up my nape.  She used the same technique on the sides over my ears.

There sat Vicky still smiling.  I could see she was excited.  Her eyes never left my head.  She wasn’t going to miss any of this.

Helen surprised me with the hot lather on my neck.  I had been looking at Vicky and hadn’t noticed her get the lather.  This sent a shiver down my spine.  She slowly razored my neck smooth and wiped the excess lather off my ears.  She slowly turned me around to face the mirror.

Man, did I ever just get a haircut.  I recognized the guy staring back at me but I didn’t have much hair left.  Last month when I had gone from a couple inches down to a number 3 it was a big change but the difference this time seemed to be almost as much.  The number 1 had really done its job.  I did have some hair left but not much.  The sides had been tapered; actually I would say it was a fade.  It was cut to the skin at my ears and gradually increased to the number 1 about an inch above my ears.

Helen brought the hand mirror out and showed me the back.  I had nothing left.  The number 1 really removed most of the hair.  I could clearly see my scalp all the way up to the crown.  The taper was even longer in back.  It went up about 3″.  I pulled my hand out from under the cape and began to rub the back of my head.  Boy was it short.  It felt bristly all the way up, well except for the tapered area.  That felt smooth.  Once the shock was over I did like the feel.  There sure wasn’t much hair left.  I just kept rubbing my head.  There isn’t anything like rubbing a fresh clipper cut feeling the bristly short hairs under your fingers.  The top had been cut down to about a half inch.  

Helen asked.  “Is this what you had in mind?”

“Absolutely!”  Said Vicky from the cheap seats.

“It is very short but I sure do like the way it feels.” I said as I continued to rub it.

Helen removed the cape and I stepped down from the chair.  Vicky met me half way and reached up to rub my head.  She was beaming.  After a couple of seconds of rubbing she leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.  My thanks for letting her watch my haircut I guess.  I was in heaven.

She stepped back and asked “Do we have time or do you need to get back to work?”

e for what?”

“Since we are here I was thinking of having Helen give me a haircut.”

“We definitely have time for that.  Are you serious?”

“Absolutely.”  She said as she climbed into Helen’s chair.

Helen immediately put the tissue and cape on Vicky and I decided I had better sit down before my knees gave way.

“Well, what’ll it be for you today?”  Helen asked.

“I want it short.  I have been getting it cut shorter and shorter over the last few months.  I have never had my hair cut with clippers before and I want it tapered more in back and over my ears.”

“It sounds like you want what we call a little boys cut.  The top is cut down to about an inch and the back and sides are tapered from the top down to nothing at the hairline.  It would definitely be shorter than your current style I must warn you.”

“That’s exactly what I want.  Please give me a little boys cut.”

I was in heaven but felt I had to make sure Vicky was sure about what she was doing and not just caught up in the moment.  “Vicky, are you sure about this?  I mean you look great with short hair but make sure this is really what you want.”

“I’m sure.  Watching you get clipped convinced me.  Besides, if I don’t like it, it will grow back.”

“Okay, I just wanted to check.  To Helen I said.  “Make it a good one.”  She said. “I intend to.”  And with that Helen went to the counter and picked up her clippers and attached the number 3 guide.

Vicky was still smiling as Helen pushed her head forward and clicked on the clippers.  From where I sat I could not see the clippers actually remove Vicky’s hair but it didn’t take long before a saw a clump of red hair float to the floor behind the chair.  Every few seconds I could see another clump of hair float to the floor.  I was surprised; there was actually a lot of red hair lying on the floor on top of what had been clipped from my head.

When Helen moved to the left side I got to see the clippers at work.  They started just behind Vicky’s ear and ran almost to the top.  In their wake was a 2″ strip of very short red hair that laid flat against Vicky’s head.  As I was admiring my first look Helen made her second pass around the ear.  Very little hair was left.  Before I knew it she had finished the right side and was working on the left side.  With quick even strokes Helen removed the bulk of Vicky’s hair.  She was cutting off pieces from about an inch long to 2 inches long towards the top.  What was left looked fantastic.  Vicky’s lap was now full of her shorn red hair.  She was playing with it while Helen kept cutting.  She never quit smiling as she was being shorn.

When Helen had finished the sides she grabbed her scissors and started cutting the top down to about an inch long.  She again grabbed the clippers and a comb and slowly blended the top with the sides so that when she was finished there was a nice smooth transition from the short sides to the longer top.

At this point she turned the around to face the mirror.  “I just want to make sure before I take the next step that you want me to taper the back and sides shorter.”

Vicky looked at herself in the mirror turning her head from side to side.  She pulled her hand out from under the cape and rubbed her new haircut.  After a moment she said.  “I really like the cut so far.  Do you think the taper will look good on me?”

“I do.  You hair grows downward which is best for tapered cuts.  I wish my hair grew that way so I could cut mine like this.”  Helen said.

“Okay, finish it up then.”  With that Helen picked up a small pair of clippers and a comb.  She pushed Vicky’s head forward and began to taper her nape.  She took her time and slowly worked her way around to the right side.  When she finished she moved around to the left side.  She had tapered Vicky’s hair around her ear to almost nothing.  Not as short as mine but very short.  She had left a little wispy sideburn that came to a small point.  When she was through with the tapering she asked if Vicky wanted her to shave her neck.  She looked at me and I just nodded my head yes.

I wandered if she was ready to see what Helen had done.  The taper made a difference.  She now had an edgy almost manly look.  I loved it.  Vicky had just been given my fantasy haircut in a barbershop.  I couldn’t wait to feel it.

Helen finished her shaving and wiped the excess lather from Vicky’s neck.  She grabbed the chair and turned it around so Vicky could get a look at her new clipper cut.  Vicky’s hand immediately went to the back of her head and began to rub it over and over.  She never lost that smile.  You could tell she liked it.  “Well what do you think?”  She asked staring at me in the mirror.

I didn’t answer right away.  I got up and walked up to the back of the chair and with one finger I slowly ran it up the back of her head, through the tapered section all the way up to the top.  I felt the shiver run through her body.  “I love it.  I have always wanted to watch a woman get her haircut in a barbershop.  Thank you for doing it.”

“My pleasure.  I have never enjoyed getting my haircut as much as today.  Helen I love this haircut, you did a fantastic job.”

“Your welcome.  I always like to please my customers.”

We paid Helen for the haircuts and as we were walking out the door we each had our hands on the back of the others head rubbing away.  It was very obvious that we were attracted to each other and we had just shared a very important event for both of us.  In the car Vicky suggested we go to my hotel and spend the afternoon together.  We stayed there all afternoon.  Needless to say, my trips to Atlanta have increased quite a bit since then.  Vicky and I are very happy together and enjoy our visits to see Helen every month.


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