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A moment later Anne’s back, “Oh, I almost forgot. Cathy is to show herself in the flight cabin once she’s gotten her haircut, you might get another customer, Pete.”

Surprised I ask Cathy about this: “I thought you had made it clear that I only cut the hair of females. I’m really not interested in men’s haircuts.”

“Don’t think about it for now. It should have been clear that the captain only authorized these actions because he has his own interest, although that’s something that I’ve just realized. Let’s better start with my own change. Are you ready?

“Sure, I’m ready, if I only knew what you want, you haven’t told me so far.”

Cathy sits on the same place where Anne had sat before, and hands me the makeshift cape. I put it around her shoulders, pull out her beautiful hair from under it, and close it with the piece of adhesive tape. Auburn on golden – her hair is fabulous and again I start lamenting that it would be a pity to remove anything of this magnificence.

“Cut it out! We have an agreement and I insist on you keeping your promise.” Obediently I take the comb and the scissors and start combing her hair, standing at Cathy’s side I ask her what her wish was.

“You won’t need the scissors. A bowl cut – half an inch over the ears – the neck shaved!”

Short and clear were her instructions.

“Sorry, can you repeat that?”

“You understood me perfectly well. I’m sure you know what a bowl cut is.”

“Cathy, please. You’re driving me crazy! It’s already difficult for me to cut your wonderful hair, but such an extreme cut. Please think it over again.”

“If you don’t start cutting immediately, then I will have to do it myself, but in that case I don’t know what the outcome will be. Watching while you cut Megan’s and Anne’s hair has made me totally hot. I want a style that will make me stand out from the average, and after I saw some girls in Frankfurt who were sporting such a haircut, I asked them how the style was named, I’ve taken a firm decision. Therefore you will only have to do it.”

Unsure and with a shaking hand and I take the clippers, take off the attachment, turn them on and place them in Cathy’s hand. “Just hold them for a moment, please.”

As if I had given her a hot potato, she drops the clippers. I retrieve them and switch them off.

“Why do you hesitate so much?” “Do you want to think it over again?”

Furiously she tears the clippers out of my hand, switches them on again, and lets them eat into her hair from one side at chin height. Long strands of hair drop to the floor and are mixed with Anne’s light brown ones.

“Is this proof enough for you?” She says, while she hands me the machine.

“Certainly. Now it’s not possible to undo it anymore. She’s cut a two inch wide step into the evenness of her mane.

“OK Cathy, I see that there’s no possibility of changing your mind. Nevertheless I want to tell you that I would have preferred to convince you not to cut it; it’s a pity to waste such fabulous hair.”

“I hear your words, but I don’t believe you, and you can’t pretend that that it’s not making you rather horny.” She said looking at my shaking hands.

In that she certainly spoke the truth.

Holding the clippers in an inverted position, I stand at her left side and dig the cutting edge into her thick hair a little bit over her ear. With hardly any resistance the buzzing teeth penetrate the uppermost layer and dig through to her scalp. The dry cut-off hair, slides over the cape and leaves a gap in the dense hair curtain, in which her nice ear shows up. I continue cutting forward in a horizontal line at the height of her eyebrows. Anne starts to shake like I did, and is holding with one hand onto the armrest.

“A short pause?” I ask.

“Please don’t, go on or I will piss into my pants in fear.” Her answer that was meant to be funny barely comes out from her lips that she’s pressing together.

Thereafter I continue cutting towards the back before I direct Cathy to change position on the armrest, so that I can continue the cut on her right side. I check that the cut is even and continue cutting. Below the cut line, the hair’s till hanging in its former length over her shoulders. The floor and the seat are covered with auburn and light brown hair – I wonder who’s going to clean up, and there’s more to come.

With the clipper in its normal position, I cut upwards from under the hair at the neck. A mass of hair is sliding first over the back of my hand and then over the cape to fall somewhere on the seat or the floor. Slowly I push the bare clippers over her scalp. The short auburn hair that remains resembles the stubble after one or two days of not shaving one’s beard.

Thereafter I do the only thing that’s still has to be done. From the middle of the top of her head I comb the hair over her forehead. Instead of leaving the bangs at the height of her eyebrows, I start cutting a little bit above, at mid height of her forehead, so that the short bangs are the only exception to the uniform bowl-line.

Cathy, starts pulling her head back when the buzzing machine approaches, but then she sits as still as she can.

When I switch off the clippers and take a deep breath she asks if I’ve finished, I confirm this with a nod and she stands up.

“Can you please take off the cap?” she says and looks with big eyes at the huge amount of hair that is laying about the place where they had gotten their haircuts. I lift a handful of hair with and let it slowly fall on the floor again.

“It’s a pity” is my only remark, before I brush off some hair from Cathy’s blouse who’s hurrying towards the mirror.

Following her slowly, I go towards the pantry and see that Cathy has closed the bathroom door. At least there is a can of Coke on the counter, which I eagerly open and drink to wet my dry throat. Cathy isn’t coming out of the bathroom, maybe she’s crying, but perhaps there is another reason – I don’t know. Anyhow I go back to the place where I’ve done the hair cutting and start gathering the long hair strands into one heap. I can’t see Cathy, but I hear that she has left the toilette. I hope she will return with a bag and help me to clean up. But she doesn’t come, so I assume that she’s hid somewhere in the pantry or that she went to show herself in the flight cabin as told. I’m already trying to remove the shorter hairs from the seat cushions, when I hear approaching steps.

“Pete may I present our copilot?” At least her voice sounds OK.

With cracking joints I stand up, turn around to say hello, but before me isn’t the expected ideal image of an airline pilot, but a pilot woman, who’s greeting me with friendly smile.

“Good evening Pete, nice work you did here” she says while looking at Cathy. And contrary to my fears she too seems to be happy with her new haircut, she’s continuously rubbing her neck with one hand and has a dreamy look in her eyes.

I’m glad you like it and that you allowed us to open a salon here on the plane.

At this moment Anne joins us and blurts out. “Hey, the colleagues are enthusiastic! Cathy! You look fantastic, very nice contrast.

Now the copilot remarks “Isn’t Pete fantastic? At the next meeting I will plead for free tickets for Pete on all flight to which I’m assigned,” she jokingly says.

Cathy and the copilot laugh loudly and I can’t suppress a grin. “It really wasn’t so difficult with so brave ladies and such a fabulous hair. The difficult part will be to clean all this up.

“Come on, don’t be so modest Pete, it’s terrific what you’ve accomplished under these circumstances.”

“Thanks for the praise, Mrs. .”

“Bianca – the rest doesn’t matter. Regarding the clean-up, let the crew worry about that, anyhow, it’s still too early for that.”

“Her remark baffles me completely.”

“What do you mean with that?”

“Are you willing to continue? She immediately asks in return.

“As long as it’s not the captain, certainly. I’ve never had such an entertaining flight.”

“Well the
n you can continue now,” Bianca encourages me, and looks questioningly at Cathy, who pats the armrest with her hand and remarks, “It’s not very comfortable, but as Pete works quite fast, it’s bearable.”


“Yes, why not? It’s quite overdue. Bianca has fastened her hair with a clip in a roll at the back of her head. She removes the clip and shakes her head so that her hair falls onto her shoulders. Her outgrown layered cut really needs to be re-cut, but I’m not sure if I can cut it as well she probably expects it.”

“Sorry Bianca, but I don’t think that I have the skill needed for such a cut.”

“Take your time. After all you still don’t know what style I want. Or do you?”

“I thought that you wanted your hair cut into the same layered style. Or don’t you?

“You know Pete, the two ladies of today’s crew have informed me, and the captain of their plans. The captain gave his consent just before take off, mainly because of his own interest. I have carefully considered what style I want for me. Why do you think both girls came immediately into the flight cabin, as soon as their cut was finished?

My expression of surprise and my gradual comprehension of the overall situation, make her laugh.

“You see it was a prearranged play. I’ve carefully looked at Anne’s and Cathy’s haircuts and decided that a combination of both styles is exactly what I would like for me.

If I’m not mistaken, then she wants a bowl cut, but not with a shaved neck, but just buzzed short. When I describe the cut I’m thinking of, she confirms it with a nod, “Exactly, so you see you don’t need to fear that’s something that you couldn’t do, after all we have the living proof here on board.”

“Well then there’s nothing else to do, than to put myself at your disposition. And with a great deal of pleasure if that helps.”

“Great Pete, what shall I do?

I seat her on the armrest, so that I can proceed as with Cathy, I comb her hair thoroughly, which she honors with some quiet groaning of pleasure and then I place the foil over her shoulders.

“Anne’s right, such pleasures should be made available for the crew on every long distance flight.” She manifests with closed eyes. In the same way as I did it with Cathy, I place the turned on clippers in her hand, at which she looks curiously, but holds fearlessly. In the box of the HOME HAIRCUTTIN KIT I find a #4 attachment, put it on the machine and I’m ready to start.

I confirm asking, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, of course, since I made my decision there hasn’t been any change.”

Obediently she bends her head down in response to a light pressure of my hand, showing me her long neck. Contrary to the way I proceeded with Cathy, I start cutting upwards form under the hair at her neck. I hold the comb in her hair, flat against her head, at the height where I want the bowl-line to be, so that the clippers can glide over it. The first furrow, in which the half inch long hair forms a smooth pelt, is soon widened by the following ones, until all the hair on her neck has been shortened. Bunches of blond hair fall on the floor ruining my previous clean-up attempt.

Only the hair above and in front of the ears, as well as the hair on the top of her head, remains uncut. She seems to enjoy the vibration of the clippers; at least I notice an expression of pleasure as I signal her with my hand to raise her head again. Quickly, but without haste I continue clipping the hair at the sides and her forehead, but leave the bangs at brow height, achieving in this way an even line all around her head. As I’ve been holding the hair down with the comb the transition from short to long turns out to be rather smooth and with much less contrast than with Cathy. This effect looks very nice with the length of hair remaining at her neck. Here the hair is still too long to stand up, and somewhat darker than the sun bleached hair at the top. Satisfied I turn off the hair cutting machine and ruffle her hair with the flat of one hand, so that it rearranges itself according to its natural direction of growth.

With “Ready” I pull off the piece of adhesive tape and remove of the makeshift cape allowing Bianca to stand up.

“Finished so soon? What a pity.”

She too, first inspects the haircut with her hands and strokes the hair at her neck against the grain, before she briefly consults the mirror in the ladies room and returns with a wide smile.

“Most satisfactory, Pete. You did a really good job. I’d love to chat with you about your hobby, but I have to return to the flight cabin. And I insist that you don’t try to clean up. Sit wherever you like and ask Cathy to serve you anything from the food and drinks we have on board, enjoy the rest of the flight. Again thank you very much.” We shake hands and I briefly rearrange her hair with a few deft hand movements, which she acknowledges with a smile before returning to the flight cabin.

Unquestioningly I help Cathy with the clean-up of the floor and the seat. I enjoy the erotic feeling of the long cut-off hair. Cathy too, gets pleasant shudders running over her skin, which she openly admits to me. After we’ve finished Cathy brings me a Gin and Tonic as well as a Coke for herself, sits at my side, takes my hand and places it at the stubble on her neck and asks, “Pete will you perhaps have some time after the flight?

“For you always, at any time of day or night.”

“Would you then drive home with me to make me smooth here, and maybe somewhere else too?


End of story.

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