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I work as a body guard primarily for Industry and government projects but on occasion for well to do clients. This work can be feast or famine and you pretty much have to take what comes your way. I was contacted through a friend to provide escort and protective services to a women living in S. Florida, her husband is reported to be an arms dealer and one mean dude.

I accepted the offer to discuss the matter with the lady in question, when I got through her gated community and drove up to her house I knew this would be a difficult job not to accept. The house was massive easily 4 million dollars with a large circular drive and several cars parked in the garages.

I was met at the door by the house boy who took me in the house and out to the pool, the client was about 5’7 very tan probably in the range of 35-40 years of age and in good shape, she had long blonde hair tied in a pony tail. She was very polite insisted I have a glass of guava juice with her. She remarked how I didn’t look like a body guard and the usual remarks most people make when they hear what my profession is.

She explained that she and her husband had received death threats from a South American faction and that she was concerned for her life, she launched into a tirade of poor attributes her husband was made of and said she had had it with him and was going to divorce him with his blessings. He was down south working.

I went over the rudimentary ideas of security changing habits, places you visit, looks etc. I told her I would accept the position if she would absolutely listen to my requests and do as I say. She said she didn’t know about changes and had a difficult time following anyone’s orders. I thanked her for her time and prepared to leave. She relented and basically said I had a free hand. She showed me a small apartment located above the garage, I moved my bag in and set up exploring the property.

During the evening she wanted to explore some local bars I discourage this saying its to hard to move the client to and from I ended up spending an evening with her listening to her go on about the S Florida lifestyles of her friends and husbands and lovers etc.

She had been drinking bourbon and asked me several personal questions I typically don’t divulge my history but vaguely said I have been working in S. America, Iraq and Afghanistan. She remarked how I wasn’t very sociable and I said this is my job I am not your local tennis pro, or nail technician.

She said she had an appointment in the morning with her hairdresser and I said that’s good because I had some changes planned for her. She looked blankly at me and raised an eyebrow, saying what changes. I said the people that are serious about killing her have probably done several recces and snapped many photos, the contact teams probably have photos of her taped to the back seats and go over them nightly. She said that she liked her hair long and in a pony and that she thought it was a perfect look for her. I said excuse me I am going to pack my stuff and leave, she said you cant leave I am paying you 1000 a day for protection, I replied fine and you accepted my request for changes and the first change will be the style of your hair then color and then length. And just what did you have in mind? I said a darker color and possibly a different style, I was thinking a sort of 1960s do stacked on your head she said oh really I haven’t had that style for many years since I was a teenager and its hardly the rage, I said well we need to regularly change your looks and it can be short mid or long but for now since its long the smartest thing to do is change the shape and color. The more she thought about it the more she liked the idea saying she cant wait to see her hairstylist Zan in the morning. I got the address of her stylist and planed on doing an advance, to check it out. She went up stairs and I did my last checks of security and gun placements.

Zan’s was a hard target wide open and highly visible probably good for his high end clients but to dangerous for my drills, the chair he used was in front of a big glass window again very visible good for him but bad for me. I told Zan that my client was scheduled to have her hair done but I would not allow the client to sit in a chair in full view of a plate glass window the profile was too high Zan didn’t care for my demands and said he would do his client any way he choose.

I returned to the estate and told her that Zan’s was out of the question and told her that I had found a safer spot in old town, she said where is it, Sandy’s Harem you have an appointment at 1100. She didn’t like this turn in events, she complained that Zan’s was the best in town I said hes also the highest profile and not in her interest to continue for the time being.

Sandy’s was a small 3 chair shop Sandy was an older blonde that was nice and cheerful and had the pretense to call all clients hun, when I set up the appointment I told Sandy what I had for a client and the look I wanted to achieve, the primary goal was to be as flexible as possible and be able to maintain as many looks as possible, When we arrived there was one other customer a younger girl getting a mid length bob trim.

The second girl working at Sandy’s was Cuban and quite stunning with a brunet chin length bob the back was clippered and very soft looking, I found this style very flattering and had a hard time keeping my eyes off her. My client settled in and I did a quick scan of the area front and back and found a comfortable chair with good views. Sandy proceeded to chat with the client about what she wanted and forcefully steered the client back into my request I knew I had chosen the right place, They walked over to the shampoo bowl and lathered her up then proceeded trying to get closer to a shade of pale blonde. Sandy applied a mixture to bring her hair to color and moved her under a dryer. Sandy asked if I wanted a coffee or soda I accepted. Sandy was interesting and quite hot her self, she was a little beamy but carried it well and her overall look was curvey. Her hair was set perfectly in a 1960s do lifted high in the crown spayed stiffly with hair spray, the nape pulled up into swirling curls just above her collar, this style although dated perfectly suited her. I was imagining both the Cuban and Sandy doing each others hair, Sandy with rollers and being combed out with spray and the Cuban girl getting clippered

Sandy moved my client to another chair and proceeded with a wet set. She tightly rollered all her hair in neat rows, Sandy and the client seemed to be getting along well and both seemed to be enjoying it. I was getting turned on by the whole scene. Sandy moved the client to the dryers again some old fashioned coned looking contraption my client asked Sandy a question, I heard her say not normally but since there are no other customers it would be ok, Sandy went to the back and came in with an ash tray and cigarettes, the client lit up and I found the scene very arousing. The client looked over at me and suppressed a smile. I found it very alluring her sitting under a dryer with tightly set hair enjoying a cigarette. Normally I don’t care for the smell but this was doing me in a good way. I got up to do a quick check. Walking through the back Sandy was eating a sandwich and asked if I was bored I said no not really I have always enjoyed watching beautiful women getting dolled up, she just looked at me. I wanted to reach out and touch her hair and feel her sprayed hair. I moved on did my checks and came back to the chair.

The Cuban came back from lunch walking in with another younger women it was obvious the knew each other, the girls went back to the shampoo bowl and caped up, I watched as non plused as I could my client seemed to be dozing off very relaxed and Sandy was in the back, the girls moved to the Cubans chair, she started combing out her hair I was hoping to see a good long to short makeover but it was only a trim and a blow dry. I still had a hard time not looking.

Sandy checked the clie
nt and moved her from the dryer to the chair, she began to smoothly unwind the rollers the hair was in bouncy thick curls and very shiny, I liked the look of just the curls un touched but Sandy started to back comb and soon she had a huge pile of hair smoothed into place the style was as dated as Sandy’s but looked very refined, She continued to push and maneuver and then sprayed the hair into place, the client looked a bit out of sorts, I like the look I enjoyed the feeling of power I got by telling Sandy to set her hair in this manner, After Sandy was satisfied with the final results she took a small set of clippers and trimmed her stray neck hairs this overall style was very tempting.

Sandy and the client discussed maintenance and care and said she should come in weekly for sets and styles, the client seemed more and more confident. I said I liked the look and thought it would do nicely even the younger girls seemed to think that this was a nice look, it made her look much more appealing then the pony tail I was aching to touch her hair feel the stiffness of the shiny blonde hair. The smell was wonderful sharp smells of perm solutions mixed with heavy perfume of the hair spray was intoxicating, I moved her through the back of the shop a light pressure in the small of her back, sun sparkling into the shellac of her sprayed hair I could feel the stiffness in my trousers I hoped it didn’t show this was a long day, I moved her into the car catching another whiff of hairspray. On the ride home she didn’t say much kept looking at her new do in the vanity mirror of the Mercedes, she seemed pleased and I said I though it was very nice and it made me think of beautiful 1960s movie stars this earned me a smile and a wink

On a whim I took her to a small bar she had a couple of drinks to celebrate her new look I liked the feeling of walking her into the bar with only a couple of. late afternoon customers mostly men who seemed to not be able to quit looking at her we made small talk and conscious of spending to much time in one place I moved her out. Once back home I did the usual log in checks the wait staff had made dinner and gone home. The client took her meal in her suite I ate in the kitchen with News as company.

I was out swimming laps in the pool when the client came down she was wearing a very nice looking dress definitely like a movie star now she said, She asked if I wanted to have a drink with her I declined and concentrated on the laps pushing past the pain and my stiff dick. She went to bed I finished my checks and hit the rack thinking of the sights of the day much better then Mexico city or Camp Victory.

Days progressed with only minor security issues, one day I noticed while she was at the mall several suspicious tangos we quickly left and got her safely into the BMW no one followed us and I did several evasive routes. It put a scare in the client however. That evening she asked about another trip to Sandy’s I said sure I called Sandy and set it up for 1000 hrs the next morning, during the ride over the client asked me what I thought she should do I said lets try a longer bob with different color she said what you don’t like my current do? no its not that, I just want you morphing as much as possible. She wanted to know what I liked I said well I liked all the older styles especially the ones with hairspray big curls and clippered napes, She said it was obvious.

When we got to the salon Sandy and Olivia the Cuban girl where there, Olivia was setting a women in rollers Sandy was sitting in her chair. Sandy looked at me and asked what are we doing I said lets stay in the early 70s but go dark and short at the nape, the client giggled and asked if she had a say Sandy and I both said no! The other customer just looked at us.

Sandy took my client to the chair and proceeded to comb out her hair it was fairly long past here shoulders she said she would do the cut first and then we could decide if we need to change color. I liked the color of blonde she had applied before and was only marginally worried about damaging her hair. Sandy wasted no time putting a tissue around her neck and then tightly capping her. She didn’t bother with shampoo just took a spray bottle and wet her down. She combed it out and checked the length all around and began to pin sections up, she reached across and grabbed a set of clippers the client jumped when they snapped to life, Sandy pushed her head down to her chin and began running the clippers up her nape to just about ear level. My client was squirming in her chair I was squirming another turn on for me, the client was looking at me with murder in her eyes I saw a tear roll down I could tell all involved where into this. Sandy Looked up and shot me a wink damn this women was good! Olivia had stopped what she was doing both she and her customer where checking it out. Sandy was attacking her nape with professional determination. After the clippers where through I saw the client reach up to feel her nape, she let out a large sigh, I wanted to go over and rub her nape but Sandy was determined and quickly let down the first section and began cutting, the length was longer then I expected it completely covered up her nape she proceeded with the sides angled the cut looked similar to the Cubans except a bit longer all around hiding the clippered nape. Olivia was still watching as was her customer.

Sandy was scissors and elbows after she finished she asked me what I thought I liked the look, the client again wasn’t sure, I asked why so long in the back she said it gave her quite a few options to play with styles, I said can you blow it out and see how it looks?
Sandy grabbed the blow dryer and played around the client had a very modern looking chin length bob I liked it I could tell all the other women liked it.
I said its nice lets go with it. We left the shop and the client was excited and asked me if this turned me on I said I liked the feeling of power and being able to change her hair at my discretion, she said she liked my choice but really liked the older styles.

I said we can go back tomorrow and change it or we could have Sandy come over.
The day progressed with no other issues I ate dinner with her and asked her about her husband she said he rarely came home. I double checked the security systems and told her I would like to have a drink with her. I like the messy chin length bob and I wanted to play with it, she was into it she wanted me to rub her neck where the clippers had buzzed he she said the feeling was unreal, we played around. I told her I couldn’t make love to her but she want to go down on my cock, My mind told me no but my dick had his own thoughts, I stood in the room and let her suck me off while playing with her hair and nape. After the session I asked her if I could style her hair she loved this idea and I got out comb and brush and brushed it into a smooth chin length style.

Several days latter we asked Sandy to come over I had discussed briefly with the client my ideas but she said to surprise her, I wanted to stick my dick in her curls so I asked Sandy for another older style with big un brushed curls.

Sandy and the client met like old friends Sandy had found a suitable chair and asked me to bring the dryer in from the car, When I came back she had started to put roller’s in her hair and had tight rows with pin curls on the side, the nape was to short to curl.

I told Sandy I wanted to feel the rollers so It was very nice feeling them the client playfully rubbing my stiff cock in my jeans, Sandy said she wanted in on this and was playing with the clients breasts, she said we had to get her into the dryer, Sandys hair was set in her usual 60s do hair piled high with lots of hair spray and heavy formed curls. We spent time making out both me and Sandy and Sandy and the client, this was too much for me, I backed up and Sandy went down on the client. Her pussy was dripping wet and the pubic hair cut into a v shape, Sandy asked for her small clippers I handed them to her and watched as she shaved it
stubby smooth. The client was obviously enjoying this, I was lightly kissing Sandy’s nape, feeling the little stiff hairs with my tongue, I wanted to stick my dick into her hair and come. I stood up and pulled down my jeans rubbing my dick against her neck reaching around to feel Sandy’s tits, rubbing my dick against her neck letting it slide up to the nape of her neck. I wanted to stick it in the barrels of her curls at the back of her head. Sandy grabbed my dick and started to put it in her mouth, the client reached over and was lightly scratching my balls with her nails. Sandy shuddered and the client was giggling I came into Sandy’s mouth.

Sandy still had work to do she checked the clients hair still a bit damp, Sandy asked me if I liked her hair I said immensely she said it was unusual for men to like the style but I told her it was hot and she was hot, The client couldn’t hear and had asked for some cigarettes I went into the kitchen to get them and some iced teas for the girls. The client asked me to come over while she was lighting up I found it tremendously sexy to watch her smoke in curlers, she had barefeet and was playing with my balls which where beginning to ache.

Sandy un did the dryer and took our client out and began to take the rollers out
She was smoothing her hair into a very nice looking sixties beehive with a short nape.

This style was perfect still had the height at the crown, was heavily sprayed showed off the clients features and her great neckline, I loved just touching the stiff hair. Sandy was finishing up I helped take her stuff to the car, I gave her a long deep kiss then said she had to get back to the shop as she had an appointment at 3PM.

The client was looking at her new do in the mirror, I wanted to touch it once more but she was a little stand off-ish seems to me she said that you really go for the “heavy women” I said what you don’t like Sandy? She said she did was just jealous. I said look your married if this is going to be a problem ill back off, She said no but I want you to fuck me I said I cant I just cant do it.

We finished up the day being pleasant to one another but I knew my time was about up
I wanted to get her in one more style before leaving though. My thoughts where moving toward Sandy with her pleasantly plump body and great demeanor, the fact that she knew my hair desires and was willing to cater to them was part of the attraction. I went back to my apartment and called her, just to see if she was ok and to tell her I thought she was hot! She said if I could get away the next afternoon and come to the shop Olivia would be off and we could have some time to ourselves, I like the thought of this she said she had an interesting look for me.

The next day the client was still abit off, she said she was going to play tennis in the court. The tennis pro came over and I checked him out he seemed ok.

I made my excuse and went off after they started game. I was in the back looking on the internet for other jobs, she came in and said she was tired and was going to bed, I told her I was going to take off for a bit.

When I arrived at Sandy’s she was sitting in the salon chair her hair in pink and blue curler, she was smoking a long slim cigarette she knew this was a turn on for me. I came up from behind and caressed her neck feeling the tightly rolled blonde hair massaging her neck and shoulders, I liked looking at her from both the front and the back in the mirror and behind the chair, I spun the chair around and lowered it. She was wearing a black nightgown her cunny was exposed to me it was also blonde and I remarked how it needed trim she said the clippers are behind you love, She stubbed out the cig and I trimmed her pussy hair, brushing off the clipped soft hair with a neck brush from the counter. I began fucking her using the butt of the vibrating clippers massaging her pussy, I was fucking her hard pulling the clippers in and out she was arching her back and reaching for my dick still in my jeans, she looked so hot with the her back arched shaved pussy in my face, I went down on her and she was moaning rubbing my head I managed to get the clippers out of the way and turned off, was trying to pull my jeans down, and get inside of her. Her pussy was dripping flowing like a well she was saying she had been waiting for a man that loved hair and didn’t give a damn about weight or current fashions, we fucked hard her pussy starting to squirt like a fountain little pumps with every moan, I went down on her again sucking up the pussy juice quite a pleasant little surprise and it tasted sweet. I could feel it running down my chin, I stuck my dick in her pussy it was tight and felt like crushed velvet warm wet and sweet smelling, I pumped in and out sideways and up and down she moaned and sticking her tongue deep in my throat, a very passionate kisser this one. I pulled out before I could come and looked for the clippers, I wanted to trim some stray neck hair I could see that was not rolled up she said wait she had a better surprise for me, I went back down and started finger fucking her, and then grabbing the clipper switching it on with a satisfying pop using the vibrating clipper again until she came shuddering and squirting.

We played this way for a while I loved feeling her hair tightly rollered. She said I could start unwinding them I had never done this, and was very clumsy losing my hard on with the concentration it took to smoothly unwind her hair, she was caressing me as I moved around I would reach down every so often to kiss her neck. With the curlers out she had big unformed barrels of hair, she said get the hair spray and spray it so that it would dry stiff, I did this when I was done she said now get the clippers and run them up my nape!
There was quite a few hairs that where to short to be curled but I gladly turned on the clippers and cleaned up her nape. We played hairdresser me cleaning her nape she skill fully playing with my cock, she would slowly scratch with a long red fingernail the length of my shaft. She asked if I wanted to stick my dick in her hair I said of course.
She said touch it first, I moved her around in the chair I wanted to fuck her from behind and watch in the mirror, she was asking me if I liked this and I told her to hush or I would come before getting in her curls! she was giggling like a 20 year old girl I was enjoying the moment, I stuck my dick in feeling the tightly lacquered hair against the head of my dick caused me to explode immediately, I squirted all over her thick blonde barrel curls, she was laughing we kissed and I said come on ill clean you up, I moved her to the shampoo bowl giving her a warm luxurious slow shampoo and message it was difficult moving the sticky sperm out and I had to shampoo her several times she didn’t appear to mind and I enjoyed making her feel good..

She asked what I wanted to do next I said watch you roll your hair up and restyle it.
We chatted like old friends she asked what I was going to do about the client, I said things were getting difficult between us. Sandy said she wanted to do a couple of more styles on her. We planned on it, I spent the rest of the day with her we had a nice dinner she set her hair quickly and had me blow dry it out I smoothed it into a simple but clumsy bob I loved her clippered nape, she asked me if I wanted her to change her hair I said have Olivia do another sixties do!

Sandy is gone now lost too cancer, perhaps that’s the type of lust that only happens once in a lifetime. We continued sharing the client and I have several other good stories about her changes.

If you enjoy this story you can contact me at: I have another version with pictures scanned from the net.

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