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It was Friday morning at the local Walmart styling salon and Rita was waiting for her 9:30am appointment whose name was Shirley. Close to 9:30am in walked a lady in her 40’s with dark brown hair that was tied up and back into a thick bun. She signs in and says she has an appointment with Rita. The receptionist calls Rita and Rita takes Shirley back to her station and sits her down puts a silver cape around her. ” What can I do for you today?” Shirley reaches into her pocket and pulls out on of Rita’s business cards and speaks ” Nancy, a girl whose hair you cut gave me this card. I’m hoping you can cut my hair short like hers.”  Rita looks at Shirley ” You mean Nancy from the school who use to have long dark hair.” ” Yes, I work in the next building and I really liked her new haircut.” ” Well, lets see what we have to work with by letting down your hair.”

Rita undid the thick dark brown bun and down the hair tumbled till almost reached the floor. It was thick, soft, and shiny in great condition. Rita knew that it must reach past Shirley’s waist. She combed it out and thought of ” Hair Extensions”. She had a customer who came to mind that would pay good money for them. ” Are you sure you want me to cut your lovely hair off?” asked Rita. ” Oh, yes, after seeing Nancy’s new look and after 12 years I’ve decided it is time to make a change.” Ok, lets do it says Rita as she leads Shirley to the shampoo sink. She wants the hair good and clean for the extensions. Shirley’s massive hair fills up the sink as Rita works the shampoo and conditioner through it. ” I’m going to cut your hair into a nice short and sassy style with neck area cut short. You’ll look great just like Nancy did.” Rita says to a comfortable Shirley with her head in the sink.

Rita returns Shirley to the styling chair and combs out her soft wet brown hair into five separate ponytails which are tied off near the bottom of Shirley’s ears. She then takes a tape and measures one of the tails. The length averages between 22 and 25 inches which will be just right to sell and use as extensions. Rita then ask Shirley if she is ready and she nods yes which means it is ok for Rita to take her sharp shiny scissors and when the snip, snip, sniping sound is heard it means a long ponytail of brown hair is being severed from it’s long time home. She carefully lays the hair aside on the towel on the counter. Snip, snip, snip is the only sound heard as Shirley’s long mane of brown is removed. Rita then sections Shirley’s remaining hair and gets down to creating the new look. Locks of hair long and short tumble down to the floor. Shirley’s head is pushed forward and backward and from side to side as Rita confidently creates a new sassy look for Shirley. A neck that was covered is now shaved clean of hair and ears that were covered are now uncovered. Short bangs are given to cover the forehead. The back of Shirley’s head that was once the base of butt length hair is now reduced to less than an inch as clippers roar through the area creating a soft fuzzy feeling base. What had taken years to grow out is now removed with a vigor in a matter of minutes. Clippers go over combs and scissors finish up the style as the blow-dryer is turned on and the now short hair is shaped into style. Rita hands Shirley a mirror and as she brushes the last bit of hair off the cape as ” Well, what do you think?’ Shirley looks and feels her shorn head. She turns her head from side to side. ” Well, for one it is a whole lot lighter to the feel with all that long hair gone. Now, that I see it in this short style I wish I had gotten it cut earlier. It will take a day or two to adjust to it but Rita you did a fine job just like you did on Nancy. Thank You.!” Rita reaches over and hands Shirley a referral card just like the one she gave Nancy. Shirley gives her a nice tip and leaves.

One of the other stylist comes over and speaks to Rita.” You sure gave that a major haircut.”

“Yes, and she came in off of a referral. Not only that but I now have free extensions to sell to one of my other customers for big bucks as she picks up one of the severed ponytails.” The other stylist just smiles at Rita ” Boy, I wish I could get a good referral like that today.”

” Well, now that I’ve made two people happy I guess it is time for coffee and see what else today brings as it is only 10:30am. I’m off to a great day.” says Rita as she heads to the break area.

The End.

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