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I opened the door and saw myself confronted with a young woman with a pretty face, blue eyes and a blonde ponytail. She looked at me with a shy smile.

“Hi, I’m Gwenn…….err……..I should present myself at this address…..but I’m not sure if I am at the right place.”

She showed me a card: High Road 146.

“Well, that’s correct. Why do you doubt?”

“Err…you know, I was told that I had to come here for a haircut.”

A suspicion hit me. Was someone playing tricks on me? Someone who knew about my hairfetish?

“I’m not a hairstylist.”

“No….”The girl looked at me self-consciously, “You see,I had expected to find a barbershop.”

I’m not a barber either but I didn’t tell her. Instead I asked her: “Why should you go to barbershop for a haircut?”

I saw that the question confused her. Hesitating she began:  ”Err…..it is somewhat difficult to explain…..”

I interrupted her: “Won’t you come in? You can explain things and we’ll see if I can help you.”

She hesitated for a moment, then said: “Okay.”

I ushered her into my study and we sat down.

“It is quite a story,” she started, “but let me cut it short. With some friends we played a game yesterday, called truth or dare. Maybe you know how the rules are?”she asked hopefully.

“Yes, I know.”

“I was asked a question which I didn’t want to answer. So I got an assignment stating that I had to present myself at this adress today at 11 o’clock to get a haircut.”

The situation began to awaken my interest.

“I don’t know who your friends are but apparently they or one of them knows that I am an occasianal amateur barber. So that is the clue.”

Gwenn sighed relieved: “Well, that is solved then.”

“So the question arises: what do you want me to do?”

“I hope you can tell me. I never visited a barbershop. I should get a barber’s haircut.”

“Barbers have female clients too. Didn’t they gave you more specified instructions?”

“No, but it is clear that it should be more than a mere trim.”

“So I assume that they expect a fairly short cut.”

I stood up and put myself behind her. I took off the ribbon that kept her hair in a ponytail and let it fall loose; her locks cascaded across her shoulderblades.

“Hmmm, I think that we should cut off at least eight inches.”

Startled Gwenn looked up at me: “Oh no, that is more than a year’s growth!”

 ”Yeah, I’m sorry but what am I to do then?” Suddenly I got an idea: “A mooncut!”

Puzzled Gwenn looked up at me: “A mooncut? How is that?”

“Probably you have never heard of the period about ten years ago when in the disco’s the rave and house music had gained a big popularity, chiefly consisting of a droning beat. It went hand in hand with sportswear and shaven heads of the boys. The girls braided their long hair but shaved the back and sided of their heads bald. This hairstyle was called the mooncut.”

Gwenn looked horrified and stammered: “S..sh..shaven? Oh, my god!”

“Relax Gwenn.When you braid your hair the shaven areas will be visible but when you wear it loose it covers them. Comewith me, I’ll show you.”

I took her to my “special cabin”. The chief curiosity here is an oldfashioned barberchair in the centre surrounded by all the necessary tools. But no mirror in front of the chair. I made her sit down and told her that I would draw a horizontal part from the top of her left ear to the top of the right one. After I had done this I threw a cape across her shoulders and fixed it at her nape.

“All of your hair on top remains intact, so don’t worry.”

Gwenn looked uneasy but didn’t say anything.

I started to part her hair; in fact I made the part  a good inch above the top of her ears and across her occipital bone. I pinned up her hair above the part and told her that I would start with cutting off the hair hanging down.

“Do you agree?”

Clearly Gwenn was anxious but she nodded her consent: “I know that I have to sacrifice a lot of hair.”

Nevertheless she started to cry when the first strands of her hair fell down. I had to stop and console her.

“I’m sorry,” Gwenn sobbed, “I can’t help it. Please, go ahead, I trust you.”

I did. I cut strand after strand as short as possible, first the back of her head, then the sides. Her perfect little ears were set free. When I flicked on the switch of my clippers she jumped and I had to reassure her. I let the humming machine rest at her nape for a short moment to let her feel its vibrations before slowly moving it up to the part. Feeling the eager teeth nibbling at her hair Gwenn began to relax, after some time even a smile appeared on her face. I folded one ear to remove the hair around it, then the other. Soon there was only bare skin to see below the part. Because she was so blonde the roots were not visible; only very short stubble could be felt when my fingers stroke the exposed area. Gwenn shivered when I did.

I covered the whole denuded area with shaving foam, then removed foam and stubble with my razor.

Gwenn began to moan, her repiration rate increased and I was certain that her pulse quickened too.  

“Mmmm…oh, that feels so good!”

She began to writhe and I had to warn her that she should sit still. I knew that she got aroused.
I lathered and shaved her again, making sure that the area was absolutely smooth. I wiped it clean and unpinned her hair on top. I took off the cape and made Gwenn rise and walk to a mirror.

“You see, no change, but now I gather your hair into a ponytail and voila, the shaven sides and back are exposed.”

Gwenn looked and gasped. She raised her hands and rubbed the denuded part of her head.

Suddenly she turned, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me full on my mouth. Surprised I didn’t know what to do but instantly she pulled back and looked down, ashamed and embarrassed.

“I am sorry, I don’t know why I did it. Will you forgive me, please?”

“Never mind,” I said, “I must inform you that to achieve a real mooncut you should braid your hair. If you do and show the result to your friends it will be obvious that you have had a real haircut.”

“I’ll ask my roommate to help me.”

I let her hair loose and it fell down across her shoulders. Gwenn took a brush and started brushing her locks.

“Thank you so much,” she said, “You have been a great help. What do I owe you?”

“Nothing, it has been my pleasure to help you out.”

Really relieved she said good- bye.

Next day my friend Ray Tumant called me.

“I felt sorry for that girl,” he said, ” She pulled the card indicating her to get a haircut at a barbershop but I didn’t like to do this to her, all those guys gnawing at her.  Then I thought of you and gave her your adress. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.”

“Well, you know how much I like those affairs. I have to thank you for giving me this opportumity.”

That would be all. The end of the affair, I thought.


But about a week later Gwenn called me.

“I hardly have the guts to ask you but my hair has grown back to a short stubble. If it doesn’t trouble you would it be possible for me to come for another shave?”

I told her that I would be pleased to receive her and she said that she could join me at eight o’clock that evening.

“That’s fine to me,” I said.

Again I noticed that she got aroused when I shaved off the stubble. When I had nearly finished the back she asked me: “You like shaving my head, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I cannot deny it. But as I’ve noticed you are enjoying it too, am I right?”

Gwenn blushed. “Why do you think I’m here again?” was her response.

”Listen, Gwenn, what
do you say if I would ask you to give you a shorter haircut?”

“Do you want to do that?”

“Yes indeed.”

She pondered for a moment.

“How short do you want it?”

I didn’t say that I wanted to shave her head bald, that would scare her off.

“Your nape has been shaved, so it would be easy to give you a chili-bowl cut. Do you know how it looks?”

“Not exactly but it would mean that the shaved parts will permanently be visible, won’t they?”

“That’s right.”

Again she pondered, then said: “Okay Eddy, if that’s your wish I submit myself to you.”

So I cut her hair on top into a perfect bowl cut that was lying like a cap on her head.

I took the cape away and she raised one hand to feel the freshly shaven area of her head. Our eyes met and unmistakably I recognized in hers an expression I knew so well: lust. This time I kissed her and she didn’t pull back but answered my kisses passionately. Breathless she looked into my eyes. I saw her hungry look, silently she mouthed: “Want you.” I pullled up her sweater and she stretched her arms above her head. I unhooked har bra and her perky breasts were uncovered.     
“Gwenn, what is your age?”

“Nearly twenty,” she whispered, “Fuck me, I’m not a virgin.”

She still was sitting in the barberchair. I lowered the back of it and brought her into a half-lying position. I unzipped her trousers and while Gwenn raised her butt pulled them down together with her panties.

Quickly I undressed myself and while Gwenn was writhing I kissed and caressed her naked young body.

“Oh please, Eddy,” she panted,”I can’t wait any longer.”

I mounted her and she squeaked when I entered her……..

Later we stood together in front of a mirror. For the first time she saw her new hairdo. Smiling she said: “I’ve heard that you are a story-writer. Would you write about me too?”

“Maybe but first you should tell me about yourself. I hardly know anything.”

“I’m a student,” she started, then paused for a moment. “Let me explain why I refused to answer that question when we were playing the game. Someone asked me whether I  ever had had an abortion. Well,when I still was sixteen I visited a hairdresser-school. You could get cheep haircuts if you agreed that were performed by students or rather apprentices. There was an eighteen years old boy who usually cut my hair. I had long, luscious hair and he asked me if I would agree to be his model. I did as I was in a way in love with him. At least I thought so…….”

Gwenn seemed to muse.

“And he caused your pregnancy.”

“Yes, so stupid. Of course he used a rubber and I a contraceptive but he was rather clumsy and I off-hand and it went wrong. About the time that I realized to be pregnant he messed up my hair. I had no other choice than to have it close cropped. You can imagine that my parents reacted furiously when I had to tell them about my pregnancy. The nurses in the hospital were unfriendly, they treated me as if I were a whore. At that time I was seventeen……Well, you may understand that never more I let someone cut my hair since those events and I swore that no one would get the chance to fuck me.”

“Why did you forsake those good intentions?”

“I told you I trust you and you didn’t let me down. You have broken a barrier, Eddy, no two and I’m very grateful that at last I’ve found myself again.”

Which barrier should I have to break next? The ultimate haircut! A close headshave resulting in a hairless dome smooth as a mirror!?

The end.

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