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She was in a high state of nervous tension, her colour had risen and her breasts were heaving as she breathed quickly.  Her eyes locked on his through the mirror as he lifted up her beautifully arranged heavy silken plait.  His fingers thrilled to the cool heavy feel of the rich vibrant hair and he lifted it up and began fastening a cape around her shoulders.     He knew he had to act quickly before she panicked and he was not going to even unplait her lovely hair as he intended to remove the heavy plait at the nape of her neck just as he had done earlier with Mrs Smith.

As he reached forward to pick up his scissors, there came an interruption. Sally came striding down the salon and ignoring him, said sharply, “Julie, you can’t have your hair done now, Jane needs some help with the towels.”  Julie leapt to her feet with a very relieved expression on her face, flinging down the cape and avoiding looking at him, she almost ran back up the salon.  He was left holding the scissors in his hand and feeling very disappointed that he had been deprived of the opportunity of cutting off more beautiful long hair. He knew that he had caught Julie in a weak moment and it would probably be very difficult to persuade her to sit and allow him to remove her lovely long hair.

Sally looked at my scissors and said, “I know you love cutting off long hair but it would have been very cruel to have cut her hair as it is very pretty as it is and she does arrange it beautifully herself”  He gave her a little smile and said, “I didn’t force her to sit in the chair, she was obviously ready to have her hair cut.”  Sally looked hard at him and said, “I don’t know quite how you manage to do it but it appears that most women find it impossible to resist you and will let you cut their hair, no matter how long or how beautiful it is.”  She paused and looked pointedly at the long snaking plait of gleaming red hair and the great piles that lay around the chair.  “I can hardly believe she let you cut all that hair off, she wasn’t even booked to have a trim!  Her long hair has been the envy of the village for as long as I have been here and really was exceptional and you were able to just chop it all off.”

He smiled and said, “I think all women are ready for a drastic change at some time and she must have been ready for it.  I think she looks wonderful with her hair short, most women do.”  He paused and looked hard at her heavy, softly curling shoulder length hair that he felt simply invited scissors and she flushed slightly as she saw him looking at her hair and gave her head a little shake and pushed away from her face a heavy silken lock and said quickly, “You can forget it.  I have already told you I like my hair this length and do not want it cut short.”  He smiled and reached out and touched a heavy silken lock and said softly, “You know that you would find it very exciting to let me crop you.”  She pulled her head away and made no reply as she walked to the top of the salon and began cashing up.

He smiled to himself and knew she was weakening and felt a thrill run through him as he thought about forcing scissors through her rich heavy hair. He carefully gathered up the magnificent plait of hair and then swept up all the other piles of hair he had removed from mother and daughter. He was ready to leave now and glanced up the salon where he saw that Sally and Julie were having an animated conversation and he guessed they were still talking about Julie’s hair and he regretted Sally’s intervention that had prevented him from gathering in yet another harvest of beautiful long hair. He saw Sally give a little shrug of what appeared to be reluctant acceptance and then to his surprise Julie walked towards him with a flushed, nervous but determined expression on her face and his stomach gave a little lurch of excitement and he knew what she was about to say before she said it.

“Have you still got time to do my hair please?  I think I would like you to cut it for me.”  “Of course,” he said, feeling exultant at the thought and he could not resist glancing triumphantly down the salon at Sally who had obviously been trying to talk Julie out of having her hair cut but the fascination of shearing blades had proved too much for the young girl. I could see that she was busying herself at the reception desk but was certain she would be unable to resist watching what he would do with Julie’s lovely hair.  He swiftly caped her and sat her in front of the mirror and lifted up the heavy plait of hair which had excited him earlier.

He tugged playfully on the hair and said, “Shall I cut all of this off?”  She turned anxiously towards him and said, “”Oh, I don’t know what to do.  I love my hair long and Maureen says I shouldn’t have it cut but it must be so exciting to have a dramatic change and I often wonder what I would look like with my hair short.”  He lifted up her plait and checked her hairline – it was perfect for a cropped style.  He smiled at her encouragingly and turned her back to face the mirror and said, “You will look great.”  He firmly tilted her head forward and she complied almost reluctantly and he saw how her hands were tightly clenching the arms of the chair and her body was trembling slightly.  She was absolutely terrified but I admired her decision to surrender her long hair for the desire to see herself with a new image.

Just as he picked up his scissors he saw Sally approaching.  She looked a little cross as she saw the scissors in his hand and said to Julie, “Are you sure Julie?”  A little nod came from the bowed head and Maureen glanced at him and then gave a little shrug and sat down in a nearby chair to watch proceedings.  He delayed no longer.  He grasped the heavy plait firmly, feeling the gleaming coils of hair warm and silken against his fingers and then began forcing the very sharp blades deep into the hair at nape level.  There came a sharp intake of breath from Julie and also he thought he heard a little gasp of surprise from Sally. The sharp shearing sound of the blades rang out loudly in the empty salon and with eight or nine plunging snips he severed the splendid plait of and lifted it away from her bowed head.

As the final strands parted, all the remaining intricately arranged hair sprang loose from her head and as he lifted the severed plait away from her head, the thought came to him that he would now never see the splendid hair loose and be able to brush the lovely hair.  He tossed the severed locks onto the dressing table in front of Julie and it made a heavy thud as it landed.  Julie was just raising her bowed head and she flinched as she saw the great plait of hair, which had been so ruthlessly removed.  Tears were springing from her eyes and a shocked look on her face as she looked at her reflection in the mirror with short hair sprouting angrily out around her head.

“Oh gosh,” she said in a very tearful voice, “Oh it looks dreadful.”  He quickly ushered her from the chair and over to the shampoo basin, making soothing remarks as he did so.  He shampooed the short hair and was very conscious of the angry glances that were directed at him by Sally.  He ushered the young girl back to the chair and as he combed trough the short damp hair for the first time, he realised that her hair had quite a strong natural curl and was not straight, as he had imagined.

Forty minutes later her transformation was complete.  He had cropped all her hair down to just over an inch long except for the back and nape hair which he had clippered in very short.  The cut allowed the natural curl in her hair to a frothy halo giving her a total contrast to her intricately arranged plait and she looked sensational.  She was abso
lutely enthralled with her new image and exclaiming repeatedly as she saw him drying her hair to its final shape, “Oh, it looks fantastic!”  Initially she had looked stunned as his scissors had sent masses of her hair spattering down to the floor as it was drastically scissored to its new length and Sally had almost leapt from her chair in horror as he had begun using the clippers.  Now though she too had a smile on her face as she saw how attractive Julie looked and how pleased she was with the final result.

He showed Julie the back view of her new style and she beamed enthusiastically and thanked him profusely for creating such an attractive style.  Sally stood up and examined the style closely and said, “You look gorgeous Julie, and you do look good with short hair.”  They walked up the salon together and he smiled as he saw Julie’s fingers exploring her short-cropped nape and she was still chattering to Sally about her haircut. 

Sally came back down the salon after Sally had left and sat down again and he swallowed hard as she provocatively tossed back her silken shoulder length hair.  She smiled at him as though she had realised the effect this gesture had had on him and then said, “I must say I was completely wrong about Julie’s hair.  I thought it would be a great pity to cut it but it looks great.  I still don’t know how you seem to be able to get all these people to let you cut off their long hair.”  He gazed at her for a moment and then said slowly, “Because deep down they secretly desire it I suppose.”  He paused as he saw her colour rising slightly and said softly, “Don’t you agree?”

To be continued.

Author’s note:  The previous 4 episodes can be found on the original site.

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