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I met Rachel in a traffic jam. It was the luckiest day of my life. What happened after that was magic.
   The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. When I opened my eyes there stood Rachel in my T-shirt holding a cup of coffee. I said,”MMMM, that sure looks good.”
   She replied,”The coffee?”
   No. I was refering to you. You look beautiful standing there in my shirt.
   Oh, I must look a fright with no makeup and my curls all askew.
   I said,”Rachel, come over here.” She walked over, climbed on the bed, and straddled me with her legs. I said,”I can tell that you have no panties on.” she smiled and covered my face with those wonderful curls while giving me a passonate good morning kiss. I ran my fingers through her curls watching them spring back as they passed through my fingertips. Needless to say we both were becoming quite arroused. I put my hand between her legs to feel her newly shaven mound. She also had her hands between my legs caressing me.
   Rachel said,”Well, by the looks of things I’d say that you’re good to go. Go for it big boy!”
  With that I lifted her up and lowered her down on my rock hard member. I lifted her up and down as I watched her beautiful, blond curls bounce in the light. I lifted her off and laid her down. I rolled over and began kissing her. I started at her ankles, then her knees, and as I approached her treasure she moaned with arrousal. I whispered in her ear,”Not yet my dear.” I moved on to her belly button, then spent some quality time on her perfect boobs. They were so firm and I gently put her nipples between my teeth. This really excited her. Finally I moved to those tasty lips. At this point I spread those shapely legs apart. As I entered her, she closed her eyes, arched her back, and let out a deep breath. After some time I pulled out and rolled over next to her.
   Rachel said ,”I can’t believe it, but it gets better every time.”
  I said,”I hate to stop here, but I have a mother and daughter coming in for hair cuts in a little while.”
   She replied,”Do you have time to style my hair before they get here? Could you give me a different look today.”
   Sure. Go wash your hair and I’ll meet you downstairs. She jumped up and ran to the shower. I went down to get things ready. She came down with her hair still wet, wearing only panties and a bra.
   With a smile on my face I said,”How in the hell can I concentrate when you look so great.”
   She smiled and jumped in the chair.She said,”I’m ready, do your magic.”
   I pulled out the hot rollers and began to section and roll up her hair. She loved the comb running through her hair and the pull as I rolled her hair against her head.  When her hair was dry I removed the rollers. She watched intently as her hair was transformed into a mass of lovely waves. I ran my fingers through her new waves to her delight.
   Rachel commented,”This style is great. It looks so sexy. To bad you’re busy or you could take me again right here.”
   I replied,”You had to say that didn’t you.”
   She laughed and asked if she could stay and watch the haircuts today.
  I told her that would be fine. Presently the door opened and two women entered.
  “High my name is Susan and this is my 16 year old daughter Beth. We are her for summer cuts!”
   “Come on in ladies, my name is Jim and this is Rachel. Well who is going first?”
   Beth advanced and said,”I’ll go first.”
   I asked her what kind of haircut they wanted.
   Beth replied,”We just moved down here a few weeks ago and can’t tolerate the heat and humidity. We lived in a much cooler climate before. We love the water and this long hair is to much bother. So go ahead and cut it very short.”
   With that Rachels eyes opened wide and she sat down to watch the show.
   Beth got in the chair and I caped her. Her hair was piled on top of her head. I removed the pins and it tumbled down the back of the chair almost to the floor.
   She said,”I haven’t cut my hair for 8 years, but I’m ready to go short.”
   I gathered her hair in a high ponytail and banded it. She had thick, honey brown hair. I picked up the clippers and her eyes widened. I turned them on and as I approached she bit her lip and closed her eyes. I grabbed her pony and the clippers severed it from her head in seconds. She opened her eyes to see me holding her 3 foot pony in my hand. Her eyes lit up. Her hair was now about chin length. I took the clippers and buzzed the hair around her ears. Beth watched as her hair was removed and fell to the floor. I layered the back to about a 2 inch length. Finally I pulled her front hair down and cut bangs at eyebrow length and blended her bangs with the hair on the side of her head. When see saw the finished product she smiled and jumped out of the chair.
   She said,”I love it. What do you think mom?”
  Susan replied,”I think you look beautiful Beth. Now get out of the way because I can’t wait to get mine cut off.” Susan jumped in the chair and said,”Okay Jim, let’s get started.”
   Susan had her hair in a massive bun. When I removed the clips it was as long as Beth’s. I asked her how she wanted hers cut.
   Susan replied,”Shorter than Beth’s.”
   I remarked,”You can’t get much shorter without buzzing it.” There was a twinkle in her eye and she just notted her head. Rachel was really excited now. I gathered Susan’s hair in a high pony. I took the clippers and without hesitation, clipped it off at the crown. She simply smiled with approval. I combed the hair in front of her ears ahead. I took the clippers and buzzed the entire back to a half inch length. I pulled the front down and cut bangs and short layers at the side similar to her daughter. When I finished she looked in the mirror, but there was no smile. I said,”Susan, is it to short?”
   To my surprise Susan replied,”It’s still to long. Get rid of the bangs.”
   Now Rachel was about to wet herself. I picked up the clippers one more time. I placed them on Susan’s forehead and she watched as her remaining hair slid down her face. I clipped her entire head to a half inch buzz cut. When I finished she looked in the mirror and smiled.  She said to Beth,”How do you like it and what do you think your father will say?”
   Beth replied,”Damn mom you look hot and I think dad will love it!”
   Susan said with a smile,”Beth I don’t like that language, but you’re right. I do look hot! Thanks alot Jim. We both love our haircuts.”
   She got up, paid me, and they walked out the door. I was sweeping up all the hair I just cut off and shook my head and said,”You just never know what people want to do.” There was no reply from Rachel and I looked up to she her sitting in the chair. She just smiled at me and I said,”Here we go again!”

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