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Beth flew to California in July to finalize a merger agreement for a client. Her law firm represented a company looking to form a joint venture with a start up company in Los Angeles. She entered the meeting room and looked around the table. She could not believe, who represented the start up. It was Gary. She had not spoken with him in ten years and had not seen him in almost twenty. He looked great. Gary maintained the lean figure he had in their college days. Although, he did not have that mop of hair anymore, his blue eyes still had the twinkle that she loved. Her schedule in L.A. did not allow more than a hello, but Gary said he would call her the following week.

Over the next two months they spoke often. Gary told her he divorced his wife of five years about nine months ago. They did not have any children, which he truly regretted. He did not give Beth the details about the divorce, but it seemed to be friendly. He told her about his law career and making partner a few years ago. Beth knew his law firm; it also had an office in New York.

Beth explained that her career took a back seat to her family life a few years back. Her ex-husband Bruce went on a business trip to Europe three years ago and never came home. At least he did not empty their bank accounts, and she still had enough money to take care of 11 year old Emily and 8 year old David. However, she needed to take a year off from work to try to gain a semblance of order in their lives. They were still struggling emotionally.

Beth and Gary had many long conversations about happy subjects, too. They reminisced about college and old friends. The bond they had eighteen years ago had reformed. Gary told her he was coming to New York around Labor Day, and Beth could hardly wait. She had only a couple of dates in the past two years, and nothing emotional or physical ever came from them. She was ready to give herself to Gary in both regards.

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend Beth was straightening up her apartment. The busy work helped to keep her mind from thinking about the evening. Earlier in the morning she arranged to have emergency baby sitter. Her regular felt sick and did not want to pass the bug onto the children. Beth asked her friend Hillary for her sitter’s number. Hillary told her that Ally did not usually baby sit on Sunday, so she might be available. Beth reached Ally and asked her to come around five. However, Beth realized this would not give her enough time to go to the salon, so she called Ally back and changed the time to three. When Beth told Emily and David that a new sitter was coming, they were very excited. Emily knew Ally from sleeping over Hillary’s house. Emily and Hillary’s daughter, Julie were best friends.

Just before three the doorbell rang. Emily ran to the door and asked, “Who is it?” Ally responded, “Hi Emily it is Ally and Steve.” Emily opened the door and looked up at them. “What happened to your hair?”

“We donated it to charity. It will help make wigs for people that have cancer,” she told Emily. Beth overheard Ally’s response as she walked to the front door.

“I think you two look great,” Beth told them. “Would you like a drink or something to eat?”

“Sure,” said Steve.

Beth went into the kitchen and Ally followed to help her. Steve went to meet David. He and Emily were playing a video game in David’s room, so Steve stayed to watch.

Beth started to give Ally the third degree about the head shave. Ally told Beth about breakfast with Jen and Sam. How they got leads on their careers. How Jen’s shaved head led Ally and Steve to the barber shop, where they decided to have a race to baldness. Ally further explained that she and Steve were just good friends until the barbershop. However, as they walked to the library she fell completely in love with him, and she could not wait to show him. Ally tried to take that back because she did not want Beth to think she was a slut.

Beth broke in,”Did you do it?”

Ally answered with a little embarrassment, “in the bathroom in the library. I know it’s not romantic for your first time with someone you love, but we could not wait.” Ally quickly added, “We’ll keep our clothes on here. Don’t worry.”

“I know you are responsible, and your story got me thinking. I was going to the salon for a trim, but now I’m thinking about something much more exciting. Gary, my date tonight was my boyfriend in college. We parted ways, when he left to attend law school at Stanford. I came here to NYU. I felt bad for a few years thinking about what might have been, but then I met Bruce the Bastard.” Beth paused for a moment. “Let’s get back to my hair. In college a few girls started to buzz their hair off. I noticed Gary staring at these women. I asked him if he liked that look, but he denied any interest beyond curiosity. I knew he was holding back. If he would have opened up to me about his desires, I would have cut my hair. I loved him dearly. Now, I’m thinking about showing up bald on our date. I know he will love it, and I’m ready for a big change. Where did you go for your shave?”

“That’s a great idea. If he reacts like Steve, you’ll have a new lover. This barber Helen in the Village shaved me. I have her number in my phone. Let me get it, and I’ll call her for you.” Ally finished on the phone and spoke to Beth, “Helen can take you in twenty minutes. She was ready to go to Fire Island, but she will wait for you.”

“Great. I’ll take my dress and stockings with me. Gary always loved it, when I wore a garter belt. We would play this striptease game. I would remove my clothes, and he would pretend not to care. We would continue, until one of us was so horny that contact was initiated. The first one to touch the other lost. If he reacts like Steve, then I’m sure he will lose the game and eventually move to New York.”

“Kids I’m leaving. I won’t be home until after you are asleep. You can order some pizza. Don’t give Ally and Steve too much trouble. If they ask you to stop rubbing their heads, please stop. Ally, if things go well, I figure to be back around one. Good thing tomorrow is Labor Day. Here’s my cell number, the restaurant number, and Gary Miller is staying at the Pierre Hotel.”

Beth packed her clothes, kissed her kids goodbye, and jumped into a cab. She told the driver the address. Beth sat back, seriously thinking about having another man in her life for the first time in years.

Beth paid the driver and entered the barbershop. Helen greeted her at the door. “Beth, you are my first headshave referral. Here’s a glass of wine.” Jane sipped for a minute. “Why don’t you take off your clothes? It will be easier to clean off the stray hairs. Don’t worry no one else is here.” Beth sat down dressed only in her panties. Helen could sense Beth had a little apprehension, so she started to massage her shoulders. After a few minutes she snapped a cape around Beth’s neck. Helen picked up the shears and began to cut her customer’s curly brown hair. After a few minutes Beth looked up into the mirror to see Helen set the clippers at her forehead. Helen pulled them straight back leaving a swath of stubble down the middle of Beth’s head. In another few minutes her scalp was covered only with bristles. Helen retrieved a warm towel and placed it on Beth’s head.

“Ally told me your date tonight will be quite surprised. I hope he knows how lucky he is. I have a good feeling he’ll realize how special you are. I remember shaving a few women this weekend. They each had this glow about them like you do right now. Yesterday afternoon a woman named Jane came in with her husband Jack during the shavethon. She sat in this chair and had an orgasm, while he gazed into her eyes. I’m pretty sure Ally had one. And I bet you will cum also, once I start with the straight razor.” Beth only nodded. Her hands were already busy under the cape. Now she knew the real reason, why Helen told her to undress.

Helen applied the shave cream and then stropped the razor. Right before she began to shave, Beth let out a big sigh. “You are right,” she informed Helen. The shave finished with Helen removing the last hairs around Beth’s ears. Helen then applied the lotion to soothe Beth’s scalp.

“Would you like me to wax your head? Your date will like the shine.” Beth nodded okay. Helen buffed the wax until Beth’s head glowed. “Do you need a wig? I have one that will work, until you find one you like better. Before you get up let me put some make up and lip gloss on you. He’ll love this flavor, when you kiss him.” After Helen finished the make up, Beth got up out of the chair. Helen was pretty careful about being neat, but Beth had a few hairs on her neck. Helen wiped them off with a wet towel. Beth started to dress. She took off her cum soaked panties and put on the black lace detachable thong. She then hooked up the black garter belt and matching stockings. She also donned a black bra and black heals. She asked Helen to help her zip up her royal blue cocktail dress. The hem came to a perfect point about four inches above her knee. It was just short enough for Gary to imagine what was underneath.

“You look absolutely stunning. You should walk into the restaurant like this,” Helen said with great excitement. Beth pondered that for a moment. She never thought she would have the confidence to display her bald head in public, but right now she would show up at a client meeting with a glowing head. Beth new she could carry the look into the restaurant. However, she wanted to surprise Gary during the striptease game.

“No, I’ll wear the wig now. I want to the anticipation to build through dinner.” Helen placed the wig on Beth’s head. Beth thanked Helen and used her card to charge $1,000 for the wig, the shave, a donation to Locks of Love, and a big tip for the confidence Helen gave her. Beth wished her a well deserved Labor Day break at the beach.

Beth hailed a cab and headed for the restaurant in midtown. This was the trendy place, and Beth had to ask a few favors just to get this reservation at 6PM. Gary was waiting for her by the bar. He did not see her enter the restaurant, so Beth slyly walked over to him. “Long time no kiss stranger.” Beth showed Gary right here how much she wanted him by planting a big kiss right on his lips. Gary kissed her right back. Beth beamed knowing her desires would be fulfilled.

The hostess came by to seat them. Gary held Beth’s chair and said to her, “That’s a great dress you are wearing, great color. I only got a glimpse of you in L.A., and the pictures you emailed me do you no justice. Beth, you have not changed one bit since college. As a matter of fact the eighteen years have made you even prettier.”

Beth smiled and responded, “Thanks. Going to the gym regularly has helped me physically and mentally. You look great, too. I’m sure the running helps. How did you do in that race last weekend? I forgot to ask you, when we spoke this week.”

“I broke forty minutes for the 10k. I thought that would place me in my new 40 year old age bracket, until I realized that 40 year old guys like to run. I guess they can’t play other sports as well anymore, so running becomes their new passion.”

As dinner progressed they discussed many topics from politics to the latest movies. They laughed over a funny story about one of their dorm mates, who is now the mayor of some city. They both agreed that back then she thought she was the mayor of the whole university. They also drank an expensive bottle of wine, which helped keep their moods in high spirits. Dinner finished with coffee and the house-special peach cobbler. Gary paid the check and helped Beth out of her chair.

“Can I take you home? Gary asked her.

“My kids are there with a sitter. I think we’ll get in the way,” she responded knowing Gary would not miss her intentions.

“Well, there is no one in my hotel room,” he responded.

The cab pulled up in front of the Pierre Hotel. The doorman helped Beth out, and Gary walked around the taxi to take her hand. As they walked through the lobby to the elevators, Beth’s tried to keep herself calm. She could not wait to reveal herself to Gary, but she wanted the perfect moment. They entered his room.

“Normally, I refuse to use the minibar on the principal of paying five times the cost of things, but would you like a drink?” he asked her.

“A scotch on the rocks,” she replied. “You get some ice, while I pour the whiskey. You still drink scotch?” she asked him.

“Sure do. I’ll be right back,” he said.

Beth took this opportunity to reapply some lip gloss and to slip out of her dress. Gary returned. “Here’s the ice you requested. ” Beth removed her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. “Oh, and I met this guy Jack by the machine. He needed the ice because he and his wife were so sore from making love all weekend,” he said acting as indifferent to Beth’s state of undress as possible. The foreplay game had started. How far would Beth have to go before Gary would grab her and make love to her? She emptied two of those little $15 bottles into the glasses. Gary added the ice, and they began a toast.

“To old times,” she said intimating at their sex game.

“To new beginnings,” he followed intimating he planned to be with her for a long time.

Gary took off his suit and tie hanging them in the closet. He came back to the bed wearing only his boxer briefs. Gary thought he might even win tonight, but his growing erection betrayed him. Beth unclasped her thong displaying her neatly trimmed pubes. Gary realized he was done.

“Beth you win. Come over here before I get up and carry you.”

“Not so fast Gary. I’m not going to initiate the contact. You come here. Besides, I have one more thing to remove that will surely get you off your ass.”

“Leave the stockings on,” he said as Beth took off her wig. Gary jumped up and screamed, “you shaved you head. It’s so shiny. Let me rub it and kiss it. Why did you do that?” Gary lost total control of himself.

“I remembered in school how much you looked at those punk rocker girls. You denied it, but I know you would have loved for me to shave my head. I would have done it then because I loved you, and I did it now because I’m ready to fall in love with you all over again.”

“Beth, I started falling in love with you again in L.A. I could not get you out of my mind for the past two months. Every time we talked on the phone I would be hard thinking about a night like this with you. Tomorrow I will speak with my partners about transferring to New York.” He hugged her so hard.

“Gary, do you have a condom. I forgot to bring one.”

“Beth I’m clean. I was married for five years, and I have not been with anyone since my divorce. And I can’t imagine that you have a disease.”

“Not for a disease. It’s about getting pregnant. I know we’re getting older, but I’m still fertile.”

“Well I can pull out and come all over that bald head of yours,” he said hoping he did not offend her.

“You can do that another time. Now I want you to stay inside me. I am willing to take a chance.”

“Beth if we make a baby, I promise to make an honest women out of you.”

Beth took his assurance and reached down to grab his penis. She guided it into her pussy as he picked her up. Slowly Gary lay down on the bed with Beth on top of him. He kissed her whole head and face. The cherry gloss left a great taste in his mouth. After a few minutes Beth rolled off him and lay on her side. Gary came from behind her and slipped in his penis. This was their favorite position from a long time ago, and even today they fit like two spoons in a drawer. Their bodies gyrated in harmony. He nuzzled his nose to the back of her head and licked her nape. Beth felt Gary run his index finger up her stocking, along the top of her thigh, to the soft skin of her belly, down through her trimmed pubic hair, a
nd finally onto her clit. That did the trick. Beth exploded. Gary followed by driving his joint deep inside of her and depositing his sperm. Maybe one of his guys would make a direct hit. Beth felt the rush of his semen, and she came again.

After resting for a while Beth realized she needed to go home. She called Ally to tell her she would be there soon. “One more time before I leave,” she demanded. Gary climbed on top of her.

Gary escorted her home. During the ride she asked him to join her and the kids in Central Park tomorrow. They should meet the man who will be important in their lives and maybe even the father of their new sibling. Beth was sure that she was pregnant. Some force beyond her understanding had brought Gary to her. It affected Ally and Steve, Jen and Sam the people Ally mentioned, and Jane and Jack the ones that Helen told her about.

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