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The rest of the story as told through Kelly’s words:

When I got home from school Friday I called up Bobby and told him that I was coming over after dinner. He said his parents would be gone all night and wouldn’t be back until very late so I was thinking this would finally be the night when we.you know. His voice was still pretty nervous but sounded more excited. I figured he was just excited about finally having sex. I got over to his house wearing my brother’s hat. He was anxiously awaiting its removal so I pulled it off and whipped my hair around so it fell all around my shoulders. I was expecting him to be relieved and we could laugh about my little joke but he looked very disappointed. I asked him what was wrong. He said “nothing” and he looked away as his face turned red. I poked and prodded trying to find out why he was upset and that’s when he confessed that he was really excited about me cutting my hair. He thought I would look so cute in bangs and said he really likes short hair on women.

As the night went on things settled down and we were watching a romantic movie on the couch. We started getting frisky and looked in to each others’ eyes. I knew it was finally going to happen. We went to his parents’ bedroom and started to undress. He ran his fingers through my hair and I started thinking about how disappointed he was about my haircut. So, in a very sexy voice, I asked him about the whole short hair thing. I asked him if it turned him on and he admitted “very much so.”

“Do you want me to cut my hair?” I asked.

He said “Yes, if you would cut it I would do anything for you.”

I will never know what came over me at that exact moment but I was suddenly turned on by the whole idea of cutting my hair. So I asked him “Bobby, do you want to cut my hair, right here, right now in your parents’ bedroom?” His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he yelled out “Yes!” in a more than emphatic manner. I looked down at his underpants and could see why he was so enthusiastic with his response. That’s when I knew this was a really big deal to him and that unbelievably turned me on. So I told him to cut my hair however he wanted it.

“Really?” he asked. “However I want it? Even if it’s short?”

“Whatever you want, Bobby. I really want this now,” I exclaimed.

So Bobby went to the bathroom to get a comb and some scissors. I pulled the sheet off the bed and put it on the floor. I moved over the desk chair right in front of the mirror and stripped down to nothing. It was so exciting. I sat down and anxiously awaited Bobby’s return.

When he arrived at the makeshift barber shop he had a brush, a comb, some of his sister’s hair clips, a spray bottle and a plastic box. He laid it all out on the desk, opened the box and took out a pair of haircutting shears. He began to brush my hair out. Each stroke felt so good. I wanted him to take me right then and there but I was getting even more aroused as I thought about my ensuing transformation. He then combed my hair into a perfect center part. He combed out some hair in the front and pulled the rest back.
“We’ll start with the bangs,” he said. He nervously snipped them across, just below my eyebrows. “I’m leaving them a little bit longer until I settle down from all this excitement. I don’t want to cut them too short.” After he calmed down he trimmed them shorter, just above my brow, arcing slightly downward at the sides. He combed down a little more and trimmed them to the same length. He was right; I did look absolutely adorable with bangs.

Then he combed all my hair out again. I loved my new look but it was far too exciting to not let him keep going. He turned me so that my side faced the mirror. All the hair in front of my ears was combed forward and hung down in front of my shoulders. In the back he lifted all my hair up and made a line across the top of my ears with the comb. He twisted all the hair above that line and clipped it on top of my head. He combed out the rest of the hair and said “Do you remember your friend Pam, how she cut her hair last year?”

I said “Yes. Is that how you are going to cut it?” Pamela last year had cut her hair into a short bob with her earlobes peeking out. He reached into the box and pulled out a pair of electric clippers. I got this shock of excitement in my stomach that you wouldn’t believe when I remembered how short Pamela’s hair was in the back. The feeling shot through my body like electricity.

He plugged them in and said “I want it very short in the back. Is that ok?”

“Do whatever you want. I’m so excited. Please, I’m begging you now. I really want to feel the clippers.”

He attached the #2 guard and flicked on the switch. The clippers popped to life as they whirred in his hands. He moved it to my nape below my right ear. He slowly began pushing them upward. Ohh, I couldn’t believe how good they felt. My body went completely numb. The only things I felt were deep within my loins. “Mmmmm. That feels sooo good.” He moved them over more and pushed them up again. As more of my thick locks were buzzed away I could see them raining down in the mirror. Mounds of my hair were piling up on the floor. My excitement increased and my arousal was unparalleled. He got to the middle of my nape and continued pushing the clippers up. Higher and higher the clippers went. I started tilting my head back wards, forcing them higher still.

He continued working the clippers until my nape was nearly bare to the very tops of my ears, even above that little bump in the back of your head. Where there once was a thick mass of luscious hair there only remained a faint carpet of quarter-inch, blonde fuzz. When he turned them off I was almost disappointed but was relieved because I wasn’t ready to explode yet. He let all of my hair down and combed it out again.

“I know Pam’s hair showed just her earlobes and about an inch of her buzzed nape in the back. But I was hoping to go a little higher, maybe through the middle of your ear. Is that all right?”

“Do what you want Bobby. Cut it there to start. Maybe I’ll want to go shorter. You never know,” I said and smiled at him rather mischievously. He took the scissors and slipped them into my hair at mid-ear height. He started snipping across the back from right to left. The sight of eight-inch sheets of hair cascading to the floor was unbelievable. When he finished working his way across the back her turned me towards the mirror again and held a small mirror up behind me so I could see his work.

“Oh, wow! Bobby! It’s so short! I love it! I want it shorter! I can’t believe it but I want it shorter!” He said ok and took me another inch higher in the back, level with the tops of my ears and the weight line that he earlier had buzzed. He then came to my right side and sliced his way from front to back, starting at the bottom of my nose and, following my cheekbones, angled his way up to my ear tops meeting the line across the back. Five-and-a-half-inch slices of silk slid down my breasts. It felt so amazing. He did the same on the left side. Then he wet my hair down with the spray bottle and neatly evened out the whole haircut. He went and got a blow dryer and finished my makeover, or so I thought.

“Kelly,” he said. “Your hair is so fair and so is your skin. Your nape almost looks bald from a distance. I was thinking, since it probably wouldn’t look any shorter, would you mind if I buzzed it closer? I think you’d..”

“Yes! Do it!” I couldn’t believe my own enthusiasm.

He popped the guard off, turned them on and we both started to grin out of control. He pressed them against my skin, at the base of my nape right in the middle. He slid them upwards. Like a hot knife through butter they peeled away the fuzz leaving nothing but stubble behind. As he reached the top of the previously-buzzed hairline I thrust my head backwards, forcing the clippers ever higher.

“Whoah!” he exc

I snickered, “I’m sorry but I just love the feeling. I didn’t mess it up did I?”

“No, it just went higher underneath the longer hair. I guess I could give you an undercut.” He pushed all the hair in back up out of the way and buzzed almost to the crown, leaving about an inch of clippered hair underneath in back.

When he was finished we began to caress each other and rub our loins together. I ran my hands across his face, noting how smooth he was. He must have just shaved. “Bobby,” I asked “your face feels so soft after you shave. Do you think my nape would feel the same way?”

“Absolutely!” he blurted out, obviously overcome with joy. I’m sure he never in his wildest fantasies imagined this would, or even could, have ever happened and was eager to take full advantage of this dream situation. We ran to the bathroom where he covered my nape in a cool coating of shaving cream. He ran the razor down over and over again, sending shivers down my spine with every scrape. When he was finished he once more covered my nape and shaved it again, this time against the grain, taking me to absolute smoothness. We cleaned up and went to bed.

I couldn’t take my hands off my nape. It felt incredible. Then the feeling of the silk pillow case sliding against it as Bobby thrust himself within me took me to the pinnacle of ecstasy. I will never forget this day so long as I live, nor will I ever suffer with long hair again.

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