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It was the first hot summer day in the New Jersey suburbs. I had been doing some chores around the house for mom and I had really worked up a sweat. I was really glad that 5th grade was over and I would have the summer to do whatever I wanted with my friends. I was what you would call the “the popular kid” in my school. Guys and girls looked up to me and tried to emulate my style. I was preppy but had pretty shaggy hair a little bit past my shoulders. Year after year my mother would tell me how angry my father would be with that “mop on your head” if he was still around. I basically just ignored her and told her when the time comes I will get it cut…but it wont be anytime soon.
A few weeks went by and the weather just seemed to get hotter and hotter. I was pretty much at my breaking point with all of my sport activities and the chores that mom made me do around the house. I was visibly so sweaty that mom said “Listen Billy It’s really time we had that hair cut.” I tried to ignore her but she said it once again” I’m not kidding your going to get your hair cut tomorrow morning down at Linda’s barbershop.” Knowing that mom had made plenty of empty threats before I just took this as another one. I went about my business for the day and then got settled in bed at night. Mom came in and said “first thing tomorrow morning we are headed to the barber so don’t be late getting up.” The tone in her voice made  me know that she wasn’t kidding this time. With a tingle in my stomach I said “okay mom, but just a trim.” She replied “I will tell Linda what to do with that mop of yours when we get there.”
Morning came in a flash and I woke up in  a near panic. I didn’t know if what mom said the night before was a dream or reality. Before I could even get out of bed mom came in and handed me a pair of gym shorts and an old T-shirt and said “put these old clothes I don’t want to ruin any of your newer clothes with the hair.” I was concerned with why it would matter…who really cares if I get a few stray hairs on my clothes? I put my clothes and met mom downstairs. We hopped in the family car and mom had a pretty stern look on her face. Almost like she was fed up with me. I asked if she was okay and she said she was “doing just fine…dot you worry.”
My stomach was in knots at this point as we turned onto Main Street. I saw the barber pole spinning and knew that I was really going to get my hair cut today. What would the kids at school think? What are the girls going to think? Everyone envied my longer hair. We got out of the car and headed towards the front door of the barbershop. Upon entering there wasn’t a soul in the place other then Linda {an older barber in her late 50’s,very large breasts but you still could see them through her barber coat}. I looked at my surroundings..there were several waiting chairs and just one large red barberchair with a leather strop attached to it and silver footrest on the chair.
Linda greeted my mom with a “hello, what can I do for you today?” Mom said “Billy get in the chair and let Linda take care of you.” As I hopped up into the chair my mother turned the chair away from the mirror. I got really scared but I was in shock so I didn’t say anything. “Linda I want you to just take it all and give my son a baldy.” “Oh sure that’s great for summer. How about a number 2 buzz?”  “No Linda I really mean take it all off. Give him a full baldy. Make it baby’s butt smooth.” “Oh my!’ Linda said, ” Guess were gonna have ourselves a full cape of hair” My mom looked at me and said “sit still and dont move and inch”. Linda walked over to the counter and picked up a very large hair clipper and asked my mom again” are you sure?” My mom said “absolutely, i want my son to get a nice baldy for summer “. At the moment the hair clippers turned on and felt a hand firmly on my head. Just then i felt the clippers plow right down the middle of my head. Huge tufts of hair fell on the cape and onto the floor. I looked over at my mother and she was smirking almost as if she was trying to humiliate me by doing this to me. Linda kept plowing the clippers through my hair until my lap was fully covered in hair. My mom walked over to the chair and turned it to face the mirror. She said ” what do you think of your look now hun?” I said “mom if it pleases you I guess it is okay with me.” She giggled out loud and said “I cant wait to hear what the kids say at school”.. “youre not done right Linda?” “No of course not” she said. She picked up a straight razor off of the counter and started to strop the razor up and down …continuing for what seemed to be minutes….”oh yea” she said” now thats nice and sharp”..Your boy is going to be as smooth as a baby when Im done. She put a very warm,wet towel on my head which felt really nice. After that she removed it and started to spread warm shaving cream on it until my head was covered in the white foam. At that point my mom sat in one of the waiting chairs and just smiled ear to ear. “Take it all off Linda,dont miss a spot!” my mom yelled..almost as if she was aroused to see my foam covered head. “Here it comes baby, sit still. Im gonna shave ya bald honey”. I sat as still as i could as the razor started scraping against my head..I looked in the mirror to see a white patch on my scalp where the razor had just removed the hair. I was humiliated looking at myself in the mirror..my face was tan but my head was becoming paler and whiter by the second. “You’re going to love it maam I dont think Ive ever made a head this smooth before. Do you want to come over and rub some oil on your fresh shaven son’s bald head?” “Indeed I do Linda”. Mom came over as Linda poured oil into her hands. My mother started to rub my scalp until my head was completely shining. She looked at me and said ” I feel bad for you honey, your friends are going to make fun of you.” Linda agreed that I would definitely be hearing some comments. Although I do think he looks like a man now. My mom commented that “he is a man in more ways then one”. Linda take that cape off and lets see how much of a man he is”. “By all means” she said as she removed my cape. From the pant leg of my shorts they both gazed at the long bulge. Linda said “oh my God Ive never seen such a bulge” . My mom said we will be back in just a few days. Next time i want a full shave. I want his head bald and his enormous package shaved bald as well.” Linda said ” I can handle that and I will. If he is over 9″ the shave is free. My mom said be prepared for a free shave Linda. Great see you on Wednesday morning. We walked out of the barbershop and Linda gave me a swift smack on my butt and my mom did the same.   The end.

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