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The first time he heard about her was when he overheard two girls at a nearby desk, in the large open plan office in which he worked, discussing her.  “Have you seen the new girl that has started in Accounts?”  This department occupied the floor below the office in which Bob worked.  The other girl nodded and said enviously, “Yes, isn’t her hair gorgeous. It’s so long and thick yet it is in beautiful condition and I love the plait.”  The other girl sighed and said, “I think she has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen”
Bob felt his excitement rising just hearing the girls talk about the new girl and could hardly wait to see her himself.  He was fascinated by female hair and by long hair in particular although he also appreciated well-cut hair of any length.

He was very busy that afternoon and had no time to think any further of the new girl but made a mental note to find an excuse soon to visit the Accounts department.  As it happened he had no need to do that for the next morning, when he was waiting for the lift up to his office that was on the 4th floor, a girl came and stood alongside him.  He glanced at her and his stomach gave a little lurch and he almost gasped as he saw her hair.  Silken dark chestnut in colour, it was swept smoothly back from her face and then simply held on the crown with some sort of barrette and then it cascaded heavily down her back to reach her waist.  It was wonderful healthy vibrant sweet smelling hair and Robert knew that although the hair was not in the plait that had been mentioned, this had to be the girl he had heard described.  The lift was very crowded and he stood at the back and the girl with the hair stood in front of him.  As the lift filled up she was almost pushing up against him and he could not resist surreptitiously reaching out and gently touching the lovely long hair with the ends of his fingers. (How many readers have also done this sort of thing!) Of course in the crowded lift she was not aware if him deliberately smoothing the silken hair and his fingers thrilled to the touch.

His certainty that it was the girl in question was confirmed when she left the lift at the 3rd floor and he watched the lovely fall of hair gently swaying as she walked away and the lift doors closed.  All morning he could think of nothing else except the girl and her magnificent hair.  How wonderful it would be to see that wonderful hair every day, to brush and stroke it or to watch her arranging her hair.  He knew he would have to visit the accounts section on some pretexts or other, in order to see more of the girl and perhaps have the chance to get to know her.  Unfortunately the amount of work he had meant that by the time he was able to get away from his desk a lot of people were already leaving for the day but he swiftly walked down the stairs in case she also may be a little late leaving and he would have an opportunity to see her wonderful hair again and possibly talk to her.  When he reached the floor though it was looking quite deserted and then right across the room sitting at her desk was the girl, and she had a hairbrush in her hand and was drawing it through her beautiful long silken tresses.  She had freed it from the barrette and she had her head on one side and was pulling the brush through her hair with long gentle strokes.  For a lot of men this is one of the most erotic scenes they could witness and Robert was no exception. (If you are male and reading this you probably agree!)

He watched spellbound as she now put the brush down, brought her great sheaf of hair forward over her shoulder, and with rapid fingers began arranging her hair in a simple plait.  The plait grew quickly under her practiced fingers and she had almost completed it when she looked up and noticed Robert.  He pretended that he had just arrived and walked towards her with a smile. “I am sorry,” said the girl, “I think you have missed everybody, I am the last one here and as you can see I was just tidying my hair before leaving myself”  “Oh, it doesn’t matter, I just wanted to check a file.  You carry on.”  She smiled at him and continued fashioning her plait, which only took a few more seconds and she finished it off with a small simple white bow and then casually tossed the heavy vibrant arrangement back over her shoulder.  He was still hovering near her desk and said, “Your hair looks wonderful.”  She smiled her thanks at the compliment and then he said impulsively, “Would you like to come for a drink with me?”  To his great disappointment she said, “Oh I am sorry I can’t tonight, I have an appointment.” Then to his immense delight she added, “What about tomorrow night?”

He quickly agreed with her that he would meet her in her office at about 5.30 and also established her name was Ann.  She gathered up her things from her desk, smiled at him and said, “Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Sorry I must dash but I mustn’t be late for my appointment.”  He watched her as she left, the great silky-smooth rope of hair swinging gently down her back to reach her waist.  It was almost as thick as his wrist at the base of her slim white neck and then very gradually tapered as it reached the end.  It was perfectly fashioned with complete uniformity and not a stray hair to be seen.  He could hardly believe that tomorrow night he would have the opportunity to feast his eyes on her beautiful hair for much longer and hopefully on subsequent occasions he may well have the chance to see her hair loose again.  He left the office feeling more elated than he could remember and knew that he would be counting the hours until he would see her again.  

Just about the same time that Robert was leaving the building Ann pushed open the door of the salon to keep her appointment.

The Office -1
The Office 2 

The next day in the office Robert was really busy but he still had on his mind the forthcoming date with Ann and was really looking forward to seeing her again.  During the middle of the afternoon he realised that he was not going to be able to finish the work he had to do and meet her in her office at the arranged time.  He picked up the phone and rang her extension and explained he would be about half an hour later than agreed.  She said it was not a problem and perhaps by the time she was ready she might come up to his office and wait for him there.  Then to his delight she added, “I am looking forward to seeing you.”  By 5.45 he was still working hard at his desk, everyone else seemed to have gone and he hoped to be ready to meet Ann in about another 10 minutes.  A few minutes later he realised someone was approaching across the office and glanced up e
xpecting it to be Ann, but then at first not recognising the girl that was approaching.  Then with a sickening lurch in his stomach, he realised it was her but her gorgeous long hair was gone!

The Office 3

Her hair was now cut quite short in a sleek face framing bob.  The texture and shine of her hair and the beautiful shape of the haircut now made her look even more stunning. The initial shock and great disappointment he had experienced was now replaced by admiration for her sensational new appearance and when she slightly turned her head to the side he was thrilled to see that her hair was cropped tightly at the back.  Oh he loved cropped napes!   He stood up and she stood smiling at him and said, “Well, I hope you like my new image.”  She brought a slim white hand up and stroked her cropped nape and added, “It still feels very strange but I love it.”  “Oh, so do I,” he exclaimed enthusiastically, “You look fantastic!  I must admit it was a shock at first, I hardly recognised you without all your long hair.”  He moved closer and could hardly resist the temptation to move his hand up to touch the very short hair at the back of her head.  “Oh, I am pleased you like it, most of the men that have commented on it seem horrified that I have had my long hair cut off.”  Once again she stroked the back of her slim white neck, smoothing the cropped hair and as she saw how closely he was watching she gave him a little smile and then to his surprise and delight she caught hold of his hand and lifted it up to her nape and said. “See how soft it feels.”  His fingers felt as though they had been given an electric shock as they touched the cropped hair and he felt her head push slightly against his fingers as he gently stroked the back of her neck.  He felt her body give a little shudder before she moved away from him and gave her beautifully shaped hair a little toss and then said, “Do you really like my hair like this or would you have preferred me not to have cut it?”

He paused and then said, “Well, I only saw you briefly with long hair and it looked sensational and perhaps I would have liked to have seen more of it but you do look great with it short as well.”  She gave him a pleased smile and then he said, “Come on, let’s go and have a drink and I want to hear all about your haircut and why you decided to do it.”  Ten minutes later he was listening enthralled as she recounted her experience.  Although her long hair was much admired, she found that it required a great deal of looking after and also she had recently been thinking that it was perhaps time that she had a different image.  Changing jobs had been the prompt for her to decide to change her image although she felt very nervous about having her hair cut and had no idea what sort of style to have.  She had finally plucked up courage to make an appointment at a very expensive salon and that was the appointment she was keeping yesterday evening when Robert had met her in her office.  On hearing this he breathed a mental sigh of relief that at least he had been fortunate to see her long hair in all its glory just before it had been cut off.

At the salon Ann had explained to the male stylist that she was ready for a change and had meekly surrendered her hair to him.  Almost before she realised what was happening her head had been pushed forward and his scissors were cutting off her long plait of hair at the nape of her neck.  She had been shocked that so much of her long hair had been removed so swiftly but then realised that she was completely in his hands.  After her now short hair had been shampooed he had spent 45 minutes creating the beautiful shape her hair now was and she had been stunned but delighted with her new appearance when she left the salon.  She smiled at him at this stage and said, “He said that it would need another cut in about 6 weeks and he would like to use clippers at the nape and cut my hair really short there.  It feels short already but I think it would be quite exciting to have my hair really cropped at the back. Do you think I should?  There was only one answer that Robert could give and he knew that he wanted to be there and watch it happen as well!


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