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If I said once I grew my hair long for one man,but he left me away,will you also go off?I do agree you can do this!But if you go slow,you will know what happened later.

Then after that I ate ice-cream lying against the fence along the street,and see every gate and brand of each salon,finally I found the name “wind blowing away the cloud”.

“Wind blowing away the cloud” is the name of the salon then.

After we get being parted, I still keep very long hair on the head to show I am not weak in emotion. But that brand name is so good,if you can see it you have to enter. I still want to be strong,but I see it.

I run across the street and reach that place with another woman,I let her in first. I hear that girl strong voice at the door:no need of you!barbers coming!

I draw up the curtain,one boy gives me one eye with mocking and goes to the place near the window,crossing his arms to see outside. The shadow of that boy was childish but matured,with the profile sadness. My heart moved to naive,with unfair felling of childish and pretend to see nothing and shout to him:”hi,I need a haircut”.

He turned around with hesitation for there are only his teacher and he in this salon. He looked at me deeply,without a word,pointed to the corner for me to wash my hair with a hint for him to go there.  
After washing off my hair with my eyes closed,I sit in a chair with a black long cloud around my neck,my face turns to pale and weak as if I become a piece of ice. I hear a sound of over-sadness,said “lady,what hair style do you like?”
I raised up my head to see a young and handsome face in the mirror and answered back as a female actress in silent sitting into a taxi and saying something back to a driver in the darkness,” at your easy,sir”. He smiled as the moon without knowing whether he laughed at the word “sir” or the words “at your easy”,but this smile is warm and included-ness,I find myself become childish:included by him?

He can not be sure and say “or ,I trim a little shorter of your hair,make some layers and if you feel regret to it I can still save it up?”

I feel really happy this time,”you are right,if I can keep this long hair this long,then I can come here to cut them all off next time.”

He laughed even louder,”your hair is this long,if I cut it shorter each time,I will be graduated after cutting them all off.”

His art is really poor and my hair is a little shorter but it seemed as if there gathered a fence of ragged hair around my neck,so stupid,but what if then?I lost my boyfriend and I am free,or let others see it?

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