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This is the story of me Roshni and Ranjith. We are happily married couple. I work in a software company. At my work place is an IT office where all my female colleagues were very fashionable. Most of them have medium to short hair styles.

I have a very good friend in Anjali. She is my best friend and I share all my feelings with her.

I have long hair which I keep plaited. This was giving me a lot of problems as it used to take to much time for her to get ready and as she used wash her hair daily it was a issue for her. Ranjith usually visits my office to pick or drop me. I once fell ill due to my hair not drying properly and my sitting in the air conditioned office. I did not go to work for 4 days. Anjali came home and picked me up to go shopping. On the way I told her the reason for my falling ill.

By the way let me describe Anjali to you: She is a smart woman married to Suraj. She wears formal cloths mostly to office as she is the one who interacts with the clients. Her hair is in a neat bob. On casual days she comes in short tops, jeans and skirts . I get jealous of her at times when Ranjith tells how nice Anjali looks. The reason he says that is coz Anjali has a nice set to boobs 35c which she wants everyone to see. On some casual days you can clearly make out the shape of her breasts as she wears tight T shirts. There have been times when Ranjith used to ogle at her and look at her shapely legs. He used to tell me that she definitely shaves her legs or uses hair remover. We used to fantasize on her when making love. Due to my closeness to Anjali, Ranjith too had become very friendly with Suraj. We used to exchange vcds. We used to crack sexy jokes when the four of us went to parties. After getting back from the parties all four have sometimes watched disc and have mad love.

Now back to my going with her. I told her about my hair ordeal. She promptly said why don’t you cut it off. She went on to tell me that she too had very long hair and used to wear only sarees. After her marriage to Suraj they worked in overseas for some time. I could not believe it for a moment and asked how come the transformation. As we were very close we shared even our intimate secrets.

After shopping we went to the beach to watch sunset. There Anjali started to describe how she and Suraj were very happy together. They shifted to Spain as Suraj had got a good job there. She said that she when she landed there they were given an accommodation near the Mediterranean. After a few days she said she got fed up of the way people used to stare at her with her plaited long hair and sarees. Also she saw a change in Suraj’s attitude. He would keep looking at women dressed in short dresses without bras as in spain it is very ok. Even their making love reduced. So she asked him why the change. He told her that he liked what he used to see in and around him and seeing the scantily clothed women with short hair was a different feeling. He even said ” I go to a unisex hair dresser just to see babes get their hair cut and get my hair cut by a sexy woman. I asked her what she meant with the unisex. She said a beauty parlour where both men and women go.
One fine day Anjali decided she had enough. She fixed an appointment with in the same parlor Suraj visited. She asked Suraj to come with her as she had a surprise in store for him. When they both got to the entrance of the parlor Suraj was shocked. She pulled him in and went to the reception and said that she had an appointment. She was shown a chair. She asked Suraj to sit. Anjali said that everyone in that parlor would not have seen a woman with long hair come to the parlor. So they were all looking at her only. Actually when she had called for an appointment she had asked for a male stylist. So there she was sitting on the chair.

She was introduced to Carlos. He put the cape round her neck and asked what she wanted. She said a short style. When he asked why she wanted to cut she lovely hair she showed Suraj and said that he liked women with short hair. So Carlos felt her head structure looked at her facial features and suggested a bob. She accepted and Carlos using a scissor had cut more than 1.5 feet of Anjali’s hair. He then gave her hair a neat shape. Anjali said that she was shocked to see that much of her hair gone. She asked Suraj how it was. Anjali said `you should have seen the reaction on his face.

After he paid the parlor I took him to a nearby supermarket and I bough lots of clothes including jeans T shirt short tops. Will you belive it I even bought Miniskirt and very small bikini with G strings bottom. We immediately went home and made crazy love. Suraj loved every moment of it. Only then did I realize that I looked very good with short hair. Suraj lifted my hair and licked my neck.’ She said ` Roshni has Ranjith ever licked your neck, It is a gr8 feeling. Try it. I will show you a secret. You are only the third person to know this.’ She looked around to see if they was anyone closeby. Anjali then lifted her hair to show a smooth neck. I was amazed to see how high up her nape was her hair gone. She said ` In spain after we went back home Suraj had said that he had not expected me to cut my hair short. But he was very happy with my style. When making love Suraj used to lick my neck. I would get shivers and very excited. One day he suggested that he could give me better pleasure if my nape was smooth as now lot of small hair was getting into his mouth. So I said that if that is the case ` shave it smooth’. So I had allowed him to shave my neck the way he liked. He made me sit on a stool naked in front of the mirror. He then made me bend my head used two long clips and parted my hair above my nape. He then made a line about 2 inches above where my hair ended. He clippered the hair. Then he put shaving gel on the patch and used his shaving brush to lather it up. Roshni that was like heaven. After that Suraj shaved my neck till the line. By then I was going to explode, Suraj sent me to Cloud nine.” She said that since then her neck has always been smooth. As Anjali’s got a bob I too did not know of her secret.

Anjali said “Since then we make love a lot with a lot of games played. I do a striptease often. We have a barber’s chair in out attic which we use for Suraj shaving me down there and my neck and me shaving Suraj’s cock. She said after her change she was ready any for any adventure as their sex life was the best.

Anjali even narrated an experience they had. She said that they went for a holiday on the resort. She said” Our house was situated in a rather remote location, on the shore of a small beach. During the day we remained naked, and swimming nude at night. However, one day at least an hour or so, from sunset undaunted, Suraj grabbed my nervous hand and pulled me with him, still naked, out of the house and down the long wooden staircase leading towards the beach. No sooner had we reached the shoreline, we saw another young couple walking slowly towards us. I thought that Suraj would immediately dive into the sand to conceal us. Again, I was surprised that evening by Suraj’s actions. Holding firmly on to my sweating hand, Suraj kept walking straight ahead towards the oncoming couple. A few seconds later, it was obvious that Suraj had no intention of heading for the water. He wanted us to “get caught.” Now realizing this, as the other couple continued to get closer, my nervousness subsided. I actually wanted someone other than Suraj to see my naked. I felt my sensitive nipples stiffen in reaction to the cool evening breeze blowing in off the lake.. They were a rather attractive looking couple, dressed in casual clothes, and no shoes. The surprised, and shocked, look on their faces as we passed each other was priceless. I never felt so alive, and strangely excited as I did at that exact moment. I even now get wet when I think of it. Roshni we both are enjoying our married lives very much. I have no inhibitions left.”

She said that I too should change my appearance as she had observ
ed Ranjith looking at her sexily.

We went back and Anjali dropped me home.

I was in a daze after hearing all the Anjali had said. I was amazed to see how she had changed. It took me time to regain my composure. I did that by using my fingers to give me an orgasm I have never experienced before.
I remember what Anjali had said about Ranjith looking at her I too knew about it so I asked Ranjith if would like to see me in short clothes. Ranjith loved the idea.

At the week end I asked Anjali if she would come with me to do some shopping for some sexy clothes. We bought few tops and 2 pair of jeans. Anjali made me buy silk hot pants and a very small bikini. She asked me about my hair I told her I had not decided still. But slowly it had begun in my mind that I will do something about it.

The next day I did not go to office when Ranjith was in his office I watched a few Malayalam movies with the dances of silk smitha and also the English movie Striptease which Ranjith had. I practiced a few of the steps. I waxed my legs also.

That night after dinner when Ranjith was watching TV I changed into the bikini and put on the silk top and hot pants On that I put on Ranjith white shirt. I went in front of the TV. Ranjith was confused seeing me like this. I put on sexy music o which silk smitha had danced. I moved my hips and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Then I removed the top and danced with only my bikini top. I removed the shorts. I then turned to show Ranjith my bum that was visible clearly as the g string covered almost nothing. I took off my bra to show Ranjith my breasts on which I had Ranjith written and show him my new nudity and guts as before we only made love in the bedroom. I went to Ranjith and told him ” Anjali told me that she too has seen you ogling at her. How do you find the new me”. Ranjith was too excited. I went close to him rubbed him with my naked body and took off him bottom. By now his cock was hard. I took into my mouth and l made him see heaven. He then bent down on me and started licking me.The hair had grown long.

I asked him to trim down there. He agreed. He then sprang a surprise on me. He brought a clipper which he had hidden. He used them and I got a little carried away with the clippers. After a few more nights I talked him into letting me shave him completely down there , it brought a new dimension of sensations I had never felt before! I asked him how come he had a clippers. He said that he had it for sometime now and wanted to use it. Then I told him about Suraj and Anjali having a barber’s chair.

Our sex life had gone to new levels and I found myself obsessing over shaving like never before. I even started shaving armpits. That day I told him everything Anjali had told me. After that I too used to do a lot of the house works naked. Ranjith said he liked the smooth me. He mentioned about Anjali’s neck and said that Suraj is a lucky man. When I told Ranjith to do the same he said it will become a problem as when I plait my hair my neck will be seen. We joked about the quick transformation and I told him that once I had experienced hairlessness down there it was hard to stop. “The only thing left is this,” Ranjith said jokingly as he stroked my long hair. The thought had been put out there and I could not get it out of my mind.

We used to make mad love as I even went on our balcony once naked in the night Ranjith recorded the episode on video. My neighbor Vibha too could have caught me. I realized what Anjali had said. I actually wanted someone other than Ranjith to see my naked and touch me
Ranjith got a promotion. I quit the company. Anjali and I used to meet often. She asked about my supposed to happen hairstyle change

As Ranjith had already put the thought, I could not help but wonder how I would look with a shaved head. How it would feel. If it felt like the rest of my body, it was definitely worth a try. A few nights later I asked Ranjith about his comment and at first he thought I was joking. When he realized I was serious, he thought about it, he went on to say that he had seen my childhood photos of me bald and made the comment that I would look good bald.

I called Anjali and told her what Ranjith had said. Next day Anjali called and said she was coming over to my house. On arriving we spoke in detail about what had happened. Anjali said that I had gone way past her and she too said that I will look fabulous bald. Anjali went on to say that she too had wanted to be bald but did not have the courage. Anjali popped the idea that we could use her chair. Ranjith came home that day when Anjali was still there. Suraj also came to pick Anjali. Somehow we got talking about it. I don’t know what happened we agreed to the idea as Anjali too decided to go bald. It was to happen in Anjali’s house. Suraj said he would love to watch Anjali loosing all of her hair instead of him shaving her. As we planning something very naughty I suggested that Ranjith could become Anjali’s barber so that Suraj could watch. To this Suraj said that would be OK if he could buzz my head as he was always having a fantasy to play with my long hair. Ranjith was amazed and he looked at Anjali. She very sexily said it would be great fun if Ranjith did it as Anjali wanted to give Suraj the opportunity to shave me. She also said she knew that Ranjith fantasized about Anjali. So it was decided that each of the husbands would shave the others wife.

Now I find myself sitting in a barber’s chair with a big black cape around my neck. Suraj pumped up the chair high and I could see Ranjith with video camera on taping this moment. “You want a short haircut Roshni?” Suraj asked as Ranjith smiled. This was the defining moment and surprisingly I had the courage to ask “Suraj shave my head”. He looked stunned at first and then asked me if I was sure. I nodded and then told him I wanted to watch and Ranjith wanted to tape it. Suraj pulled out a big set of clippers and took the guard off. He took a brush and brushed all of my hair away from my face and turned the clippers on. Anjali with held my hair back away from my face and Suraj ran the clippers from my forehead to about halfway up my head. The steady buzzing interrupted when the clippers hit my hair line, replaced by a loud chewing noise as my hair was separated from my head. The first mound of hair fell down in front of my face into my lap where it stopped. Suraj lifted the clippers up and brought them back to my forehead again to make the second pass. “This is a first for me Roshni, I’ve never shaved a woman’s head before it is only Anjali’s neck!” he said. I smiled and said “This is a first for me too, Suraj and so will it be for Ranjith when he does it to Anjali!” He laughed and continued moving the clippers back towards the crown. I watched as mounds of hair were piling up in my lap and my forehead grew longer, all the while Ranjith grinning and filming the event. Anjali was excited she was wearing a tight T-shirt and no bra.

With most of the hair on top now gone Suraj started shaving the sides. The first pass up the side tickled and I giggled as the mound of hair fell off of the clippers and onto the floor below me. I closed my eyes enjoying the vibrations of the clippers around my ears. With each pass I felt the hair being separated from my head. I did not open my eyes again until he had completely shaved my sides and back, and the first look felt odd. The first thing I noticed was how large my eyes were with no hair to detract from them. My head had a good shape to it and there were no unsightly bumps or moles. After turning from side to side to look at the new me, I looked at Ranjith whose mouth was wide open and I asked him what he thought. “You look gorgeous!” he said as I smiled and asked him to come closer. He leaned over and I kissed him. He rubbed his hands over my head and I did too. Suraj came back with a warm towel and within minutes was shaving the rest of my hair with a straight razor. There I was standing bald being shaved by my friends husband. Ranjith was too excited seeing me and knowing what h
e has to do.

It was now Anjali’s turn, she sat on the chair and when Ranjith as per the agreement wanted to put the cape on her Suraj said that is not needed. Anjali called Suraj close and whispered something. Suraj nodded. Then Anjali said ” Ranjith I have seen the way you look at my breasts and also Roshni has told me that you both fantasize about me so here I am letting you see what few have seen. So saying she became topless. Suraj asked Ranjith to see how he used to keep Anjali’s neck shaved under her bob. You too can do it after Roshni grows her hair. Ranjith switched on the clipper and made short work of Anjali’s hair on one half of her head. There was Anjali with half of her head bald and there other half with the bob hair. At this moment Anjali asked Ranjith to stop. She called Suraj pulled down his Bermuda and took his cock into her mouth. Seeing this Ranjith and me were shocked told Suraj You finish it. Suraj said no and told “Ranjith continue shaving her when she was sucking me” So reluctantly Ranjith continued taking care to pass the clipper as per Anjali’s movement with Suraj cock in her mouth. When he passed the clipper near her ear she became excited. There she was topless and bald. Suraj asked me to put lather on her head and shave it clean. Ranjith too said do it. So I put the cream on her head and started making foam when Anjali said “it is not right with only Ranjith getting to see my breasts. Suraj also should get to see Roshni’ boobs.” Ranjith said that it is correct and told Anjali “you take off her top”.. By now I too was high so I readily let Anjali take off my top. The she said” Oh! You are wearing the bikini set we bought. Saying this she took it off. There I was standing with my breasts exposed to somebody other than Ranjith. I made good foam come on to Anjali’s head and shaved her smooth. As I was wiping her head she said ” hey! You must be having that G string on let me see how it looks.” Before I realized Anjali stripped my bottom and my G string also came off. Suraj said ” You are Lucky Ranjith Roshni is beautiful naked I think much better than Anjali. Both of us girls were bald and were experiencing a high we had not known. Anjali too became naked and we both kissed our bald heads and kissed each other very passionately in the mouth. Anjali made me fondle her breasts and she went down on me and licked my smooth vagina. Here we were both Ranjith and me from conservative background. It was a very strange yet exciting feeling as a woman was making love to me. This by now was too much for the boys who immediately stripped. As soon as they were finished; we swallowed their cock in our mouth. Instantly, they were hard again as our now baldheads bobbed up and down over the smooth cock. They made love to us in the same room together. It was a strange feeling for me seeing Suraj `s smooth cock entering Anjali and vice versa. It was very different seeing a known couple making love and that we too being in the same room. All the four of us were too excited. We made the best love ever. Even now we four get together see the video of the shaving mostly with all being naked and end up making love in the same room. Anjali has suggested we switch partners.

That may be coming in the next story

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