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Regardless of whether or not Judith Evans suspected the young girl, sat in front of her and her husband, might be just a little too attractive to be the family’s nanny, she had to put her feelings to one side. The truth was, a good nanny was hard to come by. They were in short supply, and local families were all in the hunt to secure the services of the best ones available.

At just twenty-two years of age, Samantha’s qualifications and experience made her a valuable commodity. If the Evans family didn’t employ her, then another family would without a doubt. No, Judith didn’t question this girl’s abilities at all. She was more concerned by how her husband might behave with having such a young, good-looking girl around the house. Besides being very attractive, Samantha had a well-toned, slender figure and cascading blonde locks that reached right down her back. Gary Evans was a highly successful businessman, who had provided Judith with a luxurious and affluent lifestyle. However, with his history of having had several affairs and his general love of flirting with the opposite sex, Judith couldn’t ignore the danger of actually bringing Sam into the family home.

However, the couple’s young son, Joseph, was now proving to be restrictive to Judith’s freedom and social activities. Not having to work for a living, Judith had always done as she pleased, safe in the knowledge that Gary was generating more than enough wealth for both of them. Shallow as she was, she needed to be able to hand Joseph over to someone whilst she resumed her social calendar. In the face of all this, and with some slight reservation, she agreed to employ Sam as the family nanny.

Within a couple of weeks, Sam had proved herself to be a very capable nanny and Judith was soon wondering how she had managed before her arrival. Her fears, regarding her husband roving eye, even subsided as Sam performed her duties without a hint of any interest for Gary. For her part, Samantha had just had an intense relationship painfully brought to an abrupt end and, with her emotions still painfully raw, wasn’t necessarily looking for any kind of new romance. Soon, Judith was gradually pulling away from the daily responsibilities of looking after Joseph, leaving Sam to take over. The new nanny, rather than appearing to pose a threat to her household, was greatly improving it!

But Judith was wrong about Samantha. Of course she’d taken an interest in Gary! He was a very fit and good-looking man, and was certainly wealthy and successful. He was friendly towards Sam and would often talk to her about how things were going, and ask her about her own life. He seemed genuinely concerned about Sam’s welfare and how she was feeling. She was touched by the consideration. By contradiction, Sam found that Judith showed Gary hardly any respect. She would often talk down to him, always seemed to be extremely demanding, and never appeared to appreciate the efforts he made or his general hard work. Sam couldn’t help herself feeling sorry for him, wondering why such a man would stay in such an unloving relationship? Her sympathies for him would slowly turn to deeper feelings.

Despite her aggressive and intimidating exterior, Sam couldn’t complain about the treatment she received from Judith. From the day she started her job with the Evans family, Judith had been fully supportive of her, and open to all of her suggestions. She had even agreed that Joseph should be enrolled to attend a nearby nursery two days a week. Sam had put it to her that he would benefit from mixing with other young children. Some parents may have argued that the additional costs would contradict the point of having a nanny. Not Judith. She could see that it would free up Sam to perform other household duties, whilst Joseph was being safely looked after elsewhere. Happy to improve her child’s upbringing, and supporting Samantha in her role as the family nanny, Judith was also selfishly thinking of the additional leisure time this idea would give her! Not that Sam was naive not to see why the idea appealed to Judith, but she was being paid to be there whatever she did and she genuinely thought Joseph would benefit from being at nursery.

The new arrangement seemed to work well for all involved. Sam would take Joseph to nursery on a Monday and Tuesday. Judith would spend most of the day out of the house, mixing socially with her other well-heeled friends, rarely returning until the early evening. Gary would leave the house just before Sam took Joseph to nursery, and would not return until seven, maybe eight, o’clock at night. Sam could tell that he really missed not spending more time with his son. He would eagerly question Sam about what Joseph had been doing and how he was progressing at nursery. Typically, Judith appeared somewhat dismissive about his interest, arguing that if he didn’t work such long hours then maybe he’d see more of him! Gary would always retort that Joseph’s future and her lifestyle was a direct result of how hard he worked. She never liked hearing that, and would hiss back some sniping remark before leaving the room in a temper.

Eight weeks into her new employment, Sam was cleaning the upstairs bedrooms when Judith returned from having spent the morning out somewhere. Being a Monday, both Joseph and Gary were elsewhere, leaving just the two women alone in the house. Judith came into the master bedroom and took off her jacket, before walking through into the en-suite bathroom to freshen up. After a couple of minutes, she came back out and sat at her dressing table whilst Sam continued to clean the windows. The two of them would often share moments like this, and it was usually when they discussed things together. As Judith began brushing her hair, she sighed and spoke into the mirror.

“I must try and get an appointment at the hairdressers this week.” She said. Sam paused and turned to look at her.

“What are you thinking of having done?” She politely asked. Judith had a grown-out chin-length bob, and Sam was inquisitive to hear what she was intending to have done.

“Oh, probably just a tidy up. Nothing more.” She shrugged. “It’s only to stop Gary from going on.” She added.

“Why? What’s he been saying?” Sam asked.

“Nothing as yet. But he will do. He always does when it gets to a certain length!” Judith replied. She continued brushing her hair, but then she placed her hairbrush down and picked up a perfume spray bottle. “He has this thing about cutting hair! It’s one of his weaknesses.” Judith revealed. “One of many!”


“Mmmm.” Judith sighed. “He’ll be pestering me to let him cut my hair.” She said dismissively. “If I can get an appointment this week, he won’t get the chance to start nagging!” She squirted some perfume either side of her neck, and stood up from her chair.

“Have you ever let him cut your hair?” Sam asked, intrigued by her revelation about Gary. Judith looked back at her, as if puzzled by her interest, and shook her head.

“Heavens no! I’m not about to encourage him.” She snorted, as if she didn’t wish to dwell on the topic any further. “If I want my hair done, I’ll go to a professional.” With that, she put her jacket back on and declared that she was going out again, stating that she’d be back around five o’clock.

Samantha was left to digest this new side of Gary’s character. With the house to herself, she sat on the sofa and thought about what Judith had told her. Over the past weeks, Sam had developed more than just a soft spot for Gary, but he had always remained totally professional with her. She was sure he had feelings for her, and assumed that he just suppressed them for fear that she might not feel the same, and that she may possibly report back to Judith. Perhaps, her new insight on him could provide her with a way of getting his attention? If he did have a thing about cutting hair, then surely the chance to cut Samantha’s blonde locks would excite him? With her hair reaching down almost past her waist, she was more than willing to lose a coupl
e of inches off her long mane to find out! The timing couldn’t be better. Gary had taken to working from home on Tuesday afternoons recently, and Sam knew that Judith would be out all day tomorrow with her friends. If the right opportunity came along, then she had the perfect chance to execute her plan whilst they were alone together.

That evening, as she finished off her chores before leaving for home, Samantha couldn’t resist wearing her long, blonde hair down and flaunting it in front of Gary. Much to her amusement, she caught him looking at her numerous times. Maybe it was just because she normally wore her hair tied back, but he certainly took more notice of her! Unlike Judith, to Sam’s relief, who simply didn’t seem to take any notice.

The following morning dragged on and on for Samantha. She’d taken Joseph to nursery and returned to the empty house. Gary had left for work as usual, and Judith had left to go to a horseracing meeting with her friends, with every intention of gambling with more of Gary’s hard-earned money. Sam couldn’t wait for Gary to return home, so that she could put her plan into action.

Finally, she heard the distinctive sound of his Mercedes pulling up on the gravel driveway, shortly followed by the front door being opened. She untied her ponytail, allowing her hair to hang loose once more, and went down the stairs to greet him in her usual friendly way. Typically, she offered to make him a drink and, as usual, he followed her into the kitchen and began asking about Joseph and the nursery. As she poured the water into the cups, she could sense him looking her up and down. She’d caught him doing it so many times before, and she quietly liked it. For Samantha, it was clear proof that he was interested in her. Patiently, she answered all of his questions, choosing to bide her time until the moment was right. Sure enough, as he took a drink from his cup, the conversation turned to Samantha herself and what she’d been up to. This was her chance. She began with some everyday chit-chat, and then raised the subject of hair.

“..and I’m thinking of getting my hair cut as well.” She announced. “The trouble is, my usual stylist has left the place where I normally go. I don’t trust any of the others there. You know what it’s like?” She paused, waiting for Gary’s reaction. Sure enough, his eyes had lit up and she had definitely caught his attention.

“What did you have in mind then?” He asked.

“Well…..” she pondered, running her fingers through her long tresses, “I fancy going a little shorter, but nothing too radical. Maybe, taking a couple of inches off? Just enough to tidy up the ends. It’s beginning to look a bit untidy. What do you think?”

“It’s a great idea!” He exclaimed. “It would look so much better!” Sam loved this. He was reacting just how she’d imagined he would.

“I know!” She agreed. “All I need to do is to find someone I can trust to do it.” She paused again. “Do you know of anyone?” She expected Gary to leap at the chance of offering his services.

“Judith tends to go to that place near the arches. It’s called `Split Endz’, I think?” He replied. “She seems happy enough with what they do. I could ask her for her stylist’s name if you want?” He offered. This wasn’t the answer that Samantha was looking for.

“I dunno.” She said in a dejected tone. “It would still mean putting my trust in the hands of a stranger?” She looked at Gary, waiting for his response, sure that he wanted to cut her hair but sensing that he was holding himself back from saying it.

“I’m not sure what to suggest then?” Gary concluded. He was almost bursting with excitement at thought of getting his hands on Sam’s hair, but what might she say if he offered to cut it for her? If she took it the wrong way, and especially if she mentioned it to his wife, it could make life very difficult? He was well aware how Judith felt about both his flirting and his fetish for haircutting. She was unbearable at the best of times! Sam, however, was determined to give him the clearest indication that his services would be willingly accepted.

“Neither do I.” She sighed. “I desperately want it a little shorter, but I don’t fancy having some scissor-happy stylist hacking away at it!” She paused for a second, sure that Gary was eager to do the deed and that he just needed a gentle nudge in the right direction. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said in a despairing tone, “it’s a pity you or Judith aren’t hairdressers? I’d be happy for one of you to do it!” She added, confident that Gary couldn’t resist that invitation! She was right.

“Really?” He said. “Well, I’m not a hairdresser, but I can cut hair. I used to do Judith’s when we first met.” He sensed a real opportunity to get his hands on all of that long hair!

“Wow, did you?” Sam replied, trying to look suitably surprised. Gary was encouraged by her reaction.

“Yeah. I’m quite handy with the comb and scissors you know?”

“So you could do mine for me?” Sam asked, eager for Gary to agree. “Oh, please say you will. I only want a couple of inches taken off? Please!” She begged. Gary was hardly going to refuse. Standing in front of him was a young, attractive girl with long, cascading, blonde hair, and she was asking him to take the scissors to it!

“Okay.” He agreed. “If you really want me to cut your hair, then I will.” He was keen to make it clear who was doing the asking.

“Oh yes!” Confirmed Sam excitedly. “Could you do it now?” She added. “I could sit on one of the breakfast table chairs over there.” Gary was taken aback by her enthusiasm, and lack of any hesitation. His heart pounded as he tried to maintain a calm exterior.

“If you want? I’ll go and get my things.” As he walked out of the kitchen, Sam clenched her fist and punched the air jubilantly. Her plan was working out perfectly. She was convinced that, by letting him cut her hair and play up to his fetish, she would be able to play up to him without any rejection whatsoever. She picked up a large bath towel from the laundry basket, for Gary to use as a makeshift cape, and went over and sat in the chair. Within a couple of minutes, Gary returned carrying a small bag and a folded piece of shiny fabric.

“I thought we could use this as a cape?” Sam said, holding up the towel.

“No need.” Replied Gary. “I have a proper hairdressing cape here!” He shook it loose and approached Samantha. He skilfully threw it around her and secured it tightly around her neck. She could hear him breathing heavily, and guessed his anticipation was getting the better of him. Gently, he pulled the mass of blonde hair free from under the cape, and allowed it to hang down the back of the chair. He was amazed at just how long it now looked. Even Sam was feeling the suspense of the situation now, and felt a little nervous now she was seated and caped. What if Gary turned scissor happy after all?

“Remember, I just want a couple of inches taken off?” She reiterated as he began combing through her locks. Such a small amount would hardly change the look of her hair, but she was sure it would change her relationship with Gary.

“Relax.” He replied. “Two inches maximum!” Gary was not about to do anything that might jeopardise her faith in him. He was convinced that he could persuade her to go shorter in time. Much, much shorter! However, he needed to earn her trust first and so, for Gary, restraint was the key word!

He began to snip away at the ends of her hair. Apprehensive at first, Samantha soon relaxed and chatted away quite happily as Gary cut away no more than the promised two inches. Between making cuts, he would comb through her hair thoroughly. All the women he’d ever dated had loved having their hair brushed and pampered. It was sensual and soothing, and Gary was very good at being so attentive. He moved to stand in front of Sam, and combed her front hair over her face. She had clearly never had a fringe, but Gary desperately wanted to slide his scissor blades in just below her shapely eyebrows, to give her smouldering, sexy bangs.

“How da
ring do you feel?” He asked, with his scissors poised ready. Sam opened her eyes, blinking as the long hair tickled her eyelashes. She looked up at him. “You’d look so much sexier if I cut your bangs.” He suggested. Sam gave him a wry smile, almost teasing him to do it there and then, but now was not the time. For one thing, it would be too noticeable a difference and Judith was sure to spot it when she returned home and, in any case, Sam intended to leave Gary wanting more! She playfully shook her head and smiled at him. “Perhaps next time?” He sighed.

“Perhaps.” She mused. He reluctantly returned to trimming up the very ends of her long hair. As he finished off her cut, she pulled one of her arms out from under the cape, and slowly slid it up the inside of his leg. At first he flinched, taken aback by Sam’s advances, but then he moved in even closer to her. He looked down at her and smiled, and she smiled back. Continuing to move her hand up his leg, she then cupped her hand around his balls and gently squeezed then. He sighed, leant over and kissed the top of her head. She grabbed him around his waist, and forcibly pulled him down onto her lap. They embraced, and kissed each other frantically. For weeks, both of them had suppressed their lust for each other. Now, their most basic emotions were allowed to take over.

Within minutes, he sat on the chair with his trousers around his ankles. Sat astride him sat Sam, her jeans hurriedly removed and thrown to the side. Their sexual frustrations unleashed, the two of them enjoyed raw, passionate sex! As she climaxed, allowing her hot juices to run over him, Sam decided that this was only the start. She had just enjoyed the most stimulating and pleasurable fuck of her young life, and had no intention of it being just a one off!

That evening, with the pair of them still positively buzzing from their encounter together and Sam loving how Gary had cut her hair, Sam thought she detected a change in Judith’s behaviour towards her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, and she was sure that Judith was completely ignorant to what had gone on whilst she’d been out. Certainly, her haircut was hardly noticeable to the casual eye. Yet she sensed something had happened to change the chemistry between the two of them? Whatever it was, Judith wasn’t saying. Samantha dismissed it, believing Judith had just come home in one of her moods.

More importantly to Samantha, time alone in Gary’s company proved to be difficult for the rest of the week. His work kept him away from the house for most of the time. When he was there, so was Judith. He was only able to snatch a few passing words with Samantha, which were enough to convey his strong attraction to her and his longing to be alone with her again the following Tuesday afternoon. Having finally ignited his passion, once a week was never going to satisfy her now.

When she arrived at the house the following Monday morning, Judith greeted her with the news that Gary was ill in bed. She went on to describe how they had gone out for a meal the previous night, and how Gary had woken up that morning with bad stomachache. Suspecting mild food poisoning, he had decided to stay at home in bed. Judith, the ever-dutiful wife, remained adamant that she was going out with her friends to an art exhibition. She told Samantha that, if his symptoms did not ease, to phone the doctor’s surgery and make an appointment for Gary. Sam took Joseph to nursery, before returning back to find that Judith had already left the house.

As she came through, into the kitchen, she saw Gary sitting at the breakfast table, eating some toast. He looked up at her and smiled.

“I feel better already.” He grinned, showing no signs of illness. Sam laughed as she realised his food poisoning had simply been a ruse to fool Judith. She walked over to him, and he stood up and gave her a loving embrace.

“Has she gone?” She asked him. He nodded.

“Yes, we’re alone at last.” He squeezed her tenderly. “She won’t be back until mid-afternoon at least.” Sam stepped back and began to take her coat off.

“So, what can I do to make you feel better?” She enquired, unbuttoning her blouse seductively. Gary held out his arm, indicating her to sit down in his chair. As she did so, he produced his hairdressing cape and shook it loose. Sam looked up at him with a puzzled look on her face, but he just swung the cape across her and began gathering it around her neck. “What are you doing?” She asked him. He fastened the cape and fanned her hair across her shoulders.

“I want to give you another trim.” He replied softly.

“Another haircut already? You only cut it last week?” Sam queried, not sure if she was entirely happy with this situation. Her reluctance was having little effect on Gary, as he took his comb and scissors out of his small bag and began combing through Samantha’s hair.

“It just needs a little bit more tidying up.” He explained, lovingly running his fingers through her long locks. His gentle caressing and reassurance soon had Sam relaxed, and her protesting subsided. Knowing he had a thing for cutting hair, she was willing to give up a little more length in return for more of that amazing sex!

“Okay then, but I want you to take me to bed after?” She bargained.

“You bet!” He replied, and began combing Samantha’s locks in earnest. Standing behind her, and looking at her long hair hanging down the back of the chair, he had bitterly regretted not cutting off more when he’d had the chance. Since that first encounter, he had dreamed of having Samantha sat down and caped again. As he took hold of his scissors he knew that, without a mirror to watch through, Sam would not be able to monitor just how much hair he was cutting off. Facing forward, she smiled to herself as she heard his breathing become heavier. He was finding it difficult to contain his aroused excitement. He slid the scissor blades into her hair. Schnick! Five inches of blonde hair immediately fell to the floor. Schnick-schnick! Followed by another five inches, and another!

“How much are you cutting?” Sam asked, slightly unnerved by just how high up her back the cutting sounded.

“Just the ends Sam.” He answered. “Just enough to tidy it up for you.” Schnick-schnick! He continued cutting, reducing the overall length to just below her bra strap.

“Okay. But don’t go too mad will you?” She added, still not convinced by his reply.

“Stop worrying. It’ll look fine, I promise you!” He persisted. But, as he began cutting at the side of Sam’s head, some of the severed locks fell down the cape and onto her lap. Surprised, and somewhat horrified, she immediately looked up at Gary.

“That’s four inches!” She cried. “What are you doing?!” Gary bent down and gave her a loving embrace.

“Trust me Sam. I know it looks like a lot but, believe me, you are going to look so much better!” He kissed her on her lips. She pulled away, upset by his apparent deception. “Sam, please!” He pleaded. “Just let me finish the cut, and then you’ll see?” He paused, waiting for her to respond. Sitting there, almost tearful at the loss of so much of her beloved hair, she accepted that the damage was already done. She considered Gary to be such a passionate, caring man; maybe he was doing it for the best? Maybe, having had her long hair for so long, she was ignorant to how a shorter style might suit her? He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly again. She nodded for him to continue.

He resumed the cutting, realising that he had gone too far. Absorbed by his own pleasure, he had rushed things and cut off more hair than Samantha was ready to sacrifice! Had he blown it now? Would she ever allow him to cut her hair again? As he completed the other side, and approached the front, he dwelled on his desire to cut her bangs. He still yearned to give her that sexy fringe but, as hard as it was, he had to resist again. It would be too much for Samantha to accept just now. Instead, he cut some long layers into the front and sides to soften the look, giving a feminine
, wispy appearance to his creation.

Finally, and with some reservation, he declared the cut finished and removed the cape. Sam immediately rose up from the chair and hurried over to a large wall mirror. Gary watched nervously as she twisted this way and that, taking in her new look. She lifted her arm and playfully rubbed her hair, then stoked it back down, and then shook her head violently.

“I love it!” She turned and exclaimed. “It’s fucking gorgeous!” She added, grinning from ear to ear. Gary sighed with immense relief, as Samantha ran over to him and hugged him as tight as ever. “Leave all that!” She said, pointing to the hairdressing kit on the table and the mass of hair cuttings on the floor. “Let’s go upstairs!” She took his arm and almost wretched it out of its socket as she pulled him towards the stairs. He had struggled to contain himself as he cut her hair, and was fit to burst by the time they reached the bedroom, made worse by the sight of Samantha parading around the room completely naked. No longer did her hair hang down past her waist. Instead, it was bluntly cut across the line of her bra strap. Gary found the sight of this very satisfying and very arousing. For her sacrifice, Gary rewarded Sam with the most passionate and intense fuck she’d ever had, including the use of a selection of sexual toys. She had never been `worked-on’ so much in her life, and was physically and emotionally drained by the end of their session.

It was only when they returned downstairs, and Sam had vacuumed up the large mass of hair cuttings, that the change in her hair’s length became a concern. Judith would undoubtedly notice how much shorter it was to when she’d seen it that morning? How would Samantha explain that away? Gary could sense Sam’s apprehension and suggested a plan. He would tell Judith that he had felt much better as the morning progressed, to the point of feeling completely normal by early afternoon. As a result, he had found himself kicking his heels around the house. Generously, he had allowed Sam to have the afternoon off, and had gone to collect Joseph from nursery himself. Not only did this give him the chance to spend more time with his son, it also allowed Samantha time to do something herself.

“I would suggest you say you went and had a haircut?” Gary advised Sam, who nodded agreement. His plan seemed plausible and, importantly, watertight! Samantha quickly gathered her things, put her coat on and kissed Gary goodbye. Unsure as to just how long it might be before Judith returned home, Gary thought it better if Sam left as soon as possible.

True enough, on arrival the following morning, Judith immediately noticed that Samantha’s hair had been cut shorter. She casually asked where Sam had gone to have it done. She replied that she’d gone to `Supercuts’, where she knew appointments were not required, thus avoiding any questioning over the suddenness of it. Whilst her answer seemed to satisfy Judith’s curiosity regarding her hair, Judith did take issue with her early finish.

“You take your instruction from me Samantha. Regardless of what my husband might say, I employ you to work here five days a week, and I expect a full five days work. I realise you took the time yesterday in good faith, and so I won’t be deducting any of your wages. However, I hope you’re now clear on what I expect from you?” She said sternly.

“Yes, Judith, I understand.” Sam replied. This was yet another set back in her relationship with Judith.

“Now, I have to go out this morning, and I probably won’t be back until four o’clock. I fully expect to see you here when I get back!” She snorted, knowing that her husband would be returning later to work from home as was usual on a Tuesday. Samantha was glad to hear her car pull away from the driveway. Why was Judith giving her a hard time?

She put it to the back of her mind, choosing to concentrate on getting Joseph to nursery and then getting all of her other chores done before Gary’s return.

When he heard how his wife had been with her, Gary was extremely apologetic to Samantha. He gave her a loving hug, kissed her passionately, and told her not to worry. Promising to make it up to her, he took her hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. As they undressed, he told her to lie down on the bed and close her eyes. Without a word, he began stroking her pussy. She groaned with pleasure as his massaging intensified, and he inserted his finger deep into her. Her body squirmed with delight as he proceeded to plunge two fingers in and out of her moist lips. Then she felt his fingers withdraw and heard him walk around the bed. He told her to keep her eyes closed tightly, which she did. Suddenly she felt a silky fabric touch her face, and she was aware of Gary blindfolding her. Finding the anticipation exciting, she let out a soft moan. Then her wrist was held, and another piece of fabric was wrapped around it, and pulled taut. Sam tried to move her arm, but the restraint held firm. Nobody had ever used restraints on her before, and she was filled with a mix of anxiety, apprehension and intrigue. She heard Gary move around the bed. He repeated the process on her other wrist, and then both ankles. Without a word spoken, he had tied her spread-eagled to the bed.

Sam could hear him moving around the bedroom for several minutes, but had no clue as to what he was doing. Then she felt him lean against the bottom of the bed. She flinched as his fingers returned to playfully massage her pussy’s lips. She groaned with pleasure as he inserted them once more, teasingly pulling them back out for seconds at a time. After a few minutes, he stopped. Sam listened intently as she heard a click, followed by a rapid humming noise. Without warning, she felt the vibrating head of a dildo pressed against her pussy, and she arched her back in response to the sensation. Gary inserted the dildo deep inside her and she groaned in ecstatic pleasure. Her groans were loud enough to mask another click. Now there were two humming sounds. As Samantha’s body squirmed from the inserted dildo, she felt another vibration from around her moist lips.

“What’s that?” She panted. The vibration travelled around her private parts meticulously.

“I’m just removing all of your pubic hair with my clippers.” Gary replied, in a matter of fact tone. “I can’t stand that fuzz in my mouth!” He added.

“You’re shaving my pubes?” Questioned Sam.

“Don’t worry. You’ll love the feel of it.” Sure enough, using his small clippers, he had removed all of Samantha’s pubic hair. Pulling the dildo away, he then proceeded to go to work on her with his tongue. Despite her initial reservations, the enhanced sensation blew her away and she climaxed within a few minutes. Gary removed all of the restraints, taking the blindfold off last, before lying next to Sam on the bed.

Once again, Gary had proved himself to be a considerate, and imaginative lover. As she snuggled up to his naked body, Sam congratulated herself on how her relationship with Gary was progressing. Okay, so she had to put up with his fetish for cutting her hair, but they were now regularly sleeping together! Samantha was becoming increasingly frustrated with only having the one afternoon alone with him. She wanted more from their relationship. Dangerously, they were both becoming obsessed with each other. Unfortunately, their obsessions were very different!

The following Tuesday took an eternity to come around. Throughout the week, Samantha had started to risk being caught as she snatched the odd kiss or embraces from Gary, knowing that Judith was in the next room and could walk in at any time. She had even pestered him to meet her in the evening, offering to have sex in his car. He had declined. Understandably then, by the time she heard his Mercedes pull up on the drive, she was focused on just heading for the bedroom.

Dressed only in her underwear, she ambushed him as he came through the door, passionately kissing him and encouraging him up the stairs. Once in the bedroom, she began
to strip off his clothes, telling him how she was going to `fuck him senseless’, before pushing him down onto the bed. Sitting astride him, she lowered herself down onto his cock and immediately cried out in ecstasy Her waiting was over. She threw her head back and groaned as she began gently rocking her hips. Gary lifted his arms up and held her waist supportively as she did so. Once she had satisfied her initial hunger, she leaned forward and lay on his chest.

“Oh, that feels so good!” She gasped. ” You wouldn’t believe how horny I’ve been this morning, just thinking about you! Once I’ve caught my breath, I want you to fuck me good and hard!” Gary smiled and moved his hands up, from her waist, to slowly massage her back and shoulder blades. Sam let out a quiet moan, as she relaxed upon him. “That’s nice!” She added. He moved his hands up to her head, and began running his fingers through her hair. “Mmmmmmmm” She murmured, relishing the pampering she was receiving.

“I want to take it a little shorter today.” Gary said softly. Dreamily enjoying Gary’s attentions, Sam failed to hear him properly.

“What was that honey?” She whispered.

“I want to cut your hair a little shorter today.” He repeated. Sam opened her eyes, disheartened that he should raise the subject of haircuts again, especially whilst they were enjoying being in bed together. She sighed heavily, and turned her head to face him.

“It doesn’t need cutting again. You only did it last week!”

“I know I did. But I want to take a little more off.” He answered in an aggrieved tone, clearly not impressed by her reaction. Sam sighed yet again, and lifted her head off his chest.

“Do I always have to have my hair cut every time we go to bed?” She asked bluntly. “Can’t we just enjoy having sex?” Gary was visibly annoyed with Sam’s reluctance, and she quickly tried to alleviate the tension. “I just want to make the most of what time we have together. I know you like doing my hair, but if you carry on cutting it I’ll have none left?” She smiled. Gary remained stone faced. As far as he was concerned, giving her a haircut was central to enjoying the time together. The pair of them lay motionless for a few minutes, waiting for each other to say something. Sam, feeling responsible for annoying Gary and slightly intimidated by his mood swing, finally broke the silence. “Okay then, if it’ll make you happy, you can give me another haircut.” She climbed off him and stood beside the bed. “Shall I take a seat?” She asked smiling, trying to appear the willing client.

Gary nodded and sat up on the bed. Samantha walked over to the dressing table, still completely naked, and pulled the chair around to face the bed. Slowly, she lowered herself down into it. She raised her hands up behind her neck, and provocatively lifted her mass of blonde hair up above her head.

“I’m ready for my haircut.” She called. Gary swiftly rose up off the bed and walked over to her. “Don’t cape me.” Samantha told him. “I want to feel the hair fall onto my naked skin!” Perhaps her friendly tease was intended to lighten the atmosphere a little, but her words fuelled Gary’s deepest desires. If she wanted to feel hair falling on her skin, he could certainly arrange that for her!

Sat, facing away from the dressing table mirror, she placed her complete faith in Gary as he began combing through her locks. He looked down at her blonde tresses, hanging down to just below where her bra strap would sit. He had intended to cut off only another four inches, bringing her hair up to shoulder length, as part of his plan to significantly shorten her hair over time. Now, it appeared she wasn’t such a willing partner after all, and may even refuse future haircuts? Running his comb through her long tresses, he pondered on exactly where to make his first cut. Should he just plunge his scissors into this mass of hair, or fool her by gradually cutting it shorter and shorter until it was severely cropped?

Sitting there, oblivious to his intentions, Sam sensed that Gary was still annoyed with her. She hadn’t realised he would be so touchy about not giving her another haircut so soon. Finally relenting, and giving him to him, had put a smile back on his face but, still, he wasn’t his normal self. Sam decided to offer another olive branch.

“If you want, why don’t you cut my bangs like you’re always threatening to do?” She asked him, fully aware that such a change would take some explaining to Judith that evening. Then again, wouldn’t the haircut itself, she thought? Her suggestion met with Gary’s approval.

“Really? You don’t mind?” He queried, aware of her previous objections.

“No, I just want to please you.” She replied. “I don’t want to argue with you. I’m sorry if I annoyed you Gary.” He didn’t reply. His attentions were now completely focused on cutting those bangs short whilst she was amicable. Swiftly he combed her hair straight down, over her face. Adjusting the scissors in his hand, he inserted the blades and began cutting across her forehead, half an inch above her eyebrows. Schnick, schnick, schnick! This was much higher than he’d originally proposed, but he was taking full advantage of her apologetic mood. Immediately, she realised just how high he was cutting, and gasped with shock as long lengths of her blonde hair cascaded onto her bare lap.. He paid no attention to her concern, and carried on snipping. Schnick, schnick!

“Well, well, well. What do we have here then?” A voice said, out of the blue. Gary and Samantha both looked over at the doorway. There stood Judith! As out of nowhere, she had appeared without any warning, and was now giving them both a glaring stare. “Up to your old tricks again Gary? Why does that not surprise me?” She switched her attention to Samantha, sat naked on the chair and now covered in blonde hair cuttings. “And what about you?” Intensely embarrassed at being found out, especially in these circumstances, Sam blurted out the first excuse that she could think of.

“Gary’s just been giving me a haircut. I know this looks bad, with me being naked and all, but I thought this might save my clothes from…”

“P-l-e-a-s-e! Do you know how ridiculous that sounds, standing where I am.” Judith snorted. “Do you normally strip off for a haircut then?” Sam had no answer. Slowly, Judith paced across the room, finally stopping to stand over Samantha. Clearly not happy by what she had walked in on, she glared down at her. “Don’t think for one minute, that I’ve just stumbled in on this sordid little affair young lady!”

“Affair? Gary’s just been giving me a haircut, that’s all.” She continued, still trying to keep up a sense of innocence. Judith bent down and placed a hand on Samantha’s knee, swiftly pulling her leg to one side and exposing her shaved pussy.

“I’m sure he has!” Judith laughed. “Old habits die hard eh?” She taunted her husband, before releasing Samantha’s leg and smiling down at her. “Listen, I admire your loyalty to him but, as far as explaining away my husband’s actions, your efforts are misplaced. I know only too well what my husband has been giving you! I’m just annoyed with myself for having given you the benefit of the doubt!” Samantha looked up at her confused.

“Let me tell you a story sweetheart.” Judith continued. “Jennifer was a devoted and loving wife who, one day, came home and found her beloved husband in bed with the family’s trusted nanny. With good justification, she threw the nanny out of the house and told her never to set foot near her house again. Devastated by her husband’s deceit and betrayal, Jennifer’s once-happy family life crumbled around her. Even now, three months on, she sleeps alone in bed whilst her husband sleeps on the downstairs sofa. For the sake of her small daughter, she is desperately trying to cling on to the shreds of what’s left of the marriage!” Samantha looked blankly up at Judith, as she continued her tale.

“She even moved her daughter to another nursery, trying make a whole new fresh start and draw a line under it all, and to avoid possibly bumpin
g into the nanny in the future. So imagine her dismay when, one morning, she is parking her car outside the nursery and she sees the nanny walking down the other side of the road? Tightly holding her hand is a small boy, about the small age as her daughter. Fearing that the nanny had moved on to destroy another happy family, she makes enquiries as to who the boy is. Low and behold, she finds out that the boy’s mother is someone she loosely knows through a mutual friend. Fate lends a hand by bringing the two women together at a horseracing meeting. Jennifer pulls the boy’s mother to one side, and tells her about her husband and the nanny.” Judith raised her eyebrows as she looked down on Samantha. “Does this sound familiar to you Samantha? It should do? You know Jennifer well, don’t you?” There was no reply.

“Returning home that evening, I wasn’t unduly concerned. I had seen nothing to suggest that you were playing around with my husband. To be honest, I was extremely pleased with the work you did and the way you conducted yourself. Funnily enough, I would have been willing to dismiss what she’d said if it had not been for something I found later.” Samantha was clearly intrigued by Judith, and listened intently as she continued.

“After you had gone home, I clumsily dropped the coffee jar onto the kitchen floor. In order to clear up the mess, I went and fetched the vacuum cleaner. It was then when my suspicions were aroused. Being a Dyson, its contents were completely visible, and what should I see?” She paused, as if to intensify the drama. “I’ll tell you. An inch layer of blonde hair! Your blonde hair Samantha! Can you explain how your hair ended up in the vacuum cleaner that night, or should I just assume that my loving husband treated you to a trim?” Sam chose to stay quiet and just sat there like a scolded child as Judith continued with her verbal assault. “If only you’d have emptied it into the dustbin hey?”

“The following Monday, Gary claimed to have a bout of food poisoning and stayed at home, all alone with you again. That night, the Dyson was virtually full of your blonde hair? Unfortunately, seeing how Gary had conveniently let you have the afternoon off, I didn’t get a chance to ask you about it until the following morning. However, when I did finally see your new, shorter style, you told me that you’d had it cut at Supercuts?” Again, she stared directly at Samantha. “How is that Sam? How can my Dyson be full of your blonde hair when you claim to have had your hair cut at Supercuts? You did say that you’d had it cut at Supercuts, didn’t you? Definitely Supercuts?”

“Yes.” She replied with her head bowed submissively.

“Strange?” Judith pondered. “Supercuts is closed on a Monday! I checked!” Judith gave Samantha the chance to speak, but she remained silent. “I’ll assume that means Gary cut it again for you?” Resigned, Samantha nodded. “Two haircuts in seven days, and now you’re having a third? Don’t you like your long hair any more?” Judith taunted her.

“I just wanted to please Gary. He wants me to look my best and he enjoys cutting my hair.”

“I don’t doubt it. But where my husband is concerned, the sad truth is that cutting your hair is ALL that it’s about! He has no real feelings for you?” Suggested Judith bluntly.

“That’s not true. I show him love and tenderness. That’s something he doesn’t get from his marriage! You hardly show him any affection at all?” She retorted.

“Arhhh, the naivety of youth!” Cried Judith. “Let me tell you about our marriage, shall I? When we first met, Gary was the most romantic, passionate man I’d ever met. I was completely bowled over by him! We were soon engaged, and married not long after. Up until this point, Gary had often shown a special interest in how I wore my hair, and I’d even allowed him to cut and style it on occasions. He was very nervous at first, and confessed that he had never shared his interest with anyone before, but soon he grew in confidence and seemed to have a natural flair for cutting hair. The problems started when I refused to let him cut it any shorter. Bear in mind, my hair was waist length when we met, and I’d let him cut it shorter and shorter until it was bobbed. Suddenly, he’d get moody and argumentative with me, and the romance and passion faded.” Samantha looked over at Gary, almost inviting him to comment, but he just stood by the bedroom window, staring out onto the street. Judith carried on.

“He obviously lost interest in me and started looking at other women, and in particular their hair! He started by having an affair with a young girl in his office. She was a redhead, and he’d told her that he used to be a hairdresser. She invited him back to her place to give her a trim, and one thing led to another. Soon, he was going there after work quite regularly, whilst telling me he was working late! Gradually, her hair became shorter and shorter. She’d been a willing client at first, but suddenly wasn’t willing to sacrifice any more hair. Consequently, Gary lost interest and, effectively, dumped her! Had it not been for her alcoholic-fuelled ranting, at the Christmas party, I’d have never have known!” Sam could see similarities between the behaviour Gary had shown to the redheaded girl, and that which she’d had only just witnessed.

“There’s been another three girls to my knowledge, although there’s probably more. They’ve all shared the same fate. At first he’s friendly towards them, then he charms them, and then he talks them into allowing him to trim their hair. Then, he convinces them that a shorter style would suit them better. Before long, he wants to cut their hair shorter and shorter. Everything is fine as long as they let him do as he pleases, but if they start voicing disapproval then he simply moves on to the next girl.” Judith glanced over at Gary with a look of disgust. ” Whilst they let him cut their hair, these women have a relationship with him. But, when they refuse? No haircut, no Gary. It’s that simple!”

“These three girls? What happened?” Samantha asked. Judith sniggered.

“They all messed about with a married man and got nothing out of it, except a short haircut! He even gave one of them a buzz cut! He dumped her because there was no more hair to cut! I think she’s the only one he went the whole distance with?” Judith gave her husband another look, but he continued to just stare out of the window. “You see, if he can’t cut your hair he loses interest instantly! I’m sorry Samantha, but you were always just a head of hair to him?” She turned to her husband. “Go on, tell her!”

“Is that right Gary?” Samantha cried out. “Is she right? Was it just about getting your hands on my hair?” He just continued to gaze out of the window.

“Oh Gary, you’re so pathetic!” Judith exclaimed. “Go on, get out!” Gary turned and walked out of the room. He wasn’t offering any defence for his actions. As far as he was concerned, it was Samantha who had pestered him for that initial haircut. The guilt was therefore hers! As he closed the door behind him, Judith turned her attentions back to Samantha.

“Well then young lady!” She began sternly. “You really are something, aren’t you?” Judith had appeared almost passive about her husband’s infidelity, as if she expected nothing else, but there was a sense of bitter disappointment in her voice now as she spoke with Samantha alone. “I clearly remember, when you first started working here, you telling me how you had just split up with someone very dear to you.” She sighed. “So that would have been Jennifer’s husband then?” Samantha nodded. “Strikes me that you’re a serial marriage wrecker Samantha?”

“I am so sorry Judith. I’ve been a complete fool.” She gushed. “I’ll get my stuff and go.” Judith swiftly placed her hand on Sam’s shoulder, and gently pushed her back down into the chair.

“Not so quick young lady!” She said firmly. “I’m not letting you off the hook quite as easily as Jennifer did!” She added, walking round to stand behind Samantha, now with both hands resting on her shoulders. “I am very disappointed in you Saman
tha. I thought I could trust you.” She sighed. “You have betrayed my trust, and for that alone you deserve to be punished. Then there’s poor Jennifer. Do you know how much pain you’ve caused that woman? Both of us invited you into our homes, and you betrayed both of us!” Samantha felt Judith stroke her hair lovingly.

“I’m really sorry Judith. I know it sounds stupid now, but I never meant to hurt you!”

“I wish I could believe you., but I don’t!” Sighed Judith, continuing to stroke Samantha’s hair. “You`ve encouraged him to cut your hair, knowing full well how much it turns him on! You’re as much to blame as he is!” Samantha didn’t argue, but sat there submissively in silence. “How can I be sure that you and Gary wouldn’t just resume where you’ve left off, once my back is turned?”

“You have no worries there Judith!” Samantha assured her. “I can see what I fool I’ve been!” She added, trying to convince Judith. As she waited for a reply, she thought she heard Judith pick something up off the dressing table behind her.

“The problem I have Samantha is that, even if I dismiss you here and now, you’ll still be around! Just as Jennifer discovered?” Samantha didn’t quite know how to respond. “I need to know that my husband will never be tempted by you again,” Judith continued, now grasping a fistful of Samantha’s blonde locks, “and the only way I can guarantee that, is to remove the thing that will tempt him!” Schnick! Samantha shrieked as she felt scissor blades cut close to her scalp. Schnick, schnick, schnick!

“Judith!” She cried.

“I’ve no choice!” Schnick, schnick! “It’s the only way I can trust my husband around you!” Judith barked back, as she continued to mercilessly hack away at Samantha’s locks. “He won’t be interested in you once I’ve cut all of your hair off!” Schnick, schnick. Blonde hair rained down over Samantha’s naked body. She had been caught off-guard by Judith’s instant justice and could only sit there in stunned silence as her remaining locks were cut off. “You’ll see,” Judith ranted, “he won’t want to know you!” Schnick, schnick. Samantha’s eyes filled with tears, as she bowed her head and gazed upon the mass of blonde hair covering her naked lap.

“You’ll be able to stay on as nanny now!” Judith continued. “I don’t see why Joseph should be upset because of you two! Everything can carry on as normal!” Schnick, schnick! Samantha was shocked to hear Judith talk in such a matter of fact way, as she cut the last remaining locks of hair from her head. Schnick, schnick! “And I want you to go and apologise to Jennifer! She’ll be pleased to see that you’ve paid the consequences for your deceit!” Judith announced. “Of course, it won’t undo the damage you’ve caused, but it might go someway to easing her pain!” With all of her hair cut off, Samantha foolishly thought her ordeal was over, but Judith had other ideas. She opened Gary’s top drawer, and pulled out his electric shaver. “This’ll do!” She said, switching it on and walking back over to Samantha.

“No” Samantha cried out, realising just what Judith intended to do. Judith just pushed down on her shoulder.

“Now don’t be silly!” She snapped. “If you struggle it’ll hurt!” With that, she pushed the shaver up against Samantha’s scalp and began to shave her head clean of any trace of her former glory. Ignoring the young girl’s sobbing, Judith ensured that every last stray hair had been shaved away. Her ran her hand over Samantha’s smooth, hairless scalp. “Now let’s see if Gary finds you appealing?” She mocked.

Victorious in her transformation of Samantha, Judith walked around the front of the chair, reached down and firmly grasped Samantha’s chin in her hand, forcing her to look up into her glaring eyes. “Nobody makes me look a fool young lady! From now on, you’re going to work twice as hard, do you understand?” Samantha trembled as she nodded. “And as for your precious hair, you’ll keep your head shaved until I tell you different, right?” Again, Samantha nodded. “And if you ever think about leaving…” Judith’s stare intensified as she brought her face closer towards Samantha’s, “let’s just say that wouldn’t be a wise thing to do!” Her fingers squeezed Samantha’s chin even harder. “Don’t fuck with me again Samantha!” Judith warned, before she released her grip and pushed Samantha’s face away. “Now, get up out of that bloody chair and clear up this mess!” She ordered, storming out of the room.

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