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Unfortunately for Angelina, her parents had decided that she could go and stay with her Auntie whilst they went on a romantic cruise for four weeks. Not that being 19 years old, she wasn’t old enough to look after herself but a previous `wild’ party, held at the family home in their absence, had convinced her parents that she was not to be trusted alone just yet!

Auntie Joanne was quite strict and forthright. Her own two daughters, Victoria aged sixteen and Veronica aged fourteen, were totally obedient and wouldn’t dare go against their mother’s wishes. Having stayed with them before, Angelina knew what a horrible time she was in for. Life as she knew it, and the partying which was central to that lifestyle, would have to be put on hold for a short while!

On the first Saturday of her stay, Angelina joined Joanne and her daughters at the breakfast table. As she buttered her toast, Joanne looked up from her newspaper.

“Angelina, are you going out anywhere this morning?” She asked.

“No auntie, I was just going to stay in for a while.” Her reply was greeted by a smile.

“Good. The girls are having their hair cut this morning by Eva. I spoke to your mother last night, and she agreed that you can join them, okay?” Angelina just looked back at her in stunned silence. What was her mother thinking? Victoria and Veronica were forced to keep their hair short, whilst Angelina’s shoulder-length, chestnut-coloured locks were the complete opposite.

“My mother said she wanted me to have my hair cut? What did she say?” Angelina asked, shocked that her mother would agree to such a thing.

“I told her the girls were having their hair cut, and did she want you to have yours cut at the same time. She said yes.” Joanne answered dismissively.

“Cut? What did she mean? I don’t want my hair cut!”

“Look Angelina, I haven’t got time for all this! Your mother wants your hair cutting and so it’s going to be cut, okay?” Angelina could sense the satisfaction in Joanne’s voice. She knew that Joanne harboured a loathing of long hair for some reason, and had often strongly encouraged her sister to get Angelina’s locks cut shorter. Up until now, her mother had always sided with her own daughter, and so her apparent u-turn left Angelina feeling confused and betrayed. She desperately wanted to avoid giving Joanne any opportunity of getting her hands on her own precious locks.

“I don’t think I can spare the time to go down the salon auntie,” Angelina persisted, “because I need to study for college.” She was confident that Joanne could not argue with that excuse.

“You won’t have to Angelina! We have a mobile hairdresser come here to the house.” Joanne smiled. “So you can study in your room, and I’ll call you down when Eva’s ready for you!”

“But I don’t want my hair cut!” She repeated.

“That’s too bad young lady. It’s high time you had a decent haircut. I’ve been on to your mother for as long as I can remember about it. At last she’s come to her senses, and so you’re having it cut and that’s all there is to it Her reply silenced Angelina in her tracks. Even Victoria smirked as her mother left Angelina with no choice other than to submit.

The breakfast things were cleared, leaving Joanne to `prepare’ the breakfast area ready for Eva. The table and chairs were pulled to one side, leaving one chair standing in the middle of the clearing. The worktop alongside was cleared to give Eva room for the tools of her trade. As Angelina climbed the stairs to her room, she ominously saw Joanne take her dustpan and brush into the kitchen, ready to sweep up all of the hair cuttings?

In her room, Angelina sat staring into the dressing table mirror. The girl facing her had beautifully thick hair, parted in the centre, and gently rolling down to her shoulders. It’s luscious natural brown colour was set off by some subtle honey-blonde highlights which she had had put in three weeks previously. During the same visit, her split ends had been trimmed. Her mother knew that, so why would she agree to Joanne’s proposition?

Just as she was contemplating what might be in store for her treasured locks, she heard the front doorbell chime. She opened the bedroom door ajar, and heard Joanne greet Eva. As Joanne led Eva through into the kitchen, Angelina could hear her making small talk about the weather etc. All too soon, the kitchen door was closed, and she could hear no more. Closing the door, she returned to sit in front of the mirror, as if to saviour looking at her hair length for the last time.

“Victoria!” Joanne called. “We’re ready for you!” Angelina’s heart was pounding as she heard Victoria go down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. Was Joanne deliberately making her waiting until last? She strained to hear any sounds from downstairs, but she could hear nothing. Nervously, she paced around her room. Then she sat back down and admired her lovely, long hair. Then she paced around some more.

“Veronica!” Joanne suddenly called out. “It’s your turn!” Angelina was taken by surprise. That didn’t seem to have taken long at all? She opened the bedroom door to see if Victoria was returning, hoping to see what Eva had done to her. As she looked out, Veronica was going down the stairs. She looked up at Angelina, and gave her a sinister grin as if she knew what awaited Angelina downstairs. There was no sign of Victoria.

Angelina returned to the dressing table and waited. The minutes ticked by. Perhaps Joanne wouldn’t call for her after all? Maybe she was just winding her up? That would explain why her mother had apparently given her permission! All of a sudden, she heard the kitchen door open.

“Angelina, would you come down here please!”. A cold chill went through Angelina’s body as she heard Joanne calling. This was it! She rose from her chair and walked over to the bedroom door.

“I just need to finish something.” She called down the stairs, playing for time. “I’ll only be five minutes.” She added.

“Come on, hurry up! Eva’s waiting!” Responded Joanne.

“Just a minute!” Angelina returned to the dressing table mirror once more. She gazed at her reflection, and her beautiful long mane hanging down to her shoulders. Time was running out for her. Soon, Joanne would finally have her where she had wanted her for so long. It was unlikely that Joanne would allow her to escape with just a trim. Her own daughters were always given short haircuts, and so there was no reason to expect any mercy from her. Why had her mother betrayed her like this? Perhaps, if she appeared to be a co-operative and willing participant, Joanne might agree to a longer style?

Angelina rose to her feet again and made her way down the stairs. Her heart was pounding as she approached the kitchen door and pushed it open. There, sat caped in the lone chair, was Joanne. Standing to the side of her stood Eva who, using her comb and hair clippers, was shearing the side of Joanne’s head.

“Here she is!” Exclaimed Joanne, looking up as she heard Angelina open the door. “Eva thought she’d do mine whilst we were waiting for you!” She explained. “Take a seat, this won’t take long.”

“Okay.” Angelina replied quietly. She pulled a chair out, from the breakfast table, and sat down only a few yards away from where Joanne was seated. In silence, she watched Eva continue to run the clippers up Joanne’s neck, reducing her greyish-white hair to just inch-long stubble. Eva was in her early thirties and of Mediterranean-appearance. To Angelina’s surprise, she was a very elegant-looking, slender woman, and not at all what she had expected. Tightly hugging her model-like figure, Eva wore a floral-print summer dress., and the most enchanting smelling perfume, which filled the air around her. Her own black hair was stylishly cut short, her skin was tanned golden-brown, and her make-up was immaculate. There was no doubting that she cared greatly about her personal appearance. She had gold rings on virtually all of her fingers, and wore several gold bangles on both of her wrists. These consta
ntly jangled as she swiftly moved the clippers around.

Angelina watched Eva, completely mesmerised, as she skilfully sheared Joanne’s hair short. There was something she found arousing about such an attractive, feminine-looking woman giving another woman such a short, almost-masculine haircut. A couple of times, Eva caught Angelina looking directly at her and smiled back at her, which made Angelina feel embarrassed but she couldn’t help herself. Eva was an incredibly sexy-looking woman. That white floral dress, printed with bright red flowers and green foliage, showed off her slim waist and superb figure. Cut just above the knee, it also showed off her slender, tanned legs, all the way down to her highly polished, high-heeled shoes.

Eva stepped to the left of Joanne, facing Angelina almost head-on, and began shearing that side of her head. Again, she caught Angelina staring at her. This time she winked back and smiled whilst, all the time, running the clippers up Joanne’s head. The black cape was covered in small greyish-white hair clippings. Angelina fidgeted on her chair as the scenes before her made her even more aroused. Noticing her intense interest in the haircut, Eva looked directly at Angelina.

“Do you like it?” Eva suddenly asked Angelina who, obviously startled by her question, looked at her in puzzlement. “Her hair? Do you like it? She repeated the question.

“Yes, I mean, yes it looks nice.” She blurted. “But it’s very short.” She paused for a couple of seconds. “I don’t think it would suit me?” She added, before anyone could get the wrong idea. Eva smiled warmly back at her.

“Don’t be too sure. I know plenty of young ladies who have had this cut, and all of them look good!”

“Maybe, but I like my hair just the way it is.” Angelina replied firmly. Eva shrugged her shoulders.

“Well that’s too bad young lady,” interrupted Joanne, “because your mother wants it cut and she’s wisely left it to my discretion as to just how short it’s cut. Personally, I think it’s high time that you had a nice short style!” Angelina didn’t answer.

“Perhaps it’s a security thing?” Eva mused. Angelina looked puzzled again. “Well, if you’ve never cut your hair short, how would you know you wouldn’t like it?” Eva’s tone was very seductive. “You only know how long hair feels. You’ve never experienced the feeling and sensuality of having short hair. You only know one side of the argument?”

“Not for much longer Eva!” Quipped Joanne.

“I know I like my long hair.” Argued Angelina, still campaigning to keep her lengthy tresses.

“You only know long hair. How can you make any comparison?” Eva persisted. “That’s like eating the same meal everyday of your life simply because you like it! Or wearing the same clothes everyday because you like them? Well, isn’t it?”

“Maybe. But what if I hate short hair? It’s too late once it’s cut?” Angelina felt she was beginning to lose the argument. The mix of Eva’s sensuality, her confidence, her persistence and a good, strong argument was winning through. Worse still, for Angelina, was that Eva began to remove the cape from around Joanne. As they had debated her hair, Angelina hadn’t noticed Eva finishing Joanne’s haircut.

“Well, you’ll soon know won’t you?” Joanne snapped as the cape was pulled away from her and she stood up, rubbing her shaven nape with her hand. Eva shook all the loose hairs off the cape as Joanne turned to Angelina.

“Right then young lady, let’s be having you!” Joanne said sternly. Apprehensively, Angelina rose to her feet and walked over to the waiting chair. She felt Eva place a reassuring hand on her shoulder as she lowered herself into the chair. Once seated, she heard the whoosh of the cape as it was swung around her. As it settled, and was gathered in around her neck, Angelina’s nostrils were filled with the intoxicating, musky scent of Eva’s perfume. Angelina thought it was a gorgeous fragrance, and inhaled deeply to savour it further.

“You have lovely hair. It’s so thick and luxurious.” Eva exclaimed as she ran her fingernails slowly, almost seductively, along Angelina’s scalp. The young girl fidgeted on her chair as she struggled with being sexually turned on by this hairdresser.

“I want it cut like Victoria’s.” Joanne instructed. “Actually, make it a bit shorter.” She added, smiling down at Angelina. “Let’s make the most of this opportunity eh?” There was a sense of real satisfaction in Joanne’s voice. Finally, after all of her fruitless persuading, she was about to see Angelina receive that desired short haircut. In order to enjoy the moment further, she sat down by the breakfast table to watch the deed done.

On one hand, Joanne’s request horrified Angelina, because she did love her long hair and didn’t want to have it cut short. But she was so totally absorbed by Eva that the thought of receiving such an unwanted haircut from her, left Angelina feeling incredibly excited. As if to tease her further, Eva continued to draw her fingernails through her doomed tresses.

“It’s a pity to cut such beautiful hair but, trust me, you will look just so amazing afterwards.” Eva reassured Angelina. “You will no longer be a little girl, but a young woman.” Suddenly, Angelina could feel Eva’s hands gathering her long, chestnut locks into a makeshift ponytail. She knew all too well what was about to follow, as Eva repeated the motion to ensure she had a firm grasp of all Angelina’s long tresses. The ponytail was suddenly pulled taut, and Angelina could hear Eva pick up her scissors from behind her. The tension and suspense were exhilarating, but she still wanted to cry out and beg Eva not to make the cut. Schnick! Schnick! Schnick! Schnick! The pulling on her scalp ceased.

“Yes!!!” Joanne exclaimed excitedly, as she watched the ponytail come away, and swing freely, in Eva’s hand.

“Oh my God!” Angelina cried, unable to contain her feelings any longer. She felt a tear run down her cheek, hating herself for showing Joanne any sign of emotion. Not that she was taking any notice of Angelina’s feelings.

“Finally!” Joanne continued to gloat with immense satisfaction. “You can’t imagine how long I’ve waited for this moment!” She stood up and, to Angelina’s horror, called her daughters in to witness the event. “Victoria…Veronica…come here please.” They duly obeyed, appearing in the doorway within a few seconds. Angelina looked up at their grinning expressions, and she was mortified to see their new haircuts. They were both now sporting extremely short, boyish cuts. The back and sides, of their heads, had been clipped to about a quarter, maybe half, of an inch! Only the longer layers on the tops of their heads gave the style any sense of femininity! “Girls, look, Eva’s cut Angelina’s long ponytail off!” Joanne excitedly told them. “Eva, show it to the girls!” Eva held the severed ponytail out in her hand and duly swung it freely.

“Is she having her hair cut like ours?” Asked Victoria, smirking at the sight of Angelina reluctantly caped in the chair and receiving her forced haircut.

“Yes dear.” Replied Joanne. “Well, actually, she’s having hers cut even shorter isn’t she Eva?”

“If that’s what you wish?” Answered Eva, beginning to comb through Angelina’s remaining locks.

“How much shorter?” Victoria eagerly pestered, almost encouraging her mother.

“Well, I think Eva should shave the back and sides a little more, and maybe cut those top layers a little shorter? What do you think girls?”

“Yes!” Replied Victoria, who was obviously taking great delight in watching Angelina’s plight. “The shorter the better!” Angelina just glared back at her.

“Isn’t that a little too short Joanne?” Questioned Eva, stood poised with her scissors.

“No. I don’t think it is.” Joanne retorted. “I wouldn’t want it growing back again too soon and, besides, this may be my one and only opportunity to cut her hair cut. I want to make the most of it!”

“Very well.” Eva conceded, and continued the haircut. Schnick-schnick, schnick! Lengths of chestnut-coloured hair rained down
onto the cape and the floor as Eva removed the bulk of Angelina’s precious locks, starting on her left-hand side.

“I’m sure my mother would not have agreed to this!” Angelina tearfully protested to Joanne, as Eva cut free the hair covering Angelina’s ear. Schnick-schnick!

“She said she was leaving it to my discretion. She knew my feelings about your hair Angelina dear. So, she obviously knew how short it would be cut?” Schnick, schnick, schnick! Angelina felt Eva place her hand on the back of her head, gently pushing it forward. As she lowered it, the cutting resumed. Schnick, schnick, schnick!

“You know she wouldn’t have agreed to this!” Angelina continued. “Not this short! Wait until she sees it!” Joanne just laughed. Schnick, schnick.

“Well, it’ll all be a bit too late by then eh?” Her daughters giggled at their mother’s cruel jibe. “Come on girls, let’s go and sit in the garden,” she suggested, turning to add, “and we’ll see you later Angelina, when Eva’s sheared all that off!” Victoria laughed as she followed her mother out of the kitchen, turning round at the kitchen doorway, to enjoy the Angelina’s haircut one last time. She smiled at the sight of all that chestnut-coloured hair lying all around the chair, and then continued into the garden.

“Don’t worry about them.” Eva softly reassured Angelina. “You will look delightful with short hair, I promise!” She stroked Angelina’s head lovingly as she spoke. With tear-filled eyes, Angelina looked up at her.

“My mother would not have allowed this! I know she wouldn’t! She knew how much I loved my hair!”

“Perhaps?” Eva pondered. “Or maybe your aunt is right? Maybe your mother knew precisely what your aunt would do? Maybe she didn’t share your love of your long hair, despite what you thought?” Angelina sobbed, as she looked down at the mass of hair on her caped lap.

“I don’t suppose it matters now anyway, does it? She’s got what she’s always wanted!”

“No, I’m afraid it’s too late.” Eva sympathised. “You are a very attractive young woman, and you will look absolutely stunning with short hair, believe me.”

“My aunt wants me shorn! That’s not short hair Eva, that’s no hair! How the hell will I look stunning with no hair?!” Again, Eva slowly stroked her head.

“Listen, I used to have long, cascading locks. They were beautiful. Long and luxurious locks, reaching right down my back.” Eva recalled. “Then, one day, a girlfriend of mine persuaded me to let her cut my hair. At first, I had said no, but she kept on and on, and I finally agreed.”

“Really? So what happened?”

“She said she thought my hair was desperately in need of a tidy up. I thought she was just going to just trim the ends, maybe a couple of inches? She had me sit down on a chair and caped me. Then she gently combed out my hair. It was really long and reached right down the back of the chair! I expected her to pick up her scissors and start trimming my split ends, but she produced a pair of clippers and told me she was going to shave my hair off!”

“Oh my God! What did you say?”

“I was horrified! She switched the clippers on and stood directly behind me. I felt her fingers plunge into my long hair, and the humming of the clippers coming closer. She asked me to trust her. She told me how beautiful I was, and how I was covering up my beauty with my thick mass of hair. She begged me to let her shave my head smooth”

“So then what?” Angelina asked intrigued.

“I let her do it! I cared for her greatly and so I just sat back and closed my eyes.” Eva paused, as if remembering a fond memory. “She gently pulled my head back, and placed the clippers on my hairline. Without a word spoken, she slowly pulled the clippers across my head. I could hear them shearing my hair off but, at that moment, I did not care. The feeling was pure ecstasy! I could feel my hair falling all over me. I was absolutely covered by the time she was finished. There was hair everywhere!”

“What about afterwards?”

“That was the best part! I truly expected to regret letting her do it, but I didn’t! It brought us closer together! It was such a sensual experience and having no hair was so liberating! I would never have done anything like it myself, but by not really giving me a choice, she liberated me from my long hair. I felt free!”

“But your hair is longer now? It’s not shaved?” Queried Angelina.

“No, not now, you’re right. But I’ve done that. I’ve been shaved. Now I am older, and I choose to wear it at this length.” Eva could sense Angelina’s doubt. “My issue with you Angelina is that you have never tried anything other than wearing your hair long. You are who I was. I would still have long hair, weighing me down, if my friend had not sat me down and shaved me!”

“But if you loved being shaved, why not now?

“Choice. How I wear my hair is my own choice. The difference is that I have tried so many styles. Long, medium, short, bald, permed, coloured, I’ve tried them all and I choose to have my hair like this now. Next week, I might just shave it all off again? I wear my hair just how I want, I’m not influenced by the opinions of others. Never to have tried anything different is a betrayal against yourself.”

“I think I understand.”

“Good.” Eva sighed. “So, can I continue cutting?” She asked, adjusting her hold on her scissors and comb.

“No.” Answered Angelina. “But you can pick up your clippers and shave me!” She looked up and smiled at Eva, whose face lit up with delight.



“You will not regret this.” She hurriedly placed the comb and scissors down, picked up her clippers and switched them on. `Pop’, `hummmmmmm’.

“It’s not really much of a choice when you think about it. My aunt wanted me shorn pretty much in any case?”

“Are you sure?” Eva asked, holding the humming clippers in her right hand.

“Yes Eva, I’m sure.” Angelina replied with a new found confidence. Just as Eva had done, so Angelina closed her eyes as she submitted to having her hair shaved off. For her part, Eva gently placed her hand on Angelina’s forehead and pulled her hair back away from its hairline. She then placed the clippers next to the hairline and slowly pulled them back across Angelina’s head. With her eyes still closed, Angelina listened intently as the humming sound changed its tone as the clippers began shearing away her prized locks. The vibrations of the cutting blades seemed to massage her scalp as they passed over.

Angelina imagined watching the spectacle from the other side of the room. She pictured Eva, complete with her figure-hugging white dress and jingly wrist bangles, standing over her and busy shaving her hair off her head. She inhaled a deep breath of Eva’s perfume, and continued to picture clumps of her chestnut-coloured hair falling from the clippers, rolling down the cape and onto the floor. Her senses were going into overload as the humming clippers became the only sound, Eva’s fragrance became the only scent, and the vibrating touch of the clipper blades became the only touch.

All too soon, she was snapped back to reality as Eva switched the clippers off. Angelina opened her eyes.

“It’s done,” Eva said softly, “how do you feel?” She asked. Angelina didn’t answer at first. She wasn’t quite sure how to explain the feeling inside of her. Eva leaned over and whispered into Angelina’s left ear. “It does things to you doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Whispered back Angelina.

“Feel your scalp Angelina. There’s a whole new experience waiting for you.” Angelina raised her hand, from under the cape, and slowly felt her head with the tips of her fingers. Where once were luscious locks, now all she could feel was bristly stubble. She ran her palm up her nape and gasped, partly shocked by the fact that her gorgeous mane had indeed gone. As she continued to explore her newly shorn head, she began to feel that sensual pleasure that Eva had described. The simple act of vigorously rubbing her scalp was suddenly much more pleasurable, and slightly arousing. Her head felt so much lig
hter and cooler.

“It’s even more fun when your partner shaves you with a razor, you know?” Eva teased her, as she watched her new convert enjoying her liberation. “Do you have a partner?”

“I have a boyfriend, but….” She stopped midway through her reply. Eva waited for her to continue, but Angelina just looked up at her.

“But I guess he’s never made you feel like that before?” Eva guessed. Angelina nodded her head in agreement. “I told you, it’s a very sensual experience. There is nothing like it Angelina and, now you have done it, you can decide whether or not you prefer long hair?” Again, Angelina nodded.

Eva reached down to her handbag and produced a card.

“Here is my card. My salon details are on it. If you fancy that razor shave then just pop by, okay?”

“I will.” Angelina smiled back at her. “Eva?” She asked. “Please don’t tell my aunt that I agreed to this.” Eva guessed that Angelina had her own motives, and nodded back at her. She pulled the cape from Angelina, who stood up and rubbed her scalp some more.

Just then, Joanne re-entered the kitchen. Her jaw dropped as she caught sight of Angelina’s shorn head.

“As you requested,” Eva announced, “shorter at the back and sides, and shorter top layers!”

“You’re not kidding!” Joanne replied, looking somewhat uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“I hope my mother did agree to this, otherwise she’s not going to be very happy when she sees what you’ve done to me!” Snapped Angelina, storming out of the kitchen. Joanne turned to Eva, who just shrugged her shoulders.

“She’ll get used to it, I’m sure!” She said enthusiastically. “She just needs time.”

“Mmmmm, I hope her mother sees it that way!” Joanne replied unsure.

Back in her room, Angelina lay on her bed staring at Eva’s card. She couldn’t wait to go round and let Eva give her that proper head shave. Equally, she couldn’t wait to see her mother’s reaction to her new look. If Joanne had lied about her mother agreeing to Angelina having her hair cut, then there was going to be big trouble! Even if her mother had agreed, did she imagine her daughter ending up looking like this?

She allowed herself a few more minutes of enjoyable head rubbing, before she went for a hot shower. Shampooing her hair had never felt so good!

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