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Rita was working in the salon inside the local Walmart when she saw a young lady come sign in and sit down. Rita took a moment and went and looked to see if it was the girls name. It was Nancy and she knew her as she worked at her daughters school. She motioned to the other stylist the she wanted to do Nancy. Now Nancy was a young girl about 21 years old with light chocolate brown hair that was a bit past mid-back length.  The problem was Nancy had no sense of style. Rita had seen her only wear it up in a simple twist like it was today or down in a simple ponytail.  Nancy was wasting her beautiful hair and Rita knew there was only one solution.

Rita finished up her customer and called Nancy’s name. Since the two had never had direct contact at the school they really didn’t know each other. Rita introduced herself as Nancy sat down and while putting the cape on her Rita asked ” What shall we do today?” Nancy replied ” I want to go shorter.”  Rita jumped in before Nancy could finish the sentence. ” You want a short haircut. I think that is a Great Decision! Let’s not waste any time.” Now, Rita new Nancy was also very quiet and shy meaning she wouldn’t object to what was about to happen. Rita combed back Nancy’s long soft brown hair into a tight ponytail at the base of Nancy’s head. She secured it tightly with a rubber band. ” No use washing hair you won’t have so let’s cut the bulk off first.”  Rita grabbed the oyster clippers  and Nancy heard a click and then a buzzing sound. Rita pushed Nancy’s petite head forward and the clippers quickly chewed through the thick ponytail. Quicker than little Nancy could contemplate a 15 inch ponytail was removed from Nancy’s head. It was too late for Nancy to tell Rita she had only wanted her hair cut a few inches shorter. Now, there was no hair touching her shoulders as Rita lead her to the shampoo station. Rita leaned Nancy back into the shampoo sink and gave her a good shampoo and conditioning. ” Your going to love the new short style I have in mind for you. It will bring out your facial features and be easy to style. You won’t have to fuzz with it in the morning like you did with all that long hair. ” Rita towel dried Nancy’s head and led her back to the styling chair. She sectioned off Nancy’s hair and starting at the back she cut the hair down to less than an inch. Nancy felt the scissors cutting close to her head and could only hope for the best. Rita took the top loose and cut it down to a three inch length.  Nancy sat their quietly as she watched locks of hair long and short tumble to the cape and then onto the floor. Rita was cutting Nancy’s hair shorter than she had ever had it. Nancy’s hair was now drying out and Rita took the clippers in hand again She shaved Nancy’s neck smooth and removed any side burn hair hanging loose. Then Rita put a number 3 guide on the clippers and worked up the back of Nancy’s head till it blended in with what had previously been styled. More brown hair tumbled to the floor. Rita took a blowdryer to what was left of Nancy’s hair. She then took a curling iron and curled the short top hair.  She turned Nancy to the mirror so she could see what she was doing and then brushed the soft short brown hair out into shape. Rita spoke” Nancy, you now have style which is what you didn’t have before today. Notice without all that long hair your features stand out.” Nancy looked in the mirror and into the hand mirror that Rita had given her. Her hands reached up and ran through her short hair and she felt her shaven neck. Her hair that had reached below her bra an hour ago now exposed her neck and ears. Once she got over her initial shock she agreed that she looked great.

The other stylist came over and praised Nancy’s new look as they had seen the long ponytail being cut off. They spoke how cute Nancy now looked. Rita finished up and then gave Nancy a card with her name on it. ” Give this to anyone who asks where you got your hair done. I’d love to do any of your coworkers or friends.” Nancy replied ” You did a real nice job. You gave me a haircut I didn’t expect but I agree looks nice on me.” She went to pay the cashier as Rita went about cleaning up the brown hair from the floor. She felt plastic hair clips in her purse and  tossed them in the trash can on her way out. Her long hair days were over for now.

The next day at work Nancy was the center of attention. She was very popular.  She got lots of compliments and it was if she had been invisible before to people. One lady Shirley who worked in the next building was very interested. She wanted to know everything about Nancy’s haircut. Nancy gave Shirley Rita’s referral card and put her name on the front. Shirley had real long hair that she had worn that way for many years. Change was not in her future or was it?

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